02 Jun 2023 07:53:46
Has interest in mount completely gone? He is a good premier league player who could offer something to our attacking midfield but appears massively overpriced given he is entering his final year of contract, 100% swerve to me…more than happy to see Utd mess around for months negotiating with Chelsea for a money draining signing and wouldn’t be surprised to see a last minute change of mind and new contract with Chelsea being agreed.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Chelsea having given Liverpool a price for Mason Mount but they are in discussions with another side about him.}

1.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 12:37:51
Last I heard they wanted 85m for him. come on your having a laugh Chelsea. 50m max for me.

2.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 13:55:57
Utd will stump up what Chelsea are asking for. Like it or not Utd can offer CL football we can’t so we have to let some of our targets go to our nearest rivals when it comes down to financial details.

3.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 14:13:57
Delighted he’s chose them reds over us.

4.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 14:30:44
Daretodream. If Utd are willing to meet Chelsea and the players (apparent) demands then WOW, they are welcome to him. He's not THAT good. Just hope we get McAllister signed.

5.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 14:34:51
Good player, seems a nice enough lad. Not an easy decision to leave Chelsea if he does go.

Definitely not the player we need.

6.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 14:39:56
With MacAllister all but done focus needs to be on defensive cover and CM, in my opinion mount never made sense as to me he is a similar profile to Elliott?

7.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 15:31:20
RedDan I get what you are saying but he was a main target for us and he has chosen Utd over us. Hard to swallow that’s all.

8.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 16:10:51
How exactly has he chosen Utd over us if we haven’t even tried to agree terms with him, or tried to negotiate a fee with Chelsea?

If we was a main target for us and we were that bothered, we’d be trying a bit harder to sign him don’t you think.

You’re absolutely unbearable drunk the transfer window mate ??‍♂️.

9.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 16:27:06
For the reported 85m I'd be going for declan rice myself. we don't need mount.

10.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:52:13
Mount would be a replacement for Ox in my opinion. I can't see him surpassing that level hut happy to be proven wrong.

11.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:54:19
Should say during the transfer window.

12.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:56:50
Let him go to Utd. Not sure he’s that good really. I like what I’ve heard and seen of Kone and Thuram, it’s these signings we should be after. If not bargains then certainly players who have real potential. Like many I’m gutted we aren’t going all out for Bellingham, but we just have to be better at scouting like Brighton have.

13.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 18:26:55
Klopp doesn't play with the type of playing profile that Mount has. Pretty much a No.10, hanging just behind the forwards and always ready to pounce on any goal scoring opportunities. If Klopp was seriously interested then I think it would have been with the intention of turning him into a CM; exactly what he did with Wijnaldum by taking a No.10 and coaching in defensive skills to the already existing offensive skills.

I'm happy Mount is going elsewhere. The only benefit I saw of him joining was his homegrown status and not much else. We are in no state to be paying premiums for that, if it can be avoided.

{Ed002's Note - You wonder why Klopp tapped him up the ?}

14.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 22:00:43
Are any of the players we seem to be after - Mac Alister, Thuram and / or Kone a possible replacement for Gini? I know it’s about 20 years since he played for us but some of the lads on here still tend to fret that he hasn’t been replaced and was just hoping that we could call one of the newbies ‘the new Gini’. It’ll make next season a lot more of a happy experience.