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23 Aug 2017 22:23:09
Few rumours saying we are interested in Leon Goretzka

Volvic orange

1.) 23 Aug 2017 22:37:32
Wouldnt be too bad for DM freeing up Hendo to get forward again like tonight.
Iirc Barcelona (linked with every player atm) and Arsenal are linked with him too.

2.) 23 Aug 2017 22:40:43
Is he a goalkeeper, because we won't be winning anything with Migs in goal. I am not saying that it would have been easy to save those two goals tonight. But they are the sort of goals that your keeper needs to keep out if you are going to win something. played 4 conceded 6 is bottom half of premir league form.

3.) 23 Aug 2017 22:42:35
Hope so might b bit injury prone, I like kovecievic, why not mahrez as well he got quality.

4.) 23 Aug 2017 23:51:00
Hopefully when Klopp starts his rotation of GKs, one of the other two (Karius and Ward), will emerge as the new #1. Mignolet is going back to his old uncertain self.

5.) 24 Aug 2017 00:42:23
We are a very offensive team. We can't pretend to attack like we do and don't concede goals. We don't play defensive tactics like Chelsea or Manchester United. Yes they win, concede less goals and sometimes they score many goals but they don't play exciting football like us. Any goalkeeper will have problems in our way of play.

6.) 24 Aug 2017 02:42:04
Mignolet is not a problem. The team is going to concede and he is not at fault all the time. Our keepers as a group are strong, competition for the job should make them all better.
FFS support the players.
Matt in FL.

{Ed001's Note - Migs clearly is a problem, he has reverted back to being dodgy again. We are going to have to revisit that position before he starts costing us games again.}

7.) 24 Aug 2017 04:26:26
Mingnolet has done okay so far this season. I don't see what he has done to justify your criticism. The boys were unbelievable tonight. Proper football team. Capable of blowing ANYONE away on that form. Leave it at that. What more do the lad's have to do to get you off their backs? 6.0 every week? Idiots.

{Ed001's Note - he was awful! He has been poor since the season kicked off. Why are people defending him? We saw last season he can play better than this, so he deserves criticism for letting his level drop.}

8.) 24 Aug 2017 04:33:14
Exactly vakPa. The boys qualified for the champions league and they're getting slated. Every single player in that first team has done his bit.

You thumbs down when I predict we will win the league and you slate our players when they win well. Are you sure you're on the right site? I hear there is a man utd one too.

9.) 24 Aug 2017 05:22:31
He dropped z catch in a packed penalty area. It wasn't great no. But I don't think he has done think hat bad this year. Watford game was iffy but the other three I have actually been pleased with him. I appreciate your opinion ed and it is not our strongest part of the pitch (GK) after watford I have had my heart in mouth at set plays but mings has been pretty dominant in last few games. Just baffles me how on the eve of a fantastic win and a great night for the club, people find time to come here and slate players? The boys done well. I don't give two figs if we concede 2 as long as we score 3,4.

{Ed001's Note - really? I must have watched different games from you because I have not seen anything dominant from him, unlike the end of last season. He has been quite the opposite and very jittery. No point coming on and slating him after he has cost us goals again, he needs to sort it out or be dropped before that happens. That is why people mention it. It is not some youngster or new signing trying to bed in, there is no excuse for him to revert to the way he was. He knows what is expected of him, showed he is capable of meeting expectations and he also knows there are two other keepers there waiting.}

10.) 24 Aug 2017 05:26:58
I don't see how mings was at fault for either goal either? Their second was a good header and mings could never have got there. If he'd come for it and (inevitably) missed it, he would get slated and their first was a good goal. Anything else he did was sufficient.

{Ed001's Note - sufficient is not anywhere near good enough for Liverpool.}

11.) 24 Aug 2017 05:39:45
Couldn't of put it better Ed001.

Sufficient can no longer be good enough for Liverpool Fc. No excuses now. We have champions league football and a well respected manager. We should be looking to transition our weaker first team players like mignolet, lovren and Moreno into squad players and replace them in the first 11 with quality players.

On their day mignolet and lovren can be good but the gap between their best and worst is just too great. They have had their chance to improve their consistency and Havent. Now is the time to look sign some new quality players or give other squad players a chance to prove they can play at the required level.

