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25 Jun 2024 18:40:57
It looks like VVD will come home early. Absolutely shambolic defending. Playing everyone on side for that third goal.


1.) 25 Jun 2024 18:54:36
What an utterly rubbish player! Sell immediately!

Methinks some posters just really get a dopamine rush from sticking it to our players.

2.) 25 Jun 2024 18:58:16
Just saw that. He was extremely deep!

3.) 25 Jun 2024 19:13:22
Imagine the disappointment to find out you’ve finished third to the elation that you will possibly play England in the next round.

4.) 25 Jun 2024 19:19:46
I swear some people are desperate to criticize our own players.

5.) 25 Jun 2024 19:25:56
I am sorry but what part of my post triggered your little ego @Patrik?
Watch that third goal again. He could see all his teammates two yards infront of him and yet stayed deep. He is 34 and doesn’t possess the blistering pace anymore. We will sell him at some point. You going to revolt then pal?

6.) 25 Jun 2024 19:28:10
I think there's no option but to terminate the contracts of the entire first team. I'm pretty sure all of them have been deemed useless or past it by a boffin here at this point.

{Ed025's Note - im the only one who sticks up for them SR.. :)

7.) 25 Jun 2024 19:39:24
Actually Jaguar, I think you will find that he is in fact 32 years old. I think you simply rushed to your computer to bash Virgil when he made that boo-boo. He didn't have the best of games and he should be holding the line and directing his fellow defenders better, but I'm not sure what gratification you get from running to your keyboard to say how bad he was? That's what I'm talking about. Also, you should know that Holland already went through to the next round before the game even started.

8.) 25 Jun 2024 19:52:34
It does amuse me that on a rumors site, we have one side coddling 'their players', protecting them from the devastation and hardships of the world. And, on the other, we have people ready to bear arms and assault the players at a seconds notice, should they ever meet.

I honestly see no issue with criticizing players, or defending them, but a lot of posters take this so darn personally. Like, relax, it's a rumors site, not the gates to heaven.

Like, what did you expect on a rumors site, open for public usage? For everyone to conform to your opinion, for it to be the universal truth, and that anyone that says otherwise is a heathen.

Then again I'm the guy that smashed my PS5 controller against a wall yesterday, when I died to a boss for the 30th time. So, who am I to judge?

{Ed025's Note - I think you are spot on MANGO. And a bit of a hooligan it seems ?..

9.) 25 Jun 2024 19:57:39
Could be England Netherlands this weekend. Don't fancy England at all.

{Ed025's Note - I think we will whack them RF. people from Holland know sod all about football mate .. ?

10.) 25 Jun 2024 19:58:11
He just turn 33 Harold.

11.) 25 Jun 2024 20:13:02
Personally i only have any interest in the matches with L'pool players in them, and tune in hoping they do well. Mistake outa virg for the 3rd but been very good overall and Gakpo's banging them in from the left. Seen as trents been scapegoated i hope holland crucify england if they meet.

12.) 25 Jun 2024 20:25:08
@Patrik. Apparently, I didn’t knew the rules of this page mate lol. Are we not supposed to say when a player is performing bad ?.
Honestly VVD has had a terrible Euros so far and I honestly don’t know how to say this lol.

13.) 25 Jun 2024 20:52:02
England v Holland.

The battle of two good teams managed by circus clowns.

14.) 25 Jun 2024 21:01:16
It’s more the exaggerated hyperbole MANGO. I’m all for criticising players and performances. But balance is important. As is perspective.

15.) 25 Jun 2024 21:34:03
Goals were not VVD fault though, you can blame him for not organizing the defence better and fire up his team mates like Henderson/ Milner. Thankfully I am not from Holland but from the south east of The Netherlands :-) so I do not feel offended that I know sod all about football ;-)
By the way, following this site for about 5-10 years, and my first post now! Liverpool fan since April 1989 . and looking forward to Slot as coach although I do not follow much Dutch football really.
England vs The Netherlands would be great. But . you play worse than us, at least the Dutch scored 2 today!

