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17 Jan 2022 07:22:54
A huge amount has been sanctioned on LFC corporate accounts. This is usually seen during signings negoatiations. Incoming imminent?

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17 Jan 2022 08:23:00
You will have to forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what you are talking about Akita.

17 Jan 2022 08:27:53
Or is it just balancing the books?

17 Jan 2022 10:17:05
Mbappe, Haaland, Kounde, Dembele incoming did I miss anyone? Salah contract signed aswell.

17 Jan 2022 10:40:33
1) How would you know this?

2) As for what he means it's essentially the same as taking £500 from your savings and putting it into your debit account to buy the new PlayStation.

So what he's saying essentially is that Liverpool have moved funds into their 'Business Bank Account' aka Corporate account. Would usually relate to a payment of something.

17 Jan 2022 10:53:32
Im sure the Ed's have some user names on the forum and like to drop in a few tidbits . Who else would know such a thing.
Having said that, a friend worked for a currency exchange company when Aguero signed for City, and since they did the currency conversion, he did know a little while before that that particular transfer was happening.

17 Jan 2022 11:01:59
It would be more interesting to find out the amount sanctioned tbh. I assume by sanctioned he means that the money has gone out of the account? Seems odd in terms of terminology.

As for who would have access to this sort of information: probably someone who works for a Bank that Liverpool has their account in, perhaps Liverpool's auditors (EY), directors or maybe a completely made up rumour.

Interesting nonetheless.

17 Jan 2022 11:33:01
It’ll be the backhander for the decision not to follow up on the ‘false positives’ a couple of weeks back 😉😉.

17 Jan 2022 11:30:28
Monkeymad. Sorry mate, £500?
What’s that… ha ha.

17 Jan 2022 12:14:26
Maybe it's just this month's payroll week.

17 Jan 2022 12:39:14
Paying for the works done to Anfield Rd extension maybe!

17 Jan 2022 13:43:55
Money has been moved. Its not balancing the books as its not between accounts. This type of movement happens during transfers. Its a bank guarantee credit note. These are issued as a guarantee to the third party that said capital exists.
I am not aware of any money to be paid to the city of liverpool for any infrastructure related investments hence my guess is that a transfer is imminent.
Am sorry i can't say how i know but someone in comments has already mentioned a close guess as to how i know. Amount is significant but i don't have information on the third party for which this has been sanctioned.

17 Jan 2022 13:51:02
Akira, Ed002 is going to love you for starting this :) . Cue the questions!

17 Jan 2022 13:55:35
How much is said amount?

17 Jan 2022 14:16:25
38 and some millions. Its huge as no transfer is upfront with 100 percent money on day1. As this is a guarantee my guess is the player is ought to be at-least 38 millions.
Also lads this could be for past payments but we donot owe that kind of money to anyone. And also debt payments are not paid in bank guarantee.
I am chuckling but really have no idea what this money is for, my guess is that a transfer should be happening.

{Ed0666's Note - I love this a new take on a rumour. Remember the good old days when the internet was awash with rumours of made up Liverpool transfers. The best one was houllier signing zidane for Liverpool which had zero substance. I was so delirious about that one for weeks. I happened to bump into Phil Thompson on a desert safari in dubai around the same time as that particular rumour was being touted and asked him about it and he laughed in my face. Happy innocent days.

17 Jan 2022 14:26:23
Mo's new contract?

17 Jan 2022 14:30:41
If it is a letter of credit, then no money will have moved whatsoever. That’s the whole point of them.

If someone in a bank or the audit firm has disclosed this, then they have broken a number of different laws and ethical standards. I’m afraid this doesn’t appear to stack up, but at least it was like an old-fashioned rumour!

17 Jan 2022 15:04:00
IF this has any substance, my money would be on it being Diaz.
There has been no talk of renewals for Bobby or Mane, who are both getting to the age of 'last big contract' .
Mane is best from the right, and seems to be slightly put out by being in Mo's shadow, and Bobby probably needs a slower league for this phase of his career.
I look forward to a front 3 of Diaz, Haaland and Mo, with Diogo slotting in where necessary .

17 Jan 2022 15:34:03
I'd imagine Diaz's economic rights not being fully owned by Porto would represent a serious barrier to your guess "spaceman"

{Ed0666's Note - id assume that’s not a deal breaker in any transfer. Hurdles like this aren’t totally insurmountable. I’d be shocked if we bought Diaz now as we have mane & Jota who can play in that position.

