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11 Jul 2018 22:47:09
David Maddock; "Fekir met Lyon president at World Cup - pleaded for chance to still join LFC. Aulas agreed to revive talks. @LFC no interest in deal on previously agreed £53m terms, may be persuaded by restructured terms. @OL lining up Ziyech as potential replacement"

Fingers crossed on this one!

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11 Jul 2018 22:53:44
Steer clear of players who have suffered acls.

11 Jul 2018 23:00:10
I've read this myself fingers crossed 👍👍.

11 Jul 2018 23:34:42
He will be a Liverpool player by the end of the window.

11 Jul 2018 23:44:16
Who is this David Maddock geezer, is he just another ITK who’s not ITK?

11 Jul 2018 23:52:13
Imagine wanting Shaqiri but not Fekir 🤦‍♂️.

11 Jul 2018 23:53:55
There have been players who have recovered and played well after an ACL, And he is one of them. I understand the payment structure wanting changed for risk purposes because that's the club trying to hedge their bets but if klopp believes in the player we should take him, if he was unfortunate enough to get another ACL injury he's young enough still to get over it imo. How has his fitness been since he came back from it?

12 Jul 2018 06:59:03
Lol Yankee Red, I know mate, you couldn't make it up!

12 Jul 2018 10:19:33
Van nistelroy (spelling) had an ACL the year he was meant to join united. he seemed to recover well enough. the technology they have now as long as the healing process, physio and then strengthening of the muscle around the knee is all A1 then the knee will be good as new.

12 Jul 2018 10:21:08
Only about 10% of players who have ACL surgery have a reoccurrence, the majority come back just as strong as they were before and have no higher risk.

Just look at Shearer, Xavi, Pires, etc.

12 Jul 2018 12:11:14
its not the reoccurrence that is the problem. its that they are never the same player again. lose their pace. that list is endless.

12 Jul 2018 13:45:42
but fekir had his best year yet after his ACL?

11 Jul 2018 19:11:16
Liverpool not interested in Butland after all no movement at all on that one given they are talking to Stoke already regarding one of their players if there was interest surly logic would suggest another would also be spoken of.

Given Klopps reaction to the media today questioning Karius I firmly believe he will be our num 1 this season. He will have my full support and any cretin that abuses a player doesn't deserve to watch any of the players play in the shirt. Shame on them.

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11 Jul 2018 19:48:08
Isn't butland at the world cup? I wouldn't think there would be any talk of him until afterwards IMO.

11 Jul 2018 20:26:30
His agent isn’t.

11 Jul 2018 22:34:44
nor is anybody elses but no players been signed mid WC.

12 Jul 2018 07:31:10
Butland makes so many handling errors. Just don't see him as a significant improvement over what we have at the club and klopp looks to be backing Karius as our number 1.

12 Jul 2018 09:42:14
I'd love to see Ward get games, is there something that Klopp doesn't like about him? some aspect of his game for example?
Made some great saves from when i've watched him. And at the end of the day how many chances do you give Karius, got to wonder if his mentality is gone! can't be easy.

12 Jul 2018 19:16:01
Interesting this stuff about Ward. Haven't seen much of him, but what I saw made me think he is better on crosses tha Ming and Kar, looked calmer too. Decent shot stopper aswell. How is his distribution and feet?

11 Jul 2018 12:49:31
Hi Ed’s 001,002 with Karius giving us a timely reminder that he’s not at the level required and Ming’s certain to move on could you give us a summary of Goalkeeper targets we’ve looked in the recent past and who we seem to be most interested in?

