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24 Apr 2024 08:23:43
Is Jota injured again?

1.) 24 Apr 2024 09:13:47
Apparently yes.

2.) 24 Apr 2024 11:22:02
Is there something wrong with our strength and conditioning or medical department. I know we play a high tempo energetic style but too many injuries is it our style that’s the problem or the medical / physio or just bad luck I’d love to know some thoughts on this


3.) 24 Apr 2024 11:28:22
There has been nothing high tempo or energetic about our performances for the last few months but we are still getting injuries.

We just have a number of players who are all injury prone.

4.) 24 Apr 2024 14:00:20
I have alluded to it before but I just think that Jota doesn't take care of himself very well and hence, doesn't recover well enough after games.

5.) 24 Apr 2024 15:01:51
@Drac, would you care to share any medical evidence you might have to back up your statement?

6.) 25 Apr 2024 15:17:48
Hi WDW3. Sorry for the late reply. Was still mourning the loss last night.

Anyway, it's just my opinion based on my past experience as an athlete during my university days. Our coach then always stressed to us that recovery is just as important, if not more, than the actual training and competing that we do. And I have seen first hand my other team mates suffering injuries because they did not do their recoveries properly.

For Jota, it has been documented that he is also a good Fifa/ EAFC player and has been known to play games late into the nights even when we have a game later the next day or when we had a game earlier in the day. That to me indicates that he isn't taking his recovery seriously and hence, is contributing to his own injuries.

To be fair to him, a few are impact injuries but most are muscular which can be usually prevented with proper training and recovery.



04 Feb 2024 22:42:36
Rumours are that Klopp is leaving as he needs to go back to Germany for family/ sickness reasons. Either the rumours are shockingly distasteful or might be true. Personally, I don't believe the i'm not tired now but i will be soon / next season reason he's given for leaving; but the legend should be left alone to do whatever he needs to do and for whatever reasons he needs to do it. Myself and my kids will never forget the last 9 years.

1.) 05 Feb 2024 00:21:40
He deserves to be believed. Give him the same respect he has he has brought to the world of our team . Idiot rumours, don’t give them the time of day.

2.) 05 Feb 2024 09:38:17
There’s definitely more to it, when have you ever heard a manager say they are tired and need to stop. Why is Klopp different to every other manager that ever existed.

3.) 05 Feb 2024 12:30:16
Pep took a year long rest.

4.) 05 Feb 2024 15:34:02
Didn’t King Kenny step aside when Liverpool were still challenging for honours that season? Sometimes you know when you can’t go on. Maybe he’ll take 6 months off and be recharged ?‍♂️.

5.) 05 Feb 2024 17:13:26
It's most likely distasteful cope.

6.) 05 Feb 2024 17:16:37
That's right, let's give him the respect he's earned by bringing success to the club but at the same time peddle any scurrilous rumours that we come across.

7.) 05 Feb 2024 17:33:20
Imagine dealing with people like Mr Bean for 9 years. I'd be tired too.

8.) 05 Feb 2024 19:44:21
If he is tired and it’s draining then good on him
For calling it
Too many managers make themselves unwell by not recognising what’s good for them and their family

Respect due.

9.) 06 Feb 2024 00:58:29
It doesn’t really matter does it? The fact is he’s going and we will have to move on. As much as we don’t want to we will just have to.

The king is dead, long live the king.

10.) 06 Feb 2024 05:25:46
Why can't we just let the man be. he's done an amazing job for us.

Shake his hand, build him a statue, give him the key to the city etc etc etc.

He thinks the time is right and who are we the question him?

Let's give him everything we have for the rest of the season and let's see what we can achieve.

11.) 06 Feb 2024 08:27:40
@WM, the man’s just had enough. Leave it be. There’s nothing to see here.

12.) 06 Feb 2024 11:03:34
What difference does it make as to why he's leaving? Some fans SMH.

13.) 06 Feb 2024 11:04:17
Left dortmund because he needed a break, same now.

