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21 Feb 2018 20:47:54
Hello eds 001 is Keylor Navas the only option? Or is Jack Butland still on the radar as you guys mentioned earlier. Just in case KN deal doesn't happen

Cheers in advance.

{Ed001's Note - this is not my information, I am not the right person to ask.}

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21 Feb 2018 22:00:30
I'm sure there's more on the radar just incase, we're probably scouting god knows how many, let's just wait until the summer and see what happens.

21 Feb 2018 21:53:50
What's your information telling you these days then ed? Any names to throw into the ring?

{Ed001's Note - no, nothing on keepers.}

21 Feb 2018 23:04:00
Ed002, a couple of questions if I may:
1 are the rumours true that LFC have recently sought the advice of a goalkeeping consultant to advise on recruitment?
2 If they have, is it true that this well-informed goalkeeping expert has recommended that Navas is a better keeper than Becker?

I'm really just trying to pick your brains and speculate on how the decision making process has worked to produce the result that Navas is the preferred choice?

The critical role of GK has been a weak and problem position for the club since Reina lost his form after Rafa left, but it doesn't seem as if the club are handling it with the same effectiveness as they are the cb and forward positions.

{Ed002's Note - 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. Klopp wants him, I have explained this over and over.}

21 Feb 2018 23:13:17
Any of the other eds care to give any information on the Jack Butland question to eds 001 please

Thanks again!

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea who told you that.}

22 Feb 2018 06:06:51
I asked eds 001 about the possibility of bringing in Jack Butland if the Keylor Navas situation doesn't happen.

If there was any interest still in him, and or any other name on the list to be considered.

Rumours keep coming out with JB.

Thanks eds again.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t understand why i have to keep answering the same question about goalkeepers over and over. Ask whichever editor told you about Butland.}

22 Feb 2018 06:21:37
Thanks Ed002, your patience and insight are appreciated.

22 Feb 2018 07:05:41
Well I was only asking because you said he might will be an option for us.

I wanted to know if that was still the case.

Sorry if I bothered you, I don't ask a lot of questions often.

{Ed002's Note - Where did I say that?}

22 Feb 2018 07:41:05
The goalkeeper situation is something I personally like to keep my eye on, being a keeper myself. I really hope that we push for Alisson in the summer, from what I've seen and heard he looks like much more of the real deal. He will probably cost a lot of money, but I think we should still go through with it no matter the high price, because I think he will be the pick of the bunch!

22 Feb 2018 07:16:09
Ed002's Note - Alisson is looking very good but has attracted the attention of others - but a perhaps come maybe. Oblak is not likely to be a viable option. Butland might be an option for the summer. But there are plenty of other goalkeepers out there if Klopp decides a change is necessary. }

Not trying anything against you but I think Butland might be an interesting choice for LFC I like him and would like that competition for Karius.

22 Feb 2018 08:13:31
Personally I think it's fat too early to be thinking about who we'll get, the only guaranteed one we're interested in seems to be Navas, for now atleast, I see us been linked with quite a few before summer so going to wait until then before over thinking it.

22 Feb 2018 09:27:16
I really hope we don’t go for Navas. He’s thieving a living at Madrid and if you thought Mignolet was dodgy, oh you’ve seen anything until you’ve seen Navas in action.

22 Feb 2018 10:08:10
Can we give it a rest on players coming in. It's February, any leads are just enquires and will change closer to the time. I know it's rumor site but not a question the same answer for two months site.

22 Feb 2018 10:14:04
No one is as dodgy as Mignolet, i on the other hand hope we stay well clear of the vastly overrated and probably the most injury prone GK out there in Jack Butland, i swear the club works with Manchester Utd and Everton scouts trying to identify our Keepers. Haha.

22 Feb 2018 12:23:53
Honestly Nostradamus2.0, the mistakes Mignolet has been slaughtered on he makes ten times worse. For his faults, I’ve never seen Mignolet tackled in possession in the 18 yard box or beaten with the tamest of passes from 45-50 yards because of poor positioning. Add to that the fact he’s poor on crosses and can’t catch then it is possible to state that Mignolet is in fact a better keeper.

22 Feb 2018 14:27:43
The interest in Navas makes me wonder if Karius is expected to keep the shirt of he keeps playing well and Navas could be an experienced number 2.

22 Feb 2018 14:39:16
We need to change gk coach first.

22 Feb 2018 17:48:00
Spoonlord, Madrid are looking for upwards of £20-25m for Navas. You don’t spend that on a keeper as a bench warming back up. I have terrifying visions of us signing him and him making some match costing howlers as he does now. He isn't the kind of keeper who wins you matches, he’s the opposite.

