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16 May 2018 18:34:22
R. I. P Ray Wilson England world cup winner.
BBC think 30secs at the end of the news is a fitting tribute. Disgusting.

{Ed025's Note - i agree klopp..

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16 May 2018 18:14:30
Just heard on radio Merseyside that Keith Harris has been named Everton's deputy chairman won't be long before they appoint Orville as new manager.

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17 May 2018 18:42:29
If that happened, forget about Klopp hugs, the players would be taking turns having Cuddles ;-)

16 May 2018 16:32:34
With the transfer window opening tomorrow, if Liverpool, UTD or Chelsea were to sign a player that is U-21 (not requiring registration I assume) and is not Cup tied, will that player be eligible for the their respective finals?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

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16 May 2018 18:09:45
Thanks ed!

16 May 2018 21:18:24
Bang goes Dembele’s chance of a CL medal 😂😂.

16 May 2018 23:57:07
it’s like the EFL League 1 which the transfer window opened on the 7th, the teams playing in the playoffs could sign people but not play them lol.

16 May 2018 15:12:25
If there's anyone in the know (square tomato) who can get word to the players before the final, please PLEASE, tell them not to touch the cup as they walk by it. I'm not superstitious but let's not tempt the gods of football.

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16 May 2018 15:33:27
I'm sure they won't they can't even touch the 'this is anfield' sign until they win something so hopefully they aren't daft enough to touch the trophy.

17 May 2018 11:12:59
'I'm not superstitious'

Yes you are fella. Sorry, but you are. It's okay though. Most of us are as well!

16 May 2018 14:27:49
England still unable to learn anything in carrying some washed up has been because of name and club they represent, Welbeck? really and Young? in the squad over who! waste of time. hope they make it out of the first round smh.

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17 May 2018 11:14:09
In fairness kalels when you look at the players on standby you do think 'well, who else was there? '. Everyone would love to chuck an untested 17 year old into the fray but realistically, the issue isn't carrying people because of their name - it's because we actually just don't have many good players.

16 May 2018 13:22:18
Eds are we looking for a centre back this summer? Would we bother with a cheeky bid for toby at spurs or any other high profile CB?

Seems like we're getting there team wise only seem to need a good front 3 back up a another centre mid to make us actual challengers. Hope your looking forward to the silly season.

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16 May 2018 11:32:05
What is it not with the click baits. "Huge revelation" - Salahs cousins friend likes Real Madrid instagram pic. It's actually ridiculous, I absolutely hate transfer windows, it's boring now. I couldn't care less now who stays and who goes. Sorry for the moan, but sometimes it feels better to get it off your chest 😀.

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16 May 2018 08:15:18
A great transfer window for me would be:


players brought in from u23s:

Players to go on loan:

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16 May 2018 09:04:06
Solanke out on loan? I disagree, especially after his performance the other day. He showed quality I never knew he had, he must stay in my opinion. Performances like that can go a long way, I see such a setup been used more next season, he thrived under it and showed what he is capable of, a bit more confidence and game time I think we might have a good player on our hands with him. We need to have more patience with him.

Woodburn I'd agree with, I don't think he'll get much game time next season and he needs first team football, send him out for a season and see how he does, like Wilson this season.

16 May 2018 09:41:32
I agree with Salah. Solanke doesn't work with how we normally set up so our decision is that we a) prepare to change setup and tactic to use him properly when we call on him or b) sell him because he doesn't fit with what we do. A loan will do nothing for him in regards to prepping him to play for us.

16 May 2018 14:03:09
RB? Rob Bryden - the Welsh Wizard Russell Brand - frightens everyone Red Baron - a very speedy striker Ronnie Barker - a perfect partner for Virgil van Dijk.

16 May 2018 23:30:28
I'd be happy with just Ndidi and Fekir tbh.
With the addition of Keita that could be our midfield sorted for years. Fekir able to interchange with any of the front 3 particularly bobby I feel.

I like Trent at Rb and wouldn't want to stunt his progress nor Gomez by buying another Rb or cb. I'd like to see Gomez challenging for Loren's spot next season.
Only cb I'd go for if there was a chance would be Toby at spurs.

I think there's a decent goalie in karius and I don't see the value in buying butland who I don't think is any better. So unless we could get a top top keeper I'd stick.

Love to sign Leon Bailey to cover the front 3 also but can't see that wish coming true.

15 May 2018 23:26:23
Klavan and Moreno in line for new deals! Moreno is worse than Paul koncheskey and I have no clue how he gets a new contract at Liverpool.

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16 May 2018 03:58:13
Should make you happy mate, something else to slate the club and Klopp with.

16 May 2018 09:41:45
Well said Jack.

16 May 2018 13:18:56
2 players who have not played that regularly but seem to have gone about their business in a quiet and professional manner.

Much rather have this than someone who causes problems and throws toys out of the pram when not selected.

good move IMO.

