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17 Mar 2022
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Someone is on a notroad trip.

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02 May 2021 09:03:57
I see a worrying decline in quality,
From Shankly's many legendary quotes, and 'You'll never walk alone', and 'This is Anfield', briefly passing through sponsor messages as 'Probably the best fans in the world', and news headlines we took to our hearts ('The miracle in Istanbul') - to 'This means more', and 'Mentality giants'.
The marketing department head needs a wobble.

Related side note,
On Billy Hogan's LinkedIn own profile, a former boss gave him this review:
'Billy can sell ice to eskimos. '
Fitting. What is lacking is obviously some heart.

But then again. We, the club, need money, I don't object to crass commercialism, only badly executed ones.




02 Feb 2021 00:12:21
This is me, trying not to be a doom monger:

As the eds has told us, Taki is a bit shy and withdrawn, not really part of the group. And combined with the fact that our loanees traditionally has not been managed well. It makes me wonder how Taki (and in the longer run the club) will benefit from this loan. Is it just a matter of (hopefully) getting playing time?

I just hope the club has learned some, and will take care of him during the spell, rather than just sending him away and hoping for the best.

Here's to hoping us, or another team for that matter, will see the best of him for years to come.


{Ed0666's Note - worst case scenario we make a profit on what we paid for him. Best case he replaces Bobby in a year or two.

1.) 02 Feb 2021 00:25:56
I might be way off course on this but with Ings there I’m sure he’s still in touch with some of his former team mates. He also comes across as a rather sound guy. Perhaps with the obvious getting game time in a team playing well and having a former player like ings there it made lots of sense overall. Hopefully he settles gains confidence and is able to overcome his shyness.

2.) 02 Feb 2021 02:12:12
Taki was never a teammate of Ings BERGENRED.

3.) 02 Feb 2021 02:56:55
Ed0666, i think worse case scenario is seeing his career further damaged. Feel for the guy, hope he fits in well there. Maybe being a "smaller" club will help?

{Ed0666's Note - Don’t see how playing regular football as opposed to no football is gonna damage his career mate?

4.) 02 Feb 2021 02:41:34
Too many players are injury prone.
Matip is always injured. Keita, the Ox is also an injury prone player. The others, OK, not usually injured but it is becoming an all too frequent theme. Back in the old days, when the team was the same almost every week, injuries were rare. What has changed?
Players made of glass seems common now. From having a defence out injured, the next event will be the attack out injured. I don't remember Roger Hunt being out injured? All very strange.
I hope Minamino comes back. He has never been given a long run in the team.
Injuries.? They will continue.
Origi, he is the one I would have liked to go out on loan, or sold.
Keita is just a waste of space and money.

5.) 02 Feb 2021 08:23:30
Yuri, on the "why are players injured more these days" ite because the nature of, and the science of the game has changed so much.

I've just read Paisley's book back to back after reading Jack Charlton's autobiography and 2 things really stick out:

1) you didn't admin to being injured back then unless it was obvious - this meant it looked like players were injured less, but its just that they played on through - often with detrimental longer term impact on their health and playing career.

2) The game was played WAY WAY slower in those days. Even compared to the 1980s (when I first started watching) the game is so much quicker these days. Footballers are finely honed athletes, which they certain didn't used to be - got to give Wenger a lot of credit for professionalising the game here. Although that means that physical fitness is such a focus for players - living much cleaner and eating much better - it also means that they are pushing their bodies that much harder than they did in the good ole days. Push more towards the limit will have an effect on injuries.

I'm sure the Eds and others will point out other changes, but these are the main 2 imo.

6.) 02 Feb 2021 11:50:34

Good points, it was slower but had some bone crunching tackles. We have been unlucky with injuries over the last few months but Matip and The Ox appear more prone than most. Matip is out for the rest of the season. Keita has a habit of getting injured as well.