14.) 07 Feb 2024 02:18:27
Nailed it JLC.
I don’t care what his reasons are he owes the club nothing and is rightly regarded a club legend.

15.) 07 Feb 2024 07:49:23
Someone asked why is Klopp different to other managers? Aren't we celebrating him as totally unique and difficult to replace?
The dude took a sabbatical after the dortmund job before here, so it's not outside the realms of possibility that he needs a rest.

and dang, from the outside, it would seem reasonable. I mean from what we see, there is so much effort and heart on the line. I'f need a rest after a week if I gave as much in my job hahahahaha.

{Ed001's Note - Guardiola did exactly the same when he left Barca and took a year off. The reason why Guardiola and Klopp get to that point is because they do not get sacked.}

16.) 07 Feb 2024 10:28:22
I think Klopp is the kind of man to be real and to be honest. I do think he's burnt out and needs a break. If it's another reason then I can only hope him and his family are well, which I believe they are, he's just going off the radar for a while and good on him, I don't blame him one bit. He's grown this club into one of the best in the world, it's not upto us to question him now he's leaving. Good luck to the man, he's a Liverpool legend in my eyes and always will be.

17.) 07 Feb 2024 20:37:28
I wonder if it is brcause FSG intend to join the Euro Super League no matter wgat and after what happened with the fans last time that Klopp wants no part of it and so that's why he is leaving?

18.) 08 Feb 2024 06:15:14
Hand up if you think Klopp’s telling lies. Most of the statements on this thread don’t even count as opinions they are, at best, wild unfounded speculation and at worst gibberish.



05 Jan 2023 20:47:08
Ed002. Do you know if we have put a bid in for any midfielders yet please?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of offers being made but there has been interest shown in midfield players.}

1.) 06 Jan 2023 09:04:02
I’ve shown interest in Jennifer Aniston but doesn’t mean I’m getting a game!

2.) 06 Jan 2023 10:14:43
Don't give up Jimble. I heard Jennifer has a thing for guys who dig camels. Jimbleston in Summer 2023 is nailed on.

3.) 06 Jan 2023 11:03:34

4.) 06 Jan 2023 12:15:13
One day she will be mine Davey, oh yesss she will be mine. Anyone know if she’s a decent midfielder also?

5.) 06 Jan 2023 14:08:44
Too indecisive to play in midfield. Took her 10 seasons to realise Ross was a nice guy.

6.) 06 Jan 2023 14:45:48
Did we learn nothing from the Gakpo deal. More than likely it'll spring from nowhere. They know they need a midfielder, it's been apparent for two seasons.

7.) 06 Jan 2023 14:57:50
I'm just waiting for VVVV to come along and tell us how Aniston has no pace, doesn't track back and won't work in a Klopp midfield.

8.) 06 Jan 2023 14:58:28
Interested FC.

9.) 06 Jan 2023 20:12:57
Jay, see also…

Monitoring FC
Next Summer FC
Has to be the right player FC.

10.) 06 Jan 2023 21:01:47
Also worth a glance at Incessant FC and Obsessive FC.

11.) 06 Jan 2023 21:31:55
I think Jennifer’s better at the back ?.



09 Jun 2022 12:53:55
Ed02, couple of questions if I may. It's all gone quieter on the Salah front given the Mane and Nunez situations taking the headlines. Has anything changed re him staying next year and do you think he will sign a new contract given I think you said it was his image rights that couldn't be agreed. And. did we offer Mane a new deal or are the club looking to sell him for the right offer. Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Salah has said he is staying until the end of his contract. I suspect the new contract situation is made complicated because of his prior expectation to be the post-Ronaldo poster boy at Real Madrid - and he might of been if the financial expectations were more reasonable. Approaching 30 he might now be thinking that opportunity has gone for good and his "agent" might will be pressing for a huge deal in terms of money and length of contract that would not suit Liverpool - hence there being no agreement so far. I would not discount Barcelona waiting until his contract runs down - he can agree a pre-contract with them in January - and there may already be an agreement to do this.}

1.) 09 Jun 2022 14:11:38
He will go to Barcelona IMO next year. Hopefully once rested he has one last stellar season for us and receive a hero’s send off that he deserves (if doesn’t use last year to sound off! )

2.) 09 Jun 2022 14:28:09
I think he’ll go to Barcelona on a free as well. Can’t complain too much as we completely mugged them over Coutinho, so swings and roundabouts. If we get Nunez that’s softens that blow.