If we persist with mignolet, lovren and Moreno we
Won't get back to title challengers and regular champions league competitors. We will be in the state of limbo we have been for the last 8 years.

12.) 24 Aug 2017 05:40:29
He made some woeful mistakes yesterday that could have led to 1-2 goals yesterday! Bad punches, Poor Handling.

13.) 24 Aug 2017 06:08:43
FYR, Goretzka is not a DM. He is an offensive CM
who excells in passing and distributions.

14.) 24 Aug 2017 06:19:02
As one of the people that said Mings needs to be replaced, I stand by it. I am not saying he didn't put a shift in yesterday and I am not detracting from the amazing result that gets us back in the Champions League proper, however.

We had some outstanding performances from excellent players last night. Those kind of performances expose the weaker players in the team and in his current form, Mings is a weak link. We were lucky not to concede from some of his mistakes and could have been looking at a different result. We need a keeper that is as impressive in these games as many of the outfield players were last night to stand a chance of competing in the CL and Prem. a really good team like Real etc would not have let those chances go begging and would have torn our defence apart.

The great thing is, we now have the platform to build and hopefully the hints from Klopp after the game means Can is staying (he was incredible) and we can sign some players, but one of those has got to be a keeper.

15.) 24 Aug 2017 06:14:37
Sufficient in the sense that he didn't make mistakes that led to goals. Therefore it's sufficient. I don't think you guys understand the meaning of the word lol. If every player was sufficient in every game we would win the league, the league cup, the f. a cup and the champions league. I stick with my original statement. Idiots. The team can't lose and be sufficient. Any display can only be described as sufficient if it is a win or sees us through to the next round.

{Ed001's Note - or perhaps you don't understand English well enough. Why do you have to be an arse and insult those who disagree with your biased viewpoint? Especially when sufficient does not necessarily mean what you are taking it to mean. I mean you think 'any display is sufficient' when that is simply not true. Winning 1-0 is sufficient. If we had drawn 0-0, that would have been sufficient. Anything more is not sufficient, it is more than sufficient. Perhaps you should rethink your usage of words before calling other people idiots?}

16.) 24 Aug 2017 06:15:47
Sufficient = enough. Liverpool done enough.

{Ed001's Note - again you are missing the point because of your total inability to look at the game with a clear head. It is your kind of thinking that would keep us from winning trophies. Do you think Paisley looked at a performance and thought, "that player was sufficient last night against a poor side, I won't bother looking to upgrade him"? Or do you think he looked to be better than just adequate and tried to find better? If you had your way, we would be standing still while everyone else moved forward.}

17.) 24 Aug 2017 06:34:40
I apologise for saying idiots. It was out of order. Didn't like seeing the boys slated after a good win. I know gk is not our strongest area but I think he has done okay so far. My opinion ed and you slated me. I do understand English, I am actually an undergraduate in English literature. Sufficient means enough. If a team does "enough" or "sufficient" then that is a positive and can only mean a win or qualification. To say sufficient is not good enough for liverpool is wrong because that is exactly what klopp and his team of coaches strive for day after day.

{Ed001's Note - no they do not, they strive to do more than enough. Clearly you still fail to understand English language if you think that all anyone aims for is 'enough'. If you want to see what sufficient gets you, it is Tony Pulis. That is a man who aims to do 'enough'. Top coaches aim to be better and to constantly improve, not just do enough.

By the same token, a keeper doing 'okay' is simply not good enough. Just like the coaches look to improve the players at the club, the scouts and analysts are looking to improve on the quality of players through recruitment. We have a keeper who is okay, but that is not sufficient for a club that wants to win things. We need a keeper that inspires confidence, that makes top class saves, that is more than merely adequate or sufficient.}

18.) 24 Aug 2017 06:36:00
Along with migs both Matip and Lovren did mistakes. We should change that whole backline.

19.) 24 Aug 2017 06:37:48
Again ed. Adequate in a game of football is . adequate. The result was adequate. or we won, or it was enough. I didn't once liken out team to paisley's. They are not at that level yet but you have to admit they were good last night.

