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02 Jan 2019 19:55:41
Hi eds
Is Solankes move to CP not going ahead now?

{Ed001's Note - for now yes.}

1.) 02 Jan 2019 20:23:48
Apparently, there are concerns over his fitness.
My opinion is that it may be difficult for him to go on loan because teams would need him to start playing immediately.
A permanent deal however may be different, because he may be afforded more time.
But that's just my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - That is not the issue - someone making unreasonable demands is.}

2.) 02 Jan 2019 20:54:07
Player looking for Guarantees no doubt then.

{Ed002's Note - No, that is not the issue.}

3.) 02 Jan 2019 22:09:32
Probably us demanding an excessive loan fee or insisting Palace cover all his wages.

4.) 02 Jan 2019 22:11:55
Am dumping it’s the club’s demands of playing time and feed.

5.) 02 Jan 2019 22:46:32

6.) 03 Jan 2019 01:52:31
Maybe we are trying to get some sort of agreement about Bissaka.

7.) 03 Jan 2019 05:55:10
Havent seen it asked yet, so here goes. ed2 who is making the unreasonable demands and what are they?

{Ed002's Note - It is unimportant. He will go elsewhere.}

8.) 03 Jan 2019 15:19:52
Doesn't Solanke have a very demanding father that was also part of the problem @ Chelsea?

9.) 04 Jan 2019 00:33:05
Is it not about CP signing too many loan players this season?

10.) 04 Jan 2019 00:38:46
Like where?



25 Apr 2018 06:55:46
Hi eds. do you know when Lallana it due back. After the injury to the ox we need him ASAP. ?

{Ed001's Note - he is not expected back this season, unless we make the final in which case he could possibly make it. Not sure we 'need' him, good player as he is, we have not missed him at all this season and look better without him. He does not fit the way we play any more.}

1.) 25 Apr 2018 07:06:41
Ok thanks eds
Maybe time for him to move on then.

2.) 25 Apr 2018 07:46:10
I think we are all panicking over Midfield options ed mate. what's your thoughts? We have 3 fit options only now. Anyone from U21 or U23 that might be drafted in?

{Ed001's Note - maybe time to give Trent a run in his natural position?}

3.) 25 Apr 2018 08:14:07
Be a good chance against stoke at the weekend maybe and play Gomez at rb.

4.) 25 Apr 2018 08:19:41
Good shout Ed to be fair. Gomez back to RB. Hendo probably needs a rest? Can you think of any youngsters he might call on or should the 3 senior fit CMs be able to play all remaining games in your opinion?

{Ed001's Note - there is plenty of rest after next week's game. So they should be enough. If not maybe we could give Williams a chance, at 22 he needs to get a game or two just to see if he is capable of raising his game. You only know for sure when they get a go. Sometimes a kid can stand out a mile but then shrink mentally and fail miserably in the adult game. Other kids look average in youth football but they get a lucky break and suddenly grow as players to look like they belong there. It really shouldn't be an issue to cope for 4 games with the three we have and then they get two weeks to rest before the final (hopefully).}

5.) 25 Apr 2018 08:28:14
Just made a post on another thread saying the same ed, I think it is time to push him up to the midfield, let's see how he handles it, I think he'll do really well plus there's no better time then now.

6.) 25 Apr 2018 08:40:46
Cheers ed. You make so much sense. I would have far less stress and grey hairs if I could talk to you everytime I get a little flustered or concerned in life lol. Have a good day mate.

{Ed001's Note - I would say that is the good thing about getting older that you get less flustered but me ma is blooming ancient and she still gets overly stressed about every little thing.}

7.) 25 Apr 2018 08:44:43
In terms of having enough in the tank it shouldn't be a problem Ed001. But we are also one errant kick from not having enough fit midfielders for the biggest game of the decade.

{Ed001's Note - then you give a youngster a chance and you never know you might unearth a future star. If we aren't going to give them a chance when injuries strike because of panicky fans we may as well scrap the academy altogether.}

8.) 25 Apr 2018 09:09:43
I’d like to see Hendo, Gini and Woodburn against Stoke and maybe Milner coming on last 30mins to rest Hendo for a bit.

We need TAA’s delivery from out wide against Stoke IMO.

9.) 25 Apr 2018 10:42:31
Fully agree ed001, but I'm dissapointed that we have to give them a chance now. I questioned at the time, and continue to question, why they are not as a rule present in every match day squad so they could have gotten some chances in a few of the 16 (yes that's right, 16) games this season where we have won by 3 or more goals? It does get annoying finding ourselves repeatedly unprepared for this.