16.) 25 Jun 2024 21:41:43
typo, fan since 1979.

17.) 25 Jun 2024 22:31:27
@MK, can you exaggerate hyperbole? Isn’t hyperbole itself an exaggeration? Asking in the spirit of this being the banter page ?

@Jaguar, I think there is a feeling that the person providing an opinion that is negative is sometimes seen as a person who has never made a mistake themselves, and but for the grace of God would be out at the Euros, in this case, playing CB for the Dutch. In this case I suspect VVD is aware and is obviously better than this mistake.

On a different note, the Denmark vs Serbia game was woeful.

18.) 25 Jun 2024 23:38:08
@MANGO, I take it the Elden Ring DLC isn't going well?

19.) 25 Jun 2024 23:58:28
Mango - what killed you 30 times? You on a soulsborne?

20.) 26 Jun 2024 02:00:16
Yes, fair to say the Elden Ring DLC is kicking my ass, in a major way.

Took me 2 hours to defeat Rellana Twin Moon Knight, I celebrate, leave the area and a massive Fire Giant thing greets me off in the distance, fair to say I sprinted back inside to a place of safety without a moments delay.

Having a blast though.

21.) 26 Jun 2024 02:43:19
Critiquing the things a player does is totally fine. It goes overboard when people use said critique to then label the player (multiple trophy winner ) terrible. By no measure is he terrible, he just made a mistake.

22.) 26 Jun 2024 07:15:46
I have no issue with people criticising players mango, I just find it interesting that folks seem to almost enjoy our players not doing well so they can post about it without at the same time taking into account what the larger circumstances are, virgil made a mistake yesterday but he was actually far from the worst defender for the Netherlands yesterday, geertruida wasn’t good either and de vrij was even worse. sure Virgil is their leader but the way Koeman has the team set up is failing every player on the pitch, to say Virgil was awful yesterday and having an awful tournament in general…by what standards are you evaluating that?

23.) 26 Jun 2024 06:47:01
Feel like people have found a way WDW. Hyperbole would be saying “he’s a bad player” knowing full well you don’t get to the Prem if you are a bad player, and that is fine because it’s almost a throwaway comment and not really intended to be taken literally, but to be taken in the context of the debate.

However there seems to be a growing trend to go over the top even with the hyperbole and saying thinks like “he can’t defend” or “there is no position in football for him” or “he’s absolutely terrible”. Blah blah blah. Hyperbole is fine within reason to emphasise your point, but at a certain point it just comes off as nonsense. Maybe exaggerated is the wrong word, because you’re right, hyperbole is exaggeration by definition anyway. Maybe extreme hyperbole is what I should’ve said!

Either way, it’s much easier to take someone seriously if they break down a balanced argument. It comes across as a lack of intelligence when people drop a one liner calling someone awful without justification or caveating what you don’t like about them with what they do well at least. Just a bit of balance and perspective. I criticise players myself. I’m probably Gomez’s biggest detractor. But I still was quick to point out that his attitude is good, his versatility is useful, and I think he’s a decent enough back up right back for us.

People can say what they want at the end of the day. They just won’t be taken seriously if it’s constant over the top negativity. And that’s a shame because they probably could add some really interesting debate to the page if they expanded a bit on their negativity. We need different opinions to make the site worth visiting.

24.) 26 Jun 2024 08:15:22
A defender who rarely puts a foot wrong has a bad day at the office. Nothing to see here.

25.) 26 Jun 2024 09:21:25
It’s just the age we live in, mk. Somehow people think it’s okay to call players that play for opposing teams or even our own team rubbish, trash, deadwood and other such terms, given that they are garbage they are so subhumanly bad that they don’t deserve respect and denunciation of them doesn’t require qualification. Football is a consumer product and people just want instant customer satisfaction, all the human beings running around simply exist for your approbation, when they have outworn their purpose you can simply throw them away. Nuance or context isn’t necessary and counts for nothing besides the small hit of a rush you get for giving vent to hyperbole and getting a few likes in return.

26.) 26 Jun 2024 09:51:48
Sadly PB, I think you nailed it. So much online nowadays is done or said for attention and validation in the form of likes.