17 Jan 2022 15:45:01
PGBalls, whistleblowers are common. I'd also assume this would be relatively low risk.

The only confusing part is the bank guarantee and letter of credit as they are completely different things. A letter of credit is usually involved in international transactions and would therefore make a lot more sense as it is a seller effectively asking for a guarantee that the payment can be met.

17 Jan 2022 15:50:30
If this has any substance I'd like to know the name of the bank. Cos if its my bank and staff just give out this Information willy nilly I'm going be fuming.

17 Jan 2022 16:27:50
Ed0666, I remember the Zidane rumour on TeamTalk. The infamous BB started that one, as Houllier was allegedly godfather to Zidane’s son.
I could barely sleep for days. Alas it was not BB but BS ….

{Ed0666's Note - Yes mate BB 😂….Those we’re the days…I’m not gonna lie mate I fell for it hook line and sinker. That fellas probably bought a private island in the carrabean from all the click bait money he got.

17 Jan 2022 17:36:31
Maybe its a payout to Agent Rafa for his good work across the park 😆.

17 Jan 2022 17:38:23
I'd say you'll let it slide Jonesy if there is a new signing imminent. Makes a change from the norm so thanks Akira.

17 Jan 2022 17:39:03
Payment to Rafa for his work at Everton….

17 Jan 2022 17:41:22
It’s just nice to have a proper rumour! Even if it comes to nothing😂.

17 Jan 2022 19:10:29
Love the rumor! The financial detective work is refreshing and even more exciting than someone friends ex-mum who has a one night stand with mbappes dog walker while on holiday.

17 Jan 2022 19:55:29
Which bank is it you own Jonsey? I’m impressed mate

Haha, sorry couldn’t resist 😃.

17 Jan 2022 21:57:53
Perhaps we are signing Sanches as reported on the continent. I’d enjoy it if we did sign him just to see the welcome h3 would receive on this forum.

By far the best transfer rumour we’ve had this window and the funniest 5he game is that it might not even be about a transfer!

17 Jan 2022 22:33:27
Damn autocorrect - I was sure I typed ‘thing’ and it came out as ‘5he game’ which is impressive 👏👏

Perhaps I should read what I’ve typed before I hit reply 😉.

18 Jan 2022 09:47:26
hilarious if they literally moved 500 pound over so JW could buy his grandson a ps5 lol.

18 Jan 2022 10:13:20
Faithinworks, that was an analogy mate hahaha! Just giving an example of the sort of transaction it is.

I highly doubt Liverpool will be buying PS5's unless Jota needs some new ones for his FIFA tournaments.

19 Jan 2022 01:16:07
Haha Monkey, no doubt lol

Such a cool rumour/ inside word!

16 Jan 2022 19:21:40
Hey eds and reds

Realistically speaking, given we were trying to bring Bowen in for a bit part role with Salah and Mane still at the club, with him being in amazing form now compared to last season, would that role still interest him?

I think he’d be a brilliant signing if one of Mane or Salah were to go (hope Mane of the 2) as planning for Stevie G’s reign. He’s brilliant in the half spaces and with Stevie fancying the inside #10’s, I figure he’d fit right in in a Sane under Naggelsman type role.

Love to hear your thoughts.

{Ed002's Note - From my perspective he remains one of the options still of interest.}

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16 Jan 2022 19:52:30
That’s great to hear Ed, thanks for the quick response!

Personally, I see swapping Mane for Bowen or the likes as a sensible approach, with Kaide stepping up to back up. Ed, would selling Mane mean two forwards coming in, or is Firmino trusted for the #9 enough to shift Jota to the left and Kaide coming through the ranks?

16 Jan 2022 20:39:13
Ed002 I think Bowen is to good and out of are price range to cover Salah even before this season I thought West Ham would want £50+m but after this season that’s will be £70+m. Unless his contract is running down to a couple of years.

{Ed002's Note - It would not be as cover.}

16 Jan 2022 22:10:02
Stevies reign? No chance in hell. The rebuild job over the next few years is way above Gerrards skillset as a manager.

16 Jan 2022 23:50:30
It wouldn’t be left to SG or whoever the next manager is OMM.
The club, and Klopp, have people and a scouting system in place that do that.
And do it well on the whole, in recent times at least.
The manager is just a cog in that particular wheel.
I’m preying that the structure set under Klopp’s reign is robust enough to see us through his departure.

16 Jan 2022 20:53:27
I just can't see how West Ham would sell him now, English premium, West Ham getting closer to top 4, either West Ham will outright refuse or you're surely talking more than £50m for the guy now.

