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08 Jul 2018 09:29:09
Morning Ed1, hope you're well? Can I ask whether you think we'll go back in for Fekir or if you think we've moved on from him

I only ask because everything Aulas keeps saying suggests it's over.

Thanks in advance.


{Ed001's Note - nothing has changed as far as I am aware.}

1.) 08 Jul 2018 10:15:00
He said the same thing about Lacazette last summer. The guy just loves to talk rubbish to anyone willing to listen.

2.) 08 Jul 2018 10:19:41
Sorry to jump in edd001 so do you think we still might go back in for him?

{Ed001's Note - yes, it still seems the most likely outcome. The lad wants the move, Lyon are willing to sell and Klopp wants him to join.}

3.) 08 Jul 2018 11:18:40
But his knee injury ed. We should steer clear.

Never sign someone who has had a acl, ox and ings are a little bit of proof.

It. doesn't matter wether is called over cautious. But someone who wants to turn like he does and not use to the league and in a pressing team like ours, it's got a high chance of reoccurring

Be frustrating to have ox and him out at the same time when we could of avoided it.

{Ed001's Note - when the only worry is the injury, I would say that makes him a good gamble worth taking, personally.}

4.) 08 Jul 2018 10:53:23
Aulas is doing right by his club and wanting the most for his club, you can’t argue with that. His methods are unorthodox but he gets what he wants which is a very good deal for Lyon. A tricky customer but if we want Fekir as much as Keita and VVD I trust the club to get it done.

P. s. he is also trying to drum up interest for a better deal, we all do the same if we are selling something so why should it be different for a player.

5.) 08 Jul 2018 10:53:23
Aulas is doing right by his club and wanting the most for his club, you can’t argue with that. His methods are unorthodox but he gets what he wants which is a very good deal for Lyon. A tricky customer but if we want Fekir as much as Keita and VVD I trust the club to get it done.

P. s. he is also trying to drum up interest for a better deal, we all do the same if we are selling something so why should it be different for a player.

6.) 08 Jul 2018 11:20:12
To be honest, I think Aulas comments are him trying to test us again for another bid, he knows what he’s doing, can play hard ball all he wants but it’s clear he wants to sell Fekir, absolutely obvious he does, just wants to make himself look good beforehand, getting tired of the Fekir saga though I must say.

7.) 08 Jul 2018 13:22:30
Not when it's the knees. There season and career enders.

You would put 60 mil on him not suffering another acl in the next 5 season's with us?

Ings came 2 months into career, oxs 10 months.

It's to big of an injury to shake off as a gamble. It hits and he's gone for a season minimum. They usually follow with ankle and muscle problems after. We didn't see ings for 2 season's. The ox were not being for at least 12 months. Once he is back unfortunately he will suffer another Injury, probably muscle related.

Muscle problems you can always hope there down to the poor fitness programme and such but knees, ankles and back are impossible to overcomes even through excessive pain medication etc.

8.) 08 Jul 2018 14:33:40
Kloppsboss - have you seen the medical results and has chance to analyse them? Assuming the answer is no you're just making assumptions. Knee injuries Can be career enders but you have no idea what's happening with this knee.

9.) 08 Jul 2018 15:51:42
Wasn’t it us messing Lyon about with payment structures rather than the medical that stalled the talks?

10.) 08 Jul 2018 16:04:51
It's nothing to do with the medical my obnoxious friend.

He has already suffered an acl. I'm saying once a player has had an acl you should steer well clear.

Recently we have been bitten twice by that in ings and ox. Both suffered acl, we sign them, put them in klopps press and they both got hit again, Danny boy got hit twice.

It's just not a 60million pound gamble worth making.

{Ed002's Note - Why did Liverpool waste all of that time then? You are making the club sound more stupid than the fans.}

11.) 08 Jul 2018 16:21:49
I trust ed001 on this. None of us know what happened for real, if it is the knee, there will not be detailed info on Fekirs knee available for us. ACL injury could be careerending, but 98 % of athletes at a top level comes back to their former level. Reinjury is an area where there is produced little research about, but on studio shows a reinjury rate at 5,6 % (just 176 top athletes in the study) . There are big differences in secondary injuries (in ACL injuries), from non to meniscusinjuries, cartilage injuries, tendoninjuries and on and on. The medical staffs are getting better and better in handling these injuries, so if the real problem is Fekirs knee there is either a more complexinjury (most likelydende cartilageinjury), or there is a tactical matter to get the price down (or a different payment structure), or there is a whole different matter that we don't know anything about.

12.) 08 Jul 2018 16:30:41
We have another mystic meg it seems!

{Ed002's Note - It was about the money. That was explained at the time. If a club wishes to buy a player, they make an acceptable offer and everyone is happy.}

13.) 08 Jul 2018 16:52:38
Exactly Ed, some people just look into it more then what it actually is.

14.) 08 Jul 2018 17:14:50
Omg. What are you all on today.

