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08 Jul 2020 23:22:50
Ed001, what did you make of Lamptey’s performance this morning? First time I’ve seen the youngster play and there was a few things that really impressed me. Just wanted to gather your thoughts on him. Cheers.

{Ed001's Note - good player on the ball but really poor defensively. Goes over far too easily. He needs to toughen up a bit. He reminds me of van Aanholt, really good on the ball but all over the place defensively and very weak in the challenge. Each time I watch them play, I always think he is a weak spot to attack. Whether he is caught upfield or in place, he just is not a good defender. Lots of pace to get back, but every time one of our players went at him he was found wanting. I am not sure full-back is the right place for him, he only seems to be there because he has pace and stamina to get up and down the pitch. If they continue to play him there, he is going to need to learn quickly or it will lead to them shipping goals at a vast rate of knots.}

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09 Jul 2020 09:59:05
His ball was class, but once robbo was on the pitch he looked like a winger playing in defence. If Brighton get a better rb, he'd be a sick attacker.

09 Jul 2020 10:00:39
He did give Neco a tough time last night going forward, but Neco was playing out of position and just shows some inexperience.

They both seemed to have the better of each other offensively, but as Liverpool eased off after going two up and Brighton got into the game more, Lamptey had more chance to go forward.

{Ed001's Note - and got absolutely crucified by Robertson, while showing nothing going forward. All he did was take advantage of Williams' struggles to adapt to being a left-back.}

08 Jul 2020 22:11:37
Just wondering Ed's what your thoughts on Tariq lamptey, is he as good as some people are making him out to be or just someone who likes to run alot?

{Ed001's Note - weak link defensively but a good player, just not a defender. Very quick but goes down far too easily to work well in defence.}

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08 Jul 2020 16:43:16
Is it that time of year when we make silly in and out lists for the summer biz?

Here's mine:

IN: Jamal Lewis, Ben White, Houssem Aouar, Filip Stevanovic (trusting Ed on this one)

OUT: Loris Karius, Marko Grujic, Harry Wilson, Xerdan Shaqiri, Dejan Lovren, Nat Phillips, Divock Origi

Might be harsh on big Div but I think it's time to make a change if it is possible.

Of course, none will happen in this climate but hey it's fun!

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08 Jul 2020 17:38:42
IN: Julian Brandt (CAM and both Wings) And Diego Laxalt (LB/ LW)

OUT: Lallana, Clyne, Karius, Grujic, Wilson And Shaqiri

That should leave us with very little outlay and quality cover for positions we desperately need it for.

Brandt has the potential to be a first 11 successor when the time comes.

07 Jul 2020 22:23:05
A brilliant film on Netflix if anyone is interested it's called Athlete A. Its about the doctor that was involved with the American gymnastics team and got sentenced for sexual offences and the cover up that went on.

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08 Jul 2020 07:51:26
Saw a documentary on sky about this Barry and it was quality, but also sickening what went on.

08 Jul 2020 09:19:19
Yeah I saw that Barry and it's very good, crazy that he got away with it for so long. The Daniel Hernandez one is also very good if u haven't seen it.

08 Jul 2020 10:40:31
Is sad that this is an opening which people feel they can use to gain access to children, football being a main stead as we know which has been released in the last few years.

08 Jul 2020 17:23:46
Yeah I saw the Hernandez one. He had a few demons going on.

09 Jul 2020 14:37:21
Another good one to watch Barry is "Brian Banks" on Netflix also.

Not too dissimilar a story line, an American footballer is odds on to reach the NFL when he is wrongly convicted of sexual assault.

Deffo worth an hour and a half of your time!

07 Jul 2020 21:39:19
Shame too see wigan going into administration, I am sure they have a young talented striker who is in demand and we were linked.

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08 Jul 2020 01:52:51
its a disgrace they have ended up in this mess, so many clubs heading down this road i fear.
Hard to believe not so long ago they were a premier league side and F. A cup winners, i am gutted for there supporters.

08 Jul 2020 08:04:11
You wonder how much due diligence was carried out by the football league to allow it to change hands.

07 Jul 2020 08:37:20
Im sure this has been said before by someone or perhaps even a lot of people but i think if klopp had not went into football management he would have found his way into eventually teaching in some capacity.

There are some people who thrive when they are in a position of passing on knowledge or shaping what they see as potential for greatness. The true people of that calling don't do it for the secondary fame. Klopp although not considered a great footballer by any means.

understands the game of football. But more than that he seems to understand the game of life even better. No one is perfect. Klopp like all of us has his flaws. He ain't the best loser and breaks a rule or two but he has humanity in bucket loads.

There is a lot of talk about transfers lately as is normal come the end of the season. The reality is that the current situation may not allow for what normally would have have come to pass.