Swings and roundabouts; faster game but few hard tackles and they used to be very hard. Chopper Harris and Norman 'Bites your legs' Hunter to name but a few. Tommy Smith could tackle robustly so could Emlyn Hughes. Poor Tommy ended up on crutches. An inside left that ended up as a wing half. Rowdy Yates. Aaaggh tough centre half.

7.) 02 Feb 2021 07:20:53
Ed0666, what I meant was if things don't go well it just gets worse for him, which I feel sad for. I agree playing little football with us is not good and I guess he maybe regrets the move at this stage, which again is sad. My comment was regarding 'worse case scenario", but your view appeared to be from an LFC point of view, I guess I was trying to see it from his point of view.

{Ed0666's Note - Southampton isn’t a bad move mate. The deal doesn’t come with an option to buy which Klopp was adamant on so there seems to be a future at Liverpool for the guy.



28 Feb 2020 13:12:59
This one might be for Ed02. You say the club is looking for a LM/ LW type of player, and a Lallana replacement.

As it currently stands, we don't seem to have specialist midfielders (possibly with Fabinho as an exception, though even he has played fairly well as CB/ RB) .

Henderson play as a 6, as a RM, and sometimes with the pressing it seems a bit AMC. And when as a 6, he goes into a back 3, with both fullbacks going forward. Same as Gini W, but on the LM side, unless Milner plays. And Milner plays everywhere. And Ox and Lallana sometimes on the wings, sometimes further back (Ox more centrally) . And Lallana has also taken up a no. 6 role (primarily with the kids) . And it goes on.

As I see it, Klopp primarily chooses the "best player available", and the player adapts to the (theoretical) position - as it is pretty fluid, depending on opposition, other players on the pitch etc. So Henderson or Gini plays as a no6 rather than letting say Pablo Chirivella playing, who is more of a specialist in the role.

So, when you say the club is looking for a LM, is it a wish to have a strong eleven/ first team/ midfielders with more specialist roles, or do you see that if a LM is bought, he will most likely be in the first eleven, and be moved around (LB/ LW/ DM/ RM) .

What I mean is, I guess, is it philosophy we are seeing now, or is it a lack of trust?


{Ed002's Note - I think you are over-analysing the situation a little - the club are looking to replace Lallana who is traditionally a LM/AM but has not been used as a LM particularly this season. If in doing so they could also get cover for LW then that would be a bonus.}

1.) 28 Feb 2020 15:44:44
I know we're looking at Cantwell as a replacement for Lallana, but seeing as Lallana has barely played this season (and the past couple of seasons), how much playing time is Cantwell supposed to get/ can he realistically expect to get?

{Ed002's Note - Lallana has had a number of injury problems but players will always want to know if they will get games.}

2.) 28 Feb 2020 16:55:04
Thanks, that would be me in a nutshell. But that would be a bit of what being a fan is I guess. Making rather simple things more significant than they really are.

Thanks for making sense, which is as appreciated as your vast knowledge. Enjoy your weekend.

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

3.) 29 Feb 2020 16:09:03
I don't see how cantwell is being considered. I believe it, but lallana was a full international before he arrived, playing for a decent Southampton side and easily their best player.

Cantwell is a decent player for an almost relegated side, never played international football, has scored only a handful of goals. Not their best player. It seems an easy story as they're both playing on the left and are both lightweight. Or was in AL's case.



27 Aug 2019
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Mane being illy social media, but... Love these guys!





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01 Jun 2023 11:33:12
Exactly 2 months ago was April 1st, you fools!




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19 Aug 2020 11:06:41
This behavior is despicable and needs to stop. I’m not buying the “Klopp is naive, acts in good faith, everybody else does it”. He is a cheat and this must end. And, as a similar but worse event occurred with the 12yr old kid, along with the repeated offenses. it is not just a Klopp issue, but a club issue. Where are the fans’ initiatives, rallying, writing open letters/ articles, whatever?
The world is not binary. It’s not either or. I love Klopp and the owners seems to do a generally good job, so it is not about “someone out”, but “Pretty effing please, stop cheating and treat other clubs with respect they deserve. ” The club did it in regards to celebrating the league win. “You are our fans, we love you, but you are idiots to put people at risk! ” We should demand something similar.