I think he's great but would be very surprised to see him join.

16 Jan 2022 22:01:35
I'd LOVE to see Bowen at Liverpool. Not sure who would be sacrificed to bring him in, but I'd be thrilled personally.

16 Jan 2022 22:04:01
Stevie G great player but don’t want him at Anfield as a manager anytime soon.

Best case scenario is Klopp signs another extension.

If Klopp leaves then maybe Pep can step up and rest of coaching staff remain?

Stevie G has a ways to go before he can be considered as a real contender for being a future Liverpool manager.

17 Jan 2022 05:58:03
I agree Tommy, he’s doing well and Villa will be good for his development as a manager but he won’t be ready for a few years yet.
Not that many great coaches around though to be fair, one to watch is the guy at Sporting Lisbon (Amorim) he has a bright future.
Klopp extending by two years would be a ‘Bobby Dazzler’ of an outcome for me.

17 Jan 2022 06:13:32
I don't tnk it's Stevie who's coming next. he hasn't proven himself in big leagues. I would love potter though!

17 Jan 2022 07:22:30
I don't think stevie or pep, pep is a great number 2 but not sure up to the main job. I'm not sure who but I like the guy from Ajax.

17 Jan 2022 07:44:10
Well if it won't be as cover then it has to be in place of Salah. In that case its a no. Most Liverpool fans are looking for clone of Salah. Same amount of goals and assists etc, that's not too expensive, doesn't want £400,000 a week. Reality is that when you're one of the best players in the world, your replacement is always going to be a backward step, at least at the start.

17 Jan 2022 02:27:03
Hi Ed. does lfc have an interest on Moussa Diaby to strengthen our forward? Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Moussa Diaby (LW/RW) Bayer Leverkusen were approached about the player by Borussia Dortmund ilast season but no more than that.}

17 Jan 2022 10:55:55
I agree Tommy. In my humble opinion Stevie Me will never be on Klopp's level.
Hopefully Nagglesman will have had enough of Bayern in a couple of years and will fancy a stint in the EPL.
If not, pep or maybe the young portuguese coach, who seem's like a real gem.
Stevie me is the emotional choice, and we know where they end up.

17 Jan 2022 12:03:12
If Mo signs his deal and we have plans to develop Harvey Elliott and Kaide Gordon, who both like to occupy that right hand side - I do not see the logic in investing in Bowen or Raphinha. Just doesn't make any sense to me unless we are of the belief that Mo will not sign a new deal.

Diaz on the other hand I can understand as he could play Mane's role off the left but even potentially as no9, with a bit of work.

16 Jan 2022 18:37:26
Dybala out of contract in summer and free to negotiate with premiership clubs at the moment, is there any interest from liverpool? Not sure if he suits our style 100% but may be a firmino alternative if he were to move on?

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16 Jan 2022 19:55:27
Heard he's lazy and injury prone.

15 Jan 2022 00:12:15
Rumours surfacing that we have made the best offer to Dembele than anyone else. Not saying it's true just that I've read it.

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15 Jan 2022 08:18:07
As long as he brings his dance troupe with him.

15 Jan 2022 08:34:18
Another sick note to the list.

15 Jan 2022 09:01:55
Ed002 said that he prefers elsewhere unless Salah or Mane leaves. I would doubt we have put any offer forward at all taking all into account.

15 Jan 2022 10:11:54
For me it's a high possibility that mane will be on his way in the summer and while dembele has a poor injury record I'm not going to put down any player the club signs and will support them. If the manager that's brought us this far likes and wants a player then get behind them. Only if its true obviously.

15 Jan 2022 11:11:44
It’s not just his injury record that’s poor RedJoe, it’s everything, his attitude, his general fitness and just a complete lack of professionalism. Has Balotelli mk2 written all over it. I don’t want him at the club and if we sign him he’ll be flop of colossal proportions who we’ll be unable to get rid of when it inevitably turns bad.

15 Jan 2022 08:53:25
If we signed him, it would be as stupid as that time we signed Balotelli. That went well didn’t it?

15 Jan 2022 11:48:28
Dont think ANYBODY can compare to Balotelli, on a free i wouldn't be totally against it.

15 Jan 2022 11:51:54
I completely agree the attitude is awful mate but maybe he has the wrong people around him and klopp and the team believe they could get the best out of him. He's still young as well mate when I was younger I made allot of mistakes but it's how you move on from them that makes you a man. My view is if he comes well get behind him gice the guy a chance cause there's an absolute beast of a player there.