To put it dramatically, darkness and light always find a way to balance. There is opportunity here. Klopp has an opportunity he might not have thought he was going to get again. He is a big man with big ideals and beliefs. He quickly realised he had to comprimise them somewhat with big transfers that were ultimately necessary.

But current times present an opportunity for klopp to do something he has always wanted to do. Shape a football team the right way.

Neco, jones, elliott, brewster, hoever, van den berg et all may have hit the jackpot. I sense klopp a little more energised when speaking about the younger players in the squad. I feel he sees an opportunity to build a team around talent that has been shaped both in terms of bravery to play football the right way and also to approach life the right way. To shape a force of football that won't be cherry picked by bigger clubs.

You can tell he sees genuine potential for greatness in some of the younger players and this fact alone may keep him at the club for a lot longer that he ever intended.

Nothing in life is ever a sure thing but i feel a class of 92 aura about liverpool beginning to happen. Football is fast moving and a dynasty such as utds might never happen that way again but i think events might push our club towards something similar.

The romantic in me feels klopp believes he is exactly where he is supposed to be to shape what's to come.

So for those who think we may be taking two steps backwards because we are not bringing any big signings in the forseeable future just spare a thought for the opportunity it presents to the talented youth coming through.

A talented young footballer with great potential being mentored by klopp both in football and life. When you multiply that times 5,6,7,8 in terms of the talented youth player we have coming through with a massive nit of luck we might just have a team full of players we call our own.

Football has went crazy in the last 10 years in terms of money. It would be nice to have a little of the romanticism back by watching a team with some superstars that have come through the system. As much as coming through the system means now days anyway.

The majority of the current main 11 has legs for another 4 to 5 years. By that time the young bloods may have all the tools they need to take the keys to the kingdom.

At the end of the storm.

This post was split in two as i hit send to early. Hopefully an ed can join them up or this may be a tad confusing.

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07 Jul 2020 13:45:25
Well I'd say once the break away league starts up in the near future, to my knowledge we won't be accepted, We should be winning the league every year similar to Juventus and Celtic.
Only difference is Man Utd did it with all the best teams still in the league.
Let's just hope we can still win another league before either Mr klopp goes or the big boys of the Premiership go to pastures new.

07 Jul 2020 16:59:47
Walter - you think that one of football's leading global brands sponsored by Nike won't be wanted eventually in the break away league? Nonsense.

08 Jul 2020 21:28:18
Nice post, Wolverine, I hope you are right!

06 Jul 2020 15:30:02
Man City are wonderful on their day - but they have lost more games than Arsenal this season!

We can look devoid of ideas on our day - European, World and league champions 23 points clear.

Choice is yours folks?

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06 Jul 2020 18:11:37
Yesterday was a microcosm of the entire season.
We huffed and puffed, were generally defensively sound (not as much as usual but a clean sheet) and managed to force a couple of goals to get the job done.
City pummelled Southampton for pretty much the entire game with some lovely football at times but made silly errors defensively and could’ve conceded 3 or 4. In the end 1 was enough as they started to get desperate towards the end and shooting from range.
It’s very evident that when Aguero is out they miss a proper goalscorer in those types of games. Just like us there’s a big drop off in quality from their first choice to their reserve players in that area.

05 Jul 2020 21:42:44
I guess you was right about Grealish Ed001 thought you was being a tad harsh on the lad but god he is an infuriating player. Spends more than half the game on the ground trying to buy cheap freekicks. Souness even mentioned that if you are the most fouled player in the league it means that you are taking far too many touches on the ball and not seeing the picture quite quick enough.

{Ed001's Note - exactly! Finally someone has noticed that it is not a good thing to be the most fouled player. Thank you Souie!!!}

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06 Jul 2020 13:29:45
Still, here’s hoping Ole ‘at the wheel’ Solskjaer spunks most of his transfer budget on Villa’s poundshop Damo Lennon.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣

08 Jul 2020 22:54:51
I agree that grealish isn't all he's made out but on the topic of being fouled regularly I think that can't be pigeon holed into describing a players quality. Hazard was always the most fouled when he was in England, Messi and robben would be top in that stat also despite being on best players in their leagues at those times. It can be seen as both a negative and possibly positive reading. I do agree though that grealish tends to give the opponent more chance to get a tackle in as opposed to other top players who move so swiftly and fouled from being a step ahead of defenders.

09 Jul 2020 13:15:10
It would be a good stat if villa were a threat from set pieces and it lead somewhere. But they are no scoring at all - from the little I’ve seen of them, they spend very little time attacking and it’s all defensive or possession. They don’t break quickly or work the defence around. They seem to just keep the call until the get bored and cross it.

I have found myself wondering if they would be more effective without Grealish, the players seem to look to him to do something and not bother themselves. Or maybe they just know he’s not going to pass.


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