10 Mar 2024 08:44:31
Also, taxi driver bringing me home from Lime St on Friday said him and his mate speak regularly to Jan Molby in a pub in Heswall.
Molby said he would be gobsmacked if Alonso doesn’t accept the managers job, and that Xabi loves the city and the club.

1.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 09:58:03
Nice - love it ??.

2.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 10:29:34
Proper rumour that! haha.

3.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 10:41:47
My take on the alonso comes down to one thing. How easy does he want it.
If he goes to bayern, he's gona clean up pretty easy, it's like why Rodgers went to celtic, pretty much guaranteed success.
At least at Liverpool a bit more effort is needed, and it's a better achievement when done.

4.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 11:53:16
If Alonso's ambition is to coach Real Madrid, as has been mooted, he may see Bayern as the ideal stepping stone. Almost guaranteed to win the Bundesliga and then take over from Ancelotti.

Agree, spoil his legacy with Leverkusen but football is not a sentimental business.

Would we want a coach who has eyes for another? I'm not convinced his love for Liverpool is as strong as people think.

Personally, I like to see a track record. How someone handles adversity. This season has been a dream for Leverkusen but it is only one season and coincided with Bayern falling off a cliff.

Rubien Amorim did well at Braga and then immediately at Sporting. After a dodgy last season they have sprung back strongly, well placed to win the league again. Impressive!

Of course he does not have much experience playing or managing outside of Portugal, which is a risk, but he comes across very well and I think a good fit for Liverpool. Seems to develop players and creates a strong team culture.

We like getting players from the Primeira, why not a manager? :)

{Ed002's Note - Alonso is not seeing Bayern Munich as a "stepping stone" - the Real Madrid is not available so he is not "almost certain to take over from Ancelotti". Winning the Bundesliga will certainly make it tough leaving this summer - particularly to Bayern. Liverpool have him as a very clear first choice but recognise he may not be an option but they may well, according to a prominent coach, face serious competition for Amorim.}

5.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 13:10:13
If I was Alonso I would be looking at the Liverpool job and wanting that over Bayern personally. Klopps pretty much already done a rebuild and we also have some very talented kids banging on the door. Couple of tweaks and he’s got a very interesting and exciting team that’s well placed to win things.
His only job at Bayern would be to win the German league, in a few months he will have ticked that off his Bucket list anyway, boring!

6.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 21:28:49
Hmm Bayern Guarantees him a title? Really? Tell the current manager that! Some odd sentiments there!

7.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 21:02:01
Just settle for Nagelsmann, please don't get hopes high on Alonso.

8.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 22:46:36
Think we have got Alonso coming on as manager…. no announcement until end of season……. respect all parties when games and trophies still to be won,

9.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 01:27:27
In my uneducated and not in-the-know opinion, I'd say he either stays with BL or takes the LFC job. this is as long as RM is not an option this summer (e. g Ancelotti wanting a break, internal issues etc)

I can't see him going to BM right now, I personally feel he'd rather move to another league than to a Bundesliga competitor just simply because he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't move to a direct competitor right away, I think he's too much of a gentleman.

So I think most likely he stays for another season or comes to us. all just an opinion.

10.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 05:03:42
Jan Molby in a pub! Who wouldve guessed ;-)

11.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 08:16:19
I once told Jan to stop queue jumping. I was waiting to get into The Tavern in New Brighton (this was in 1996 when he lived in Rockland Road in Wallasey and was still, technically playing for us) . He'd just waltzed in front of loads of people on the pretence he was talking to 2 women he knew. He was blatantly trying to jump in. I said, "Eh Jan, the bar's not going anywhere and nor is the queue till you get back. "

He was actually really nice and apologised to everyone. He only stayed 20 minutes in the club.

12.) 13 Mar 2024
13 Mar 2024 15:31:21
1985mikey1985 - The rebuild might actually be a problem more than a solution. If you watched Leverkusen play at all under Alonso you would know he doesn't play the same way as klopp nothing really alike. Alonso style is similar to Guardiola so although Klopp done the rebuild he rebuilt it in his image and not the next managers who plays a different style to that of the player bought in, unless the players can adapt to Alonso he will need replacements and technically start of another rebuild for Alonso. Granted the players may be able to change but wouldn't hold your breath.