Mr 002 I meant my comment wasn't about the medical not the club's decision why they pulled the transfer

As for the stats behind it, all I know is the medical staff did wonders for the ox and they could do nothing to prevent the acl from returning, nor could they when Danny's hit against Tottenham for the second time with us. Both came in self inflicted non worrying situations

As for your stats is that all of athletes from any sport because if it includes golf then it's going to sqiff he results a bit or are they including gks etc? Or is it just prem based because Torres had 2, ings had 2, ox has had 2.

This is the prem. It's klopps high pressing system. It's intense and fekir is someone who like to turn sharply.

I just wouldn't want to stick 60 mil on it not going again. Would rather make a little safer investment. What's the point in having fekir but he's out injured?

{Ed002's Note - You really should not post on matters such as this as you are justting caught up in a web of dribble.}

15.) 08 Jul 2018 17:30:42
Fair enough ed. Will steer clear in the future.

Fekir has never suffered an acl and unlike ox and Danny ings who both suffered secondary ones, he will not.

We should invest 60 million because there is absolutely no chance of another knee injury.

Apologies for getting involved with my silly comments!

16.) 08 Jul 2018 17:32:30
Also ed I am well aware the club are trying to get the price lower by complaining about the medical. I completely understand that.

I'm talking from a fact point of view. He has had a acl. There's more chance of it returning that not. Is it worth a 60 million pound investment to find out?

{Ed002's Note - Well obviously Liverpool thought it was - otherwise why waste their tiem and effort on the player?}

17.) 08 Jul 2018 18:03:04
I know the club thought it was, I'm just saying in my opinion I don't think it is a risk worth taking, that is all. As ings and the ox proved.

Thanks for the dialogue though dude/ dudet :)

18.) 08 Jul 2018 19:49:24
Hi ed01 I was just wondering whether or not you see Fekir as a guaranteed. Obviously, that's down to Klopp but I think the majority see him walking straight into the startin XI. I for one, don't see it this way I think Jordan Henderson is going to rise to the occassion and take up a place in the midfield 3 with Keita and Fabinho. Fabinho will definitely play as the deepest lying midfielder and Keita will be our box to box player. Ok I definitely see Fekir as a better attacking option and more of a goal threat than Henderson but Jordan will make our midfield harder to penetrate and he'll be able to slot in easier if Fab or Keita get caught out of position. That midfield would screen our back four quite adequately in my opinion and still leave us with an abundance of attacking options. Plus Jordan will pass the ball earlier which should help improve our fluidity. Sometimes these gifted dribblers like Fekir can tend to hold on tobthe ball a tad too long for my liking. However I would be made up if we do get Fekir and he breaks into the starting XI. Imagine the competition for spots with Ox still to come.

{Ed001's Note - nothing is guaranteed.}

19.) 08 Jul 2018 20:04:25
Thanks ed 01 Not the response I was looking for but never the less quick and honest.

20.) 08 Jul 2018 18:55:32
Any player can rupture anything at anytime. Why waste time and money on anyone if you think like that? The club, the people who have looked in to such things and have thought long and hard about whether it is a risk, or not, have decided that he is worth it. That should be enough. It's not your cash, try not to worry about how much is spent, and on whom.

21.) 08 Jul 2018 21:02:10
Kloppsboss - his ACL has only gone once, a year later he had a slight issue with his knee but he was only out for 3 weeks so not a serious one. Although his next knee injury came 5 months later and he was out for 1 month.

So far he hasn't reinjured his ACL keeping him out for too long, and he is still able to play the way he does.
If he only misses 1 month a season then it’s a lot better than if he kept rupturing his ligament and being out for half a season or more.

He was probably more likely to get injured during the world cup if it was as bad as you think.
He didn’t get many minutes and had to go full tempo straight away to keep up with the rest of the team when he did get on the pitch instead of warming into the game directly after a long warmup phase, that could have resulted in him stressing his knee with his movements but it hasn't :)
Wasnt finisged but lost my train of thought here so ima press send xD.

22.) 08 Jul 2018 21:02:50
ACLs were a huge issue years ago not anymore. Within the last 15 years there are numerous examples of players coming back from ACL injuries and excelling. van Nistelrooy, Keane, Shearer, there is loads more recent ones but too many beers this pm!

Had both knees done myself and came back stronger on both occasions albeit just at Irish League level. Fekir will sign Lyon are just being their usual hardselves to deal with.

23.) 08 Jul 2018 22:15:47
Alex oclade Chamberlain has just redone his after similar time boys. Like a few months ago. He's out till next year. Medical science has come on?

Danny ings did his twice, one whilst having a full rehabilitation programme under us.

Both did them in not obvious situations.

All I'm saying is its like would you rather buy a puppy or a dog that bit it's last owner on the arse. Sure it might never happen again but is it worth the risk?

They do have a high percentage of reoccurring in the prem, we have seen that over the past few years with our boys. Just imagine whacking 60 mil on the kid then fellaini or someone crashes his knee and that's it done. He's gone for the entire season.

Acl can happen to any player but your hedging your bets by buying someone who has never had one.

