30 Jan 2018 12:18:33
Has Klopp got any pulling power? I know he got VVD and Salah who are sound but everyone else he has gone for have snubbed us and gone somewhere else. so what powers has he got because Ming, Lovren, Moreno, Gomez, Firmino, Can, Clyne are Brendan's signings. I was lead to believe he found all these players for buttons while at Dortmund?

1.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 12:28:34
This guy is a troll, no?

2.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 12:32:39
Seriously? I have no idea who people think they’ve watched for the last ten years. We talk like we’ve been watching Barcelona instead of Liverpool.

3.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 13:16:00
Who exactly have we gone for?

4.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 14:22:21
VVD and got him.

5.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 15:43:49
There is a joke about Klopp and his wife here somewhere, i just can't get the punchline.

6.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 16:39:40
It's not klopp that is the issue, it is the north of England. The only reason city and utd get their players is well. Wages. Money orientated players.

7.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 16:53:09
I don't think it was Klopp that got the players for Dortmund.

8.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 18:22:37
Only some grainy CCTV footage and a doormans statement can confirm that about Klopp.

9.) 30 Jan 2018
30 Jan 2018 21:14:55
Please tell me which player is top class and not money oriented. Even Salah the humble has inform his agent to enquire about real Madrid interest.

10.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 12:31:24
Would you be happy in the workplace if you liked your job BUT found out others got paid more than you? As he cliche goes it is a short career, all players should be interested in getting good money from their time, although it shouldn’t be their god.

But as others have said who are these star players who have turned down Klopp/ LFC?

11.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 14:20:30
Irish rover if your right then why didn’t we sign the person who found these players? If it weren’t Klopp . The north west another reason lol well shanks Bob Kenny all got top players to north west and won leagues and trophies next wages another reason that’s why players go to Manx’s no it is because they are going to win trophies so that kills that one . next one he got VVD well yes he did but cost us a extra 25 million due to illegal approach and did say he got him . He has tried to get Pulisic. Monaco player and others are they in LFC shirts! O and his misses no joke about the mans wife just pulling top player for LFC.

12.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 14:23:37
I never mentioned money orientated players.