{Ed002's Note - This is what I explained before with new notes in parenthesis:
Keylor Navas (G) - Klopp was keen (Real Madrid are going to bring in another new goalkeeper and will let him leave)
Alisson (G) - difficult and unlikely, very expensive (no approach to Roma or offer made by Liverpool)
Jack Butland (G) - Macca says he is the wanted GK (might be a viable option)
Andriy Lunin (G) - if WP issues can be addressed and if a second GK is purchased (now moved elsewhere)
Thomas Strakosha (G) - alternative for a second GK but is seen as too expensive (not for sale unless a club starts negotiating up from €40M)

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11 Jul 2018 13:27:30
Great Ed thanks for replying. I can see us ending up with either Navas or Butland. Out of curiosity do you rate either and who would you want to Chelsea to sign out of the two?

{Ed002's Note - I would avoid "rating" players but both are well thought of generally and Navas has a lot of very high-end experience.

Navas and Vazquez plus €xM for Salah maybe?}

11 Jul 2018 13:27:43
I read not long ago that Macca said that Cillissen was at Melwood, Ed002. Do you know anything about that? I was waiting for you to mention him on this list.

{Ed002's Note - I am not the one to ask Macca is. Someone else provided a pointer to a photograph which they all said was Cillessen at Melwood, but it was actually Isaac Christie-Davies. I did try and explain but no one had heard of him so they didn't believe me. Perhaps Macca will come by and provide an update.}

11 Jul 2018 13:49:13
How can anyone mistake Davies for Cillessen from a photograph?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool fans did not even know who Isaac Christie-Davies is so it is easy - assuming Cillessen had dyed his hair.}

11 Jul 2018 14:55:12
This is why I love this site, a little bit of banter, some good humor and a whole dose of genuine insight from Ed02.

Thank you Sir.

11 Jul 2018 16:21:18
Thanks edd 2 some good points there keep it up please.

{Ed002's Note - I try but is not so easy when you get older. Interestingly I was in my local pharmacists this morning and an older man asked the chemist "Does Viagra really work?" The chemist said, "Yes, sir. I'm 72 and I take it myself, so I can vouch for it's efficacy!". The guy asked "Can you get it over the counter?" The chemist thought for a moment and said "Probably - but I might have to take two of them".}

11 Jul 2018 16:29:55
Ed002 . he’s here all week 😂.

11 Jul 2018 17:42:35
Hang a wet bath towel on it, that's the ultimate wood test.

11 Jul 2018 17:47:36
With Buffon at PSG I know we were interested in Kevin Trapp would he be any good?

11 Jul 2018 17:45:15
I wondered where that was going ed2 xD.

11 Jul 2018 18:04:00
😂😂😂😂 brilliant ed02.

11 Jul 2018 18:04:59
Post of the day.

11 Jul 2018 18:06:52
Spice -0456

ED002 has just cracked his first funny in 18 years and your asking about Italian goal keepers?

You still live your mum don’t you?

{Ed002's Note - It was a true story.}

11 Jul 2018 18:16:50
His first funny? Ed2s been on form today, have you not read anything else besides this post Kemly?

11 Jul 2018 19:02:36
I would take Navas personally seasoned winner.

11 Jul 2018 19:21:00
haha good one Ed002, it reminds me of the guy with a eastern european accent who entered a pharmacist and asked for a Viagra, the pharmacist said, "You must be croatian". Confused, the man said, "yes, how can you tell? " The pharmacist, who looked like a well travelled man, said, I've been told croatians can't get past a semi.

11 Jul 2018 18:43:49
Ed2 - well done sir! 😂.

11 Jul 2018 18:43:49
Ed2 - well done sir! 😂.

11 Jul 2018 20:02:34
I just spit my coca cola reading this bravo edd 2.

11 Jul 2018 20:17:19
Lol Ed2, class.

11 Jul 2018 23:42:34
Ed002 you are indeed a legend mate and a bloody funny one when the need arises.

12 Jul 2018 01:06:34
Navas? I think I feel a bit sick. Makes all the mistakes that Mignolet and Karius get piloried for and has zero presence in the penalty area. Terrible keeper, the fact Madrid have won trophies is in spite of his presence.