{Ed001's Note - I expect the Prem will follow Serie A's lead and increase the number of subs available soon enough. Serie A did it because they wanted to help the Italian national side by giving youngsters more chances in the first team. Whether it would actually do that or not is arguable but it would certainly mean managers would have no excuse for not giving kids a chance. Though it would probably just see Guardiola demand another half billion to spend to fill the bench with expensive first team players....}

10.) 25 Apr 2018 13:07:47
Ed001 do you know has Jordan Williams been training with the 1st team? I know he played a bunch of games for Rochdale, but not since October and he hasn't been playing for the U23s. I'd imagine it's more likely Gini will play as the deep mid and one or two of Woodburn/ Jones/ Kane could get a start. I know they're younger but age doesn't seem to be a factor for Klopp if you're good enough.

{Ed001's Note - a lot of the young uns train with the first team and it swaps about, to get them used to being with the group.}

11.) 25 Apr 2018 20:54:55
Jordan Williams is currently on loan at Rochdale so I imagine he wouldn’t be an option unless recall was an option.

{Ed002's Note - Of course not.}

12.) 26 Apr 2018 09:06:41
No Gordo, it was only a loan until January, but he suffered a knee injury at the end of October and hasn't kicked a football since.

13.) 26 Apr 2018 12:16:15
SGRED, I’d argue that Trent’s positioning would still find him out wide when playing RCM, just look at the positions Milner and the Ox take up throughout a game. Means he still gets to put in killer deliveries but also experience a game in midfield at the highest level. Also means if we play Gomez at RB that we can shift to a 3-4-3 when needed without having to bring an extra centre back on like we have been lately.
Cheers (3rd attempt at this post)

14.) 26 Apr 2018 12:17:51
Gordo - I believe his loan finished back in Jan. I just checked the Rochdale website and there is no mention of him (although they do have a Jordan Williams out on loan to Lincoln which threw me for a tick) . But he isn't injured AFAIK so Im guessing he needs to work harder to convince Critchley because he isn't getting into the U23 atm.



10 Nov 2017 11:03:01
Is there a Liverpool sharkpod yet eds👍🏻.

{Ed002's Note - Right now my plan is to do them all next Thursday. I am either travelling or busy working until then.}

1.) 10 Nov 2017 12:29:45
Ok mate thanks.

2.) 10 Nov 2017 23:14:10
Looking forward to this, roll on next week, any chance when you get a spare moment next week Ed002 you can start the intergalactic legends team? Thanks mate.

{Ed002's Note - It may need to be the week after.}

3.) 11 Nov 2017 16:59:13
Silly question. How do you gain access to the old sharkpods? I've tried the search engine but for me it just brings up comments that has the word sharkpod in there.

{Ed033's Note - old sharkpods



02 Nov 2017 08:26:40
Any chance of a sharkpod eds👍🏻.

{Ed002's Note - I will try to get to it in the coming days.}

1.) 02 Nov 2017 13:44:33
Thanks ed002 - you're awesome 👏😍.



20 Sep 2017 21:16:20
Hi eds
I know we signed matip on a free way before the transfer window opened. Is there anyone We could sign in the coming weeks leading up to Jan that would help our defence in anyway. It would be nice to know that we had someone lined up ready.
As always thanks.

{Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}

1.) 21 Sep 2017 02:51:23
We signed Matip early because his contract was expiring, not many players contracts expire in January.

2.) 21 Sep 2017 03:42:34
I did a search and Joe lescott is available ;)
Two interesting players in Jan Kirchoff and flamini are available too.

3.) 21 Sep 2017 08:11:40
Jan Kirchoff? The massive German who kept Sunderland up single handedly 2 years ago?

That can't be right. If it is he must be injured. He is a decent centre back/ holding midfielder from what I've seen. Sunderland were soft, lacked leadership, lacking in steel and fight etc and he went in there and was a massive part of their turn around.

I didn't see enough of him to know if he is good enough for Liverpool, but he is a better defender than Lovren and Klavan that is for sure!

{Ed001's Note - he is awful MKS, he is slow, cumbersome and got the credit for no reason I could see. He was always about 6 yards behind the play, but he put in a couple of good passes and suddenly he was the reincarnation of Beckenbauer in the media. One man kept Sunderland up that season and it was not Kirchhoff, it was Allardyce. Kirchhoff is injured, he did his cruciate, but he is simply not as good as people believe. He makes Matip look lively when chasing back.}

4.) 21 Sep 2017 11:50:56
How can you claim he kept them up single handedly then further state you didn't see enough to see how good he actually was?

I like your efforts MK, I just don't think the knowledge is there.

5.) 21 Sep 2017 11:52:13
I'm not saying he'd suit us Ed. Every game i saw him in though he was arguably man of the match so that's all i can go off of. I agree he looks too slow for us and i only saw him 2 or 3 times so I'm certainly not going to suggest we sign him. He was a monster at set pieces though and seemed to get the best out of the useless players he had around him. As a pure defender though he looked decent. Nothing special, just decent. If he signed for us he'd just be another stop gap so I'd rather we wait anyway.

I was just surprised he didn't have a club. He'd suit a team like West Brom, Palace, Huddersfield etc. If he has a cruciate injury though, that explains it.