3.) 09 Jun 2022 14:48:22
We could possibly get one of Salahs best seasons. If nothing is agreed yet he may play his best to keep up interest and claim to a big payday. Also with him not being in the World Cup he may get vital rest that others may not. At the end of the day he’s been nothing short of exceptional for us if he leaves after next season on a free we’ve still had more than our moneys worth from him!

4.) 09 Jun 2022 19:11:09
I expect Liverpool will lose mane and Salah over the next two seasons. Whilst it’s a loss the club will move on. They’ve served their purpose and replacements need to be sourced now. Diaz Nunez will be a great combination and the transition will be seamless if we let Salah go next year and put the next super star in his place. I hope Liverpool can sign Nunez as the team has needed a real finisher. If he’s as good as he seems in front of goal it will be worrying for opposition because Liverpool create chance after chance just need someone to take them.




WarMachine73's banter posts with other poster's replies to WarMachine73's banter posts


08 Jan 2024 09:14:45
We will probably miss Endo more than Salah. The midfield yesterday wasn't great and persisting with Macca as a 6 will cost us. Front 3 without Salah was cemented in the second half, Diaz on the right, Nunez on the left, Gakpo through the centre and Jota to replace Gakpo or Nunez depending on game on 60 mins. Elliot is sub for the right wing. Without endo we just can cope with him in midfield unless we play 2 number 6’s in a 4-2-1-3. Elliot could play the 1.

1.) 08 Jan 2024 10:10:36
Trent can replace Endo with Bradley at RB. Think I would prefer to see jota starting than Gakpo. Best finisher we have and good in the air.

2.) 08 Jan 2024 10:13:14
We will miss Endo for sure but Macca or Arnold can do the job until his return.

It doesn't sound like a top class DM is available in January so we trick on with the options we have. They are still good options.

Plus I don't think Macca was that bad yesterday. I think it was more the dynamic with Gakpo in there and the press was off in the first half.

Once the press improved and Elliott replaced Gakpo, it all looked a lot better.

I much prefer Macca as an 8 too but I think I'd pick him at 6 myself in this spell until Endo comes back. Endo then takes back the spot. I'm not going to argue with people that say Bradley should come in at RB and Arnold to 6. It's a close call for me.

3.) 08 Jan 2024 10:15:31
Macca's big weakness is people running at pace. He is good at other aspects, and his quality on the ball is especially useful. I don't think we will be tested as much defensively in the coming games as we were yesterday and hence he is bound to have better games. Further, it's pertinent to remember he just returned from injury. Also, Dom and Jones alongside him would help a lot, as both are physical beasts with never-ending energy.

4.) 08 Jan 2024 11:52:46
I agree with everything that Kop Army has just said, adding only that I thought Mac Allister had a good game yesterday.

5.) 08 Jan 2024 12:25:06
Let’s not forget Virg was missing yesterday. Endo has had some good games but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

6.) 08 Jan 2024 12:50:36
I would play jones DM. Macca lacks pace and also really struggles when being receiving the ball and being pressed. Far too slow and weak - has been all season and not just yesterday. Much better receiving the ball in the pockets than with his back to goal.

7.) 08 Jan 2024 12:57:34
The reason we struggled at first in midfield was due mainly to Arsenal's press which affected the way we wanted to build up from the back and led to the likes of Gomez, Quansah and Macca dwaddling on the ball a bit too much. I was not surprised with Macca as he is still coming back from injury while the rest just seemed to take a while longer to get a grip with the pace and intensity Arsenal brought in the first half, IMO.

