28 May 2023 20:38:17
Klopp when asked about summer break: “No, not at all. I will be busy on my phone this summer"

“A really busy period hopefuly starts now, in a different area of the game. I'm more than happy to do that”.

1.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 20:53:40
Kpforever, he prolly said so cos that's what certain people want to hear. Again, I wouldn't care what Klopp or the club says in the media cos words in the end, mean nothing. Watch what the club actually does. Just my take.

2.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 20:59:39
Get Klopp off that damn phone.

He will not be able to help himself and start tapping up everyone we are considering, rendering our efforts pointless :P.

3.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 21:04:47
He's going to be on the phone to Bellers old man to finalise the deal for his son to LFC. Am i the only one here that still thinks he'll sign regardless of the media bumpt?

4.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 21:09:10
Klopp tomorrow in the Phi Phi islands like ? ☀️ ?.

5.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 21:43:58

The season's been over for a whole 3 HOURS and no signings announced yet.

Klopp out.

FSG out.

The club need to progress with quality management like Sam Allardyce.

6.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 22:52:54
Sam Alladyce is an embarrassment.

7.) 28 May 2023
28 May 2023 22:55:22
To be fair @SR, Jurgen is packing up the caravan, even as we speak. I hear he’s setting up summer base underneath the South Pier this year.

8.) 29 May 2023
29 May 2023 03:01:28
I think SR is onto something w Big Scam.

9.) 29 May 2023
29 May 2023 10:16:55
Mango, we should put barbed wire on Klopp's phone if your premise is correct which based on empirical evidence and precedent, it is.