15 Jan 2022 12:08:39
The signing-on fee would be astronomical. I can't see FSG being willing to pay out a lot of money for anyone never mind Dumbellie!

15 Jan 2022 12:40:05
@meagain :Like the £145m they spent on Becker and Van Dijk you mean?

15 Jan 2022 13:09:44
The problem with Balotelli was we were playing attacking football and we sold the most astute and mobile striker we ever had and replaced him Balotelli, who was about as mobile as a washing line. Dem else is not that type of player and given how poor our squad depth is, he is worth a loan punt.

15 Jan 2022 13:42:15
To be fair I trust Klopp, so if he thinks he can get a player out of him then I don’t mind. No transfer fee and we do need to add in this area. I wouldn’t be against Dembele free and Diaz coming in at all.

15 Jan 2022 14:40:22
no chance. Diaz appears to be the target.

{Ed002's Note - They play in different positions.}

15 Jan 2022 14:57:51
Ed002 have only seen glimpses of Diaz but where would he play in the team I thought he was playing on the left of a front 3? Would signing Diaz depend on the sale of salah or mane?

{Ed002's Note - Luis Diaz (LW/LM/AM/F) Porto rejected an offer from Spurs in 2020 and Mr Mourinho is thought to be keen on taking him to Roma and moving Justin Kluivert on permanently. Spurs do remain keen and Atletico have a declared interest. The player has been offered to Chelsea and Everton and has been scouted by Newcastle, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund at the behest of his agent, although with Ancelotti gone Everton are not an option. His agent would like to organise a move to Real Madrid but they will not be looking to spend the required €80M cash on him so has now approached both Manchester clubs. There is certainly interest from Liverpool and he is, although versatile, largely left sided. It would not be a shock to see him edge Firmino out.}

15 Jan 2022 15:12:51
No player is free. Dembele isn't going to play for free.

15 Jan 2022 15:21:17
"I don't want". Doesn't matter what anybody wants apart from Klopp and whoever signs the cheques.

15 Jan 2022 20:07:01
In the multiverse theory, there are infinite numbers of universes where infinite possibilities occur, however in every single one of them Ousmane Dembele is injured and waiting on a home delivery from McDonald’s while playing PlayStation.

The man is an absolute waster and not fit to wear the shirt.

15 Jan 2022 20:26:13
I hear that they put people in prison these days for eating fast food and playing play station - absolutely disgracefully when human beings eat or enjoy free time in my opinion. I hear the judgemental are not safe now either.

15 Jan 2022 22:32:53
I have to say a lot of people questioned the attitude and ability of Mane on here before we signed and that turned out not too bad. I understand what you are all saying but as has been said we don’t sign the cheques or decide who we sign.

We have an attack that requires rejuvenation as there is an obvious decline in this area over the last 18 months. Sorry but I would be more than happy to have signed both Dembele and Diaz in the summer. Both are still young and have great pace I think Klopp could improve both whilst also given our attack much better options.

I would say if this were to happen we would at least move on one of Mane or Firmino if not both which to be fair I could live with both moving on. Both have been excellent but in my opinion both have declined over the last season and a half and it’s no time to be sentimental.

Selling both would no doubt release two high earners also, which would be needed if we were to sign both Dembele and Diaz. A front four of Diaz, Salah, Jota and Dembele would be a great four.

Add a midfielder and a couple of frees such as Carvallho and Munai and I’d say we would have strengthened significantly.

I fully expect to lose Williams, Phillips, Milner, Karius, Adrian and one of Keita, Ox or Tiago.
We don’t need to strengthen defence or goal as we are well stocked and if we sign the above two attackers then we just have midfield to concentrate on.

14 Jan 2022 08:37:08
Any chance we will be bringing any new players in over the summer. It’s pretty clear that this squad is on a downward trajectory, with all of our usual first teamers underperforming including golden child Van Dijk (been getting away with shocking performances recently) . Our so called best full backs in the world, can’t complete a pass and I think it’s pretty clear that the midfield and forwards need freshening up. Ed02, I just wanted to know what our priorities are, as in, would a midfielder be a priority in the summer or an attacker. Thanks, just for your information, I use the site regularly but the search function doesn’t work on my phone. Sorry.

{Ed002's Note - A midfield player will be a priority and a versatile forward will be added if someone suitable is found.}

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14 Jan 2022 11:21:57
Suitable, as in the selling club with let us pay for the player in tiny instalments over the next 34 years.