27.) 26 Jun 2024 11:36:05
As a person who has worked professionally with sportsmen and women of all types including footballers I can tell you they do read what people write, especially the younger ones.

So you have to ask as a fan, is it really helpful to destroy their confidence with badly or unarticulated insults? If you state for example, player x should have maybe done Z that is a perfectly fine way to critique, it's helpful. Saying he is rubbish, deadwood etc is literally the most unhelpful thing you can post and only does damage.

28.) 26 Jun 2024 12:16:28
Spot on, MKS and PB. It's the age we live in. Some people have their flags firmly planted into the ground on the way they feel about certain player in mostly a negative fashion that it does not matter what they do, they can never do anything right in their eyes. Guys like Elliott, Darwin specifically suffer from this.

At the end of the day, if you continue to slag these players (cos yeah, doing that and destroying their confidence will definitely make them do better) at every turn, my next question to such people is, "Who do you love at the end of the day? Seriously, who do you love if all these players are trash?

29.) 26 Jun 2024 13:20:42
Thank you for that insight Nevada. I don’t know why people pretend that in this age of technology the pro’s won’t see the lashings dished out online. You are spot on about constructive criticism but it’s getting to be closer to abuse than that, to be honest. If you search for “Liverpool runours” online this is one of the first that pops up. So it’d be very naive to think that none of our players have ever visited this site. I’d not be at all shocked if some a regularly reading it. And they will definitely be seeing the stuff posted on twitter and Facebook pages because that goes viral and everyone on the platform that the algorithm wants to will see it.

30.) 26 Jun 2024 13:42:10
Im so confused as to the reaction to Jaguars original post.

Patrik, thunderbird etc. have wildly overreacted to what he said. He never said anything about selling him or he's not good enough or he's past it.

He simply just stated an observation, one of which was very true. For the 3rd goal, Van Dijk was shambolic, especially for a player of his quality and being the captain.

Does't mean to say he's not great or he doesn't love him as a player but players can mess up, it happens and Van Dijk did last night.

31.) 26 Jun 2024 17:16:14
Disagree Gunn.

“It looks like VVD will come home early”

This comes across to me as somebody that can’t wait to get online and have a pop at one of our players after a mistake.

Why are some “fans” so desperate for our players to fail?!

32.) 27 Jun 2024 11:34:19
I see how you have interpreted that Navy, I don't agree but then I'm not one who goes online and lambastes or overly defends players, so not my world really.

I just support the players and very rarely get involved in these types of discussions, but I just thought Jaguar was getting unfairly hounded to be honest mate.

33.) 27 Jun 2024 19:20:55
Anybody with eyes can see what Virgil did, even the commentators pointed it out during the game. What’s the point of running to the computer to make a point of it and say how poor it was, unless maybe you are invested in the Netherlands winning/ you support them and are upset that he had a lapse in judgment? It is my even constructive criticism or an astute observation, considering almost every stream and replay I saw of the game mentioned it, it’s simply a Nelson muntz type ha ha at Virgil dropping the ball, pure schadenfreude.

Call me skeptical if you want, that’s how I see it unless I am proven otherwise, not sure what the OP was expecting in response other than simply likes or others saying ‘Virgil isn’t the player he was…he’s been poor for ages…he’s been rubbish for Holland…. he’s starting to become a liability…he’s not as good as he thinks, he needs to wake up…schoolboy defending, wish we had rudiger, bastoni or saliba in Liverpool instead’ or something along those lines.




Jaguar's banter posts with other poster's replies to Jaguar's banter posts


13 Jul 2024 12:18:43
£70 mill is not the sort of cash you spend on a potential. That means Hughes and co have done enough research on Gordon and believes he takes us to the next level.
Can we do better? I don’t know. May be someone on here could pull out a list of LW / RW better than Gordon for that sort of money?
And honestly I don’t think Newcastle would be interested in any of our fringe players. They have many over there. They are a club looking to break into the top 4.