Now as soon we came back from half time, our press was a lot better and Arsenal clearly could not sustain theirs anymore and with us going long to Darwin out wide, their press started to wane and it eventually fizzled out. We smelt blood and pounced after that.

At then of the day, we were resilient and disciplined in that first half and never lost our heads under pressure and played well enuff in that second half to create real, clear cut chances to win the game as the tactical changes and subs helped. On to Fulham on Wed.

8.) 08 Jan 2024 14:01:18
The defenders were too slow to pass through the lines in the first half. They got the ball of Ali, hesitated and you could see the entire Arsenal team move up as a unit to put the press on.

Second half we started to pass it into midfield much quicker, before they could initiate the press and when we couldn’t we had Nunez out wide to hit the channel as an out ball.

You could physically see the belief draining from the Arsenal players as they started to chase shadows and by the 70th minute we were well on top with only Liverpool looking like winning the game.

We could even afford to blood a couple of Academy players and maintain if not increase our superiority. A great performance and a great result against all the odds.

9.) 09 Jan 2024 10:14:59
Given Bradley played very well when he came on, would any of you advocate for Bradley at rb and Trent as cdm for a few games?

Might see us hold the width a bit better without the inverted role Trent does, as Bradley would be more of an attacking but proper rb - also it moves Trent into midfield then

Up front, I do like Nunez I have to say even if his goal output isn't as good as it probably should be - that being said, he works so hard for the team and his movement and workrate does cause issues with the opposition defence thta can be then taken advantage of. Was good to see the front ones rotate though in the Arsenal match, that alone can cause issues with defenders marking.



27 Dec 2023 12:09:51
If Konate (who can't string more than 10 games together) gets injured then we are in a bit of trouble. Endo has convinced me that we don't need a number 6 as I'd give him a run until the end of the season to prove himself and he looks like he'll stay fit fingers crossed. So I think we need someone in the front 3 who can score goals right now as they are all off form and not sure they will get back on it anytime soon. Someone who can replace Salah, Diaz or Nunez and sell one of them in the summer. Next, I would go for a first team CD but only if we are going to release Matip in the summer and also to start defensive rebuild given VVD is getting older. Next would be a number 6 but only if its someone proven to be better than Endo.

1.) 27 Dec 2023 13:44:29
We don't need anybody in my opinion. Not yet, summer of course but not January. People just seem to get daft and want to see big money signings every transfer window. Are we not doing good enough? Give the young ones more of a go until the summer. As a business and a club, I wouldn't spend a penny in January. This isn't against your post mate, just saying it in general because a lot of people around transfer window get daft.

2.) 27 Dec 2023 13:58:25
Signing players to replace off-form players!

3.) 27 Dec 2023 14:18:38
Our needs are as they were at the end of the summer window. A left footed CB and a defensive midfielder. Nothing has changed that requirement in my opinion.

4.) 27 Dec 2023 14:55:21
I like what I ve seen from Quansah to be fair.

If we could get Ignacio, I would do it.

As always, it depends on who is available . No need to panic buy for any position but we could certainly improve the squad if preferred targets are available.

5.) 27 Dec 2023 15:09:28
While I agree with both Salah and Pelican, I'm veering more towards Salah's way of seeing things. If we're in the middle of a jostle between 1st and 2nd place at the halfway point of the season, how bad is the status quo? You can argue about the other things (inverted RB, tactics, injuries, etc., ) but at the end of the day the table doesn't lie. As long as we are two good players deep in each position, and we continue what we're doing now, good things may well happen to us by the end of the season.

6.) 27 Dec 2023 15:14:19
Totally agree fly
And if salah does leave someone to replace him . Seen links to Rafa leao creeping in more and more of late.

