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19 Apr 2018 08:49:56
Whats everyones thoughts on Saturdays game with WBA in terms of changes to the team? I don't think we can afford major change as we still need points to finish top4 ablnd Albion will be right up for it after there win at Utd last week.

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19 Apr 2018 13:30:46
I'd leave 1 out of the front 3 (either Mane or Firmino), and I would leave Henderson out also. Simply to get maximum rest and mental focus for the Roma game. If Lovren is not fully 100% recovered, I would also leave him out and try to do with Klavan or give a shot to Masterson. WBA is definitely going to be up for it, but we're on a rising trajectory and should manage the game well. Midfield will be the key, for me, and Ox, Milner and Wijnaldum should do well enough.

19 Apr 2018 15:58:49
Henderson has a ban so resting him Saturday has no benefits really.

20 Apr 2018 10:02:58
he doesnt. he was banned for the second leg against city. all bans are wiped after the quarter finals.

14 Apr 2018 18:26:48
At the studio in HF here in Bulgaria the commentator said:
I am sure Salah won't claim Mane's goal in the race for the golden boot but there is a slight chance as he was near when the goal was scored :D.

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14 Apr 2018 18:12:13
Henderson only passes backwards they said! Him and the ox have looked very good today.

Shout out to Trent, making the right back position his own!

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14 Apr 2018 00:14:06
We can’t underestimate Roma, I don’t think Klopp will allow that to happen. Roma are good team and have a good defence and a quality keeper. We will have to be at our best if we want to get to the final. I believe we can beat them but everyone must give 100% and the squad can’t have too Nancy injuries. My prediction is 3-1 over two legs.

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13 Apr 2018 10:34:46
So I was thinking about the City games after coming down from the high after winning the tie and I think we have to admit that as good as we were (very very good) we have been Lucky. Two big calls went for us. Salah not given offside in the first leg and Sane's disallowed goal in the second leg. No one would have complained if the decisions went the other way.

However you need that bit of luck to win these trophies and matches.

We are just getting our share of the luck. We were unlucky in the second tottenham penalty and the Rooney penalty in the derby.

I hope we remain lucky in the Semis and if we can reach the finals because despite of how good we play we will need that luck to win the competition.

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13 Apr 2018 11:11:03
If we're talking about luck then you could say City were fortunate not to have Emerson and Sterling sent off in the second leg which would certainly have changed things in our favour. As for Salah's offside, it was so close at the time and he is so quick so if the linesman is unsure then he has to give the benefit of the doubt to the attacking team. For me, we went through with no more 'luck' than the next team.

{Ed001's Note - it is nonsense to suggest it was down to luck that the better side on the nights went through. They had plenty of luck, Otamendi and Fernandinho commit numerous bookable fouls a game and never get the punishment they deserve, is that us getting lucky?}

13 Apr 2018 20:50:47
100% agreed ed, I don't think we were 'lucky' to go through at all. We were the better team in both legs and Citeh were lucky to have 11 on the field.

14 Apr 2018 08:24:24
Also remember if mane had fallen to the floor clutching his neck after ederson's third or fourth shove into his shoulder, the keeper was certain to be sent off, so they were lucky mane decided to play fair on that one.
They were also lucky with no foul given against sterling immediately before the first goal. Both sides had some luck.
Plus I think by 55 mins they were knackered anyway, from making so many sprints and presses in the 1st half. I don't think any team can press so intensely on every outball for a full 90 mins without becoming exhausted by an hour in, so maybe they paid the inevitable price for their first half strategy.

14 Apr 2018 10:10:00
I never said we were lucky to go through. I also said we fully deserved it over the two legs. I don't know why people just want to read what they want to read and then start bashing the guy for no reason.

I said we got big calls that went for us, can't deny sanes goal was wrongly disallowded or if anyone could complain if salah was given offside in build up to first leg first goal.

And then I said i hope we get out share of luck to go with our performances cause we’ll need that.

I don't know why everyone wants to be so aggressive.

11 Apr 2018 21:46:51
Here are my player ratings after yet another great night

Karius (9) - Yet another assured performance, decent distribution and collected balls from set pieces calmly. This lad is shutting up the doubters 100%.

Lovren (10) - As Ed pointed out earlier Lovren is an absolute enigma. He was brilliant last night, full concentration, throwing himself at the ball. If he can sort out his mentality then we do have a real player on our hands.

VVD (7) - Made a terrible mistake in the opening minutes that never should have happened. He has a habit of moaning at players to move for him or cover him when really it his fault. However, he recovered well and showed maturity to forget about the mistake.

Robbo (8) - Another hard working pasionate performance from what looks like an absolute bargain. Slightly lucky to get away with putting his hands on Sterling - needs to learn you just cannot take that risk at this level.

TAA (10) - Wow! Repeated his brilliance from the first leg and was only one of the team to actually play decent balls in the first half. As it was said by Lineker, "calmness and assuredness beyond his years"

Gini (6) - Poor performance in the first half. Ball watching over and over and doing his usual away game dtifting. However, he stepped it up in the 2nd half and was good on the transistion aswell as rolling players.

Milner (8) - Struggled without the help of Hendo, but once again put in a proper shift for the team, much better in the second half and proved why a player of his ilk is essential to our team.

Ox (7) - Much different game from the one he had to play last week. Like most of our midfield he was poor in the first half, but still nearly grabbed a goal at the end of the half. If he can find consistency then this another great signing.