Pulisic for example. As good, huge love from klopp me

Or brandt. I just don't feel fekir is at that level where your like his quality just negates every bit of risk. Like a mbpape would or something. He's a good player but in the bracket of a lot of similar players.

I'm not wishing anything on him just more from a different perspective really couldn't stand going for him over a brandt or pulisic and then he is out for the season.

24.) 08 Jul 2018 23:36:03
nobody on this site has seen Fekir's medicals. The truth is we don't know had bad his knee is, and how likely a problem is to happen. That's why you pay professionals you trust to give you their opinion. Our recruitment was very poor before klopp arrived. If his knee checks out and he is a player we like, then we should try to find an agreement with Lyon. Simple as that.

25.) 09 Jul 2018 00:21:18
I actually agree with your opinion of recurrence Kloppsboss and there seems to be some facts to back it up which I have pasted below. What I think is that we have no idea what went on in medical but I am certain they are aware of the past injury, we do not know what the club plans are for the player, we are not football managers with detailed knowledge and experience at the highest level. We need to trust the club to make expensive decisions and simply welcome and support him if he arrives. If the lad gets injured again then so be it. but if he scores the winner in the next CL final. pay the price!

Paste:: Applies to US Football

Copied from US National Library of Medicine


Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a severe event for a footballer, but it is unclear if the knee injury rate is higher on returning to football after ACL injury.


To study the risk of knee injury in elite footballers with a history of ACL injury compared with those without.


The Swedish male professional league (310 players) was studied during 2001. Players with a history of ACL injury at the study start were identified. Exposure to football and all time loss injuries during the season were recorded prospectively.


Twenty four players (8%) had a history of 28 ACL injuries in 27 knees (one rerupture) . These players had a higher incidence of new knee injury of any type than the players without ACL injury (mean (SD) 4.2 (3.7) v 1.0 (0.7) injuries per 1000 hours, p  =  0.02). The risk of suffering a knee overuse injury was significantly higher regardless of whether the player (relative risk 4.8, 95% confidence interval 2.0 to 11.2) or the knee (relative risk 7.9, 95% confidence interval 3.4 to 18.5) was used as the unit of analysis. No interactive effects of age or any other anthropometric data were seen.


The risk of new knee injury, especially overuse injury, was significantly increased on return to elite football after ACL injury regardless of whether the player or the knee was used as the unit of analysis.

26.) 09 Jul 2018 07:59:18
Kloppboss and RedalLover. I wrote you a reply, but manged to post it on the trend believe this one.

27.) 09 Jul 2018 18:23:17
Like you say, this study is from 2001 and the sample size isn't really big enough to provide an accurate conclusion.
Rehabilitation techniques have significantly improved in 17 years so I would suggest this data is not appropriate to today's game.

28.) 09 Jul 2018 19:46:39
Bit late to this party but didn’t van nistlerooy’s original transfer to United get put on hold due to him rupturing his ACL? It pains me to say it still but he came back from that to have a long and successful career. injuries happen all the time, but it doesn’t mean a player can’t reach potential, look how good Fekir’s season was last year, he was incredible.



09 Jun 2018 17:11:37
Evening Ed1, to break the tedium regarding the will he/ won't he Fekir saga I was wondering if there was anything new regarding the apparent pursuit of Shaqiri? Are we definitely interested? Thanks in advance buddy, hope you're having a good weekend.


{Ed001's Note - I don't know anything about it at all or of any interest.}

1.) 09 Jun 2018 17:18:34
Read it was just his agent drumming up interest and nothing more.

2.) 09 Jun 2018 17:46:41
Thanks for the reply Ed, and thanks Banjo.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

3.) 09 Jun 2018 19:16:40
im not sure, I think this one might have some legs. little legs granted.

4.) 09 Jun 2018 19:22:45
FEKIR deal off.

5.) 09 Jun 2018 22:18:24
Ed002 - and he whimpers like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl a lot. Wow. Showing your true colours there.



17 Nov 2017 13:53:47
Afternoon ed2, I have a question re the players mentioned in the sharks pod if you don't mind?
Would it be safe to assume that if no more than Can and Coutinho leave (and we do end up with Gomes) we're only going to sign one of Meyer, Lamar, Brandt and Draxler (assuming we manage to get any of them)?


{Ed002's Note - I can’t make assumptions like that. Liverpool will look to get rid of Markovic in January for reasons I explained.}

1.) 17 Nov 2017 21:58:51
OK, thanks for answering Ed.



07 Nov 2017 09:13:44
Morning Ed1, you mentioned recently that Klopp wants vvd but the club is also looking at alternatives. Out of interest, how many cb's do you think we'd want? And how many are we looking to move on?



{Ed001's Note - we only want to get one in January mate, not offload any, just bring one in.}

1.) 07 Nov 2017 09:36:09
OK thanks mate. Do you think Klopp would be on board with getting alternatives or is he still set on getting vvd?