16 May 2018 18:02:29
Yes they behaved etc but they are just not up to lfc standard. let's get them sold for their carrers sake and get some fresh players in that might be better.

17 May 2018 11:19:02
Klavan's introduction after the spurs lost saw us go the next 4 games conceeding just two goals - having at that point been the 6th worst defense in the league. He then had a couple of games off before playing 6 of the next 8. We conceeded 5 goals - a penalty Lovren gave away, the Arsenal game which was a mingolet masterclass for the most part and against Burnley, where he then went up the other end and scored the winner.

Is Klavan the next Maldini? No. Is he a decent CB option that is happy with somewhat limited time of the pitch who deserves respect for the job he's doing/ done for us, and the turnaround in defense he was part of this season? Absolutely.

15 May 2018 20:49:59
I somehow wandered onto the "Talk Conspiracy page. Safe to say, I will not be returning. Absolutely bizarre.

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15 May 2018 21:27:09
Why? If people believe that stuff let them, as bizarre as some of the stuff sounds, would you say it's wrong? there's tons in this world going on what you and I have no idea about, we're forced to believe what the news tells us, that doesn't make it correct info.

15 May 2018 21:48:09
Because I didn't see any tangible evidence. They are more than entitled to their opinion, its when that opinion is masqueraded as fact, that I do have a problem with. Particularly, when that opinion is "dog whistling" and harmful.

16 May 2018 11:02:20
with a name like john lennon i would have thought you knew the man was assasinated for trying to create world peace along with jfk and a few others mate. broaden your horizons, watch zeitgeist part two and you will see trump may the queen and everyone else are nobody's. just puppets to keep us all distracted and talking crap when in reality the rich banking dynastys of rockefeller rothschield and jp morgan rule the world as they own the federal reserve and most corporations in the world, including mainstream media. cancer has been prevelant since the 50s and on the rise because of the crap they're spraying the food with is kiling the cancer fighting additives. there's so much mate and i hope you will open your eyes and see the world for what it is, a big soap opera. please for the sake of your chuldren and your childrens children educate yourslef. watch the zeitgeists or even farenheit 911 and you'll see how corrupt the bushes are and how the iraq afghani wars were started to fund from oil and a company who produced all the guns and bobms owned by george bush snr. the bushes made around 67 billion dollars and are now a big part of the so called elite who's plan now is to start war with iran for the exact same goal. open your eyes brother the evidence is there you just need to connect the dots. they don't want us to know but once everyone does the revolution will happen and we will at long last be free from the coroporate brain washing and mass cull due to cancers etc. wake up mate its true.

16 May 2018 12:44:33
My name is John Lennon because I very much like his music. I agree with you about the Iraq War, because there is factual evidence. It's other pathetic things that I have seen that are based off emotion and lies. I appreciate your concern in me "opening my eyes" but I can assure they are open, perhaps you could do with reading facts rather than Conspiracy?

16 May 2018 13:24:23
John, please explain why a conspiracy cannot be a fact?
Is a conspiracy not only a conspiracy until it's proven?

They could well be true, and a fact is still a fact, whether you have evidence or not, because the truth does not change.

Try and be a little less judgemental 👍.

16 May 2018 15:57:44
JTRED91 I'm not being judgemental, if you would read my post properly I said SOME over the course have history have proven to be true (Iraq) It just saddens me some of these "theories" are absolutely sickening and are 10000% categorically untrue:
The Sandy Hook shooting apparently being a hoax is one.
Or, the DJ Avicci being "murdered" because he "uncovered a child sex gang", completely dismissing the fact that he had suffered from serious health conditions for years.
It's those type of things that really do sicken me, as it hurts those families and also diverts the truth.

16 May 2018 17:12:36
I'm with you John Lennon. We all know of at least one conspiracy nut and there's no stopping them when they get going. It's funny how you rarely get people who believe some theories but not others. It's all or nothing for those guys.

16 May 2018 19:45:11
adreed too john my theory is these farfetched ones are to distract us from what we already know and make us out to be loons.

16 May 2018 19:45:11
adreed too john my theory is these farfetched ones are to distract us from what we already know and make us out to be loons.

16 May 2018 21:43:08
Loving the opinion on a conspiracy is only a conspiracy until it’s proven to be a fact.

Did you know that Elephants don’t exist?

16 May 2018 23:27:37
Ah, no that would be a hypothesis. A conspiracy is a known fact hiding an actual fact. It wouldn't be a conspiracy to say that elephants don't exist as I and millions of others have ridden one. They are very real. A conspiracy is saying something that is extremely difficult to prove whilst millions of others bang on about it using 'he said', 'she said', 'check out this obscuro on YouTube' as evidence. Mainly people who have had trouble with the law and don't like being subjected to the the oppressions of 'The Man'.

'There is fluoride in toothpaste. Every time you brush your teeth you just become more of a slave to the man, man'.


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