{Ed001's Note - yes most of the team were good, but there were a few that were not. Mignolet and Lovren stand out as players that were not good enough or adequate or sufficient. And give it up with the word, you are labouring a point that is simply nonsense and it was boring when you started trying to be clever about it, rather than admitting you are wrong with your choice of words.

Why defend the indefensible and not just admit there are improvements that can be made to that performance and that team? You would have us mired in mediocrity, whereas you should want us to be looking to improve.}

20.) 24 Aug 2017 06:40:01
The result tonight was sufficient. It was sufficient because it was enough to take us through.

{Ed001's Note - it was not 'sufficient'. Again you do not understand English so shut up about it. Sufficient is a 0-0 or 2-2 draw. That is just enough, which is sufficient. A 4-2 win is more than sufficient, as we scored more goals than we needed. So it was more than sufficient. End this now, because I am going to delete any more of this as it is boring.}

21.) 24 Aug 2017 06:46:58
Migs was poor, end of. Nervous with ball at his feet, dropped a corner and again threw out to Mane with two players on him! He breeds nerves!

22.) 24 Aug 2017 07:10:02
*nonsense deleted*

{Ed001's Note - perhaps you failed to understand what I said? This conversation is done. Give it a rest.}

23.) 24 Aug 2017 07:29:20
I'll put it simple.

{Ed001's Note - no I will put it simple - I said it was done, stop wasting my time arguing a simple point that is clearly beyond your understanding. If you write for a living, then try putting sufficient in to describe an 8-0 win and see how quickly your writing is laughed at! You may be a student, you may be educated, but your understanding is limited. Now this is the final word on it, I don't want to block you but you are wasting my time with your arrogant refusal to accept you are wrong.}

24.) 24 Aug 2017 07:42:19
Anyone that thinks Mignolet, Lovren, Moreno are good enough for Liverpool is seriously deluded!

We need much more quality and I don't know who is to blame for it. klopp? FSG? Transfer window has been a joke.

{Ed001's Note - it has hardly been a joke. Robertson, Salah and Solanke have improved the team and squad.}

25.) 24 Aug 2017 07:48:22
I agree with Ed. Mig made me feel like last few seasons when every time the team attack you think they're going to score. If it wasn't for Gnabry fluffing his lines we would have conceded many more. He does not inspire confidence and I think the CB look nervous as a result. A more clinical side would have exposed our weaknesses and if we don't want to embarrass ourselves in the CL we had better give Ward (or Karius) a go. Having said that I wouldn't throw them in until we have bought the new CB because that will just put more pressure on them and sent their confidence. Hopefully it will be sorted in a week or so.

26.) 24 Aug 2017 07:49:06
For me the issue with Migs wasnt so much his handling - it was his lack of confidence in the box. Last night he was too tentative for me in terms of coming for the ball. He was dithering. Towards end of last year he was much more ruthless about it, he needs to make his decisions much earlier and then if he does decide to go for it, then look like he is willing to coathanger someone if they are in the way. Defenders want to know that their goalie is going to make early decisive calls - not last minute ones. There were a couple of times when he did call for it but it was so late his defenders ignored him. This is when confusion can set in. And if a goalie is truly scary then most forwards will back out of it which in turn will make his job easier. Mind you, this doesn't excuse the fact that our CBs need to be more decisive as well.

27.) 24 Aug 2017 07:57:20
Ed001 maybe you could have a chat to his missus and suggest no sex for 3 days before a match. Whatever it takes for Migs to get his angry pills on.

28.) 24 Aug 2017 08:22:12
Lost 0.

29.) 24 Aug 2017 08:26:19
I found eds responses in this thread to be sufficient.

30.) 24 Aug 2017 08:39:58
Well that escalated quickly.

31.) 24 Aug 2017 08:51:55
omg I can't believe I just wasted so much time reading that pointless and booooooooring argument. My hangover is now sufficiently worse. Thanks a bunch, Superred. The game was a lot of fun, but it's been obvious for ages that our defense needs a few upgrades.