12 Jul 2018 11:27:27
I'm taking Viagra for my sunburn, it doesn't cure it but it does keep the sheets off my legs.

11 Jul 2018 11:13:01
Hi Eds, Is there any truth in the reported interest in Gini Wijnaldum?

{Ed001's Note - there is interest in him, yes.}

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11 Jul 2018 11:52:25
Do you know if he's looking to leave ed01?

{Ed001's Note - it is a possibility, though he is not forcing a move or anything. It is one of those moments where he wants to know how Klopp sees him being used before he makes a decision.}

11 Jul 2018 11:57:30
There must be a few players thinking the same in midfield at the moment with all the new additions and the possiblily of Fekir or similar coming in too. 3 new mids our captain for 3 places plus utility players like the ox, I’ve no idea where wij, Lallana, Milner etc would see themselves, this stage of their careers need to be playing more regular.

11 Jul 2018 12:00:36
Thanks for the reply mate, it would be a shame to see him leave as I think we still need him this season.

I do believe though that this will be his last season if he does stay.

11 Jul 2018 12:51:20
Fernabache looking him. He's been offered to someone else but they don't want him. Looks like he'll go. I mentioned this a week ago.

11 Jul 2018 11:09:41
Looks like it maybe 1 out, hopefully not.

Georginio Wijnaldum could be set for a move away from Liverpool, with a green light reportedly given for a move to Fenerbahce, according to reports in Turkey.

The 27-year-old is reportedly concerned at where he stands in the pecking order following the signings of Fabinho and Naby Keita.

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11 Jul 2018 11:22:23
I did not see him asking to leave! He's one of Klopp's go to players! Perhaps he's sick of being a utility man? He played nearly 50 times last season but never had a consistent defined role. We have signed a lot of midfielders as well so if he has asked to leave for purely footballing reasons, I won't hold it against him. Be a big shame though. He's under rated.

11 Jul 2018 11:35:05
MK I would be so disappointed if he left as their is a really good intelligent footballer in there somewhere
I really believe he's does not realize how good he could be but I really hope he does not leave.

11 Jul 2018 11:45:47
I agree mk we signed him as an attacking midfielder so he should have been used in his strongest role instead he was converted into a controlling defensive midfielder, shame .

11 Jul 2018 11:47:23
What would make it doubly odd is if we sold Winjanldum, who I like for his work rate and mobility, and then bought Shaqiri who seems to be the polar opposite?

11 Jul 2018 12:05:16
Gini on his day is great but he goes missing far too often, especially when we play away.

Agree with Juicer though.

11 Jul 2018 12:28:35
Gini had his day 3 times last season I think, we have upgraded with 2 players already and if Henderson continues his world cup form into the new season and with Ox, Lallana and Milner I don't think he will get games, good luck to him.

11 Jul 2018 12:29:47
Hailstones, how can you know that we signed him as an attacking midfielder? He’s virtually never played in attacking mid for us, so I imagine when Klopp initially spoke to him upon signing he probably didn’t tell him he saw him as an attacking mid, seen as he then played him consistently as a CM.

11 Jul 2018 13:05:03
When we signed him from Newcastle we bought him on the back of playing well for Newcastle scoring goals and assists in an advanced midfield role and even played as an outright attacker, I would prefer too have seen him further forward contributing too the attack, but he should be commended for his professionalism and versatility as he even played in defence for us .

11 Jul 2018 13:13:56
There's a lot of affection for Wiji but I can't be sad at the prospect of him leaving, there's simply no need for him. Over the last two years he's fallen down the pecking order and he only played so often last year due to injuries to others. I wish him well at his next club.