23 Feb 2018 07:50:26
Considering Keylor Navas is 31, surely he doesn't fit the clubs current transfer policy of purchasing young talent with the potential for a reasonable sell on value? Klavan aside (due to his low cost), I just don't see LFC paying £25m for a player in their thirties but I could be proven wrong.

23 Feb 2018 12:32:35
Young talent like VVD? What sell in value will he have. That policy is a myth. 31 is still relatively young for a keeper . Usually their prime.

21 Feb 2018 17:08:12
Turkish media says we are keeping tabs on Anderson Talisca, any truth ed002? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware over any interest being shown.}

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22 Feb 2018 10:15:00
What's up with the disagrees? Absolutely hilarious.

Thanks a lot for the response ed002.

21 Feb 2018 13:18:32
Hi ed01,02

Great site and work by you guys been following the site everyday since 4 years keep going I would like to ask what are the keepers we looking at given tat now Alison is being priced out of move.

{Ed002's Note - Klipperty has the Klopps for Kleylor Navas.}

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21 Feb 2018 20:26:43
Then his brain is a chicken fillet, he is not the answer Allison Becker or oblak is.

21 Feb 2018 23:53:59
Navas is worse than Mignolet. In fact he’s even worse than Bogdan and Itandje put together.

21 Feb 2018 23:51:16
If the answer is Keylor Navas, then I’m guessing the question must be “who is the most error prone and incompetent goalkeeper in La Liga? ”.

21 Feb 2018 17:48:05
I think we will sign Neves. Allison is a fantastic player who would cost upwards of £50 million and Klopp wouldn’t spend that kind of a sum on a keeper.

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21 Feb 2018 17:53:54
Navas you mean from RM as Ed002 has suggested?

21 Feb 2018 17:56:36
Why not? Why settle for more average crap like we have for the last 5 years, we've just got a large fee for coutinho and should have a good budget on top of that aswell, a good keeper earns you an extra 10 points a season, if we want to be with the big boys we got to push the boat out now and then.

21 Feb 2018 18:08:04
Just as Klopp wouldn’t spend that much on a defender or midfielder harry? Not that he has much to do with money spent but we have done nothing to suggest that expensive players are out of reach.

21 Feb 2018 18:29:32
Alisson is worth his weight in gold to any top club with an upward trajectory and would represent the most important signing for us for the last several seasons. ( Yes even more than Mo and of course we all love him but we will be lucky to get 2 seasons out of the lad with everyone sniffing round, especially if the rumours about him asking his agent to circulate his interest to a certain Spanish side ) . If Dave goes to Spain we would have the best keeper in the Leqgue no question. We should just pay the 70 mil and be done with it, worthwhile investment on all fronts.

21 Feb 2018 19:25:20
If we are going to spend 70m on Alisson better to spend it on Oblak he is younger and has more experience.

21 Feb 2018 20:09:46
I don't get people giving it thumbs down above with me pointing out to the OP its Navas not Neves? Lol argh well. Allison would be a great improvement for us but its not him we are looking at guys. Its KN.

{Ed002's Note - You mean Alisson?}

21 Feb 2018 21:57:24


21 Feb 2018 22:52:38
I’m don’t think Navas is anywhere as bad as some people are making out on here.

21 Feb 2018 23:41:48
Westwood, he really is as bad as that, he’s concedes too many soft goals and makes too many unforced errors. Navas would struggle as badly as Bravo has at Man City, sorry but Navas simply isn’t a top class keeper. I could list loads of performances where he has cost Madrid the game or where a goal has been directly his fault. If we sign him, get used to seeing him picking the ball out of the net. That’s all he’s actually any good at.

21 Feb 2018 23:38:37
Personally hope we don’t sign Navas. He has been awful the last couple of years, look at unforced the errors he makes that lead directly to goals, Las Palmas two massive errors, one where he ducks under the shot because he’s not tall enough and is in a poor position the other he comes steaming out of his box with no hope of getting the ball and leaves the Las Palmas player with an open goal, Betis he literally fumbled the ball over the line from a fairly innocuous shot, Napoli he was in such a poor starting position that Insigne was able to pass the ball into the net from almost 45-50 yards, Sociedad messes around with the ball in his own area, gets tackled and the ball ends up in the net, Dortmund, struggles with a pretty easy free kick that was straight at him and pushed it straight to Aubemayang who had the most simple of finishes, last week against PSG he let in a very soft goal, Rabiots shot was not even above head height and almost right at him, yet somehow it goes in?!? These are just a very small sample of the kind of horror shows that he puts on a weekly basis! It’s no wonder they want rid of him.