32.) 24 Aug 2017 09:01:36
Ed1. Always glad to read your views, as a fan of the club. Do you think Ward has been kept back with a view to getting him first team football? What are your thoughts on Ward, and if not him do you (or the club, while we're on the subject) have a view on who we could or should be looking at?

Ta in advance.


{Ed001's Note - that was what Ward was told, so I would hope he will get a shot soon. I think he showed he was good enough last season to deserve a chance. I am disappointed to see him outside the squad to be honest.}

33.) 24 Aug 2017 09:07:55
I was just trying to make the point that that great teams do not have average goalkeepers, and Mignolet has reverted to being an average keeper, in spite of his improvement in the second half of last season. Without that improvement I would have been calling for a replacement throughout the summer.

34.) 24 Aug 2017 09:37:10
The only keeper we should target is Jack Butland, going to cost a fortune but outside the top 3 he is and will be a top top keeper and could have a good 10 years plus in him for us.

35.) 24 Aug 2017 09:38:14
I think Ward could potentially be that improvement. Haven't seen enough of Karius to know if he could be. But will do no harm to rotate them a bit and see who comes out on top.

36.) 24 Aug 2017 09:39:42
I'm not migs biggest fan and have wanted him replaced for a while and although he did start to produce better performances at the bed of last year that really doesn't make a huge amount of difference in my eyes in terms of his long term position as out number 1. That being said I do find it slightly hard on the lad to criticise his performance last night. yeah he dropped on ridiculous cross that could of led to worse but never bit in regards to the goals I'd have to put the blame on our back 4 and again they were shocking at defending again last night, the young lad TAA will undoubtedly be a great player for us but he has a lot to learn in his positional play as he was caught out quite a few times with a switch of play and this isn't me having a go at him . it's the others Matip lovren and moreno the latter has improved but him being caught out of position again for the goal I could go on about this lads problems but there is no need then Matip and lovren it's like they have never met each other, no communication no leadership the list goes on. Our back 4 will cost us more goals through individual errors than migs will and I'm praying to god we manage to get someone of the ilk of VVD or thè likes who can boss and organise our back line as I don't think we our to far away from being a real force again.

37.) 24 Aug 2017 09:49:03
Currently have 3 first team keepers under age of 30 and over 23 in the squad. If we can't find a good keeper from the 3 and the competition between them then there needs to be a drastic change. Questions I'd have over Butland are injury record recently not good and as with Pickford he is potential seen through weaker sides. How he copes with a top 4 side is still another thing.

38.) 24 Aug 2017 10:02:34
Ed1 is on a rageerrrr haha jokes, spot on with everything though.

Superred you are confusing sufficient with significant.
4-2 wasn’t "enough to take us through". It was more than enough and a significant statement from the team of "we won’t hold back to defend a lead and will look to continue to score for 90+ minutes"
There is no such thing as 'putting the game to bed' with the way we play in a sense because we know we will always concede goals.

Anyway moving away from that - Migs is reminding me of the fantasticlu brilliant Welsh Xavi! I never rated him except for a few performances along with many fans, yet for some reason the manager seemed to be in love with him and start him every bloody game for reasons unbeknown to everybody else.

39.) 24 Aug 2017 09:55:30
I feel dirty and ashamed but I am now prepared to admit that I put Karius in my dream team in a deluded hope that he would start the season and be a revelation.

Can I also just say "sufficient", as I feel that it hasn't been said enough in this thread.

40.) 24 Aug 2017 10:21:22
It's great to have a fantastic attack.

But it does not make up for a dodgy defence. Once you let in a soft goal, the whole team gets nervy. Then you let in another - and after that it may not matter how many you score. See Bournemouth last season for reference.

LFC is playing Russian roulette fielding some of the players that we did at the back yesterday. Luckily we played a team that was overawed by the occasion. That won't be the case in the group stages.

41.) 24 Aug 2017 10:26:03
Migs is not good enough. End of. He is a nice bloke, but needs to be gone.
Shot stopping should be a given if you are a keeper.
Command, distribution and communication is what set top keepers apart. Migs has none of them attributes.

42.) 24 Aug 2017 11:23:42
There has been a sufficient amount said about migs. Let's just leave it there.