1.) 13 Jul 2024 14:49:09
Diaz biggest problem is his end product but everyone seems to believes Slits going to be the one to unlock Nunez so why can’t he improve Diaz as well.

No need to look for better if they can be coached.

2.) 13 Jul 2024 15:03:04
I’d say the price was a little bit high but not by much.
I’ve not bothered to look but pretty sure he’s got a few years left on his contract. Plus add in the fact he’s English and home grown. Plus the fact he’s a key player for them. Plus the fact he’s actually quite a good player as well. Plus the fact he’s prem proven.

I’m not sure there’s anyone else who plays left wing who ticks all of them boxes.
I mean sure, there’s a few left wingers about who will be better value but who knows if they will be effective in the prem? Plus do they even want to play for us? One thing about Gordon is that you can guarantee he would crawl over broken glass to play for us.

So I don’t really see it as a risky transfer, I think he will be better than Diaz and do a pretty decent job if he came in, not world class level but certainly a step up from Diaz who wants out anyway.
Plus if you’re rotating him with Gakpo on the left I think they will compliment each other as they both play the position in different ways, plan A and plan B if you like.

I think a lot of us have a negative opinion about him because he played for the blues, he's scored against us and he’s called Gordon. Too many want shiny new toys from Europe and South America or that lad from Naples who I’m not even going to attempt to spell.

Reckon he will be a good signing for us to be honest. Even at £70m.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 15:55:28
Nothing wrong with being called Gordon! ?.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 17:04:24
Doesn’t make for great reading but Gvardiol, Mudryk, Fofana, Sancho, Hojlund, Antony, Nunez all went for similar prices for mostly potential. Have to think how much would we ask for someone like Elliott, Bradley or Quansah. It would be similar prices again.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 17:42:09
Maybe Slot can also cure JOTA, Curtis and Konate too, and spend a day or two with the academy and then we'll have worldies throughout the first team and coming through the academy for years to come so no need for FSG to spend a penny. No pressure being put on Slots skills then ? ??.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 17:50:16
Who mentioned £ 70m?

7.) 13 Jul 2024 19:35:23
You missed Nat Philips @Mcg ???.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 20:10:50
One player doesn’t take a team to the next level, unless they are extremely special . Gordon, if he comes will be replacing a very good player and hopefully he can do a better job but he is by no means the final part of the jigsaw. It’s a team game, fitness, form and tactics all come into play.

9.) 13 Jul 2024 20:49:23
Shall we call him Gordinho? Lol.

10.) 13 Jul 2024 21:13:24
People shouldn't really think about the price especially given most don't even consider football finances properly anyway.

Instead ask - does he have a skill set we are lacking? Play in a position we are lacking? Better than what we have currently?

You can make a very strong argument in favour of all those things. He is better than Diaz, in a position we need and he's also younger, and homegrown as well.

11.) 13 Jul 2024 23:20:53
Can’t think of many players who take a team to the next level.

Obvs - Maradona.

Maybe Cantona at Man Utd? Seemed to be the catalyst.
I’d put Van Dijk in there too.



12 Jul 2024 08:17:09
Well it is looking more and more likely that Gomez would be sold. Either as a part player to Newcastle or elsewhere as his agent has been hawking him around.
Surely we cannot go into a new season with a 33 year old VVD, 18 year old kid and a Permanent injury prone Konate.
We have to bring in 2 CB’s.


{Ed001's Note - who is the 18 year old kid? And have you forgotten about Quansah?}

1.) 12 Jul 2024 08:45:29
I was referring to Quansah (Not sure about his exact age)
Matip - Gone
Philips - Gone
Gomez - Gone.

{Ed001's Note - he is 21. I wasn't sure if you meant Chambers, who is 20. Or van den Berg even. Obviously you have clearly forgotten them.}

2.) 12 Jul 2024 08:57:55
haven't read anything about Joe's Agent hawking him around? if anything from what ed02 it might be the club putting him in a deal with Newcastle for Gordon.