Everyone saw how badly we needed a new CM in the summer and we didn’t get one, now as per everyone’s predictions our midfield is at bare bones and doesn’t know how to win a football match.

14 Jan 2022 12:02:18
just my opinion, but it is clear that we need someone in midfield who can come in and make an immediate impact as our midfield has been poor. I'm excited about Jones and hope he will get more playing time. It is also clear that without Mane and Salah, we are toothless up front. I'm not convinced that Jota is the answer and unfortunately Takumi isn't either. I hope that some of the youngsters can come in and make an impact but that is a few years off. Elliott is coming back soon so that will most definitely help, but we still need a creative midfielder.

14 Jan 2022 13:22:22
I certainly don’t think anyone should get their hopes up. The money isn’t there to compete for the best players, that’s the reality and clubs know we need to sell to buy so we’ll be low balled on the players we’d like to move on and have to settle for the likes of Sanches and Traore as that’s all we can afford.

14 Jan 2022 13:53:17
VVVV, us not being able to compete for the world's best players has always been the reality. This is nothing new. The fact that we have been successful under Klopp is a miracle in and of itself cos that landscape has never changed. Apart from that, I agree with the rest of your post. We are where we are and we just have to deal with it.

14 Jan 2022 13:53:17
VVVV, us not being able to compete for the world's best players has always been the reality. This is nothing new. The fact that we have been successful under Klopp is a miracle in and of itself cos that landscape has never changed. Apart from that, I agree with the rest of your post. We are where we are and we just have to deal with it.

14 Jan 2022 14:36:53
yep Henderson looking really jaded since C.V. and has been shocking same as Trent last night. Missing Thiago and wish he could just stay fit. I f i hear any more rumours for DMs when we need a BBM creative mid i will go mad. It's like watching builders labourers play football in midfield, work hard but no skill.

14 Jan 2022 15:29:49
Doesn't and shouldn't be the reality that we can't compete for the top players.

14 Jan 2022 18:20:18
I can remember the witch hunt over the last owners that nearly ruined the club. Whilst FSG are a huge improvement, what exactly are they here for? Is it to make profit off our players? It would appear that way. I know that is the world we live in and I accept that, but I really think they should invest a bit more in the club and give Klopp one last crack at success. He’s the best manager around or one of the best, but he’s not a miracle worker and won't be able to win the EPL with the players we have.

On another note, I am actually quietly confident about the Champions league this season. All being well and if C.V. ****s off for a while, I reckon we’ll go far.

14 Jan 2022 19:03:24
Reading some of the negativity that gets spouted by some people reminds me of a room of spoiled brats. I agree that performances are not what we have come to expect in recent history but I love where our club is at. The league is still achievable and there is a real chance that 1 or 2 youngsters can come through to the first team and really contribute. And I agree with a previous post that we have a very real shout in the CL. There is not a club in the comp that would fancy meeting us in the draw. Incoming players is always exciting but we do have a great squad .

14 Jan 2022 19:55:46
RN. We have a great 12/ 13 players. And the rest are either kids or not good enough.
It’s more worrying that we as a club, Won’t buy anyone.
Milner 36, Hendo 31, Thiago 30, Van Dijk 30, Matip 30, Firmino 30, Mane Salah Alisson all 30 this year.
So the concerns lie in the fact we’re going to have to replace those great players you mention. Pretty much all at once. Souness tried it. Didn’t go very well mate.

14 Jan 2022 21:33:56
we've got like 100 midfielders on the books, and people think that FSG are being stingy? shouldn't people be blaming edwards and the scouting department for bringing in lemons? p. s. I don't think the players are lemons, but that seems to be how peeps talk about them.

I'm not with the idea that FSG DON't INVEST IN THE SQUAD because it's not true, it's a lazy argument. I would listen to an argument that says FSG's financial framework limits what edwards and co do, but then that doesn't mean that for the prices they've paid they can only sign dudes who are injury prone.

It's January and the significant business we've done in this month has been preceeded by significant sales. So unless there is a big sale or number of players moving this month then this is the squad we have. and it is a good one. Klopp and co need to get on with it and get the job done. it is a squad good enough to win trophies this season.