43.) 24 Aug 2017 13:04:22
Migs has indeed reverted back to his pathetic indecisiveness after showing improvement last season to wards the end there. He prolly is becoming too comfortable, thinking that the job is now his. I always said that Karius should have been given a chance, a true go at the job BUT the so called "LFC supporters" aided and abetted a pathetic manc pundit (along with blithering scouser named Carra) to bully him for making two mistakes (while they waved away the numerous ones Migs had made in the past) instead of supporting him in his time of despair. They turned on him and Migs got the job. Karius should have been given a true go as the boy is clearly talented and better than Migs in several depts. already and preseason showed that. Well, I hope such people are happy now. I say, sell Migs next summer and go with Ward and Karius.

44.) 24 Aug 2017 13:05:18
I said on here when he was at Aberdeen on loan ward was our best goalie. Mugs may pull off more spectacular saves (? ) But as an all round package ward deserves the chance now. He should now be Wales number one and klopp is damaging his career, give him a shot at it or at least get him a top loan.

45.) 24 Aug 2017 13:05:51
What about Kasper? Could we get him in? I guess he is going to want to follow in his dads footsteps and go to United, but I reckon he could be good for us.

46.) 24 Aug 2017 13:05:51
Superred, do you think the coaching staff at any football club say, well we won, it was sufficient, so let's not bother reviewing the game, looking where we need to improve the team. Absolutely not, people strive for greatness and part of that process is understanding what parts need improving, regardless if the whole result is 'sufficient' enough. SAF won a final once and ripped into his players, all fans on this page are doing is analysing the game, including the bad parts. I suggest you try that, doesn't mean they aren't happy with the win, or happy with some great performances, there's just wise enough to notice where we need to improve.

47.) 24 Aug 2017 14:19:12
I feel bad for ward πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™he must feel really frustrated. atleast rotate and see how karius does dammit. this guys not good enough to be number one. number1 should always give his all. and if i meet lovren this week im kicking his arse. he was so shit. edd can you give your opinion on match?

48.) 24 Aug 2017 14:45:29
Getting back to the Leon Goretzka rumour. Somoneone put 2+2 together for 5 when they saw an instagram image of him watching our game last night whilst on his patio. I cannot see any other reason for this rumour.

49.) 24 Aug 2017 15:06:05
I've always thought (and still do) think Klopp is good at picking players and developing them. I've always liked the way he can sign a player that others aren't keen on and make them better. That is why the Mignolet situation baffles me. If he has more faith in Migs than Karius and Ward then he must think they're shocking. Ward imo should be given a chance.

50.) 24 Aug 2017 15:22:43
My missus would be an ideal goalie for our great club. she likes to be heard, she's good with her hands, and very commanding with anything in her box. Move over migs.

51.) 24 Aug 2017 15:34:25
This goalkeeping issue needs sorting, as still don't understand why Ward is not either out on loan again or at least making the match day squad and tbh, I'd be happy him starting, especially with Migs dip in form this season. Right now, both our 'reserve' keepers must be being frustrated, unless their displays in training are worse than Migs is performing on the pitch!

52.) 24 Aug 2017 15:23:52
It's clear that Migs doesn't have the mentality to sustain his best form for a long period of time. This always happens though, every time he wins back a starting spot, he plays well for a period of time but eventually falls back into his usual self. I want to see Karius, or even Ward given a go in the cup games.

53.) 24 Aug 2017 16:50:52
Getting back on track. I believe Karius needs a decent chance. He was bought in to be our number 1 and got slated too easily. He wasn't great at first but it takes a while for foreign players (especially gks) to settle in. Karius looks unbeatable in training.

I like Ward also but still don't think he is at cl level. GK was an area I hoped we would strengthen this summer but additional players seems very unlikely now. A guy posted last week that on the Thursday after hoffenhiem we would be announcing new players, nearly passed out when I saw photo shopped picture of kieta and no8 shirt.

54.) 24 Aug 2017 18:23:50
Made up with the win last night, and excited to have more great atmospheres to look forward to too this season.
Lots to be positive about, with a good CL group, the fact that sallah has settled so well (Chelsea must be going nuts) and the owners demonstrating that they're not just in it for the money by keeping pipco.
I think we're definitely in need of a better 'keeper than mings with our aspirations, and a new centre half to go with matip. Ihink Can was brilliant last night so I'm less concerned about missing out on keita.
I hope ward gets a chance soon.