{Ed002's Note - Joe Gomez (CB) Agent is talking to Michael Emenalo and Bayern Munich but I doubt Liverpool will want anymore HG players to leave although they have offered him to Newcastle as aprt of a deal for the HG Gordon.}

3.) 12 Jul 2024 09:20:48
Plus we have Sepp van den Berg who is 22. Don’t know what you’re worrying for!

4.) 12 Jul 2024 09:44:02
Jaguar, Most reports are suggesting we’ve rejected offers for Sepp vdB because Slot wants to assess him in pre-season. So Virgil, Konate, Sepp and Quansah is 4 very good options at CB in my opinion. Assuming Sepp impresses of course.

I suggested the other week we might offer Gomez to Newcastle if they wanted a CB so in spite of the abuse that suggestion copped me, this has not come as a surprise to me and shouldn’t really be a shock to anyone who was objectively analysing his performances the last few years. Gomez just never got back to the pre-injury levels which is why he’s been reliant on other people getting injured for game time. However he’s a very good character and he is still a good RB and a decent CB at Premier League level. He’d be a credit to Newcastle if the swap deal does happen. At his age Gomez should be a starter rather than a 4th/ 5th choice utility player, blocking the pathway through for the likes of Beck, Chambers, Sepp, Bradley and Quansah. I do hope Gomez doesn’t go Saudi though, surely he knows that’s beneath him. Newcastle is perfect for him. Trippier and Schar are both getting on so he will have a very realistic shot at displacing either of them. Fingers crossed all parties come to an agreement ??.

5.) 12 Jul 2024 09:44:56
If VDB is a better CB than Gomez i don't see the problem. Konate could well be sold too cos of his injuries. If that happens i suppose we'll go into the market.

6.) 12 Jul 2024 10:20:34
worried because there is hardly any experience in there bar VVD who is considering his own future. We have either kids or veterans who is on their last legs.
It’s also clear Gomez is not wanted.
The fact is that we are relying completely on kids on loans and youth is a worry for me. I have said it in the past that the center backs we are linked to atm (Hancko and co) are tier 2 category.

7.) 12 Jul 2024 10:32:35
Konate has plenty of experience and Sepp and Quansah have 5 years of 1st team football between them. Many of the CB's people cry out for us to sign like Ignacio, Hincapie, Branthwaithe or Antonio Silva only have comparable experience of 1st team football, in arguably weaker leagues.

8.) 12 Jul 2024 11:20:09
I can't be the only one who would rather keep gomez and move on to other targets at left wing? I think 70m for gordon is way over the odds.

9.) 12 Jul 2024 13:45:31
Konate missed 8 Pl games last season, I think that was 3 more than Gomez.

10.) 12 Jul 2024 16:24:14
Irish, and so that makes him "permanently injury prone" according to our resident genius.

11.) 12 Jul 2024 16:42:54
Irish rover but that’s to much for some who just keep piling on him.

12.) 12 Jul 2024 17:04:06
Slot is absolutely right to want to assess VDB and if he likes what he sees and thinks he can do a job then all good. If anyone has a chance to persuade VDB his future is here then it’s Slot, given they were both at Zwolle when VDB was a kid and that Slot has a reputation of bringing young players through.

13.) 12 Jul 2024 19:27:12
We went into the season short on CBs a few years ago and look how it turned out, surely we've learned from that. van dijk cannot play the best part of 60 games. Konate will be injured at points. Quansah is good but again can't play every game if Gomez leaves we need another badly.

14.) 13 Jul 2024 02:35:51
Tbf, that was a freak of a season. VVD was taken out by Pickford, Gomez was overplayed by Southgate, and Matip was showing his injury prone-mess. I can't recall any team ever who had three CBs out for the season way before the halfway point of a season. Even if we had one more senior CB, we would still have been down to the one. And I don't believe there is a quality CB out there who is willing to join a team and be 5th choice.

15.) 13 Jul 2024 10:24:55
Can you be permanently injury prone? ?.



10 Jul 2024 20:33:35
How did Netherland reach the semi? That side of the group is rubbish!


1.) 10 Jul 2024 20:51:37
As Ed001 is fond of observing: International footie is lacking in quality compared to the domestic game.