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on if the scouting team can produce a reasonable option or not.}

2.) 07 Nov 2017 10:09:08
Any news on Danny Ings leaving? It needs to happen. hed do a good job at Newcastle, Bournemouth someone like that. he's not going to get a sniff at liverpool.

{Ed002's Note - A number of clubs are keen on taking him on loan.}

3.) 07 Nov 2017 13:27:05
Hope it’s Huddersfield - they need a goal scorer and he could do some damage to our competition!

4.) 07 Nov 2017 14:58:57
I hope Ings goes on loan to Newcastle. I think he'd be the perfect forward on the shoulder to chase down every single ball played in behind by Shelvey. He'll even go after lost causes. Newcastle are in dire need of a striker and I'd love to help Rafa out as well. I think it's a good fit for all parties.

5.) 08 Nov 2017 10:42:40
Would love to see us make an attempt to get Gimenez from Atletico. Do we have any more information on his contract situation at Madrid? I think adding that little bit of South American snide/ street smart would really make a difference to our attitude to defending.

{Ed002's Note - His contract has not been agreed and clubs are speaking to Atletico. He is not one of the centre backs Liverpool has enquired after and I would put him out of your mind.}

6.) 08 Nov 2017 11:20:10
Ed spot on info as usual mate. Am ai right in assuming De Vrij and Howedes are 2 that we have enquired about?

{Ed002's Note - Not really. De Vrij and Schuurs but Benedikt Howedes becomes viable if Juventus don't take up their option - and they could potentially let him go in January if all parties were to agree as they are looking to a replacement (although they are looking at a pre-contract in January but could be forced in to a purchase).

7.) 08 Nov 2017 14:08:43
Cheers ed

I like the look of Upamecano from Rbl but I think no interest at this stage.

Schuurs was with us on loan if I remember and impressed at U18 level. He is one for the futre no doubt?

I guess a lot can change between now and January as regards to who us available.

{Ed002's Note - January is not a good time to plan to buy.}



24 Oct 2017 16:39:35
Hi Ed1, have you heard anything from your sources that suggest Klopp is likely to shake up the team or formation this week? Something needs to change.

Thanks in advance.


{Ed001's Note - nothing yet mate, but I never ask about teams etc as I was asked not to mention stuff like that on the site by the club a few years back. If I don't know I can't let something slip!}

1.) 24 Oct 2017 17:58:37
I think we should change formation to 5-3-2 personally and try TAA and Moreno as wing backs with cb's of Gomez, Lovren and Matip. Then play Henderson, Wijnaldum and Couts deep with Firmino and Sturridge (or Solanke) up top.

It couldn't be worse than the 2-6-3 we currently play.

Also, I hope Ward gets the start this weekend but I'm not holding my breath. I like Klopp but he seems stubborn.

2.) 24 Oct 2017 19:26:38

3.) 24 Oct 2017 20:36:04
Lovren and Klavan should be nowhere near the starting 11 ever again.

4.) 24 Oct 2017 21:19:51
Lovren? really? Yeah solve our defensive problem by having more of our crap defenders on the pitch at the same time! Funny :)

5.) 25 Oct 2017 00:39:11
We can't play 3 at back cos we only have 4 centre backs with one of them Gomez is stand in right back also one injury an we are badly exposed we would have too play klavan if any injuries, or Can as a emergency centre back, perfectly illustrating wasted summer transfer window.

6.) 25 Oct 2017 07:06:17
We don't have the quality at CB to play 3. Give karius a run in the team with ward as back up 5 games then throw ward in if no improvement.

Get Milner in at LB or as DM.

7.) 25 Oct 2017 07:50:23
Karius or ward
can Henderson
Coutinho salah
Firmino Sturridge.

8.) 25 Oct 2017 09:16:26
Matip Can Gomez
Trent. Robertson

Wiji. Couts

Salah. Firmino.

9.) 25 Oct 2017 10:29:15
Haha no Salah rednick
Up the pool.

10.) 25 Oct 2017 11:55:41
Milner Gomez matip Moreno
Henderson grujic
Salah sturridge coutihno.

11.) 25 Oct 2017 12:10:53
I think they should employ the 343 and give that a try

Ward/ Karius

Matip/ Gomez/ Lovren (sadly because we have no one else but if I could, I think he needs away from the team after last performance, give him a reason to improve)

TAA/ hendo/ can/ coutinho

Ox/ bobby/ salah

Another possibility would be to try and take matip off too. He knows he is guaranteed starter right now, so isn’t playing as hard as he can. Because he knows he on the team sheet, so just isn’t trying that hard.
I would also chuck ox in to give him a run in a position he wants and try and build up his confidence within the team. Also to give him some gametime. The boy needs it and can atleast play the role abit better among this team. Have Coutinho higher up recently. He is getting confused since he is used to dropping deeper and playing more in the middle/ left and having him up top right now isn’t helping since he is getting used to the more central role. Which is really suiting him. This then allows ox and salah to play further up more and have a little more fluidity up top. And Coutinho actually can drop back when needed. Having the three at the back should help control the game. Allow can to drop more central which allows Lovren abit wider. TAA can cover back is well where hendo can drop deep and Gomez/ matip can cover the wide gaps of any open up.
With the pace we have up top, the team can play counter attack very nice and quick football while still have a defence of 5/ 6 players.

