01 Apr 2024 14:19:33
Title run in is going to be so exciting. The key games I can see twists in are the away fixtures against top 10 opposition. I think the home form of all 3 teams is strong enough to see off all comers, but on the road it's rearely easy in this league now.

Arsenal must play away to Brighton, United, Wolves and Spurs. City must play away to Brighton and Spurs. Liverpool must play away to United, West Ham and Villa. 9 huge games to watch there. City on paper with the easiest run in but they also have the most ground to make up. Arsenal with the toughest run in but they have nice cushion in the GD column. We sit top right now but United and Villa in particular are going to be games we have to perform at our best for.

Imagine if we have a 3 way race on the last day. I honestly don't think there has been an era with 3 teams this strong since the Premier League rebranding. All 3 contenders have a legitimate shot at 90+ points. They're that good that if all 3 won the last 9 games in a row people wouldn't even be surprised. In fact the league is so strong that an English team is the favourite for all 3 European competitions. I just hope we can hold on so Klopp goes out on a massive high!

1.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 14:36:50
Are we not away to Everton as wel?.

2.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 14:52:14
With all due respect MK, i hope by the last day we have it wrapped up and i can stop checking result like with feverish fervour!

3.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 15:11:20
We need to learn from past experience stay humble and go about are buisness professionally. we are in squeaky bum time.

4.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 16:34:00
I would say we potentially have trickier games left than the other two, especially as all our home form is so strong

I think:
We have 4 away games left
Arsenal have 3
City have 3

Arguably our away fixtures look tougher than the other 2, and we have 4 away games in the bounce including Atalanta in a short space of time

I can see it going to the last day.

5.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 17:20:05
It's pretty simple - win all 9 remaining league games and we'll bag no20. No other mindset will do.

6.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 17:20:06
Mk was it not a 3 way fight between Liverpool Everton and west ham in the 80s and King Kenny got the winner against Chelsea to win the league? Think that was the last time could be wrong though.

7.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 18:01:01
I though previous to yesterday that only games city would possibly drop points in where arsenal + spurs, but watching them yesterday I thought they looked tired, bit flat and heavy legged. Wouldn't surprise me if they dropped points this week against villa r palace. We have some v tough away games in run in as well and think we drop points in some of them. Arsenal i think will draw a blank in a game that everybody expects them to win. All in all any of 3 could v easily win it, thpught city all along but not so sure now.

8.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 18:18:47
MKS for me, all we did was "Win The MatchDay Week" this weekend and that much is clear. it does not mean anything more than that cos there are way too many games and a whole 27 points left to play for. That is a lot of points still on the table, man. Each team can drop point literally anywhere if you look at what teams have taken points from them.

Klopp has said it best. Nobody will be popping champagne bottles after this weekend and going into midweek or even next weekend. All we have to do is focus on the game at hand cos that is ALL we can control and Im sure Klopp and the boys have that mindset. Just my take.

9.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 18:53:11
Haven’t they got forest and Luton too? Not easy games when they fighting to stay up. Think all 3 run ins have there pitfalls.

10.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 19:17:04
We won’t beat Fulham away!

11.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 19:25:06
Liverpool and Arsenal will probably drop a couple points, but I think city are on the decline and might just throw this one away.
Hell of a title race, shame we took 4 points from you both and and still sit 2nd!

12.) 01 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 19:32:52
27 points to play for and 27 league games to decide the title.

Who’s going to hold their nerve and get over the line. Can’t wait for Sheff Utd on Thursday and we’re the last team to play on match day 30 so we’ll know exactly how the other 2 have done come kick off.

13.) 02 Apr 2024
01 Apr 2024 23:11:09
we really need to stop conceding silly early goals, or its 2nd place maybe . think all 3 teams will drop points, so its going to be very interesting indeed, its very hard to choose a winner, maybe its who dropps the most points .

14.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 00:00:00
I see all three teams dropping points. May the best team win it, I believe it'll be us and it'll come to the last game or two before it's decided. Exciting times ahead.

15.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 04:02:41
Love the run in especially when your sitting at the top of the table ohhh yeahhh
I thought beating Brighton was my highlight of the week but it's Klopp and Sean Cox interaction together that wins it easy
Keep fighting Sean.

16.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 10:39:10
You got that right, @Kop that. It's getting boring now and frankly, annoying.

17.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 11:12:40
My feeling about City, and Inposte dishes a few weeks back, is that they’ll slide out of the race. Fine margins and everything but I just see them fading leaving it To us and Arsenal.

18.) 02 Apr 2024
02 Apr 2024 15:34:30
Call me crazy but I'd love to win it on the last day. I crave an Aguerooooo moment of our own!