15 Jan 2022 00:33:07
We wouldn’t be struggling for midfielders so badly if Elliot and Jones were fully fit to be fair.

15 Jan 2022 01:37:33
Guys, remember we bought the worlds best goalie AND the worlds best centre back not so long ago and City/ PSG/ RM/ Barca were alive and kicking at the time!
There is a global C.V. and millions upon millions of people are dying…& unfortunately it’s affecting our owners finances…. but look at the history of their ownership, if they can strengthen us - they will.
They are smart business men and know Jurgen is only guaranteed to be here for another couple of years and he is the BEST manager, so they will try their best to. Support his rebuild - it’s in their interests, but if they can’t - they can’t.
A family member was commercial director of the FA years ago and went off to South Africa to run the World Cup for them, he has given me a small insight into the mechanics of football club ownership and the risks for owners appear to be simply terrifying, you would be laughed out of dragons den if you pitched the idea of ownership,

15 Jan 2022 08:48:11
We’ve added tsimikas, konate and Jota, all young players and have a few youngsters looking to cement starts in the coming months/ year. The keeper is in his prime and will be for a good few years with a great young backup. Salah could easily play at the same level for another 3/ 4 years he’s that fit, do add another striker and a midfielder and there is no problem.

It’s about adding organically and strategically to maintain cohesion. People need to stop banging on about mass replacements and spending. As some who’s supported LFC for 45 years I am just loving watching this squad.

FSG are the best thing to happen to us in decades. Yes it’s not city money but we are always building, if not the squad then the infrastructure.

Get behind the club and get some perspective.

15 Jan 2022 11:16:42
We’re well off the pace in the league this year. We were well off the pace in the league last year. And we’ll continue to fall away next year without significant improvement to the playing squad, delude yourself as much as you want but the table doesn’t lie. We’re nowhere near as good as some of you seem to think and that’s because of a combination of not bringing in the right players and not moving on players who aren’t good enough. Anything less than a win on Sunday and our title challenge is over.

15 Jan 2022 11:35:12
If our title challenge is over then it isn't the end of the world. There's still cups to go for as well as the Champions League, as well as watching young players being given the opportunity to shine.
The club isn't going to fall off a cliff overnight if we are out of the title race.

15 Jan 2022 15:00:18
Liverpoolfc8 you say we only have 12/ 13 great players but hasn't all the best teams throughout history? Lol we can't have 25 great players and expect them to all be happy mate.

16 Jan 2022 11:52:04
I agree with vvvv on this we are well behind so now is the time to invest to try bridge the gap rather than falling behind and it taking up to 2/ 3 summers with the right recruiting. I think we all can see what’s needed just need the guys from Boston to start looking at the our team rather other teams and franchises.

16 Jan 2022 14:06:07
Our situation is nowhere near as bad as some of the doom-mongers on here make out. It is true that some of our best players are reaching an age where they have perhaps past their peak, and we could certainly stand to add a midfielder, but we have an excellent group of players and a world class manager, things are nowhere near as disastrous as being made out.

13 Jan 2022 19:21:26
Rumours mo wants 450k a Wk that’s some money if true not a chance can I see the yanks handing that out!

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13 Jan 2022 20:46:28
It goes up with every post.

13 Jan 2022 21:09:17
Dembele wants €850’000. Haaland wants £500’000. Mbappe wants over £650’000, I’d say he’s following the market. He’d probably get it if he left on a free.

13 Jan 2022 21:34:13
Blimey VVVV you really are in the know. You even took the time to mess around with converting different currencies. Can you tell me what Bellingham wants in Drachma now please?

13 Jan 2022 21:41:52
Well tonight’s a glimpse of the future!

13 Jan 2022 21:59:56
@VVVV 😁😁😁 can you factor in agent’s fees / payments, percentage of wage covered by sponsorships, incentives, bonuses and the other stuff - you seem to have a comprehensive set of data as to player’s financial requirements. By the way, I got the same numbers reading this forum and the Daily Mail 😁😁😁.

13 Jan 2022 22:21:06
To be fair I actually agree with VVVV this time. The top players are paid the top money, we can't compete with the mega rich teams financially.

I don't see our owners paying salah what he wants (or at least what the papers are claiming he wants) .

I also think salah knows this and even if he says he doesn't want to leave I really don't think he would care if he left for giant money.

I have a terrible feeling he will go on a free and we have no money to bring in ANY player, let alone a replacement for salah.

We always read about mbappe and haland but let's be honest, we couldn't of outbid Newcastle for wood even if we wanted to.

13 Jan 2022 22:49:48
Name one player we can afford who would adequately replace him West Derby, who we can afford. Just one. I’ll wait.