11 Jul 2018 13:17:12
Not saying he's of the same quality but he reminds me so much of Barnes when he's on the ball.

11 Jul 2018 13:23:06
He has asked for clarification from Klopp before making a final decision. someone from Fenerbahce said this was the situation, but it seems to have an amount of truth in it given that Ed001 has pretty much confirmed he is doing the same. I expect he will go although I think he's fantastic and would love him to stay. And with Shaqiri almost completed (if we believe some pretty reliable sources) surely that is Lallana left looking to pursue a career elsewhere. I would like to point out to some detractors (me included) that Shaqiri's bad attitude is directly related to his time at Stoke. where Arnautovic allegedly had a bad attitude as well but all of a sudden West Ham say they want in excess of £60m for him. The point is that it is possible to be a good player in a bad circumstance (we've been that for many a signed prospect) - If he comes I hope he'll prove us all wrong. I doubt it but I hope.

12 Jul 2018 16:08:47
Clearly player performance depends on what is happening around him, and how he is deployed.

How hard would Modric try and how good would he look if he was playing in the Panama or Saudi Arabia midfield, instead of beside Rakitic and Perisic?

Wihnaldum looked a better player at Newcastle, used in a different role than at LFC.

No reason to assume the Shaqiri of Stoke will be the same at LFC.

10 Jul 2018 23:44:20
Quite a lot of media outlets tonight reporting lfc have opened talks with stoke about signing Shaqiri, 12-14m being touted. Not sure how true it is, can any of the Ed's shed any light on this rumour.

{Ed002's Note - It seems reasonable.}

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11 Jul 2018 08:39:38
Oh god no.

11 Jul 2018 09:07:54
Ergh. bad call, ill get behind him if it is the case, but when fifa19 comes out he's going straight away.

11 Jul 2018 09:29:05
Absolute solid deal. Can't really go wrong. Gives Wilson a year of a loan, gives us solid cover and potentially another Robertson or chambo that could surprise us.

If not west ham or someone will take him off us next year for about 20 mil.

11 Jul 2018 09:24:50
I remember people saying oh god no when Ox signed.
I would rather we went all out to get a great keeper though, surely that’s the position that requires reinforcing more than any other. I worry that Karius will be a noose around klopps neck.

11 Jul 2018 09:38:43
Think he’d be a good option for the bench and would provide better cover than Wilson ojo etc because of his experience. I think he’ll improve under Klopp. Plus he seemed to do well in the World Cup.

11 Jul 2018 09:39:21
Kloppsboss, solid deal? please tell me you're joking? can't go wrong? I think you'll find if we sign him quite a lot could go wrong mate.

11 Jul 2018 10:02:41
I do not think Shaqiri will be another Robertson or Chamberlain who will suprise us. The difference with Shaqiri is that he has a terrible attitude which could have a negative effect on the rest of the squad.
Lazy and trouble everywhere he has played, but we expect him to change if he comes to Liverpool.

11 Jul 2018 10:07:13
12- 14 mill what a snip of a deal he'd be decent cover In my opinion.

11 Jul 2018 10:32:20
I don't know what to make of the Shaqiri deal, he seems a lazy got with a big ego who doesn't seem to want to do the dirtier side if a game. Basically everything klopp doesn't like in a player. So seems strange deal if you ask me. He is talented when he wants so maybe klopp likes a challenge of tapping into that and thinks 13m seems like a low risk? I think Brendan Rodgers can testify that a leopard doesn't change it's spots (balotelli) and would maybe go back in time and go for a player more suited to his style management instead of trying to tap into his talent.

11 Jul 2018 10:43:05
Hasn’t even kicked a ball and he’s getting slated! going on about his attitude etc as if u know him! Who says it all won’t change if he signs for us! Like ox and robbo give him a chance! He’s more medals then probably all our team!

11 Jul 2018 10:48:40
His attitude concerns me but his ability does not. If he decides sulk at lfc then he’ll soon find himself on the periphery.

Hope he proves everyone wrong if he does sign.

11 Jul 2018 10:52:26
Considering mahrez went for 60 odd it's a good deal for me. Not saying he's better than mahrez but he's not far behind at all on his day.

