27 Mar 2024 09:00:06
Morning Ed’s and fellow reds… with potentially another injury to Robbo. Do we think it’s time to move on one if not two left backs and freshen up the area. And have we been looking or scouting anyone in particular? Obv if Xabi comes in Grimaldo would be first choice but is there anyone else we’ve been putting through the tests? Ta.

{Ed002's Note - There has not been serious interest shown in LBs but Grimaldo will not be joining.}

1.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 10:28:33
I expect Luke Chambers will get the opportunity to impress in pre-season. He seems to be doing well on loan at Wigan.

Do people think he has Conor Bradley potential?

{Ed001's Note - no. Bradley is special.}

2.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 10:47:14
Agree Ed001. His goal for NI yesterday was terrific.

I don't want to put pressure on the lad but there's a Stevie G vib about him. He too started out at RB from what I remember.

{Ed001's Note - totally different thing, Gerrard was always a midfielder who just filled in at right-back.}

3.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 13:07:43
Bradley played further forward for NI yesterday. Took his goal really well, he doesn’t shirk out of challenges. this boy. He certainly isn’t Gerrard but there are similarities in his size, his body shape with a young Gerrard, he’s not afraid to shoot as we have seen already for LFC. I could certainly see him playing in midfield as long as he progresses on the right lines.

{Ed025's Note - i dont get the obsession with wanting to change players into different positions Irish, Trent and now Bradley are doing well where they are mate and there is nothing wrong with the midfield so i just dont get it myself..

4.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 14:12:31
Ed025 if we find a terrific right back they suddenly have to play midfield instead of keeping brilliant players in alternative positions.

{Ed025's Note - it seems that way MIZER, i just hope Alisson doesn,t start spraying balls around in training mate.. :)

5.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 14:14:47
Why was Robbo playing in a friendly knowing what is at stake with LFC or why did he just play 20 mins.

6.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 17:43:24
Strangely enough Mizer most people would say we have had a great RB in Trent who you seem to criticise on every given occasion.

7.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 19:09:52
Big summer for Chambers though, might not be a bradley but is a very good young player in his own right.

8.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:41:56
@Iwill because the Scottish manager wanted hi to play, because Robbo wanted to captain / play for his country and because neither of them, or you, or me couldn’t know that he was going to be injured. Unlike us not everybody thinks that LFC is the be all or end all.

9.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:58:54
Chambers looked a mile off it from what I seen of him this season in his few games for 1st team.
That's not to say he won't improve and make it with us, by all accounts he v highly rated but he will definitely need to show a massive improvement.

10.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 21:20:15
Trent was also always a midfielder. Only difference is he's been filling in at RB for a few years now.

11.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 22:17:12
Nearly 8 years West, and he only played midfield up to u18's. a huge ask to even expect him to get a game for us. Whos place woUld he take in our side? and that's before we buy any more midfielders this summer.

12.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 00:00:54
Owen Beck might be ahead of Luke Chambers. Did well on loan at Dundee!

Actually, it is quite possible the LB role will change with a new coach preferring a LCB/ LWB combination.

Inacio/ Hincapie for LCB and Ait-Nouri for LWB have been mentioned a few times as options.

13.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 00:02:29
Given we employ an inverted RB, whoever plays there needs to be comfortable in midfield as well. Not too many players have the skillset for the position.

Trent's such a good passer. Personally I would unshackle him from RB duties and concentrate on being a play maker.

14.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 01:10:18
That's why I think we have to many midfielders Nkunku. TBH I'm not sure I would drop Bradley for Trent purely with the RB position in mind. Not saying he's not a good RB, he's proven he is. But in my humble opinion, even with how good he's been, he could do so much better in midfield. His talent is such that I think it would be a travesty to not try. I'v said it hundreds of times but I think he should be on the right of the midfield 3. He can dictate the game more, still get wide and cross the ball, let Connor go wide past him and Trent can cover etc. Whether it happens or not I'm dying on this hill.

15.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 06:41:43
Agree with nearly all that West, i love trent and he is supremely talented. but the reality is that all we've seen of trent in the middle so far is as a FREE man, how would he do without that luxury? would teams target him? would he be better than dom, curtis or harvey? id love him to be brilliant there i just have my doubts.

16.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 08:45:04
West derby if you run on to a football pitch, fella there is a 50/ 50 chance you will get injured and who pays robbos wages, scotland or Liverpool. listen i am of scots decent, but i would still of wanted robbo on the bench and only come on if needed mate.