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05 Dec 2019 16:13:02
So, how many managers has Klopp now been directly responsible for the sacking of, after a hiding?

Guidolin (Swansea)
Bilic (West Ham)
Jokanovic (Fulham)
Mourinho (Man Unt)
Silva? (Everton)

Ruthless. I bet he doesn't get many Christmas cards.

05 Dec 2019 22:57:27
Didn’t AVB get sacked from Spurs after we beat them 5-0? I think that might have been Rodgers though.

04 Dec 2019 12:51:51
I believe tonights game will be a worry for only two elements. Not the result as I believe we are a much better team and will win.

How many players will the opposition attempt to injure and perhaps succeed and how many time richarlson will drop to the floor to slow the game, im going for 20 on the latter.

But that is my concern as the only way they will be able to impact our season is by hurting some of our players. They will see it as some form of badge of honur if they put one of our players out for a while.

02 Dec 2019 16:48:22
"Supposedly" leaked list for Ballon D'Or. 1) Messi 2) Big Virg 3)Salah
4) Rony Aldo 5) Mane 6) Becker If this is true something is not right and slightly biased, Van Dijk was last seasons best player.

02 Dec 2019 18:59:42
Canadian, I have read it on another site also, but while we all know how good Big Virgil has been, Messi is their golden boy, while he is playing and scoring, he wins, that's it, for me, Big Virgil is the Winner .

12 Nov 2019 00:46:54
Been reading on BBC that Sterling will not be considered for Thursdays international after a disturbance at St George's training ground. It states that Southgate said emotions were high after the game on Sunday. The report says the decision has the support of the squad. Is he the little twerp that many of us suspect he is?

11 Nov 2019 05:20:26
Yeah! Turned it on and did the business! Get in there you redmen!

10 Nov 2019 23:14:37
So after watching Match of the Day I'm even more confounded by VAR.

Assuming they reported what the PGMOL said correctly, the Silva handball was considered irrelevant because it didn't lead to a goal, and ignored. So the VAR official judged the Alexander-Arnold handball on it's own merits and determined it wasn't a pen.

So, surely it follows that if the VAR official had judged the Alexander-Arnold handball correctly (cos it was a handball) they'd have had to have chalked off Fabinho's goal and awarded a pen even though there was a handball by Silva in the build up, that directly led to the ball being in a place where TAA handled it?

That's nuts.

I'm going to assume that, as usual, the VAR official bottled correcting the ref's decisions and the PGMOL are just BSing their way out of it.

11 Nov 2019 03:26:03
I think the right decision was made but not for the reasons stated. If Silva had headed that ball and Trent handled it how he did I'd honestly have to admit fair penalty decision.

Only because silvas arm directs the ball into Trents direction I feel that it can't be a city penalty and I'm surprised that the official reasoning never included this in their statement.

Seems a real big deal is being made out of a non issue as any other decision given by Var after fabinhos goal would have been wrong and clearly more controversial. Can anyone genuinely offer a proper description of why the rules would state city should have earned a penalty in this scenario. Because it's clear to me that a penalty awarded would be 100% the wrong decision.

10 Nov 2019 18:53:33
If the person doing VAR had of been around in '86 and VAR was active Maradona would still get that goal. It was handball let's be honest. I'm don't know what is going on but it needs sorting, some baffling decisions from officials at present. And now City are 4th and nine points behind are we going to spend half our time on here talking about our nearest rivals, Liecester!

10 Nov 2019 20:15:42
No, Maradonna’s would’ve been ruled out because you can’t use a hand to score or in the build up to a goal. Just as Trent’s couldn't be a penalty as Silva handled it in the build up so City could not have scored from that attack.

11 Nov 2019 03:32:04
Same as a few goals this season which has seen managers accept the fair and clear judging of this rule. Bernardo handball would lead directly to a city penalty, no different to how we accepted manes unintentional handball led to him scoring vs United. It's basic to understand this ruling.

07 Nov 2019 20:20:15
Eds I’ve been thinking all week about Bobby’s ‘offside’ goal on Saturday. I’ve watched it back myself and watched Chris Kamara and Andy Gray’s analysis of the decision and it’s just massively worrying for our game in my opinion.
They quite clearly draw the lines up first time around and it shows Bobby is onside. They then delete that and switch the lines drawing them up at an angle to make him look offside. The footage is damning.
In your opinion will anything be done to the VAR officials behind closed doors? Will there be an investigation to clarify how they managed to firstly use the technology correctly but then pull a switcheroo to make a player look offside when he isn’t?
Ignoring the fact it was a Liverpool player surely this is massively damaging to the officials involved?
I just can’t believe that more isn’t being made of it they are just brushing it under the carpet it seems. This could quite easily be a case of officials on the take and manufacturing a scoreline for personal gain could it not?
Whether it is or it isn’t surely it warrants an investigation?

08 Nov 2019 01:17:47
Of course not. They never admitted making a mistake before VAR, so why would they start now?

I've heard plenty of debate on the radio about it and the line from Dermot O'Leary (the unofficial spokesman of the PGMOL) is that 'our equipment is calibrated correctly'. That's all you will ever hear on the matter. (If such a thing happened on the last day of the season which caused a demotion / top 4 place etc, and all the associated money involved, perhaps there will be a future court case though? )

Personally, I haven't seen any footage that shows when VAR is freezing the frame. It would be good for VAR to define the technical parameters. i. e. is the frame used to calculate offside when the crosser first makes contact with the ball, or when the ball leaves his boot for the cross? This could be the difference of a few milliseconds, but as we have seen, a few millimeters can make the difference between offside or not.

Then- there should be full clarity on TV, when the VAR ref is doing the calculations- first, show the frame that is being used from the crosser, then zoom in and draw the lines of the goal-scorer.

(PS- I have no problem with an 'armpit' being used as the offside line, as your shoulder is above your armpit, and you can score a goal with that. So fair enough. )

08 Nov 2019 08:41:22
I guess that’s what I was asking Stoneage, they will never admit to making a mistake and if that’s all it was then fine.
Will they be doing anything that we don’t know about as this wasn’t just a mistake. It was clear manipulation of the truth.
Firstly, you can see he’s onside from the frame they are using. Without the lines. Secondly they used a black and yellow line with Firmino’s black line clearly behind the defenders yellow line. They’ve drawn the lines to show what point of the body they are going from (I have no issues with an armpit either as long as it’s consistent across all decisions) and it shows Firmino onside.
Then they have redrawn the lines with Firmino’s line coming from the yellow (in front) line rather than the black (onside) line. You can clear see the defined angle the line is at to do this.
I just think that is clear and obvious cheating and needs to be looked at. This is not about Liverpool conspiracy. You can bet your life we won’t be the only ones for this to happen to if the officials are on the take and judging by the evidence presented I think that it a very real possibility. I just can’t think of another good enough reason why an official would risk his job by doing what happened with that decision. I just can’t believe more hasn’t been made of it.


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