26 Sep 2021 11:23:06
hi eds, any truth in the rumour that liverpool have agreed a deal for bissouma in january.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any agreement to sign the player in January.}

1.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 12:16:48
I haven’t changed my opinion, we really need this player our midfield can’t cope for a full season.

2.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 14:50:35
Him and ismael sarr would be perfect afcon or not we need them long term.

3.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 15:51:39
The desperation for transfer activity is quite comical.
I'm sure Klopp wouldn't mind a quality reinforcement or two, but "we really need this player because we can't cope? " isn't something you're gong to hear from Klopp or his staff.
Only fans with a boner for particular said player.

4.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 17:19:37
Well Flash we couldn’t cope in defence last season, even Klopp admitted that.

5.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 20:32:13
Well Mark, isn’t that why we brought in Kabak on loan and bought the mysterious lad from Preston and then bought Konate in the summer transfer window? We had a gap that needed filling and we filled it.

6.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 21:34:44
We couldn't cope in defence last season because we lost 3 of our main centre backs due to unexpected long term injuries.
Bissouma isn't "needed" at all. Would we be better with him in the squad? Probably.
Does our entire season hinge on signing him in January?
Not in my eyes.

7.) 26 Sep 2021
26 Sep 2021 22:00:17
Exactly West my point exactly, we got the defender we needed. The midfield we have now probably won’t have enough, hence why we need a midfielder in January. I beg to differ flash it’s a must.

8.) 27 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021 08:11:53
So we got a defender becaus we definitely needed one but we MUST buy Bissouma because we PROBABLY won't have enough?
In other words, buy him just in case?
Transfer withdrawal at its finest.
Completely ignoring the fact that we didn't have funds for the player in the summer and the next transfer window isn't long after it, where has the £50 odd million required for his signing suddenly sprung up from?
This whole transfer business is comical, it has the ability to stop people seeing things logically in the desperate quest for a shiny new player.

9.) 27 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021 10:37:31
Completely agree Flash.

10.) 27 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021 21:06:33
Totally agree too.

It’s just a case of ‘I want us to buy someone’

The midfield WILL cope because it has too. I personally think it is and will continue to cope well. There will be more injuries and players will lose form - it is a contact sport are players are human BUT it’s the same for all teams.

Can’t wait for January though - Christmas in the rear view mirror, open transfer window and AFCON 😁.

11.) 28 Sep 2021
28 Sep 2021 17:25:21
Nothing to do with a shiny new player, we will fall short IMO unless we buy a player like Bissouma. The season has hardly started, our midfield doesn’t have enough.

12.) 28 Sep 2021
28 Sep 2021 18:11:27
Best debate on here for ages lads.

13.) 28 Sep 2021
28 Sep 2021 22:13:42
after Jones displays in the last two games id say we look decent in the middle, also at the back. The front looks pretty solid too with origi and minamino putting in a couple decent displays!

14.) 30 Sep 2021
30 Sep 2021 18:25:02
Buy Bissouma and who do you drop? Fab? Hendo? They are competing with Thiago for a place. Or are we buying Bissouma for the bench? Or just in case?
Admittedly we will pick up injuries. Equally we could buy Bissouma and he gets crocked on his debut.
One thing I do know, we don’t have £50m unless we sell someone for a LOT of money!