01 Jun 2017 22:04:40
Macca (welcome back) and eds has anything happened regarding Brandt? Has any moves been made? Or have we moved for salah as an alternative?

1.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 07:40:02
I'll save the Eds some time and regurgitate what's been said already. Brandt wants assurances of playing time that Liverpool (rightly) won't give. So yes, Salah is the alternative.

2.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 08:17:56
I hope Liverpool don't get salah as he plays on the right the same as Mane I would rather Liverpool go for Costa instead he plays on the left and there is we're Liverpool are vulnerable.

{Ed025's Note - he is actually left footed dean and would be a good buy imo mate..

3.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 08:18:58
Cheers Juergen.

4.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 08:45:03
Another one who would need to go to the African cup of nations though isn't he?

{Ed025's Note - its once every 2 years decimus so its not that big an issue mate, just pretend he is injured for a fortnight..

5.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 08:57:58
£28 million pound bid rejected for Salah.
though not first choice, if we do end up signing him let's get behind him. He did score 15 goals and get 11 assists last. I know it's Seria A but more or the same as any Liverpool player!


6.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 09:13:33
You say it's not that big of a deal but we struggled when mane went, and don't Egypt usually do well, so he will miss the full 3 week.

{Ed025's Note - injury is a bigger deal than the ACON for me decimus, most teams have a couple of africans who will be affected by it so its still a level playing field for me mate..

7.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 09:24:22
Morning all - new member - where has the info come from that we're offering lower wages than what has initially been agreed?

8.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 10:23:19
Wanny the info is from Macca, as you can see directly below your own post.

9.) 02 Jun 2017
02 Jun 2017 14:30:54
Descimus our form when mane was at the afcon can't just be put down to him being gone. We had other big injuries and the squad as a whole wasn't strong enough. If we sign a striker for instance it would give us more options with firmino and even origi more than capable of covering for mane/ Salah. And likewise lallana cout if we have more midfield options.