I’d rather we didn’t buy a keeper if that’s the best we can do, he is as bad as Claudio Bravo in my honest opinion, as he’s weak on crosses, is far too easily beaten and he he throws himself around to look flashy. If you think we let in soft goals now, you’ve seen nothing yet.

21 Feb 2018 23:47:56
Allison is of interest to many club including Real and Roma would hold out for a record fee for the player. I can’t see Klopp sanctioning big money on a keeper. Our big signings would be in the midfiled and upfront like it has always been except VVD. I ll put my money on Ed02’s information.

22 Feb 2018 00:20:19
Westwood, he’s a very ordinary keeper who makes some really dodgy howlers that Mignolet would be crucified over. He’s not anywhere near better than any keeper on our books already, maybe with the exception of Bogdan but even that’s a close run thing. He had one decent World Cup and one good season for Madrid and that’s it. His shots faced to goals conceded is really poor. Karius is a far better keeper. By a country mile.

22 Feb 2018 08:08:06
Won't slate him if we sign him but if we do i won't have high hopes. Watched him play this season and he is not the vast improvement we need in goal. For the life of me i don't understand Klopps so called insistence in wanting him over other keepers who may be avaliable this summer. I get he is a cheaper option but I'd much rather us spend 70 million to have someone in goal who may not have 50 clean sheets a season but when called upon you know he is able to not fluff up. Navas is not that keeper.

21 Feb 2018 13:30:23
Any truth in the rumours linking us with Mohamed Bahlouli from Lyon?

Seen the same rumours popping up in a few places in the last couple of weeks.

Just a young lad so I'd assume a player for the Under 23s.

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21 Feb 2018 17:00:17
With a number of players reaching a pivotal age in their careers I believe we will see a drive for young potential to replace those.

21 Feb 2018 17:01:16
Lad I thought that was ballotelli and crapped myself haha.

21 Feb 2018 20:43:01
Just thought it would be good to point out that it looks like Mario has finally found a home. He's doing very well over in France by the sounds of it.

21 Feb 2018 13:26:19
Good afternoon redmen,

I hope all is well and that you all have your Seville shirts on ready for tonights game.

Sorry its a bit late in the week but here's the loan update.

Anderson Arroyo made a second successive start and completed his first full game for Real Mallorca B in a 1-1 draw against Santanyi.

Markovic was not in the matchday squad as Anderlecht lost 1-0 to St Truiden.

Wilson played for Hull against Chelsea at the weekend in the fa cup.
Wilson was lively and won a penalty before getting subbed off injured just after half time. Hull went on to lose 4-0.
Wilson was not in the squad last night as Hull lost 3-1 to Boro in the league.

Jon Flannaghan was left out of the bolton matchday squad.

Ejaria picked up an injury which ruled him out of Sunderlands game away to Bolton. Bolton won the game 1-0

Sturridge missed out through injury as West Brom lost to Southampton in the FA Cup.

Awoniyi picked up another assist (his 6th of the season) as REM battled hard and scored late in a 2-2 draw with Waasland.
Awoniyi also has 7 goals this season with this being his most productive on loan so far.

Allan did not feature as Apollon won 5-1 at the weekend, keeping the pressure up in the title race.

Origi played the full 90 as Wolfsburg hosted the Budesliga juggernaut Bayern Munich.
Wolfsburg took the lead but could not hold on eventually losing 2-1 due to a 91st minute penalty.

Chirivella played the full 90 as Willem lost 2-1 to ADO.
Willem still sit just above the drop zone.

Randall was an unused sub as Hearts drew 1-1 with Ross County.

Ojo was not in the squad as Fulham beat Villa 2-0.

Keita played for an hour and had a poor showing as RBL lost to Frankfurt.

Corey Whelan played at RB as Yeovil lost 4-1 to Stevenage. A poor result but Corey appears to of taken well to life at Yeovil so far.

Virtue had a 3 minute run out for Notts county as they lost 1-0 to Cambridge.

Bristol City, the Liverpool of the Championship.
Last week they were 3-0 up to Sunderland before throwing it away, this week it was Leeds turn.
Finding themselves 2-0 up after 16 minutes Bristol would fall apart with 20 minutes left and eventually draw 2-2.
Kent played the full 90.

