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13 Jun 2018 14:10:16
This Fekir - Lyon saga has had me thinking about the influence of media, particularly social, with respect to transfers. Leaks, "ITKs", "done deals" come to mind.

I imagine that most clubs, especially selling ones, must want to have some sort of control on some of the info floating about. I imagine they must want a bona fide, relatively quiet, discreet, dignified process that doesn't play out in public.
As such, I'd assume leaks would generally be frowned upon.

There was so much (fake) information in the media around the Fekir issue. Bids made, specific figures mentioned, agreements reached, done deals, medicals, personal terms agreed, failed medicals etc.

Little to none of which could be attributed to Lyon's sources. Much of the info was coming from LFC (and English) sources/ "ITKs" almost on a daily basis.
Fans latched on to it. They were whipped into a frenzy, believing the deal to be done and acting like it.

Lyon then issued a statement, dismissive of the info out there.
Part of that sought to affirm that, only that information disseminated by Lyon can be accepted as authentic. That's what it said. This for me was an attempt to restore their control over a situation that had been too chaotic and reassure their own fans.

I'd think that they must of been miffed by what was happening in the media space (wouldn't you if the shoe was on the other foot? ) .
I don't need to remind any of you how we ourselves have moaned about the Spanish media's "attempts to influence" transfer process in favour of the two La Liga giants.

I've no doubt that Lyon probably took a dim view at manner the whole thing was playing out in public. That they had to issue a about it spoke volumes.
And like I said, the reportage was largely from your Maddocks, Reddy, Joyce, Bascomb etc, LFC people. So safe to say they were fed by the club.
To what end I dunno. I dunno why it couldn't have been done in a similar way to Fabinho.
Now before you all lose crap, I know JM Aulas talks, a lot. But I'm not aware if even he has gone to such lengths as we saw the past couple of weeks.

I want to know from you ed02 how football clubs, especially the selling ones, prefer doing business? What's the view on leaks? Does it help the process when it's laid out bare and playing out in the media?
Have leaks ever been of sufficient nuisance to affect transfer negotiations?

Would appreciate your views as always. Thanx.




09 Jun 2018 19:08:57
Ed02 spot on re hysteria on this Fekir situations.
Seen the replies on LFC Twitter? Jeysus! Ridiculous don't even begin to describe it. Absolute psycho behavior.

This is simply just another transfer, like many hundreds of others that happen. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING special or different about it.
Get that there's fan interest, but this is just weird, weird behavior, maybe even sick. God forbid it falls through. The meltdown be apocalyptic. May even rival Karius calamitous CL final exploits, not that he'd complain.


1.) 09 Jun 2018 19:31:42
😄 3,2,1.🤯.

2.) 09 Jun 2018 20:14:09



07 Jun 2018 17:46:22
Hi Ed02.

JM Aulas is on record as saying that Lyon haven't even set/ quoted a price for Fekir, and that the matter has in fact NOT advanced at all.

Based on this and Lyon's insistence that they're inclined to sell only after the world cup, would it be fair to state that current as follows:

1) LFC declared their interest/ made enquiry for Fekir

2) Lyon informed them that they open to a sale BUT will entertain offers/ discussion only AFTER the world cup, hence no (base) fee given

3) There are NO negotiations presently between Liverpool and Lyon

Would really, really appreciate your clarification on this one. Thank you in advance.


{Ed002's Note - The situation is that Liverpool would like to but Fekir. Why are you trying to create an over-analysis of thet?:}



02 Jun 2018 08:47:23
Hey ya! This one's for you Ed02.

You've given many an assessment of our team many times before.
I'd appreciate it now if you could indulge me.

Without mentioning names of course, you probably are aware who the football club is looking to sign and where those "deals" are presently. Can/ will the team be improved enough this window to enable it to successfully/ respectfully compete on all fronts next season?
Now if LFC succeeds with all their targets, what would be your assessment of the team?

How do you see us competing next season?
In your view, will the team be strong enough to challenge for, and possibly even win, either or both of the PL and CL?

To what extent would the team's CL campaign (and another CL qualification) have improved its standing and allure in terms of being a genuine option for the high end players?