55.) 24 Aug 2017 18:33:49
By the time this gets posted I think this thread may have been archived.

Ed1,ta for response. Always pleased to have your unique input, especially as a fellow red.

Go you think perhaps the manager is giving Migs and Karius an opportunity to prove themselves (which seems fair as senior players) and at the same time possibly making Ward feel he has to keep working on last season's good work, rather than walking into the squad? Seems a bit school boyish, but I would be happy with that take by Klopp.

On another note, is there someone that goes down the site just issuing a thmbs down at random? It was a simple enough question?

{Ed001's Note - possibly. I think he has just painted himself into a corner though.}

56.) 24 Aug 2017 23:43:15
On second thoughts maybe that's not a helpful discussion to have on here.

57.) 24 Aug 2017 23:42:14
Is it just me, Ed1, or do I glean that you do not hold Klopp in the same regard as you did before he was appointed LFC manager?

{Ed001's Note - I still think he is the right man for the job, but he is just a human being and will not get everything right. I just want to see him learn from his mistakes.}

58.) 25 Aug 2017 04:57:22
In my opinion Ward seems to have the mentality to be really good. I'd really like to see him get given a shot in the EPL.




Volvic orange's banter posts with other poster's replies to Volvic orange's banter posts


13 Mar 2018 19:16:39
Ed 001 what's your thoughts on de Rossi as a player? Was he ever world class? Could he have ever left Roma to a much better club?

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - Roma are a big club like but yes he could have left a few times to go to more competitive clubs. Depends on what you see as world class, he has certainly been in the top 10 defensive midfielders when he was younger. Very decent centre half too.}

1.) 13 Mar 2018 19:41:12
I was thinking of asking this question too. Also di natale. I thought he hit his peak much later in his career but was a class player.

{Ed001's Note - I don't really know a lot about him to be honest. Playing for Udinese (when I remember him) I never really got to see him play. The times I watched Udine was to see Alexis Sanchez.}

2.) 13 Mar 2018 22:32:15
Loved De Rossi who joined TRoma as a 20 yr old in 2003 and in his prime, was a class player. He could break up play, pass, score, shoot with either foot and as Ed said, a more than capable CB.

As for DiNatale, he was also a gem. One of the few players in Serie A that was universally adored by ALL fans of all the clubs. He scored foals for fun thru out his Udinese career and he was like a GK in that, the older he got, the more he scored. Had a chance to go to bigger clubs like Juve BUT chose to stay at Udinese thru out his career, I think. And if Sanchez is who he is today, it is cos of Di Natale as they played together for a couple of hyears (when Sanchez was in his early 20's) . One of the Serie A's all time greats and a true gentleman!

3.) 14 Mar 2018 00:11:45
Di Natale was a very good player, very underrated. Shame he never got too much of a look in with the Italian national team due to having to compete for a spot with players like Totti.

4.) 14 Mar 2018 03:13:35
Ed001 I think you can watch united to see how Sanchez fair now?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, but back then he was a little known kid from Chile and I was interested to see how he got on as he was seen as the big name for the future before moving to Italy. Not done too bad for himself.}



02 Mar 2018 10:23:10
Ed ...................

Volvic orange

{Ed002's Note - Try the MU page - THIS IS THE LIVERPOOL PAGE.}



02 Feb 2018 19:45:08
Ed 001 what's your opinion on Marco reus? Was he ever world class? And is he finished now because of injuries or do you think there's still a top player there.

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - he never reached that level for me. He was a very good young player but he has lost the chance to reach the level he could have now. I doubt he will ever be able to be top class now.}

1.) 03 Feb 2018 05:24:15
It's a shame that injuries has robbed him of his chances to be top class, very similar to Studge in that regard. Both cracking young players with potential, but sadly ruined by injuries.



31 Jan 2018 22:22:19
Ed 001 you able to give us any details of how this came about? It seems so out of the blue did we only approach Hoffenheim today?