Grujic has been playing in the holding role for Cardiff and reports are he has been impressive. The lad certainly has the size to dominate in there.
Cardiff hosted Boro at the weekend and won the game 1-0.
Cardiff now find themselves in the automatic promotion places.

And that is your lot Redmen.

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21 Feb 2018 13:37:00
cheers carra mate.

21 Feb 2018 13:46:51
superb stuff carra mate, maybe to save time you could tell us when sturridge is fit! im that used to him being injured its not news anymore.

21 Feb 2018 17:13:48
When did Markovic move to Anderlecht?

21 Feb 2018 17:54:23
Chelsea fan but Wilson was impressive against us, only player who wasn't star struck. Hull needed to pass to him more.

21 Feb 2018 23:38:35
Seems a lot of lads aren't getting much time :/.

22 Feb 2018 17:49:43
Cheers RJ28P.

21 Feb 2018 07:24:34
Eds are we looking to bring in a right back fort the summer? And if so what is the situation with Clyne? And finally is Gomez likely to play finally as a cb?

{Ed001's Note - yes.
He is unwanted by the club.
In time yes.}

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21 Feb 2018 07:50:34
Thanks Ed001 for the swift reply. So we are not likely to see Clyne again for the rest of the season.

{Ed001's Note - hard to say, he might get put in the shop window, so to speak, to ensure we can sell him in the summer.}

21 Feb 2018 09:08:20
I'd usually say I don't want to see the lad play again for us because he's nowhere near good enough but if it means we can get rid in the summer, by all means play him in the odd game lol him and Flanno should be the first ones out come the summer.

21 Feb 2018 11:41:48
Clyne is a decent full back. Can't see how people think he is nowhere near good enough. not exactly a position there are 100s of world class players in.

21 Feb 2018 12:14:37
Best of luck to the lad. Never rated him as a player. Hopefully there are a few takers. Has there been any interest shown at all or might this drag on?

21 Feb 2018 12:34:38
I was made up when we signed Clyne, but feel he got more protection when he was at Southampton. His weakness for us in my opinion, is not getting back once he's bombed on, but by no means is he a terrible player like some are saying.

I think people should be interested in finding out who the RB targets are before they all celebrate him being sold.

21 Feb 2018 13:29:08
I think he's decent defensively but he can't do anything else.

21 Feb 2018 13:29:35
Afternoon Ed001, do you have any insight as to why Clyne has fallen so far down the pecking order?

Is it simply that he isn't that good or is there more going on behind the scenes that means Klopp doesn't fancy him?

Cheers in advance.

{Ed001's Note - both.}

21 Feb 2018 13:48:37
Kloppshop, think you answered your question yourself mate. Clyne is a decent player, but I think at LFC we should be looking at players of a higher caliber. I personally see him as mid table player, gets caught ball watching too often, not to mention that he can't attack at all.

21 Feb 2018 14:03:32
Are we still interested in Ricardo Peireira from Porto Ed? Thought he would be a decent option when I saw him for Nice last season but he really didn't impress me when we played Porto.

{Ed001's Note - I believe the interest has gone.}

21 Feb 2018 15:02:00
I agree with selling Clyne but I wouldn't be actively looking for a new right back. If we sign a top class right back it will no doubt cost £40m and will mean TAA and Gomez will hardly play.

TAA is not ready to play in midfield (it will kill his development sending him back to u23's) and Gomez needs another season before he can play centre back every week. There are many other positions that need attention, mainly the midfield and keeper. Right back would be the last position I would be investing in.

21 Feb 2018 07:15:43
Been busy for a few days so haven't checked site much. Did a quick search for Wanyama after seeing some links, but can't find anything from Ed001 and 002 specifically ruling out any interest. Please tell me the links are crap.

{Ed001's Note - I do not know of any interest in him from us at all. No idea where the links come from, but it sounds like manufactured crap because he once played for Southampton.}

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21 Feb 2018 07:28:44
I would be extremely happy if we could bring him in. He will do a great job covering the back 4.None of the players we have right now is a defencive midfielder and from what i 've heard and read mostly neither is Keita (I 've seen very little of him to form an oppinion) . In any case it is a position that needs strengthening in the summer.

{Ed001's Note - but he is awful at the role, he is constantly caught out of position and it terrible on the ball. He is just a big, powerful lump with none of the mental attributes required to be a top level player. You need more than pace and power to be good at the role of defensive midfielder, positioning is the most important part of the job and he has not got a clue about it.}

21 Feb 2018 07:54:47
Who would be your preference Ed001 for defencive midfielder? I remember the Southampton Wanyama who was really dominant. Has he declined that much?