12.) 25 Oct 2017 13:24:36
My team for the Huddersfield match would be:

GK-Loris Karius
RB-Trent Alexander
CB-Joe Gomez
CB-Joel Matip
LB-Alberto Moreno
DM-Emre Can
DM-Jordan Henderson
RM-Oxlade Chamberlain
LM-Philippe Coutinho
FW-Roberto Firmino
FW-Mohamed Salah

Basically a 4-4-2, Mohamed Salah's movement off the ball is fantastic and his first touch and flair are great for a player with that kind of pace, meaning Firmino can be the 2nd striker which i think is his perfect role. But i doubt it, we will probably see Mignolet in the line up, 3 in midfield and if we are going to change something it will probably be the finished Sturridge upfront. (I used to love Sturridge but not i rather see Solanke getting his minutes)

13.) 25 Oct 2017 13:37:13
Play Salah up top with Firmino then as he's played there with previous clubs. Sometimes sticking all your attackers on at once isn't the answer.

Saying stupid things like we should never play Lovren and Klavan again when they make up 50% of our centre backs doesn't help anything though. Poor Klavan didn't even play against Spurs.

Maybe blame a manager who decided to tap up his main cb target and was then too arrogant to try and go for any other targets? No, blame the two cb's who play for us because it's their fault they weren't replaced.

And the guy calling for Milner? Give me a break. He's lost a yard of pace this summer and he only had half a yard to begin with. He has the turning circle of a cruise liner.

And yeah, my bad I forgot Salah at first but his goals aren't exclusively winning us games.

Maybe if we had tried something different against Spurs we wouldn't have lost 4-1. Then again none of you would have anything to moan about then.

14.) 25 Oct 2017 15:02:34
Milner - Gomez - Matip - Moreno
Hendo - Can
Salah - Firmino - Coutinho

We should have a reasonable amount of possession so let Hendo and Can sit deeper to direct the play, and to ensure we have protection for the CBs against the counter attack

Let the fullbacks get forward if there’s space and to provide an overlap to Salah or Coutinho if they cut inside, and to put in decent crosses from out wide

Play Solanke in the box so we have a decent aerial threat and so Huddersfield can’t just pack the defence narrow, and/ or for Firmino/ Coutinho/ Salah to play off as he’s good at hold up play.

15.) 25 Oct 2017 21:41:36

16.) 26 Oct 2017 07:09:55
Thing is, all those saying Lovren, Klavan etc shouldn't be anywhere near the team, should we just put a shirt down on the pitch? It is currently irrelevant what we should have done, we have who we have and selection needs to come from them. You can't field a team based on names we should have signed in August.




RedNick's banter posts with other poster's replies to RedNick's banter posts


11 Jul 2018 07:21:36
Reading some of the comments and replies on this site is embarrassing. It makes me embarrassed to be a Liverpool fan. It makes me feel bad for the Eds and it makes me pray that this site is inundated with teenagers because if some of the cretins are adults then it makes me sad for the state of our society. There's lots of users this post doesn't apply to but there's many of you whose negative rhetoric I can't stand. You slag off Henderson, Lovren, Milner (until he started to play well) and anyone else who you decide shouldn't be in YOUR club. Then you tack YNWA on the end of your posts like it means something to you? And it makes me wonder if some of you actually know what it means?

That's before we even consider the crap a lot of you have given Karius. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you were the ones sending his death threats because you come across so immature when you get excited behind your keyboards.

I hate to say this but I'm fed up of reading the same sh! t day after day.


1.) 11 Jul 2018 07:26:06
Spot on mate, very well said.

2.) 11 Jul 2018 07:36:35
Thanks Salah mate. I just read everything that was put on here last night and I'd just had enough of it.

3.) 11 Jul 2018 07:38:09
Fair points, except the death threats. Surely none on here are that bad? Then again, the Ed's must delete a lot of crap we don't get to see, so maybe you're right.

4.) 11 Jul 2018 07:54:52
I noticed a lot who come on here with there hate, only post when they want to jump on sum1 back, they coudnt wait 4 karius to make a mistake, and then turned on ed2 for no reason, i will never slate a liverpool player for a mistake, i will support and get behind every player, end of the day its up2 klopp who he picks and want.

{Ed001's Note - the problem is some people do not understand the difference between criticism and abuse.}

5.) 11 Jul 2018 07:47:27
It's just shocking Nick to see some of the comments on here mate. People calling him a clown etc, is there really any need? it does my head in too mate. Thankfully we still have some fans who know what the word support means.

{Ed025's Note - i think we have to stop being snowflakes salah, is it so despicable for supporters to voice their opinion that they think a player is not good enough to be picked in their team?, if its nasty abusive personal stuff then ok you have a point but lets not tar everyone with an opinion with the same brush, next thing will be that its considered a hate crime if you say a player should be dropped!, the PC brigade will be having a field day mate..