14 Jan 2022 01:01:44
Kun Aguero.

14 Jan 2022 01:25:07
We’d struggle to get a whip round for Ken Aguero.

{Ed0666's Note - I think the real Aguero could have done a job tonight for us even with a dodgy ticker.

14 Jan 2022 02:21:29
Is any player worth >200k/ week? Technically speaking NO but the reality is, clubs are paying insane money for players. Now, based on the insane world of football, is Salah worth 400k/ week? Absolutely! We know that he'll easily get that or more if he moves to a richer club.

Now, from a club's point of view, should they break the bank to pay a player that sort of money? I think if you want to be a successful club, you have to invest and you have to keep up with the rest. If LFC wants to be one of the best clubs in the world, they should buy and invest accordingly.

If they want to do a Leicester or Ajax, then don't be surprised that they cash in on players after winning some titles. As the saying goes, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

{Ed0666's Note - It would be an extremely brave board not to give Salah the contract he wants within reason. Regardless of the eye watering financials of it. Of course they will do it if it makes sense to them but if they don’t then I’m sure they’ll own the decision and move well all have to wipe out tears and move on.

14 Jan 2022 03:39:59
We have to give him what he wants as we are completely dependent on him as we speak. This is our own doings.

14 jan 2022 03:47:49
i have no idea who might replace salah vvvv, i had no idea who would replace suarez when he left or wijnaldum either, it’s not my skill set.

i will say that i’d like to see a number of players come in, particularly young bellingham, but that is because i like them as players and i readily admit i have no idea if the would fit into the manager’s plans.

to be honest i don’t think it helps though when posters read unauthenticated numbers on social media outlets and use them as fact to support their opinion that this or that is going to happen or, as in your repetitive refrain, that something can’t or won’t ever happen.

one final thought, as i said in a previous post (to which you didn’t reply) whilst we can’t afford to match city, chelsea, real madrid, psg etc we can, and do, make the occasional exception - vvd, ali as recent examples, so maybe if salah goes we buy someone …… the funny thing is, it doesn’t even have to be like for like and another way of looking at is might be that if salah goes we amend the system we use?

{Ed0666's Note - good point mate maybe a change of system may be in the offing well a tweaking anyway.

14 Jan 2022 07:37:02
WDW brings up a point that I often ponder myself about how many times we see stuff taken from social media and posted on here. How it's taken by some as stone cold fact and then used to fuel an anti player/ FSG tirade.
That's how certain newspapers manage to stay alive, they are dependant on people believing anything they read.
It's all very entertaining though during an otherwise drab transfer window.

14 Jan 2022 08:57:30
There might be a distinct possibility that FSG allow Salah to run down his contract and he leaves for free in 18 months, they do cost/ risk analysis on every player, Can and Wijnaldum met similar faiths in contract disputes. Simple question, would fans be satisfied to see Mo run down the remainder of his contract, bare in mind it almost coincides with the end date of Jurgens contract?

14 Jan 2022 10:45:22
I’ll answer that one WDW. We only made those signings off the back of selling Coutinho for absurd money to a desperate Barcelona. The only player remotely worth that kind of money in our squad is TAA. Not Salah, not Mane, not VVD and not Becker. And I’d contend that most would think it’s completely unpalatable to sell him.

And as the land lies, there’s not a lot of money out there barring the oil baron teams, Real or United. So other than selling TAA to any of City/ Chelsea/ PSG/ Real/ United/ Newcastle we have little to no hope of raising the funds to adequately rebuild to challenge for the title in future years other than hoping young players turn good, which probability wise is not in our favour. We got lucky once, it appears we used up all our luck in one go.

As it goes, we’ve no chance of Bellingham, the idiots online that even link us to him are delusional. Money talks and bullsh*t walks, and we don’t have the money, ed002 has dismissed any notion of Bellingham and repeatedly said where our interest is (Sanches/ Traore) and I’ve heard that from other sources too, which is concerning as for multiple reasons they’re not good enough.

And certainly if the suggestion is selling Salah to enable Bellingham’s purchase, I’d fail to see the logic as we’d still be having to find 30+ goals a season from somewhere. I’m still of the opinion we’re seeing a managed decline.

14 Jan 2022 10:58:30
Give him the money,

Put the ticket prices up 50% to cover.

Don't let kids in cheaper than adults.

Release, Adrian milner and origi to cover his wages.

No summer signings


14 Jan 2022 13:57:53
A managed decline led by the manager. He has 2 years left he needs to start throwing the owners under the bus if need be.