{Ed001's Note - he was crap there too, I don't know what you are remembering at all. He uses pace and power to make up for his own mistakes but it does not always work. He is just an average player who has risen too high for his limited talents. Southampton and Spurs have an extra body alongside him to provide cover for those lapses in concentration he has numerous times a game, so they can get away with him being asleep, we don't.

I do wonder why I bother answering questions like this as I have said already on a number of threads who my preferences are. Is there much point me constantly repeating them only to get asked the same question the following day?}

21 Feb 2018 08:32:19

stevie started the rumours about wanyama. and actually it's quite funny when you think about it. A+ for idnteifying we need to solidfy the midfield and then he gets an F for saying we need to bring in a big powerful midfielder like wanyama to do that.

21 Feb 2018 10:30:24
Very worrying for Gerrard's credentials as a future first team manager 🤔

Ed001 didn't actually say Ndidi by the way. For years he wanted Gary Medel and more recently he has suggested Nampalys Mendy as his preferred choice. He's playing well in Nice to be fair.

Ndidi is a player he's said he likes though, along with Obiang and Doucoure. It wasn't his suggestion though.

I still think Demirbay might be the "powerhouse" midfield signing though. He seems to be regarded as an attacking player by most on here, but he is actually very similar to Doucoure. He is fast and powerful which does allow him to break forward from deep to score and create goals, but he actually averages 2 tackles a game for Hoffenheim which is comparable to an out and out holding midfielder. He's over 6 foot, very aggressive, and can play the holding role, box to box, or the No.10.

He's very versatile, and brings much needed steel to the midfield. Most importantly, he is a player we are actually interested in though. Don't forget Keita too who is also very aggressive and contributes a lot defensively. Not many teams would want to face a trio of Keita, Henderson and Demirbay! That is a lot of pace and power, combined with high quality on the ball. Wanyama unfortunately lacks the quality side of things!

21 Feb 2018 11:20:34
For all wanyamas bad points.

Having someone 6ft, strong, uninterested in wandering up field and will just plonk his was between the two cbs for me is just what we need. It will allow keita, Hendo and the 3 amigos to run riot whilst having someone help us keep our defensive shape.

Also if he is relatively cheap it could be a wise move for a few seasons, maybe focus the rest of our budget on cb and qingback needs.

21 Feb 2018 12:17:36
his bad points are the very reason to steer clear, as van morrrison would say keep mediocrity at bay.

21 Feb 2018 13:07:49
Unbelievable people thinking plonking Wanyama in front of defence will improve the midfield. This is not under 10’s football.

21 Feb 2018 13:31:12
Not good but still managed that screamer against us lol. I don't think he's that bad but he is not good enough for us, especially in a defensive position.

21 Feb 2018 13:32:53
I've watched Wanyama start twice recently, against Newport County and Rochdale and he was woeful in both games against quite terrible opposition.

There is a reason why Dembele (an excellent player) and Dier (a distinctly average player) are ahead of him in the Spurs team. He is poor. He runs around a lot and is quite strong, and every now and then he hits s thunderbolt of a shot which everyone go "ooooo".

I hope we steer well clear. (if we are even interested at all. which I doubt)

20 Feb 2018 11:13:46
There is a piece in the Spanish media ( Diario Gol) from Marco Asensio saying he had offers from five clubs including Liverpool, but club president Florentino Perez did not want to sell.

Is this true? and if it is, do we know when this was?

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20 Feb 2018 11:35:08
Pinch of salt. Zero chance he will be playing for us.

20 Feb 2018 11:41:58
I've literally just asked about him on the Real Madrid page. I would love Liverpool to be interested, he is an exceptional player who bafflingly isn't getting much time at Madrid (despite the season they are having) .

I expect that there will be teams with much more money and in much more glamorous locations than us though. Which is a shame.

If we can prove that we can challenge at the top for a couple of seasons then that is the sort of player we will be able to go after.

{Ed002's Note - There was an enquiry last summer from Liverpool that was discussed at the time. There are a couple of sides still interested and there has been a couple of discussions with one.}

20 Feb 2018 11:43:11
Probably did ask and Agent. listened to offers. But was a typical tactic to get RM to play ball.

{Ed002's Note - This was dealt with last summer.}

20 Feb 2018 11:56:16
Cheers Ed, would that enquiry have been before the club bought Salah?

Or is that unrelated? Perhaps he was seen as a potential replacement for Coutinho?