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - Klopp decided we needed to move forward our attempts to sign a midfielder, as the midfield has been struggling. He doesn't feel Keita will be enough to make the difference on his own, so we had a little dabble for one. Looks like we just left it too late.}

1.) 31 Jan 2018 22:48:34
As per usual anyways should have enough if the front three and henderson stay fit.

2.) 31 Jan 2018 22:52:39
It was obvious last week that we needed to sign another midfielder. Why did he suddenly decide that? I love klopp and everything he's done for us, but some of his decisions are seriously questionable.

{Ed001's Note - performances have proved the need, plus we were busy with other players that the club tried to sign.}

3.) 31 Jan 2018 22:59:31
As per usual then! When will we learn we need to have more than 1 target!

4.) 31 Jan 2018 23:35:56
Sounds a mess, to leave efforts to sign a player too late, because of other targets we couldn't sign anyway?

5.) 31 Jan 2018 23:45:49
As I thought, nothing.

That will be how we are at season end : Nothing.

6.) 01 Feb 2018 01:48:08
Really that's interesting ed001 .

as I suggested would we possibly look to rush one through late a few days ago and was massively shot down by ed002 why would we do this and sign a player he doesn't want etc etc . and I'm sure there was something along the lines of I don't grasp it and never will . you be made my misery of no signings a little less knowing I can grasp it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰.

{Ed001's Note - I worded that badly after a long day. I should have said that it was a player Klopp is interested in that became available so he decided to see if a deal could be done earlier than intended. More like Wijnaldum than a panic deal, a player Klopp wants becomes an unexpected option. He was not 'rushing it through' or it would have been done, there was plenty of time to make it happen.}

7.) 01 Feb 2018 06:44:35
Morning ed. Did we plan a Summer bid for him mate? Just with you saying "earlier than intended" .

{Ed001's Note - he was one of the possibilities for strengthening midfield in the summer yes.}

8.) 01 Feb 2018 13:46:19
Ed001 it's ok pal. Knew what you was meaning, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to try and have a little fun at the expense of ed002 that's all. we all know how brutal said ed can be at times. No harm intended of course

Big up to all you eds on here I know it doesn't seem like it at times but the work you put in is really apprieated by us fans. even you ed002 πŸ˜—.



15 Jan 2018 20:55:06
Ed 001 what is your opinion on Carlos tevez? Ever wanted him at Liverpool? Could he have been one of the best if he wasn't such an idiot?

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - when he arrived in England I would have taken him all day long, he was far too good to be involved in a relegation battle and worked incredibly hard for the team too. He was one of the best for a short period. Shame he was such a dick and all about money. Plus he had the worst agents of all who were not interested in his wellbeing or what was best for him.}

1.) 16 Jan 2018 07:28:08
Ironically his then agent, was Kia Jorabchian, the now agent of a certain Phil Coutinho.

{Ed001's Note - exactly.}




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15 Jul 2017 15:49:46
Ed 001 is there someone's opinion who you trust that has seen him play?

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{Ed001's Note - one who just said it was a bit early to judge him but did like what he saw of the player.}



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13 Mar 2017 19:00:16
Could you explain further what you mean by that? How has he been fake?

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - he pretends to be one of the fans and love the club, then dumps on it behind the scenes.}



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11 Mar 2017 19:26:05
Ok no worries, Where do you rate our best starting 11 on paper by individual ability compared to others in the league? City look so strong I think on paper and will only get better in the summer which is worrying.

Volvic orange

{Ed001's Note - City look strong because they have spent a lot of money but they still can't defend. They can be got at, if the opposition is brave enough. Their is not one player in the back four, nor a quality keeper, in that squad. They also are weak in midfield, Yaya only bothers when he feels like it, De Bruyne, Sterling and Sane are very hit and miss.
As for us, we are up there, in terms of ability, the front three are among the best in the league and Lallana has plentiful ability too. It is not ability that matters over a long term basis as much as the desire, drive and hunger to perform. At the top end, there is very little to choose between any players in terms of ability, often there are players with just as much ability in the lower leagues too. The difference is how hard they work off the pitch, the will to win, no matter what is a huge factor in success.}