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07 Oct 2018 15:48:02
Lovren starting. Trent drops to the bench. Looks like it might be Gomez at right back.

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07 Oct 2018 16:19:26
Wrong game to be messing about with the defence.

07 Oct 2018 14:46:01
Does anyone think Bradley dack is good enough for the premier league I think he a really good player.

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07 Oct 2018 14:22:27
Chelsea fans singing about Gerrard, different breed that lot.

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07 Oct 2018 15:47:39
It’s now one of their songs, watched them in Europe and was singing then too.

Don’t get me wrong for opposing fans it is a funny way for them to wind us up. But in a game where we are not involved I just don’t get the point.

07 Oct 2018 20:11:47
Poor Didier and Frank must be very jealous.

07 Oct 2018 21:03:25
It’s because they have no songs! I’ve been going to Chelsea away for over 25 years and all you hear them song is “Chelsea Chelsea, Chelsea Chelsea “ 😂😂.

07 Oct 2018 14:10:45
Walter was right! Arsenal does look a formidable side! Emery has done wonders with a very short span of time!

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07 Oct 2018 14:38:50
They'll still do well to get top 4 Harry.

07 Oct 2018 15:01:37
Rigsby has them playing really well.

07 Oct 2018 15:39:31
Thanks Harry I really do see them pushing on. Not just coz today's result.
If we loose today hopefully not, I belive they will only be 1 point behind us.

07 Oct 2018 17:53:07
Early in the season but at the moment I think it will be City, Chelsea, LFC and the gunners fighting for 3rd and fourth. I think City are looking great again and Chelsea are also looking very impressive. We’ve done great up to now but I think 3rd or 4th will be our finishing position. I thought we would see more goals and attacking from midfield this season but nothing showing yet. Maybe just unlucky that our two big purchases still haven’t settled.

Should be a very competitive season with 4 very good sides at the top, let’s see how we’re doing at Christmas, hopefully the front 3 start firing and Keita and Fab settle and maybe we can get closer to city.

07 Oct 2018 20:09:19
The big teams will punish Arsenal if they give up the chances they have been. Chelsea look very good but they've still to travel to any of their rivals. We need to realise how good our own team is instead of worrying about others. We've had the toughest start of the top six and were joint top, great start from us.

07 Oct 2018 14:09:57
A mini profile on Ramsey.

Well Ramsey scores goals. Simples! He gets into the box from midfield and I guess that's why we are looking at him. Lack of goals and runners ( AOC injured ) was always going to be a subject Klopp would consider.

What he ain't good at!
1. At times the game just pass by him and he is not a sitting midfielder nor a passing midfielder. Not his best attributes and playing him in midfield would expose the back line unless there are players to cover.

2. He isn't a speed star like AOC nor someone who use his physique to beat a man. He is not a direct player either.

3. Ramsey is not a CM, not a DM and certainly not an old school CAM. He is a misfit in the center midfield but a useful link from midfield to attack.

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07 Oct 2018 15:42:04
Well said dude. He isn't the greatest player but could do a job for us no doubt.

07 Oct 2018 17:51:41
He would be expensive Walter and I can’t stop Klopp from buying him! Not my choice! Should go back and sign Fekir. Do the medical again and he will pass it. Fekir should have been the face of the club. Him and kieta would boss it!

07 Oct 2018 14:00:39
James Maddison looks carbon copy of Lallana. A lot of twist and turns with little purpose (Although the firmer is lighter years better than Lallana) . Good in tight space and always looks for the ball.
Still very young though!

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08 Oct 2018 12:28:30
Get a room you two.

07 Oct 2018 02:48:23
Question for Benny Baller re refereeing.

I was watching the Man Unt game vs Newcastle and Young handballed a cross from a free kick in the area. Did you see it? No penalty was given cos there was no chance of an official seeing it. The ref has to position himself near the D looking forwards. The lino is on the far side of the pitch and can't see through all the bodies in the box.

This is a 'blind spot' for the officials. Is this discussed? Is there a protocol for these areas of the pitch and incidents when refs can't look in two directions at once?

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07 Oct 2018 09:53:57
I think the proper term is "shameful incompetence".

07 Oct 2018 10:28:31
Yeah and that's being polite MK.

06 Oct 2018 20:33:19
We need to be right at it tomorrow the team and the fans. Hope we give them the same sort of welcome we gave them for champions league (minus the violence) . Big game for trent vs sane again but he has proven B4 he's more than up for it. c'mon Liverpool Ynwa.

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06 Oct 2018 19:03:03
Just curious. Who from Man U would any of you want? I'd want Mata personally. I think he'd fit in really well with our club. He wouldn't be in our regular starting 11, but I think he'd do well with us. He's held back by Man U's style. Rashford is another one I'd like to see. I know it won't ever happen, but it's fun to speculate.

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06 Oct 2018 19:49:32
Always loved Mata as a player. Strikes me as more creative Milner type with a great mentality and work ethic. A true professional.

06 Oct 2018 21:13:46

06 Oct 2018 22:13:30
None. Nada. I don’t think any of them are capable of such a huge step up.

06 Oct 2018 12:01:33
I came across this article on the BBC football site which for once was an interesting read.
What do the rest of you guys think?

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06 Oct 2018 16:42:47
All part of the premier league pantomime.

Pep is trying to big us up and make us lose our focus. The BBC are helping him. We’ve won our last 3 games against them, before that Klopp and Pep were level.

It has no bearing on tomorrow’s game in my opinion. We’ve had a tough few games and are not in form, they put 7 past a team not long ago.


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