11 Jul 2018 10:59:41
Gud signing at that price, totally agree with Kloppsboss.

11 Jul 2018 11:04:38
I'm okay with this acquisition. Much better cover for Mane and Salah than Ox or Lallana. good players but Neither are competent wingers.

11 Jul 2018 11:25:41
i believe Shaquiri is crying out for a manager like Klopp and a stage like Liverpool. we will see him at his best i think. very shrewd signing if it goes ahead.

11 Jul 2018 11:33:38
Put it into perspective. We sold Ibe a few years ago for £15 million. The market has inflated since that time, Shaqiri is a Champions League winner, a multiple championship winner in 2 different countries, has over 70 national caps, and he's only 26, and oh he's only costing £12m. If he was coming direct from Bayern or Inter people on here be creaming themselves about the deal. Let's not kid ourselves he's not going to start, but look at our bench, we have no quality attacking cover, shaqiri can play wide and central, and look what happened when salah went off against Real, we fell apart because we had to change system. And Klopp does his reaearch into all his signings, so i doubt his "attutude" issue is as big as being made out or he wouldn't be joining. But anyways at 12m it's all relatively low risk.

11 Jul 2018 11:36:15
Salah like What?

Absolutely no way a 27 year international winger, with potentially champions league experience, from liverpool goes for anything less than 20 million in today's market.

West ham, Leicester, Roma, Dortmund, secilla, Valencia, Newcastle. Just a few that would defiantly be interested and are now if not for us being interested.

Aside from that, well, he might actually do well and for 12 million in today's prices what would be a reasonable return. 10 goals and 10 assists or is that pushing it. In our team, the way we attack!

Your just worried because someone we all respect in 001 has pointed out that he isn't the biggest fan. Well 001 would agree that he has had some doubt over attitude in a few players and been surprised and has concerns over our marquee keitas attitude. Also vvd and manes attitude where questioned.

Let's just see what klopp can do. if the boy reacts to finally being in a top set up, with a loving manager, in a very attacking team and thrives.

11 Jul 2018 11:53:03
I fully agree Kloppsboss, I think at the price it's is a good deal and Klopp will get the best out of him.

11 Jul 2018 12:07:41
Why is no one asking the obvious question? Why is Shaqiri available for only 12-14m? Nearly all players go for at least slightly more than their worth in the current market. So if he is available for that much it must be because no one else in interested in signing him.

Also I would seriously question the logic of bringing in a player "for cover" who has a notorious bad attitude especially when he isn't first choice. Surely its obvious that it will end badly.

Also he is known for being lazy and he lacks drive to do the defensive work, how will that fit into Klopps system?

11 Jul 2018 12:27:06
Shappy, you hit the nail on the head there mate.

Kloppsboss 'Your just worried because someone we all respect in 001 has pointed out that he isn't the biggest fan. ' what are you bringing Ed1 into it for? I have my own opinion of Shaqiri thank you mate.

Shaqiri is a fool to himself and worse to his team mates, he thinks he's gods gift. How will he react been on the bench most of the time? he will cause hassle and act like a teenager. Nevermind all of this Klopp will get the best out of him business and he will change him etc, I don't buy it one bit. I think if we sign him it'll be a huge mistake but I will reluctantly support him as I would any incoming Liverpool player.

How long are people going to use the Ox and Robbo as an example? it's got nothing to do with them, they're completely different players and never had the attitude like this lazy, arrogant turd has.

He will disrupt the dressing room and prove to be an absolute failure imo. I'm not saying this stuff because Ed1 has a similar opinion, I'm saying it because anybody who has seen Shaqiri play enough knows this stuff and I have seen plenty of him, enough to know he's the opposite of what Liverpool currently have, we have a team full of passionate team members who would do anything for the squad to win, not many are lazy. Yet you want Shaqiri in? everybody is entitled to their own opinion but I think this would be a huge mistake. Let's hope I'm proved wrong.

