13 Jan 2018 18:19:21
Alright lads maybe related to what macca said but in hearing from my friend who's father works for the club that we are going to try and pip arsenal for Malcolm. Klopp feels him or mahrez could play salahs position while salahs slots in at cam or secondary striker when we play 442.

{Ed002's Note - There was a meeting regarding Malcom in London late morning tody. But not with Liverpool.}

1.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 18:41:56
First time poster. Been following this sight for years. I absilu6ely love it. In response to what lerchy mentioned. I understand from someone who knows a bit that Arsenal are getting Malcolm. Utd in for Sanchez and greizan will be going Barcelona in the summer. Nothing on Liverpool though. Keep up the relentless work eds.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks Dudley.}

2.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 18:46:35
So Klopp has explained his tactical thinking for general circulation around all staff at LFC, yet even professional journalists (and Macca) are keeping quiet on the identity of our targets.

Unlikely I’m sure you would agree.

3.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 21:47:22
Shame its not us, he is an excellent prospect and will light up the prem, he is still very young too and can only get better.