6.) 11 Jul 2018 08:10:08
Yea ed1 and there was a lot of abuse last night that i had to stop coming on here as it was making me angry, and didn't want to post something i regret,

{Ed001's Note - it is sickening to edit too. I fully understand why you get angry. I just end up not replying to anything some days to avoid saying the wrong thing. No point getting angry or the idiots have won anyway.}

7.) 11 Jul 2018 08:06:54
I have to say, couldn’t agree more and reading some of the knee jerk reaction comments to a fumble of a free
Kick is ridiculous. IN A FRIENDLY

Now more than ever I feel so sorry for the Ed’s! The amount of BS they have to receive, filter through, read and respond to must be infuriating and I don’t know how you do it, the posts at the moment RE: LK are disgusting and embarrassing. That’s just the ones that have been allowed through.

Look at the facts. Karius In stats was improving and kept a notable amount of clean sheets, he did have a bad a start but in my opinion could be down to Klopp and his indecisive approach to the number 1. Once he was number one we looked more assured and stable at the back.
The final he had a brain injury which was confirmed by a highly trained and Recognised doctor.

Not promoting it but why not throw Milner under the same bus for his mistake in the 2nd goal? Maybe we should just sell everyone as soon as they make a mistake. For their own good you know. Or send them all out on loan As soon as they make a mistake. For their own good and in the spirit of YNWA.

Navas, Alison, Butland were all quoted as an improvement. Not in a million years are any of them better than LK. Did you watch the World Cup? How about champions league games against Roma. Alison clearly the better of the 3 mentioned above and the mistakes I have seen him
Make in the limited amount of games iv watched, well let’s just say he would be loaned out by now for his own good. And what a charitable thing to do after spending 60-80 mill on a new keeper. There is no easy cheap fix or even a guarantee that if we spend 100 million that there will be no mistakes. It’s football played by humans. Back the man or shut up. Go support another team because the comments I have read this morning doesn’t feel or
Sound like Liverpool supporters comments.

Just to add cause I don’t post very often. Thanks to all the eds. you do an incredible job and it really is appreciated. Love this site and all the work and effort you guys put in is worthy of so much more than just a thanks. But still. Thank you! RESPECT!

{Ed025's Note - i know it was just a friendly redhof but its not as if this was his first faux pas is it?, there have been a catalogue of errors from him since his arrival mate and although i admire loyalty sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit that a player simply is just not good enough..

8.) 11 Jul 2018 08:15:36
Ed25, my issue is that there are some on this site who can't criticise without being personal and abusive.

{Ed025's Note - i dont condone that at all nick, some of it i see as banter but i hate the nasty stuff and refuse to post it mate, i think he needs replacing myself but thats just an opinion on him as a player..

9.) 11 Jul 2018 08:19:37
Yea agree, have a good day ed1 and salah.

10.) 11 Jul 2018 08:19:43
Ed25. You are right to some degree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, rightly so but where I have an issue is people just ranting and spouting non-sense for the sake of it and with out any facts or stats to prove or back up their point.

Fans should be supporters and not fair weather supporters when things are going great, support the team and players. We can’t keep buying new players after one or 2 mistakes. With this abuse that Karius is receiving, which is completely out of proportion to the mistake last night, why would any keeper or player want to play for us.

{Ed025's Note - but there is faith and there is blind faith redhof, i will be honest if he keeps his place there will be no one happier than myself mate.. :)

11.) 11 Jul 2018 08:36:09
Guess we will agree to disagree Ed25. Not so sure about a catalogue of errors though mate. Perhaps It’s my red tinted glasses but I can recall watching Migs in the FA Cup at Anfield thinking that we are screwed for the rest of the season because iv never seen such a bad keeping performance in all my life. After that Karius did make the odd mistake and is far from a world class keeper but my god what an improvement and stats do prove he was one of the better keepers in the league in 2nd half of the season.

It’s not just blind faith, we have seen what he is capable of.

{Ed025's Note - we have seen what hes capable of rehof..and thats the problem.. but each to their own mate..

12.) 11 Jul 2018 08:38:17
Thanks tim you too mate.

Ed25 exactly mate I mean I'm all for people having their opinions on LK but it's the abuse what I'm so against, it's just gone to another level again mate after it'd calmed down somewhat, some people are treating this game like it was another final.

{Ed025's Note - some do go too far salah and myself i just delete them, but if its fair comment and a balanced argument as to why he should not be the No1 choice then i think it only fair that them posts are aired as well mate..

13.) 11 Jul 2018 09:21:25
I thank you Ed25 and the other eds for deleting them kind of comments, unfortunately social media doesn't have Eds to monitor comments, it's bloody disgusting on there mate.

{Ed025's Note - i dont do social media for exactly them reasons salah, its full of keyboard warriors who vent their evil behind a monitor and have no social skills to discuss logically mate..

14.) 11 Jul 2018 10:14:12
Karius for me isn't good enough for us. Neither is mignolet. ward I have no idea. Simple as that.