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19 Jun 2018 18:19:48
Agree with Swish there. Considering the ruckus when Firmino switched from 11 to 9 when Salah arrived. For instance. Just sit tight and enjoy the summer.




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21 Jul 2016 09:37:19
I really don't get the 'squad improvement'. I would have suspected we do have 4th choice players for a reason (or two) ; emergency backup (short-term injuries and suspensions) and being able to rest players against 'lesser teams'. I liked Klopp being explicit about 4 CBs and having Gomez as 4th. That sounded like a man with a plan. Buying 3rd-4th choice players contradicts this imho.


{Ed002's Note - It contradicts what Klopp has said to Gomez - it seemed he lied - nothing else. It of course adds more Liverpool youngsters to the list of players who have little or no future at the club under Klopp as well.}



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05 Jul 2016 07:51:47
Ed/ Ohio,
I agree on the observations, it's there for anyone to see. However, I wonder about the wording 'terrible attitude'. For me, Balo is the schoolbook example of bad attitude. Ben seems at least somewhat interested in making it here. In Ben's case, I think it is more a case of 'bad decision making' and 'not being well-equipped in the brain department'. And historically, I would have put some blame on the coaches and scouts and everyone involved. Klopp seems more normal in that sense - realizing, It was never going to be us, Ben.





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12 Jan 2024 11:36:21
First of all, OP, what are you on, mate? You get an excellent knowledgeable answer to your random question, and you don’t even bother? Only wanting confirmation of your own beliefs. I for one am grateful every day for the time and effort that is provided here. Discussion, and different opinions, sure, but your response is just… wow. Walk of shame for you.

But a fun random question it was. I really cannot rate one as ‘best’, but…

For effectiveness, well, I’ve only seen Alisson head the ball once. The one header I celebrated and laughed with the most.

For jaw-droppingness, I also loved the Suarez bullet one mentioned. Though, by being an utter tool, he’ll obviously never top any list here. But also on merit. He is not at the top. Mane and Jota surpasses for me. Being a shortie, they resonate with me more than Big Crouchie.

Big Sami also has a place in my heart. But, as being the best CB at Liverpool any given time, you are perhaps likely to be head and shoulders in this department.

Prior to that, my memories are a child’s. Fowler could do nothing wrong. (Neither could Shearer. )

Outside of Liverpool? Surely Tim Cahill as mentioned. Worst opponent in this regard. Henrik Larsson was not half bad I think? I remember some wonderfully timed flying headers. That Argentinian guy scored a beautiful hander?

Yeah. I don’t rate general ability. Not my expertise. So my award definitely goes to Alisson as the greatest header of the footy ball.




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15 May 2023 21:06:47
If this result stands, a Great shout for Everton MVP this season.




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24 Feb 2023 12:02:24
We did this the cup/ title winning seasons. Both TAA and Robbo bombed forward and Henderson moving into RCB, with him and VVD pinging long balls left right and center. This was also in the days when Gini pressed, and before Milner turned 50. Eventually, we got figured out, struggling with low sitting defenses, everyone and his mother cried out for a creative Thiago-esque player, we got Thiago, and a large injury bill, and fast forward to present day. Trying to evolve with an aging squad, getting ahead of our opponents, but still playing catch-up (and losing) to the heights of some years ago.

No answers here. Only saying that we are not trying to copy present day teams, but clearly failing to evolve, and act on glaringly obvious weaknesses, while keeping identity and building on strengths.




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13 Feb 2023 21:55:44
Well congratulations there Buddy Rich!


{Ed025's Note - cheers mate..



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01 Sep 2022 21:23:21
So Ed025,
Are you hoping for us to field an in-form Bobby or well-rested Bonehead up front? And don’t give us any ‘in an ideal world, both’.




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