7.) 27 Dec 2023 15:17:37
I disagree with Salah stating we don’t need players, our bench looks weaker and weaker at points. Jota was a welcome return, but too many inexperienced youngsters for me. We’re in a legitimate position to challenge for the title, so there’s logic in supplementing the squad to help us get there. Despite us being top I’m still not convinced we’re good enough to stay there. Endo and Mo will miss games, so there’s rationale to get some quality in.

8.) 27 Dec 2023 15:33:17
Frodo you can’t just sign players constantly because someone is injured.

If let’s say everybody is fit and no injury’s

First 11
Trent Matip VVD Robbo
Szobo Endo Mac
Salah Nunez Diaz

That leaves a bench of
Kelleher, Gomez Quansah Ibou Tsimikas Jones Elliot Gravenberch Bajetic Thiago Gakpo Jota Doak

That first team and bench is mentally strong. We’ve been unlucky the last month with injury’s.

9.) 27 Dec 2023 15:56:14
What is the difference between summer and January @Salah. If there is a need (immediate or long term) it’s a need. Or do you think we will suddenly require a few new faces from January to June ?.
History wouldn’t forgive how we messed up a 10 point gap in January with city when Klopp begged for two center backs and he got none.
History is repeating again. Top of the league, great chance to win the league, two brilliant additions (DM and CB)

10.) 27 Dec 2023 16:57:21
Agree with Salah and Davey, we don't need to spend in January but if 1 of our targets is available (release clause etc. ) Go for it. I don't think we'll trigger any clauses in Ignacio's contract though. I think we're well stocked across the field.

Jota coming back from injury is a massive boost goals wise, though a lot of people on here don't rate him. I think we'd have been well worth 6 points against utd and Arsenal.

11.) 27 Dec 2023 17:05:54
Best goal difference in The Premiership and lowest goals conceded - seems to be going fairly well without ditching players for shiny new ones.

12.) 27 Dec 2023 17:06:22
Harry, difference this season is there's no real long term injuries since the summer window apart from Matip, who probably needed replaced in the summer anyway. Liverpool don't need to spend in January and don't have any major weaknesses in the squad.

Differnce between summer and January is price, mo chara.

13.) 27 Dec 2023 17:38:33
If it was me in charge, I'd look to bring in a top DM if I could. Endo can certainly play 8. In fact I think he d be great at it. Fofana still my choice. Double six options too of course. Gives the squad more options.

Then, under the guise of there not being enough space in the squad, I'd loan Grav to Ajax or any Dutch team. His quality should allow him to shine there despite his minimal effort. Should boost his value enough for a summer sale then.

The midfield then would have a much better balance and options. But whether there is a quality pacy DM or not available in Jan, I haven't got a clue. In which case, you just hang tough with everything.

I guess my point is that it's not that this squad can't be improved. It certainly can. But whether there's options to improve it or not in the mid season market is another matter.

But don't get me wrong. I'm extremely calm about it all. Squad is still in a good place even if we do f all like others have mentioned.

14.) 27 Dec 2023 17:39:16
A reminder that Suarez, Coutinho, Sturridge, Van Dijk, Minamino, Diaz and Gakpo were signed in winter windows.

Also, while it may be more difficult to get a player you want out of the club they play for, it might be opportune timing for some targets given the FFP pressures transfer rivals may face prior to July.

15.) 27 Dec 2023 18:47:21
I think our bench has never looked stronger, certainly in terms of quality Leek

Have we ever bid for a LCB? Or is it just on here it’s required? Genuine question.

16.) 27 Dec 2023 19:20:36
We shouldn’t sign player on 3-4 year contracts to replace players who are injured for a few weeks or apparently out of form for a few games.

17.) 27 Dec 2023 19:30:00
I was expecting a DM to come in. I saw Endo as a stop gap until Andre could come in Jan, but the more I see of Endo, the less I see the need to bring in a DM. He’s starting to fit in really well and is doing a good job. Unless of course Andre is an absolute worldie in the making (I have no idea I don’t watch him) or Klopp has someone else in mind who can take us to another level there then I’d probably just stick with what we have for now, I know at his age he’s going to need to be replaced one day soon but I don’t see it as an urgency.

