02 Jun 2023 14:39:40
Just by way of update I thought I'd share some details from reliable journos atm with the most likely arrivals.


Alexis Mac Allister - Ed002 and reliable journos are consistently reporting that the player has no issues with the terms etc. Issue is the fee. Difference here is the media believe the fee will be less than £60.5mil and won't be an issue. Wait and see but this one will likely be concluded shortly.

Khephren Thuram - Ed002 has stated that Liverpool are very interested. Interest confirmed by two of the most reliable journalists in France (and Fabrizio) who claim Khephren would like to join, stress negotiations could take time as Nice don't want to sell. Neil Jones says to keep an eye and that Liverpool are very interested.

Kouadio (Manu) Kone - Fabrizio and swathes of reliable German reporters claim that this deal could be completed quickly. Kone would have no issue on joining and suggestions are Monchengladbach are in a bit of a pickle and will need funds (sacked their manager as I'm writing this) . Suggestions from Germany state Schmadtke's son is set to take on a sporting role within the club too. Reported fee is EUR35-40mil. Ed002 has confirmed interest.

Gravenberch - Reliable Liverpool journos and German media claim he's a top target. Has gone quiet of late. Ed002 claims Bayern don't want to sell.

Lavia - Reported interest from Neil Jones. No real news other than this. Will be leaving Southampton.

Mount - Was seemingly our first choice to join although I think Chelsea's asking price coupled with his preference of joining Man United means he will end up there. Shame. He's a great player.


Goncalo Inacio - Clear first choice. Currently nothing in the media suggesting anything is imminent but Portuguese outlets claim Liverpool are intersted. Ed002 has repeatedly said this is the case.

Micky Van De Ven - First links in the media came this week. Reliable Wolfsburg paper (who broke the Schmadtke news) claim Liverpool are looking to sign him. Recently come out that he is a Liverpool fan and said he dreams of playing at Anfield. Has legs it seems.

Jurrien Timber - Name-dropped by The Athletic and Liverpool journos. Could be a target and it would make sense given he is a versatile player who can play as a fullback.

Not sure there's anything else.

1.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 15:07:27
I agree with you in regards to Mount, I think he will be a good signing for whoever he does too (looking likely Utd) and I was surprised the amount of fans who don’t want him, even before it came out Utd are front runners.

2.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 15:19:45
My take on things.

MacAllister seems all but done, but that doesn't mean it could take a turn sideways still. It does seem Liverpool are very interested in landing one of Kone or Thuram too. There's a lot going on here, and I believe Kone prefers Chelsea but they'd have to make room for him. It doesn't seem there was ever anything of substance to Gravenberch, besides conversations between Klopp and his dad. Lavia seems possible, but not first choice. That price is high for what he is at the moment. Mount seems destined for United. Something seems off with him too. He's had a lot of drama surrounding him lately, and I don't care for how he's handled his exit at Chelsea. Excellent player, but I'm unsure about his character.

As for the defenders, maybe Timber gets some legs, but these 3 in particular all seem unlikely. I think we go for someone, just someone else not on this list. Sporting is p. ed at Liverpool right now over tapping up incidents, van de Ven is rumored to have signed a deal that just hasn't been registered yet, and Timber doesn't seem like a good fit since we already have Konate. He isn't going to want to go somewhere to sit.

3.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 15:48:33
Have to disagree on Mason Mount. Glad he is too expensive for us and glad his preference is United.

4.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 16:25:09
Agreed alonso. also glad he won't be coming here. Sure 1 of the eds said its kone or thuram, not both. Hope its both myself with mcalistair. Think we need 3.
Hoping for a new cb but never really seen any mentioned play.

5.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 16:37:25
I know we had previous interest in Lindstrom at Frankfurt, but have seen he's closely linked to Leipzig to be at the point where they actively bidding on him. Seems like LFC are out of the picture at this point.

6.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 16:38:45
Would love both Kone and Thuram as they are the legs we need for our midfield but perhaps it is an either or situation as the Ed has previously stated. What are people preference between the two as they seem quiet similar? Again would love both but not sure where they would fit, even with departures we would still have hendo, Thiago, bacjetic, Fabinho, jones and Elliott although I do consider Elliott to be more of a Salah back up than CM, even discounting Elliott that's 8 midfielders for 3 spots.

7.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:05:27
I'd be inclined to get both and make fabinho available personally. The drop off from this season is a massive concern. I know he and his mrs have had a child but that's no excuse for the drop off. He's on the decline unfortunately and may need a move for himself also. A midfield of thuram kone mcalistair adding in trent hendo baj thiago and Jones if he stays also. is a serious upgrade now ox and keita have finally gone.

8.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:18:52
Magico, same here mate. I hope it’s both Kone and Thuram. Both players have come through the France youths teams together since the age of 13 and know each other well. Signing both would also allow Mac Allister to play further up the pitch in almost a free role, which would suit his game. Plus both would allow us to play a more intense tempo game. We will see what happens though.

9.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 17:50:18
Magico stay clear of personal life comments, being 'no excuse' for poor performance. Keep it to the information we see not presume. Also, any father who prioritises their kid over career has my full backing.

10.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 18:04:04
I agree on would be great to get both but I’d prefer It
If we got Thiago off the books .
I love Thiago he is just a joy to watch his abilities with a football are unreal but he’s a luxury player and we aren’t good enough to accommodate that . We need legs and mobility and 30+ games a season out of a player so for me I would get rid of thiago over fabinho just for the reasons above .

11.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 19:21:59
Say what I want thanks. love fabinho but that season was dreadful from him and should be seriously looked at. baj could take his place for me.

12.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 19:34:32
Completely agree Magico bud he's been well below par and id take both players if it means a stronger squad with legs.

13.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 21:56:31
@OP, appreciate the update. Good summary and nice to have it all in the one spot.

14.) 02 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 22:32:17
Dhfc. I'm not against letting fab and thiago go to be fair. its time. They slow the midfield right down and allow opposing players to get 10 men back in defence against our attack I'm afraid. New legs are needed for sure.

15.) 03 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023 23:52:24
Would love to see Thurman Kobe Mac alister in. Keep Thiago what a player yes he’s a luxury but when he has players who can do the majority of running like hendo fabinho 2 years ago he’s a cut above. This season has been a tale of decline in too many midfielders we’ve missed gini since he left too. Front line looks strong great young players just need some athleticism in cm. And probably a cb. Don’t rate konate he’s too clumsy. He’s decent but for me is a rotation player.

16.) 03 Jun 2023
03 Jun 2023 03:41:46
No matter how great mount is with his injury record i would rather not have him here.

17.) 03 Jun 2023
03 Jun 2023 10:34:12
I agree Magico we need legs and if we end up with Fab and Elliot/ Hendo having to play together we will have learned nothing.

18.) 03 Jun 2023
03 Jun 2023 10:53:32
Diagree on Fabinho. He has dropped off, but the majority of the team has this season.

I see the games where he is caught out and it is often where his CM partners are not as defensively astute or cover as much ground. That leads to him covering more ground than he can and he gets caught out of position and has to make lots of dodgy tackles.

Then watch him with Henderson alongside him again, and possibly Thiago, and suddenly he is a commanding DM again.

Essentially, if Fab has legs around him he can perform, without that he looks average at best.

That is my opinion anyway.
VVD's performances this season have been no better than Fab's, and that is also linked as he has been exposed more due to Fab.

Honestly, that missing couple of midfielders has hurt the whole team.