2.) 10 Jul 2024 20:55:57
Softest penalty ever or they would be 1 nil up, English paying the refs now.

3.) 10 Jul 2024 21:38:03
Gravenberch must be terrible not to get ahead of two bums whose paying in the midfield for Netherland.

4.) 10 Jul 2024 23:44:26
The absolute worst, Colonel.

5.) 11 Jul 2024 07:30:39
Gravenberch ain’t great let’s be honest.

6.) 11 Jul 2024 10:35:37
Actually they have been very good at times in the tournament and have some excellent individual players, same as England. Their midfield has sometimes been porous and their defending out wide has been suspect, but their attacking play at times has been brilliant, with gakpo being especially good this tournament. In fact I would say that gakpo deserves to be mentioned alongside the likes of Ruiz, xhaka, musiala, yamal as being one of the stars of the tournament save for last night, he has really been that good. Of course people on here take some kind of strange enjoyment out of lavishing praise on other clubs’ players and panning our own.

7.) 11 Jul 2024 09:52:07
The dutch are a bang average squad, bar a couple of good players the rest are bang average. England on the other hand should be smashing all teams in europe but since you have a manager that rivals my beloved steve clark you sure as hell make it look like he's a tactical master in come backs.



08 Jul 2024 08:22:58
So Antony Gordon would take the tally to 4 genuine left wingers (Gordon, Gakpo, Nunez, Jota). And there is no guarantee that Diaz will depart. Barcelona are skint to rock bottom and a good chance he may stay.

I am all for depth and I genuinely rate Gordon but not at the expense of not buying a RW. We desperately need a RW with or without Salah. We have often struggled there.

We also need a top class DM. Ideally it’s Touchemeni (Don’t think it’s possible, but what a signing that would be)

The center backs we are aligned to are all tier 2 players. Not one genuine VVD level.


1.) 08 Jul 2024 09:10:11
It's ok, apparently City want him to replace Grealish.

2.) 08 Jul 2024 09:11:54
When do you want one for, Jag?

3.) 08 Jul 2024 09:13:04
You make it sound like these players only ever play on the left wing. The players you have listed can play in other positions so I don’t see your problem. Gordon is good but there are better players out there like Nico Williams.

4.) 08 Jul 2024 09:21:16
Who else is "genuinely VVD level"?

5.) 08 Jul 2024 10:15:37
Was vvd on vvd levels when we signed him? I’m pretty sure he only reached them levels once he had joined us so to say no one else is worthy of signing them is a little short sighted in my opinion

Who’s to say any of our targets won’t kick on and become even better when they join?

6.) 08 Jul 2024 10:31:41
Is Jota a genuine LW? He played a lot of games up front for us. Even at Wolves he often played up top as a strike partner to Jiminez. How many times has Jota ever gone round a full back and whipped in a cross?

Nunez has played a handful of games for us at LW and in Klopp’s system I think he was more suited to the LW. But we don’t know how Slot will ask him to operate yet.

Gakpo can also play up top and he did so for the Netherlands on many occasions when Sipke Hulshoff was the assistant manager. As he’ll be Slot’s assistant next year you can’t rule out Gakpo playing up top yet.

As for Gordon he played as a CF for Newcastle when Isak was injured and also played a few games as a RW when Barnes was fit enough to start. So yes he is a LW mainly but he’s very versatile.

Slot did also say in the presser that his system changes during attacking phases to multiple different formations so that would indicate the attackers interchange and are quite free positionally anyway.

Does anyone really think Hughes and Slot aren’t aware of how many players in our team can play LW?

We have Salah, Elliott, Szoboszlai and Bradley who can play RW. So maybe we’re over stocked there as well by this logic ??‍♂️.

7.) 08 Jul 2024 11:25:22
I posted a similar reply to a thread on the rumours page.

Gordon hit 11 goals and 10 assists last season in the premier league. 23 years old and 21 goal involvements for a winger in a premier league season is very good!

Those numbers are better than Diaz. In fact they’re right up there.

Only midfielders Palmer and KDB got more assists than Gordon. Neither of which is attainable for us.