11 Jul 2018 12:29:39
For the price and a bit of Klopp magic in his ear I think its a sound signing.

11 Jul 2018 12:36:53
Shappy. He is that price because he has been relegated, stoke are looking rid of his wage, which i imagine would be high for a mid table premier league club let alone a Championship one, the player also wants to leave, and has told Stoke he only wants to go to Liverpool. This is why no one else is interested and this is why we will get him for 12m. Also i believe he has a relegation release clause but am not aware at what that is set at.

{Ed001's Note - he has never said he only wants to join Liverpool.}

11 Jul 2018 12:38:04
I think you’ll find the price is down to a relegation release clause.

11 Jul 2018 12:38:13
Agreed KB. Although im 100% sure that Salah is on the wind up. Shaqiri for that money is a no brainer and I am confident that Klopp will eek out improvement in attitude and consistency. Worst case scenario is it doesn't work out and we sell at a profit. I shall mark Salah's post and remind him of his rather short sighted comments when we see the outcome of which I am confident will be a psoitive one for club and player. YNWA.

11 Jul 2018 12:41:31
He's going for that price dude because he has a relegation release clause or he would be stleast 20 million.

It's not just Robertson and the ox

It's Trent, Henderson, Lovren, Milner, mane, bobby, lallaba. all of them have had question marks and klopp gave them an arena to play.

There is nothing that can go that bad with this transfer, it's a no brainer. End of.

11 Jul 2018 12:50:22
Brandt New, please do, I look forward to it mate.

11 Jul 2018 13:09:06
I second that brandt lad. We shall show Salah the way.

11 Jul 2018 13:40:46
We all hoped Balotelli would change ( including me) how did that end up.

11 Jul 2018 13:45:31
I think we just have to wait and see guys. I'm not overly impressed with his career to date, but if he becomes a Liverpool player, he'll have my full support until he proves that support is unwarranted.

Don't think it's a financially risky deal (assuming a decent resale value if things don't work out), I can't see the club taking the risk if they think he's doomed to failure, and there is a player in there no doubt. It could turn out badly, but since nobody has ever seen "Shaqiri the Liverpool player" play, I don't see the point in getting upset about this transfer.

He'll prove one set of fans wrong one way or another, and for the sake of LFC, I hope it's the ones who don't want him.

11 Jul 2018 14:02:36
I’m sure Klopp will mention the work required at this club. And if he doesn’t go along/ agree with this then we either won’t sign him, he won’t play or he won’t be on the bench, so I don’t see what the big whoop is. Let’s give he lad a chance eh he hasn’t even signed yet.

11 Jul 2018 14:08:42
Shaqiri looks like the middle stage transformation of Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk and the brains of the latter. If he signs for LFC and smashes his role I will the first to put my hands up. But, I will be cynical until proven otherwise.

{Ed002's Note - Put your hands up where?}

11 Jul 2018 14:23:23
What the fudge. The other week nobody on here wanted him AT ALL! Everybody slated his attitude and now everybody seems to want him and are down voting negative comments and arguing with people who don't want him like Salah xD

What changed? Was it seeing him topless and realizing he is fat muscly and not just fat? xD

I still don’t think he is the right fit.

{Ed002's Note - He is if it is a big enough hole.}

11 Jul 2018 14:31:16
😂 Ed002 I will rise to your wager. If Shaqiri signs. and smashes the season. I will put my right hand and Salah’s left hand up my palare pipe.
@Salah - sorry but you’re in this with me whether you like it or not.

11 Jul 2018 14:52:46
Good one ed2, that made me chuckle a bit louder than I thought I would xD.

11 Jul 2018 14:42:03
Think of it this way, Jordan Ibe cost 15 million. Shaqiri will be a squad player and if he turns it on will be first team its a win win if he's poop he will get sold for 12 mill minimum. he's good just needs up his work rate which I'm sure will be discussed before being signed. Good squad player for 12 million for sure.