04 Jul 2018 19:53:26
Ed1, can I ask you your opinion on our current striking options?

Obviously Firmino is our first choice and it appears as though Solanke is seen as the main back up (seems that way to me at least) . With Brewster signing a new deal do you see him being 3rd choice?

If so does that leave Origi and Sturridge surplus to requirements. I haven't included Ings because he wants first team footy.


{Ed001's Note - Sturridge and Ings should be gone this summer. I think Solanke is planned to get a season-long loan, if the right one can be found. At least that was what I was told a while back, not sure if that plan has been re-thought. Brewster is likely to be on the bench and play cup games. Origi is the interesting one, I would expect the pre-season will decide his fate.}

1.) 05 Jul 2018 07:35:32
Ed im a bit surprised Solanke likely a season long loan tbh mate. Especially with Sturridge and Ings being sold on. don't you think we will be a bit light for striker options leaving just Firmino and Brewster, who I understand is struggling to be fit to start the season?

Any chance we might see another one arrive?

{Ed001's Note - Mane and Salah can both play up top and I do expect another attacking player to come in.}

2.) 05 Jul 2018 08:27:09
Ed, I have read a couple of reports in the last few hours seeming to suggest that Origi wants to stay/ is staying. How accurate said reports are is anyone's guess.

{Ed001's Note - it is based on what he has said publicly.}

3.) 05 Jul 2018 08:15:54
If Solanke can get a very good loan, I'd say give Origi one more season to prove he can step up to Champions League level, if he impresses in pre-season. He'll turn 24 next season and it'll be clutching at straws to continue to refer to him as a young striker anymore. So he has to find his stride now.

My fingers are crossed for him but based on what I saw of him at Wolfsburg, his days with us are numbered. He's actually regressed as a player. He's still the best of the 3 players (Solanke and Brewster) on current ability, but being better than players you are about 4 years older than isn't something to shout about.

I don't want to sound like I'm just beating him non-constructively. Obviously he is a good goalscorer, i think he's an under rated dribbler, and he has lots of pace. What he needs to improve is his first touch under pressure (so that his hold up play is better), his work rate has to be better too, and most importantly he needs to get his head up and pick the right pass more frequently. It's now or never with us though.

4.) 05 Jul 2018 08:49:51
Good and fair post MK.

5.) 05 Jul 2018 09:31:04
Ed, another attacking player to arrive, could well be Shaqiri.

{Ed001's Note - I was not referring to him.}

6.) 05 Jul 2018 09:50:59
Thanks for the reply Ed. Were you referring to a player who's initials are NF for the other attacking option?

{Ed001's Note - or similar yes.}

7.) 05 Jul 2018 09:55:36
Spot on mk, totally agree mate.

8.) 05 Jul 2018 11:04:31
I don't think Origi is as bad as people make out. I'd be happy to have him another season.

9.) 05 Jul 2018 12:11:14
Origi is our best option after the first team forwards.

10.) 05 Jul 2018 12:55:28
If ings and ds leave and solanke goes on loan then I'd say we need a new striking option even with origi and brewster.

I'd be okay with origi being given the shot although I'd prefer solanke to be no2.

And agree mk, always thought origi needs to get his head up more. If he could hold the ball up he would be a much, much better player. Something that wasn't discussed in the debate solanke/ origi the other day. Solanke holds the ball up better.



03 Jul 2018 07:03:34
Morning Ed1,

You answered someone the other day and said we may sign 2-3 players in this shorter transfer window.

Would you think the lack of activity (for want of a better phrase) since Fabinho is because all of our primary targets are at the World Cup still (other than Fekir) .

Thanks mate, have a good day.


{Ed001's Note - that doesn't really make that much difference, the agents are still around.}

1.) 03 Jul 2018 07:08:09
Sorry I knocked the mouse button and submitted before I had finished. The clubs are also there to deal with. It is only some players that won't talk to clubs during the World Cup. I think the lack of activity is perceived as newspapers are not making up as much bull, as they are focused on the tournament.

2.) 03 Jul 2018 07:11:00
Wow that was the quickest reply. Thanks Ed.

Is there any update on who we're targeting at all?

{Ed001's Note - nothing seems to have changed mate. Plenty of time left yet though.}

3.) 03 Jul 2018 09:57:25
Fekir is still at the World Cup.

4.) 03 Jul 2018 09:59:17
Cheers Ed.

5.) 03 Jul 2018 11:53:42
Ed001. wahaha. not having time to make up bull. what a comment, what a truth. if they were held accountable for all the ' ', 'imminent deals', 'timeline set to be complete within this week' they reported, I would say their agencies have to close within a month.

how many times did Emre Can have to be given a deadline before he actually signed? Or how many times have we reopened or allow the Fekir deal to completely collapsed already?