Only midfielders Foden, Palmer, Trossard, Saka, Salah and Bowen scored more. Of those, only Bowen is possibly attainable for us and he’s 4 years older.

I think he would be an upgrade on what we have for sure.

8.) 08 Jul 2024 11:45:22
You said vvd was awful the other night harry make your mind up.

9.) 08 Jul 2024 12:17:57
Slot said he views Nunez as a Center forward.

10.) 08 Jul 2024 12:51:09
There’s a fair degree of difference between a genuine left winger and someone who can play on the left, don’t you think ?.

11.) 08 Jul 2024 14:21:10
Faithinworks, case closed, right? I guess not according to Harry.

Also, I do not rate Gordon cos IMO, we can do a lot better than him. And Im not arsed about who is "ideal" esp; if it is a Tchouameni who we have NO chance on this planet of getting.

12.) 08 Jul 2024 15:24:42
Did I miss something? Like is Jaguar really Harry? Their posting style is completely different though so I didn't get Harry vibes at all. But if Harry is back, then welcome back :)

13.) 08 Jul 2024 16:13:47
If Gordon was playing on the left you won't have the other 3 on the bench though youd have one of Darwin Jota starting up top which is a big worry, Nunez hasn't really worked out and Jota can't keep fit.

14.) 08 Jul 2024 16:35:25
Jota won't be starting of he can't stay fit though.
I'm not saying he can't stay fit, mind.

15.) 08 Jul 2024 17:36:22
Jota is not a LW. Diaz can also play on the right and I think he's better there too.

16.) 08 Jul 2024 14:57:38
Oli great to see Ed0025's advice to you the other day fell of deaf ears.

17.) 08 Jul 2024 19:41:08
Nunez gets a clean slate with new coaches/ tactics.

18.) 08 Jul 2024 20:46:48
Dracred. It used to be easy to spot Harry due to the spelling mistakes and repeated phrases. But over the years, his English has improved. Now you just have to look out for the most insanely funny and ludicrously ridiculous claims. You know then that it can only be Harry.



27 Jun 2024 07:14:34
May be one for the banter page,
Why is Declan Rice Undroppable? He can’t pass a ball forward we all know that. He is not a DM either. Can they not pair Wharton / Mainoo / Foden / Bellingham?


{Ed025's Note - for me Rice can play DM Jaguar but hes more box to box, hes a great player i think but is being stifled by the formation that the Wally on the Waistcoat is employing, no width and midfielders who are all a much of a muchness means we are not really creating as many chances as we should mate..

1.) 27 Jun 2024 07:33:31
He can’t play any B2B. B2B players are genuine goal scorers, For me Rice is a ball winner. Rice is purely playing on reputation just like most of them.
Agree with other points. Gordon and Palmer on the wings please.

2.) 27 Jun 2024 08:31:47
Rice is not a DM but he is a ball winner, Jaguar?
He's not undroppable but he's a very good play that can play 6 or 8.
He hasn't played well so far but we'll never know how Wharton and Mainoo would have done had they played.
I'd give Mainoo a go alongside Rice in the next game though.

3.) 27 Jun 2024 09:25:49
If all 11 players on the pitch is poor, then most likely the issue is with the system that they are being asked to play rather than with the personnel or individual players. The England team is a mess, with no width down the left side and very static attackers. That is not down to the players, but the man standing on the touchline who chose not to bring a fit LB or any players who can naturally play LW along for the tournament.

As for Rice, he is a class player who can either play in DM or MF. We can see his impact on the Arsenal team this season. It's not his fault that the current England manager has no clue on how to utilise the players to bring out their strengths in a cohesive manner.

4.) 27 Jun 2024 09:41:01
I actually thought that Mainoo at DM and Trent at RB showed some positive signs working together the other night.
I like Mainoo but my concern is that he has a tendency to want to stay up front and completely abandons his defensive midfield responsibilities on a semi regular basis. He will become a great player but as with most players out there at the moment I don't think he is a 6!