Now Matip has picked up another injury that leaves him out for the remainder of his contract I would consider a replacement CB this January because I’m not sure I trust Konate and Gomez to stay fit.

One position I would look at as well is RB, move Trent into midfield and have Bradley fight it out with the new signing. Might not be this January id look at RB though.

I’d have a plan in place for when Salah leaves as well, if it’s next summer then I’d probably look to change the formation rather than try and replace him like for like.

But I can’t see us being particularly busy this Jan, the squad looks well stocked for the most part, especially when injured players come back.

18.) 27 Dec 2023 19:36:19
Salah is off to the AFCON in January and to Saudi in the summer, now is the time to buy a goal scorer. Get Ivan Toney 1 to score goals 2 to stop Arsenal from signing him.

19.) 27 Dec 2023 21:41:33
Most likely Salah will head out in the summer. If a long term replacement for him should be available in January at a decent cost I'd surely pull the trigger.

20.) 27 Dec 2023 22:08:48
Spend £80m on a 28 year old, on a position that we are well stocked in, to stop our rivals signing him… sound logic…

Agree with Andy. Prefer to focus on an RW and a versatile defender.

21.) 28 Dec 2023 00:56:44
I'm with Pelican here. The two gaps I see in the squad currently are at LCB and DM. We would need someone to replace VVD eventually and it doesn't seem like we have anyone in the academy to do so. And while Endo has been great for us so far, he is not a long-term solution. It's also unclear if Baj is ready to step into that role after missing almost a year.

That being said, January is a difficult period to buy since most top players do not want to leave and most clubs are not willing to sell. There are exceptions of course, such as Diaz and Gakpo in recent times but it's still much easier to buy during the summer break since clubs can plan for departures and fill gaps in their own squads. Regardless, if the right player is available, the club has shown to move fairly quickly in getting them.

22.) 28 Dec 2023 01:31:27
I agree with Pelican in that some of the team's best signings over the last few years have been made in January.

That said, I don't agree with signing players just to make a splash. There are a number of players still in their first season that stand to improve even further.

The only area I think they will look at is CB, and only if the right deal comes along. Matip will leave at the end of the season and depth at CB is an issue. If the right deal comes along, it may make sense.

That said, I'm happy with the VVD/ Gomez/ Konate combo. Quansah has been better than I expected as well. But depth is always useful.

23.) 28 Dec 2023 08:52:32
We will not be signing players just to "make a splash" or get our name all over the papers or on Tw@tter. Utd and Chelsea do that and we will not be employing such tactics in the window anytime soon.

As @Dbav said, if there is a deal to be done, the club has shown they will pursue it. If there isn't, they won't and we will keep our powder dry. That's how we roll.

24.) 28 Dec 2023 11:08:41
I see people sayin we need to replace Vvd soon. I'd have to ask why. He playing as good as he ever has and looks like he got a good few years left in him. I think we be OK this season if the strikers get there shooting boots back on .



03 Dec 2023 21:05:43
We have no one who can win a tackle in midfield or on the whole of the right side. Klopp needs to sort it out urgently. It's painful and plainly obvious. Endo needs a run of games at the very least.

1.) 04 Dec 2023 06:23:10
Have a look at the League table WM73 - someone, somewhere in the team is putting some tackles in.

2.) 04 Dec 2023 08:27:29
I agree with the Endo bit. The leadership he brought yesterday really shone through. The minute he came on you could see he wanted to get things going and make things happen. He absolutely played a huge part in turning the game yesterday and I'd like to see him start to see if he can replicate that on a consistent basis.

3.) 04 Dec 2023 09:36:30
Endo is settling in and a bit of patience is needed, let him adapt and adjust to the EPL and LFC.