14 Jan 2022 13:58:33
Spot on, OMM, Flash and WDW. The Goalposts keep changing with Salah's alleged demands and if it changes so much, could it mean that nobody really knows? This question clearly never comes up.

14 Jan 2022 13:57:53
A managed decline led by the manager. He has 2 years left he needs to start throwing the owners under the bus if need be.

14 Jan 2022 13:58:33
Spot on, OMM, Flash and WDW. The Goalposts keep changing with Salah's alleged demands and if it changes so much, could it mean that nobody really knows? This question clearly never comes up.

15 Jan 2022 00:34:03
I could do dembeles job at 100th if the price.

15 Jan 2022 00:50:32
It’s a simple world isn’t it VVVV? We sell Coutinho, we buy Ali and VVD, simple.

Salah scores 30 goals, Salah doesn’t play anymore, we don’t score 30 goals, simple.

Most dogs have four legs, most tables have four legs therefore most dogs are tables, simple.

We should all take turns running the club eh? I’ll book you down for the July for the next transfer window - your financial wizardry is obviously just what we need.

15 Jan 2022 08:45:04
What I’d like someone to explain is the term ‘managed decline’ and then to tell me why they think that’s really what FSG are doing because…. that makes no financial sense whatsoever….

15 Jan 2022 08:54:44
WDW most dogs are made of wood! Is that why they bark?

15 Jan 2022 11:41:21
Dembele will not get anything close to £850,000 a week. that's just nonsense.

15 Jan 2022 11:44:43
Coutinho was sold for circa £125 million. Liverpool purchased over £300 million in the 2 seasons. It wasnt just about the "coutinho" money.

13 Jan 2022 12:28:51
Hi eds, do you think Bissouma will sign for Villa? And do you think this may force us to act this month rather than miss out? I know you have said he won't go until the summer.

{Ed002's Note - I think it unlikely that Liverpool will be looking to buy Bissouma this month - Brighton are not looking to sell this month and he is currently at AFCON.}

Agree0 Disagree0

13 Jan 2022 17:42:49
We signing absolutely no one till salah is sold.

13 Jan 2022 18:29:03
My God.

13 Jan 2022 19:33:28
The amount of crystal ballers on here is astounding. Several seem to think they know what’s happening, why, who feels like what, how much money is available and how that all affects everything. Aside from Eds, no one here is ITK so the rest is just conjecture, the vast majority of which is just negative BS.

Please people, give the negativity a rest.

13 Jan 2022 20:48:18
It's the ones that think they know the ins and outs of the financial side that make me laugh. You just know at least half of them aren't allowed know the pin number of the joint account.

13 Jan 2022 20:50:36
Only a rumour but the wife of second cousin of a cab driver in Cabo Verde told me this might be a rumour page.

13 Jan 2022 22:02:19
@Jay, does that mean if Salah goes on a free we will never sign anyone every again - the club should be told! It sounds very serious.

14 Jan 2022 00:32:29
Even if we had the money tonight’s performance is once again evidence of what most of us have known for ages. Creativity from the midfield is not where it needs to be for a top team.

14 Jan 2022 03:40:53
Bissouma is hardly creative. But that being said we could do better with him.

14 Jan 2022 06:38:04
Sorry transition that was the point I was poorly trying to put across. I don’t think Bissouma is what we need.

14 Jan 2022 13:56:32
Should have signed Phil.

14 Jan 2022 13:56:32
Should have signed Phil.

13 Jan 2022 12:04:38
Any truth in the Zakaria rumours that we have an interest for £7 mill this January, rather than waiting for a free in the summer?

{Ed002's Note - Denis Zakaria (DM) Free Agent in the summer who has been of some level of interest to Manchester City, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester United and Juventus although for now many have preferred options or have stepped away. Roma and Inter also offer an opportunity for him to move to Italy but seem less likely destinations. I would not rule out a move to Dortmund to replace Witsel. Juventus interest is based on their preferred target Tchouameni opting to move to England. Barcelona want a Busquets replacement and Real Madrid a Casemiro replacement. Manchester United are looking to replace Matic and may make an offer this month which could prompt Dortmund to do the same. I am not aware of any approach by Liverpool unless they are looking to replace Fabinho but they may well have scouted him.}

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13 Jan 2022 16:33:32
Cheers Ed, bit like Bissouma i think he could play in a 3 or 2 with Fab and be a rock.

13 Jan 2022 18:31:24
But Lancaster we can't have a player like Zakaria AND Fabinho, not even on a free in the summer.


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