11 Jul 2018 15:39:56
Lol Paulinho, I was thinking the same earlier mate, it's hilarious how quick peoples minds have changed about him. This just proves their lack of knowledge about the player imo mate, some have probably never seen him play apart from when he's played us, youtube clips and WC performances. I do think you hit the nail on the head there though mate, the way kloppsboss is going on I think he'll already have a poster of Shaqiri topless stuck to his ceiling.

Hahaha brilliant ed2/ unclebens.

11 Jul 2018 16:22:57
So we can't get everyone we want. I can see the Shaqiri deal freeing up funds toward a high end goalkeeper. Fine by me if that is the case. Rather have Shaqiri and Strakosha than say Gelson Martines and Cillessen.

11 Jul 2018 16:56:52
SALAH, I respect you as a poster and often agree with your posts.

I do however think on this occasion I disagree. I think Shaqiri could be a good signing at the price (similiaer to what Jordan Ibe was sold for a few seasons back! ) and I also think the Robertson and AOC and Mane examples are relevant actually, in that it proves fans don’t always know better than the manager and often aren’t close enough to the players or data to understand what the managers and scouts see in the players to nurture.

Don’t get me wrong, i won’t be upset if Shaqiri doesn’t sign, but I would see it as a good deal if JK signed him at this sort of price.

11 Jul 2018 16:25:07
Think he’s signing as competition for karius. In which case he starts 😉.

11 Jul 2018 17:13:02
Cheers NK and a fair post by you. We obviously have different opinions on this one mate but again, a fair post.

11 Jul 2018 18:21:11
Who's this Paulinho you speak of Salah! Haha.

11 Jul 2018 18:52:00
Hahaha apologies mate, god knows how it came out as Paulinho lol.

12 Jul 2018 07:18:53
No worries blame autocorrect, but make sure the eds don’t change it to "fat fingers" xD.

11 Jul 2018 07:09:49
Hearing Shaqiri will be done in a few days, hardly overwhelmed if I'm honest.

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10 Jul 2018 22:50:03
Even though Liverpool have said they are not interested in Grealish, my mate who is in the know at Villa said a mate who is Jacks dad's pal told him that representatives met Klopp 3 weeks ago and favours a move to Liverpool.

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10 Jul 2018 23:45:19
I call BS.

11 Jul 2018 07:24:13
I call it a rumour franklymrshankly.

11 Jul 2018 08:11:00
From a random "ITK" at Villa.
BS sensors twitching.

11 Jul 2018 08:20:58
What an absolute clacker of a joke.

10 Jul 2018 18:32:21
Time to batten down the hatches. There's a storm coming.

Madrid have a gap to fill and some mulla to spend.

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10 Jul 2018 18:56:42
Maybe that's what this window needed. The big deal to let the money roll. Personaly I just glad Ronaldo did not return to United, and as long as Real don't plan to fill the gap with any of our players Im happy! Let the dominos begin.

10 Jul 2018 19:04:29
Hope it's hazard.

10 Jul 2018 19:23:46
Hazard and neymar.

10 Jul 2018 19:49:35
They could spend money any way the just won champions league final and they are a juggernaut of a club with huge dough possibly the biggest in the world after us!

10 Jul 2018 20:54:13
Hope it’s debruyne.

10 Jul 2018 20:58:20
I think it'll be Hazard and Kane. Personally for Madrid, I'd go for Lukaku than Kane, but they'd end up paying far more than he's worth dealing with Utd. Spurs will have a price in mind for Kane and Madrid will probably pay it.

10 Jul 2018 21:07:40
Epicpotato have you not seen how Daniel levy negotiates?

Anyway now it's time for us to get dybala!

10 Jul 2018 21:12:50
Surely Neymar is leaving the toy league. He's way better than the French league.

10 Jul 2018 21:23:12
They will surely go for Neymar, and hopefully Hazard as well.

10 Jul 2018 21:20:38
Defo hazard.

10 Jul 2018 21:38:02
I read somewhere that Neymar used PSG move as a route out of Barca, and the Madrid move was agreed for 2019 more or less at the same time.