5.) 27 Jun 2024 09:48:09
My issue isn't Rice it is Kane.

He is the player whom seems undropable but has offered little to nothing thus far in the tournament.

He should be the outlet and the target man for the defence and midfield. Someone like Trent with his wand of a right foot gets the ball and looks up to see the outlet. Instead Kane is 5 yards from him in a deep lying midfield position.

Ball goes out to the wing and Kane is on the edge of the box struggling to catch up with play, as such the ball then either goes in with no real target or is passed sideways and backwards to recycle by which point the defence has reset and the play broken down.

Kane has (on current performances) had his day and should not start the next round.

6.) 27 Jun 2024 10:37:22
Rice is not a 6 and he didn’t do very well at the 6 for arsenal, he became their most influential player only when he got moved to the 8, Wharton seems much more suited to the 6 position than he is, at least he would be better passing the ball through the lines from deeper positions.

7.) 27 Jun 2024 10:41:18
And to be fair that’s Kane’s game and always has been redQ, he drops short to receive the ball and link up with other forwards and runners, with England though every single player is coming short to receive the ball and the result is nobody is creating any kind of panic for the opposing defensive line, it’s actually quite astonishing to see, England don’t press the ball out of possession (Kane does nothing when it comes to pressing from the front) and don’t get behind the defensive line when in possession, it’s amazing to watch.

8.) 27 Jun 2024 11:30:13
Exactly, Ed25. Rice is a DM who can play in a double pivot (like he did with Soucek at WH) and with Jorginho at Arsenal which allows him to get forward and score or create. He never plays the DM alone the way Rodri, Fernandinho or Fabinho played/ play it.

This is what Southgate is doing to him and it is not working and leaves him exposed. Just watch the Slovenia game. He was exposed with runners going at him each time the recovered the ball. That's not his game. Even Rodri struggles with that. The Waist Coat is such a wally, I tell ya.




Jaguar's rumour replies


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14 Jul 2024 15:52:57
Well that would disappoint Victor for sure. Ed02 said this long back and the man is an absolute legend on transfers. The lad wants out!




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12 Jul 2024 20:11:53
Van der berg wants out @Vicktor.




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12 Jul 2024 07:48:08
Well if we are offering all our center backs left right and center to other teams that means we are brining in more than one center back.




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10 Jul 2024 09:59:26
Just can’t see us signing either one as it stands. Atalanta doesn’t want to sell and if pressed we would need to pay way over the tops. Same with Varela (A single payment) .




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09 Jul 2024 14:54:16
I don’t think we will offer €50 mill for a 19 year old kid. I am no expert on finances but going by the look we have cash in hand.





Jaguar's banter replies


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15 Jul 2024 08:53:15
Well Victor, Bellingham was very much interested to play for us. We did not had the money to bring him in. That’s not the case with Williams or Touchemani. You are right he won’t play for us.




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15 Jul 2024 05:48:29
We won’t be singing another attacker before we offload Diaz. I won’t be surprised if Diaz is still here after the window.




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14 Jul 2024 18:39:38
How many are Arteta “Developing, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, nurturing” players ????.
Rice - £110 mill
Zinchenko - £50 mill
Havertz - £65 mill
Jesus -£45 mill
Ricardo Califiori - £50 mill reported
Ivan Toney - £60 mill reported.




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14 Jul 2024 17:44:25
We wanted a starter last year and we bought a cover ???. What is that people don’t get I don’t know. It’s the same this year, we need a starter, are we looking at one. Not atm ???

You are writing a para purely on hypothesis! According to you we should have signed a cover instead of Fabinho some years ago ?.

Agree that one player doesn’t win you the title, but one player takes us closer than where we are today.

Endo is the sort of player Manchester city sign to rest Rodri ?. We freking need a Rodri god damn!




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14 Jul 2024 16:32:53
Couldn’t agree more with @JK. Endo did his part and I like him for his professionalism. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was an experiment more or less.
It’s the same case with Nunez. The experiment more or less failed but we are just extending the trial period for one more year ?
We were short last year. We are still short and if we don’t address it we will again fall short next year.




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