LFC of 18 months ago Keita/ Fabinho/ Fekir would scoff at them. But that's just my opinion.

Last year you predicted that a period of dominance by the Manchester clubs, certainly City. I take it you're no fickle, so that view remains unchanged. What I want to know is, where do you place the remaining 4?
Can you see a regular, largely unchanged top 4?

The top 6 has never been this strong. Champions League qualification is paramount. Who can least afford to miss out? Can you see Everton breaking in?

Lastly, you've predicted domestic dominance for the Manchester clubs. What about Europe? How do you see English teams faring there?
Who'll be better placed to challenge the elite continental sides?
Any English team equipped to do half of what Real has done?

Am very interested to hear your thoughts Ed. Thanx.


{Ed002's Note - 1. The club are looking to make changes and players will be arriving and leaving. I think it unlikely the team will be willing to win the PL and Cl but they will be looking to improve. I cannot suggest how well the club will do next season at this stage.
2. None of these players would have scoffed at Liverpool 18 months ago. Liverpool made a significant additional payment last year to secure the transer of Keita this summer. Fabinho was not for sale last summer and Fekir had been suffering from a slow comeback from missing a season with injury and was not available. Whilst CL helps in signing players targets, the higher-profile clubs don't typically change their because of it - they plan ahead. Some players may have a short-term view and not want a transfer to a side they have been expected to join, others will sometimes say that they will only join a CL club (implying they really don't care which). Some players will make a move because a "project" is sold to them by a club, and perhaps a "bright future by an agent - Wolves might be a good example.
3. The top four next season will likely come from the extant top six and I have no idea wheather or not Everton, Wolves or anyone else will be able to seriously challenge. I would not have considered Burney as likely to make it to the Europa League at the start of last season.
4. The English sides have been on a downward trend in Europe for the past two or three years - you can reasonably expect an improvement going forward. Obviously I cannot predict if any one side will win the CL repeatedly in the next few years but clearly Real Madrid are now starting their planned two year rebuild so you can expect them to sustain a certain high-level, and you can reasonably expect the same of Barcelona and perhaps Bayern Munich and one or two others. Some clubs will slip away or need reinventing - Milan probably tops that list.}



01 Jun 2018 12:58:06
Thibaut Courtois is a non-starter.
Reason he wants to leave Chelsea is to be with his family in Spain. Ed02 has repeatedly explained this.

IF he's sold, it'll likely be to R Madrid. Atletico Madrid is looking to complete a deal for Kepa Arrizebalaga, so probably not an option for Thibaut.
Speaking of which, Atletico's own Kepa move could be them making provision for Jan Oblak's possible/ probable departure this window.

There's now also talk of Roma seeking out Meret. PSG is supposed to be/ have signed Gigi Buffon. Chelsea looking at Alisson Becker.
Very little credible coming out of LFC re the goalie situation.

A merry-go-round seemingly to be set in motion.
Three high end keepers (Alisson, Courtois, Oblak) almost certain to move. Highly unlikely David De Gea moves this summer.

Despite their Alisson being alternative "1st pick", Courtois may be very well provide R Madrid with an outstanding and far more economical solution.
I think it likely PSG limit themselves to Buffon.
For Arsenal Been Leno may prove a more viable option than either of Alisson or Oblak at considerable outlay.

So that would leave Chelsea and Liverpool needing a goalie and with the options of Alisson and Oblak.
My own interpretation is that, Chelsea will replace R Madrid bound Courtois with Oblak. Roma will probably retain Alisson for one more season before PSG snap him up next summer.

Mignolet will ship out and Butland brought in.
Though no one wants it and no one wants to say it, we ALL KNOW it. LFC will sign a new goalie this window, but it won't be the high end, ready made top level one we desperately need.

Much talk about Oblak/ Alisson, almost too much. Seen nothing to even make me think that we even interest in either of these two.
Or if we do have internet, whether we have the wits and will to pull off a deal.

I'd urge folk to check back their expectations re goalkeeper issue. I suspect massive disappointment likely, then the customary meltdown before start of the season.