4.) 04 Dec 2023 09:42:00
dont rate Endo, but he is a DM and a natual one. should be playing now that we don't have any. its no brainer. and that goal was brilliantly taken. didn't try to hit to hard and placed on the top right.



09 Oct 2023 08:11:29
Robbo constantly turns his back on the ball, it drives me mad. And has lead to quite a few goals. Amazing no one on the coaching staff can teach him this basic defensive error tbh.

1.) 09 Oct 2023 09:11:56
Spot on. It was unforgivable what he did for their second goal.

2.) 09 Oct 2023 09:20:56
I have been saying this for 18 mths, the amount of goals we have conceded which have started from Robbo not cutting out a cross into the box.
The 3 games we have dropped points in this season have all been down to Robbo not getting anything on crosses into the box.
I have said all along he's started to become a liability especially in away games.
we need to get a ball playing left sided centre back if we plan on using this box system.

3.) 09 Oct 2023 09:33:35
we need to get a ball playing left sided centre back if we plan on using this box system.

We decided not to and gave the Greeek boy a new contract over the top.

4.) 09 Oct 2023 11:10:16
Robbo for the main was very good yesterday defensively. He was making more forward runs yesterday but defended well when he needed to. He didn't stick out the leg ij fear of an own goal. Gets forgotten the free kick was given away by trent and konate. Robbo works probably the hardest in the team and gets soo much hate when he makes one mistake.
How come no ones mentioning the super signings horrendous sitter?

5.) 09 Oct 2023 11:25:07
Robbo made a mistake that led to a goal. Same as VVD/ Macca made mistake that led to a goal and most importantly, same as Trent made a mistake that led to two goals, all in the same season. So should we get rid of them, then? I mean, what type of foolishness is this?

They made mistakes and on occasion, even apoloqised for them individually like VVD and Trent did. No point harping on about it and asking the to be replaced. That's just nuts and stuff that won't happen anyway.

As a team, we have done very well despite IMO, the toughest schedule of all the top 7 teams and are one point off City if indeed a title race should happen. That to me, is the most important thing which allows us to work from a strong platform going into the next quarter of games while acknowledging that there is a lot of work to do yet.

6.) 09 Oct 2023 16:28:03
Without true competition for robbo and Trent their levels were bound to drop. Could say the same at centre half also. Matip, Gomes and konate aren’t consistent enough and vvd is at the tail end of his career. Our defense will be the reason we don’t challenge this season.

7.) 09 Oct 2023 16:49:50
Well Ecogsi, I disagree. IMO, our defence and as a group, have done well overall by not giving up that many big chances overall. What' killing us are the individual mistakes which is staring to pile up. That means people are not switched on, not focused in critical moments and not taking responsibility on a personal level. That is what we have to fix. Also, not having a consistent back line due to injury and suspensions has not helped by any stretch either. Sorry, all these things matter.

That being said, we have made a very good start with 7 more points than we had last season at this stage while playing what is IMO, the toughest schedule of all the teams vying for the top 7 positions. Oh, and we are 1 point behind City. I'll take that.

8.) 09 Oct 2023 18:23:27
Our goal keeper, midfield/ forward line is the reason we’ve had a good start. They’ll score enough goals to make us competitive but the defence has weaknesses that’ll cost us until we strengthen, hopefully in January.

9.) 09 Oct 2023 18:47:41
Harry, you knew "the Greek boy's" name on the live chat, so let's dispense with that smug, smirk and call our players by their names, if you have something constructive to say.

Am surprised you haven't mentioned your hero Kovacic in recent times, despite him being in the news.

10.) 10 Oct 2023 10:13:56
"we need to get a ball playing left sided centre back if we plan on using this box system.

We decided not to and gave the Greeek boy a new contract over the top".

Go home, Harry. Nobody cares what you think LFC needs cos we know you are a City or Chelsea supporter depending on their position in the table. You only show up here when we don't win, acting like you care whereas you don't. So attempts at "concern trolling" are as weak as a soup sandwich.