{Ed001's Note - true mate. If people would just stop clicking on the bait things would be so much better.}



30 May 2018 22:18:27
Ed1, earlier today you said something along the lines of Butland would only be targeted if Karius hadn't been given up on. Does that mean Butland would be seen as a 2nd choice? Also, if Alisson is more a pipe dream are there any other number ones we may target (Cillesen for example) . Cheers mate.


{Ed001's Note - no Butland would be a joint no 1 to push Karius and step in if Karius makes a mistake. Cillesen, as far as I am aware, is not being considered.}

1.) 31 May 2018 07:28:00
Ed001, do you see the Butland scenario a mistake at this point, or a sensible move considering that you have written previously that midfield and a coutinho replacement are more important signings this summer.

{Ed001's Note - we have to replace Migs either way, as he wants to leave. So no, we need a keeper.}

2.) 31 May 2018 08:56:52
Sure. Cheers Ed001, of course we need to replace mingolet, I guess I was asking more specifically for your opinion on whether you think a competition for Karius keeper ( Butland ) is a better move this summer in particular, considering we need to strengthen other areas over just biting the bullet and chasing Alisson? I have a preference for the competition for Karius option this summer.

{Ed001's Note - if it was my personal preference, I have always believed the keeper is the key position and you have to get the best you can find. So I would prefer us to get Alisson or Oblak or similar, rather than the competition option.}



15 Apr 2018 11:54:16
Ed1, a question if you're around. What has been the most pleasant surprise for you this season: The Ox turning into a real player before our eyes or Milner rolling back the years? What do you think has contributed to them being so effective. Is it Klopp's coaching?


{Ed001's Note - the Ox has been the better one for me, simply because it was a big gamble to pay so much for a player in his final year of contract.

As for the effectiveness, it is coaching, having set, simple tactics they can understand and work with, as well as the basic of playing to their strengths. If you ask a player to do something they can't do, they will look terrible no matter how good they actually are. Klopp tries to suit the tactics and the player together.}

1.) 15 Apr 2018 12:26:09
Also, being stuck under Wenger for so many years he can't have learnt much when he needed it most, in recent years, how many players has Wenger actually improved? Walcott, Ox, Wilshere, bellerin, chambers all supposed to be the next big thing, but none have pushed on since being teenagers.

2.) 15 Apr 2018 13:11:56
Spot on, Ed. Coaching matters, end of. An NFL coach once said, "Instead of trying to fix your weaknesses firstly, get better at your strengths then, your weaknesses will become easier to fix". It's that simple.

3.) 15 Apr 2018 13:41:22
Thanks for the reply Ed.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome RN.}

4.) 15 Apr 2018 14:17:24
Well let's not give all the credit to coaching, the two players have also put in huge efforts to improve and should also be highly commended.

5.) 15 Apr 2018 16:11:49
Mcgoveb make that 3 players mate. I'd count Roberston in there as well.

{Ed001's Note - I am sorry but if we are going to give credit to players for trying then we may as well all give up. That is the absolute least we should expect of them.}

6.) 15 Apr 2018 19:12:44
It makes you wonder if Wenger has held back Wilshire? Would he be worth a punt on a free? I know he has injury issues and he’s lost his way the last few seasons (although in half decent form this year) but these were similar things aimed at ox when we signed him.

{Ed001's Note - Wilshere is nothing like Ox, he is not even half as good a player as Ox was.}




RedNick's rumour replies


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08 Jul 2018 16:03:59
Are you able to say why Ed? And is there no chance of reconciliation?


{Ed002's Note - I dealt with this last season when he resigned. Move on.}



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08 Jul 2018 14:33:40
Kloppsboss - have you seen the medical results and has chance to analyse them? Assuming the answer is no you're just making assumptions. Knee injuries Can be career enders but you have no idea what's happening with this knee.




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17 Jun 2018 19:53:48
Dave Mattock has said on Twitter that the rumoured interest is wrong.




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17 Jun 2018 11:43:16
I've heard that we're seriously reconsidering all our targets after one of our scouts accidentally stumbled across some charity match yesterday. Make of it what you will.




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11 Jun 2018 06:26:45
Would have loved to play and show off my silky skills but unfortunately I won't be able to make it this time. If successful maybe we could make this an annual thing?





RedNick's banter replies


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14 Jul 2018 00:42:16
I don't know Celle or his son. Are they good?




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13 Jul 2018 09:48:38
Nice tidy profit for Newcastle selling a bloke who had been their player for 12 whole days, assuming they didn't spend much on him (Mike Ashley is their chairman after all) . Thanks for the review Ed.


{Ed001's Note - welcome RN.}



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12 Jul 2018 17:51:01
He didn't do too well Ed.


{Ed002's Note - I had forgotten all about him}



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11 Jul 2018 08:00:29
Who do you prefer Ed James McClean or Neymar?


{Ed001's Note - McClean.}



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11 Jul 2018 08:15:36
Ed25, my issue is that there are some on this site who can't criticise without being personal and abusive.


{Ed025's Note - i dont condone that at all nick, some of it i see as banter but i hate the nasty stuff and refuse to post it mate, i think he needs replacing myself but thats just an opinion on him as a player..