NO ONE wants it, absolutely no one. But alas, with all the Oblak/ Alisson noise and vibe and positivity, the situation is ripe for arrival of Jack Butland.
Am preparing mentally for it. Advise my fellow folk to follow suit.


1.) 01 Jun 2018 13:22:01
I wonder who will start it all off, normally these things need a catalyst.
Maybe we will end up with navas? Or possibly navas and butland?

2.) 01 Jun 2018 13:48:39
I think United will kick this thing off by coming calling for Mignolet, thereby annoying De Gea who thinks his chances will be limited as a result of the might-he Belgian, and flounce off to Madrid.

And then the games shall begin :)




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09 Jun 2018 20:32:46
Just out of curiosity ed02, do you not in fact find it strange that Lyon would be so public about this/ their business? Why feel the need to issue a statement? They never announced that they were negotiating with LFC, so is it necessary to communicate this "ending of talks" publicly?
Liverpool haven't said anything, as well they shouldn't.
Kinda weird that by Lyon.


{Ed002's Note - Aulas has always been keen to say things to the press, and pretty much anyone who will listen. Who would have thought that the American President would be using Twitter to blurt out nonsense? I haven't seen him for perhaps three years but I would think he would love Twitter."



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07 Jun 2018 18:14:52

Appreciate the clarity my guy. Saw and went off the tweet only.


Apologies my guy.




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07 Jun 2018 17:37:11
No, my guy. Melissa certainly didn't mention anything about "final stages". She did report though that LFC are attempting to finalize the transaction before the player flies out for the world cup. which is essentially vague.





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13 Jun 2018 14:54:09
They ain't got zero clue what's going on, hence plucking out that crap. Unfortunately the easily led as sheep fanbase readily bite bait, time and time again.




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12 Jun 2018 15:00:57
Ed02 emphatically banished that one to its rightful place -- the rubbish heap. Next.




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12 Jun 2018 14:58:46
No conspiracy theory, but Salah WILL leave the football club. I give him 18 months max. Been actively courting Madrid, as ed02's been telling us.
And to be honest, I got no beef with it.
Lad owes us no loyalty.

What makes me cringe though is this "I love the club. As a kid I'd play as Liverpool on Fifa", or whatever game it is.
And fans fall for this crap, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Getting attached and holding on to every nicety uttered by these players and thus expecting them to be "loyal". Torres did it. Suarez did it. And when they request to leave/ agitate for moves away, cue the meltdown and abuse at them.

Salah knows right now what he wants/ intends to do, and staying at LFC beyond the next 18 monthsin't part of it. Tell you what, Madrid/ Barca comes and he'd want to be gone as in yesterday, despite all the "I love LFC/ boyhood dream" crap.
And to be fair to the lad, nothing wrong with wanting to play for 2 of the world's "most" prestigious clubs.

But please, don't play to the naive fans' gallery. Have more respect for the man who's honest or keeps his trap shut instead of wilfully pulling over the fans' faces.

It's amazing how a player who's wanna fight for this club gets more grief than one (YES a "star", before y'all lose your crap) that's ACTIVELY courting other clubs while dishing out niceties just to keep onside with his fanbase.

Salah is no knob, terrific lad in fact, but honest and a saint he ain't.
Y'all love him, worship the ground he walks on. I dunno if you ready to hate on him. It'll soon get there.

Again, nothing against the lad. He's an extraordinary man, fine individual and exceptional footballer. Not a bad word to say about him.
In same vein, I love LFC more, the team.


{Ed002's Note - If he is that much of a "good guy" perhaps he should not get involved being photographed and hugging torturer and mass murderer Ramzan Kadyrov for the purpose of propaganda? Or is human rights not an issue where he is concerned?}



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09 Jun 2018 20:24:44
Indeed they haven't Ron, but honestly mate, can you say you see this happening? I don't.
I think another Loic Remy (or is Sylbain Marveaux? Not sure) . Not going to happen, despite tripartite parties' "best" wishes.

Fekir though will move this window, just not to Liverpool. Lyon's statement makes it plain that they'd entertain offers of interest to them.

It was mad when it lasted, but it's over now. Move on.




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09 Jun 2018 20:14:09