And as for you disrespectfully addressing Kostas Tsimikas (yeah, that's his name) as the "Greek boy" is just you trying to get a reaction from others. Sorry, you failed miserably. Again, get some new material cos your whole schtick is as outdated as the dinosaurs.



31 Aug 2023 16:16:25
Robbo has started turning his back on the ball a lot more recently. Against Newcastle he stopped an Almiron shot with his back. Not good and will make him look stupid if a team scores. Phillips needs to teach him how to defend.

1.) 01 Sep 2023 16:50:09
Weird post.

2.) 01 Sep 2023 17:03:05
So that's why we didn't sell Phillips?

3.) 01 Sep 2023 17:04:06
Have a look at a few of the goals conceded last season when Gomez played. He turned his back on all of them, particularly Mitoma’s in the FA Cup.

4.) 01 Sep 2023 17:09:50
Let nunez prove his worth now.

5.) 01 Sep 2023 19:14:53
I love these forums. Get all sorts.

6.) 01 Sep 2023 22:49:45
Nice diversion from the transfer window though.




WarMachine73's rumour replies


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21 May 2024 20:30:31
And how do you know the changing it to ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ isn’t because Klopp has told them to speak like that as they are a team and it’s not just about Klopp. I can sort of see what people mean with Linders but Klopp made the final decisions. He comes across ok on the video with the 6 coaches on you tube. Plus his English isn’t perfect so all this he said we and not you is just r language not ego. Anyway if the guy took the training and was an integral part of the tactics he deserves some praise not just criticism.



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21 May 2024 12:46:15
You missed the decimal place.



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16 May 2024 08:35:52
Not sure I saw Matip’s contribution to the club outside of starting 11 helping us out over the last few months.



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15 May 2024 19:13:22
Unfortunately Klopp has a number of crucial blind spots that another season may turn fans against him / sour his relationship. I now think it’s a good time for him to leave and give someone else a go.



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06 May 2024 17:52:08
Love Nunez and thought he would turn into a legendary player for us given his work rate but we can’t risk another season of him misfiring and costing us points so unfortunately I’d sell him now. I love Konate, a beast of a player, but he can’t play more than 3-4 games without pulling something which again costs us points so I’d sell him now. Jones, I love Jota, gives his all and so direct towards goal. His goal against Chelsea was scored because he ran with all his energy at the goal and got the lucky ricochets he deserves. But again, he is constantly injured so he should be sold. Jones, the same, starts playing well for 3-4 games, gets injured and that pushes him back to being average again so I’d sell him. Matip and Thiago gone. Prob Salah. Endo faded in last few games. Mr Slot, we need a core of first team quality CB, CM and a forward please. Should be interesting next season then.




WarMachine73's banter replies


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13 Jul 2024 07:49:32
Be very interesting to see what Slot says when asked about it. Nunez is an angry hot head which is why he misses so many chances and will continue to do so. We need a cool headed clinical striker. I’d sell him but not sure we will have any takers at the price we might want.



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26 Jun 2024 17:08:29
1. Be 3-0 up by half time so I can enjoy the second half.
2. Be top of the league by 16 points with 5 games left.
3. Buy 2 players for over £100m this transfer window
4. Win the champions league - don’t mind how.



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16 Jun 2024 22:51:36
Did nothing in the second half. Let’s see if he can be excellent both halves of a game. Should have been pushing the team forward in second half. Thought Trent did well as an 8.



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31 May 2024 14:52:38
You in Kernow Ed02? Just been back home for a week and weather was typical Cornish weather.

{Ed002's Note - I am indeed. A lot of rain over the past couple of months.}



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22 May 2024 18:51:13
Sarah’s shocking miss kick at the end of the wolves game sums up his last few months. Klopp’s weakness was he kept hold of players too long. Let’s see what Slot does.



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