Hazard was also mentioned as a major target, Salah being an option they would consider if Hazard didn't happen.

Don't think it was on Euro pages, but maybe a link was posted there - a few months ago maybe.

Maybe Ed2 will have more info on it.

It was quite a compelling read, seemed to make sense though cannot remember all the details now, maybe one of the broadsheet papers - definitely wasn't a tabloid type publication.

10 Jul 2018 23:03:41
Credit to Ed2 (I think it was Ed2), ages ago, MONTHS ago he said RM would be changing things around with probably Ronaldo moving elsewhere, not them exact words but on them lines. Once again, spot on.

11 Jul 2018 00:05:45
Sorry Salah but you are incorrect, the Ed said on July 3rd:
{Ed002's Note - I was not aware of any rumours Andy but Ronaldo's future will not be in Turin. }
This is not intended as a criticism against the Ed or anyone else just an indication that nobody knows everything and this is important to remember.

11 Jul 2018 14:46:02
Kramer -
In response to a post from The Juicer regarding Barcas Dembele.

19 May 2018 11:20:55
{Ed002's Note - (cut) They know that Real MAdrid have a two year plan to completely refresh the squad (cut) }

(Cut all the Barcelona + Dembele bits out)

I remember a few months before seeing the same complete refresh of RM mentioned but found this one first xD might have been last year because I kept searching for "3 year plan" which i’m sure I had seen xD.

11 Jul 2018 18:15:54
If they go for Neymar surely a striker is thief next choice, with bale and asensio still there for wide positions.

10 Jul 2018 08:47:42
Not my rumours, just things I've read this morning.

Taiwo Awoniyi signs a new 5 year deal and and then joins Monaco on loan for 2 years?

Liverpool have contacted Juventus regarding Marko Pjaca and been quoted a price.

Agree12 Disagree6

10 Jul 2018 09:00:26
Strange one about Taiwo, not sure how his development will go there. Will he even make the bench? All the best to him and hope it works out and we get a cracking player back. Cheers mk.

10 Jul 2018 09:29:38
Interesting one for Taiwo, thanks Adam, I think I read the same article earlier!

Makes absolute sense to me. Looks like Brewster is the one who's going to make the step up from the U-23s to the first team squad this season, and Solanke is pretty raw into the first team too.

Nice to give Taiwo a bit of stability and an opportunity to establish himself at a team that is at least Europa league level.

This may have formed part of the Fabinho negotiations as well.

10 Jul 2018 12:00:34
Eds or anyone that has seen Taiwo Awoniyi play.

Is this guy any good? Will this guy have a future with Liverpool or should we expect that he will be off soon.

I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with youth players but I have no idea what this guy is like as a player.

10 Jul 2018 12:56:41
Whilst i would be ecstatic about this happening i think the step up to be playing regularly for Monaco is too great a jump.

From what i read it was more the case he was going to remain in belgium but for one of the top teams e. g. Anderlecht. meaning he would be involved in europe.

10 Jul 2018 13:45:50
Taiwo Awoniyi must be very well thought of.

Im with george t on this one

Anyone seen him play enough to give an assessment on his potential?

10 Jul 2018 13:49:02
Monaco seems like a strange place for him to go, alright. The quickest way for him to get a work permit is to get into the Nigeria squad, and he'll have to be playing regularly to do that.

As for his playing style, think of Heskey but with more pace and better striking of the ball. The kid has a looooooooooooot of developing to do, though. He was only starting to finally find some consistency of performance last season, and will need to be starting games regularly to continue that.

So yeah TSR, it would make a LOT more sense for him to go to Brugge, Anderlecht, Liège, Gent or Genk. But of course, if he does end up at Monaco, I'll hope he becomes a roaring success and takes Falcao's place etc etc.

10 Jul 2018 15:49:44
Literally never seen him play aside from YouTube. I always forget about him every season!


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