{Ed002's Note - Yes. Last summer Marco Asensio was the subject of interest from Arsenal who were looking at one time to replace Sanchez with him, Liverpool who saw him as an option to Brandt, Monaco as part of any deal for Mbappe and Juventus amongst others. Interersted sides were told he is not for sale and Real Madrid were unwilling to have discussions with clubs about the player although they were concerned that they would be tested by Barcelona looking to pay his release clause - in which case it would be down to the player to decide if he would be open to a move to Barcelona. That never happened of course. More recently there has been interest from two sides and there has been some discussions with one. The Liverpool interest dates from early June.}

20 Feb 2018 12:29:48
I guess we can expect the inevitable frenzy linking him to us as part of a deal for Salah.

The question is, would that make it a more palatable deal if it did happen?

20 Feb 2018 12:32:22
Cheers for the info Ed much appreciated.

Must be said i'm surprised you haven't suggested a Salah/ Asensio swap deal to wind up a few people on here!

{Ed002's Note - Cash, plus Keylor Navas and Dani Ceballos on loan with an option to buy would be more likely.}

20 Feb 2018 12:57:25
Maybe they'll throw in Vazquez as well Ed, if we still have an interest? 😉 direct Salah replacement on the right 👀.

20 Feb 2018 13:44:06
Hope they have 200 mil lying around :) wouldn't really be interested in staggered payments!

20 Feb 2018 16:32:59
Haha, i don't even think its possible that LFC could be that dumb.

21 Feb 2018 01:27:46
Do we know if the player wants to leave? Or if real are trying to sell him to finance neymar and/ or hazard? Do we know how big of a fan of his Klopp is? Seems lately if Klopp wants, Klopp will get the player he wants.

19 Feb 2018 07:51:37
Probably not news, but I think Ings is off in the summer.

Agree24 Disagree5

19 Feb 2018 08:29:46
All the best to him. So very unlucky, hopefully he'll find a home somewhere and be back to his best.

19 Feb 2018 09:20:19
The poor bugger, I really feel for Ings, he's had nothing but bad luck since joining. If this is true then I wish him all the best, I hope it's not though, I still think he has something to offer.

19 Feb 2018 10:47:39
Not surprised. He needs to go for his own career. We don’t play with any out and out striker or poacher. So like Sturridge, Ings and Solanke has any future at the club! I love the lad myself and his attitude has been fantastic but unfortunately the team is moving to another direction. Best wishes for him!

19 Feb 2018 10:49:29
Seems likely, at his age he's never unlikely develop into a first team player for us now and should still be wanting to play every game. If he does, good luck to him.

19 Feb 2018 12:46:41
Lets hope he can at least pick up a CL medal.

19 Feb 2018 13:24:02
That's interesting but it suggests we'll be bidding for a back up striker in the summer. I wonder who's on the short list.

19 Feb 2018 13:41:09
Amzoun from Rubin Kazan maybe, Luan is another one maybe.

19 Feb 2018 14:19:53
I hope we don't buy a striker. We don’t play with one! Why buy a back up? Couple of wide forwards who could play anywhere across the front three!

19 Feb 2018 15:13:29
Square Tomato, great to hear from you.
I just saw an interview with Klopp discussing ings and although the media outlet interpreted that Klopp implied he is in his long term plans, I couldn't help but feel the opposite. Be a shame as I think he's a good back up, notably his attitude which is vital in a back up role. But at the same time I'd love for him to be able to crack on in his career!

19 Feb 2018 16:35:05
Send him back to Burnley and call off the tribunal 😄.

19 Feb 2018 18:41:15
Newcastle if they stay up.

19 Feb 2018 19:26:09
Evening Square Tomato hope your ok mate
just wanted to know (as you seem to have your ear to the ground squad wise) who in your opinion would you say Klopp sees as number 1 left back out of our current two Moreno and Robertson
cheers in advance mate.

19 Feb 2018 20:05:02
Hard to answer Johncrow sorry, don’t wanna just make stuff up all I know is klopp really admires Morenos tenacity to not give up on making LB is own, he had plenty of chances to leave last summer which would have been the easy option.

19 Feb 2018 22:16:02
Can I ask why you think he’s off?

20 Feb 2018 00:58:44
Shame. Seems to have a great mentality. Hope his injuries won't hamper his progress.

21 Feb 2018 11:09:30
Klopp always play with a striker. It just happens that it's Firmino.


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