Salah (10) - What more can you say? Clearly affected by the injury and was pressing much less. But scored a wonderful goal just as we needed it most, he has balls of steel. Surely he is one of the best signings we have ever made in the premier league era? Just magic.

Mane (9) - Put 100% in there and gave everything, his energy levels are ridiculous as he has played almost every minute of the last 3 games now. Stupidly given a yellow for an incident against Ederson and did very well to keep his calm when several City players were Trying to push him and wind him up.

Firmino (10) - Finished the tie with a cooly took goal. Amazing how integral this man is to our team, his pressing, hold up play and now finishing are utterly essential. One moment springs to mind when he followed one of City's centre backs all the way from their box into our half and won the ball! Firmino is the epitome of Klopps philosophy.

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12 Apr 2018 14:12:57
You need to take the blinkers off over Karius. In the 2nd minute of a vital game he threw a ball to a player who was being pressed and who had indicated he didn’t want it. Granted, Van Dijk should have done better but he shouldn’t have been put in that position.

He came for a cross and made a terrible punch but got away with it because of a very poor linesman decision.

I admit Karius has improved and has a chance of making the grade with us now. However, I object to his errors being glossed over to make it look like a near man of the match performance. Errors in his game will only go away by him learning from them, not by ignoring them. He had 3 shits on target to save - 1 went in and the other 2 were so comfortable I’d have been confident of saving them myself.

11 Apr 2018 12:29:28
All this talk about a wrongly disallowed goal for sane let's not forget dear pundits the goal that was given should not have stood with a clear foul being commited on dick van dyke . Any way 5.1 lol.

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11 Apr 2018 22:40:00
also if milner didn't mean it then it was offside and to me it seemed to bounce of him so was right dicision imo. doesn't matter it wasn't giving we went on to win so happy days.

12 Apr 2018 03:18:26
Sterling and their fanciful outfield ball playing CB (oops I meant Ederson) should not have been on the pitch either for violent conduct. Surprised no one's talking about those incidents or does the media and all the pundits have such a big boner for Pep?

12 Apr 2018 08:52:01
1st time poster long time reader.
They don't have for him here in Ireland as after the first leg the Rte pundits went on about how he hasn't won Cl since Barcelona and how he took a treble winning Bayern and brought them backwards. They also said how anyone could have managed that Barcelona team back then as they had the very best of the best in the team.

For the second leg on Tv3 pundits (including Didi H) tore into him too saying he's a very good manager but the the best as some suggest and that the likes of Klopp are better as they are doing it on a tighter budget (won't go into figures but if you saw what they showed we have spent very big in my opinion but city have spent almost twice our amount, money in football is shocking these days no wonder eds don't like to talk about it) .

12 Apr 2018 09:12:46
Mean sourness not Didi H.

11 Apr 2018 11:36:59
If you’d said to me when we pulled Man City out of the hat home leg first we’d win 5-1 I’d have thought you were mad!
What a performance! We got lucky tonight with the disallowed goal but I think we’d be comfortably 2nd in the PL if we’d got all of the decisions we should have this season so it’s about time something went our way!
Come on you mighty reds! ❤️.

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11 Apr 2018 11:44:55
A lot has been mentioned about the briliantly taken goals by Salah and Bobby as well as how well we defended against City but I feel that Mane's contributions have been overlooked.

He showed great maturity in not retaliating or responding to the shoves by Ederson which could have gotten him sent off. Yes, he deserved a yellow for that tackle but the ref got it right. No way should that have been a red, Mane clearly slipped.

Most importantly, Mane did not go to the ground to try to claim a penalty when pushed by Fernandinho. He was already on a yellow and if that was seen as a dive (who knows, refs are inconsistent these days) he could have been off. I think he has learned his lesson after the debacle against Palace. He stayed on his feet for as long as he could and the ball found it's way to Salah who cooly dinked it into the net. Mane's touch to cut inside Laporte was class as well.

It's good to see Mane's form has improved and he is more of a selfless team player. Long may it continue and happy birthday Sadio!

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11 Apr 2018 12:16:09
Agreed, Mane has been superb the last few games.

11 Apr 2018 13:04:53
Very good timing for Mane to be hitting firm at this stage of the season. I think Bobby is the one who needs resting when we have killed the game because of the amount of running he does. The last few games he has seemed to be a bit jaded. He still performs well and achieves goals and assist but it is vital we keep him really sharp for CL semis and, hopefully Final.

11 Apr 2018 00:14:37
Any chance we can have them same officials for the semi Ed?

{Ed0333's Note - I’m so glad you bought that topic up. I loved the ref tonite. Consoling otamendi after he got pressed and gave the goal away what a classy touch, never seen that happen before. He played the game with a smile on his face. Yes he got a few decisions wrong but a lot of refs have a mistake in them it’s the nature of the beast. He kept the game flowing as much as he could, he was eccentric and full of character. He was pure Hollywood. But the German referee last week was absolutely sensational, faultless performance, would have him officiate any of our games. Amazing ref.

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11 Apr 2018 00:50:35
In game I had a couple of years ago the referee made what I thought was a terrible error so I complained and made sure he knew he had it wrong. The ref told me that he makes mistakes and that he wouldn't shout at me (the striker) for making a mistake so why should I complain. Stick with me that and I've always held back when unhappy about a decision even if the ref did get it badly wrong. After all, it's not like the referee is trying to make a mistake or get things wrong. Just another perspective.

11 Apr 2018 09:41:12
Loved the Otamendi scene, from far player seem to be hard and show a lack of respect towards refs. For the ref to do what he did was classic.

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