6.) 21 Sep 2017 13:58:33
So the day we feared has come injuries too centre backs an they were already rubbish, now we have no cover total crime too neglect the transfer window for defensive cover.

7.) 21 Sep 2017 15:23:13
Lol ed (≧▽≦)

8.) 21 Sep 2017 16:47:03
Smplfc, i can only judge what i saw. I watched Sunderland with and without him that season and they were a completely different side. Maybe I've confused the impact of Kirchoff, with the impact of Allardyce. But those two coming in definitely coincided with Sunderland becoming much harder to beat and a much more solid looking unit. Then when they didn't have him last season they were back to being an flaccid bunch of strangers. Again, could've been Allardyce being gone too though.

Unfair to suggest I've not got any knowledge though when all I've done is call a player I've watched a few times decent. Hardly gone over board with the praise have i 😂 although i have since noticed i missed an almost out of my original post. It should've read "almost single handedly" so perhaps that is why people are jumping down my throat for daring to suggest Kirchoff is a mid table Premier League player 🙄 Khazri, Kirchoff and Kone changed their season i thought. I mean you can disagree but when they signed Sunderland looked doomed to go down, but their fortunes were completely changed. You are all so quick to claim that you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear when i defend our players, so you can't then in the same breath say that Sunderland staying up was 100% down to Allardyce. He clearly added players who could make the difference, but that is my point. Kirchoff was part of the change that made that difference.

Anyway, feel like we're splittng hairs over terminology, my choice of cliché phrase (which has seemingly been taken way too literally), and people are perhaps jumping to the conclusion that i think he'd be a good signing for us. I'd still be surprised if Kirchoff struggles to find a mid table top flight club once he's fit. Be that in England or back in Germany the bloke is clearly a decent player. From a Liverpool perspective i appreciate he's not good enough, but for a team dwelling at the bottom struggling to keep out goals he would be seen as a big step up in defensive quality. Horses for courses mate, you can't view everything from Liverpool's world or else we are saying that a good 95% of pro footballers are terrible! It's all relative 😉.

9.) 21 Sep 2017 17:58:03
You have also taken my point out of context mate.

My point isn't your end assessment on the player, it's the fact that you made the asssessment and then when Ed disagreed you stated that you had only actually watched him "2 or 3 times". Not once did I say I don't rate the player or it was all down to big Sam, nor am I pushing something down your throats for having an opinion.

I actually agree with your initial statement. I disagree with eds views and although Sam definitely signed players to pay to his strength, he was one that looked like he had a bit of class about him.

My point is and that's all it is in my opinion, lack of experience leads you to make large opinions without backing them up properly or forming them to either agree with Ed or to disagree with the majority.

Like I said mate it wasn't a dig, all a bit of light hearted banter, but I actually rate Kirchoff!

10.) 21 Sep 2017 20:44:27
We started to go downhill when Djimi Traore and Kewell left.

11.) 22 Sep 2017 00:28:14
omalley is correct, everything is clear for me now.

12.) 22 Sep 2017 10:30:21
Actually that Hoffenheim CB is pretty fast, he caught up with Mane when matip started 1st.

13.) 22 Sep 2017 12:56:48
Are you referring to their captain who needlessly gave the ball to Salah near the half way line and almost gave us a throw away goal?
I can appreciate anyone making a mistake but a glaring one like that is not really needed in a defence like ours at the moment thanks lol!

14.) 22 Sep 2017 21:30:00
Klopp must have forseen the scenario loosing Matip/ Lovren. I would guess he just have a lot of FAITH in Gomez. Maybe WE should support this?
I really really like Gomez. He's got pace, he's calm, he has ability on the ball. He may lack a bit of rutine, and some belief in himself. Maybe both Klopp and me would have chosen to ease the "kid" in over the season, but HEY, he might grab the PL by the balls, in september!




Longthing76's banter posts with other poster's replies to Longthing76's banter posts


21 Jan 2019 14:46:47
Glen Johnson is hanging he boots up!

1.) 21 Jan 2019 15:10:07
Didn't know he ever had them on.

2.) 21 Jan 2019 15:23:28
Thought he had years ago tbf.

3.) 21 Jan 2019 15:39:00
People forget how good he was when he first came. Definitely the best RB in the country for 2 years. Could score, cross and defend. Then seemed to lose all memory of how to kick a football, bizarre.

{Ed001's Note - seriously? He was abysmal from the moment he started his career. It is an absolute joke he ever earnt a living (or should it be stole?) as a professional footballer. He strolled through every moment, never breaking sweat, never using even a tenth of his ability or giving a toss about anything other than in making excuses for being a dick off the pitch. His crossing was woeful, his defending was non-existent and his scoring was not even a thing to discuss. If he had been the only right back in the country, he still wouldn't have been the best.}

4.) 21 Jan 2019 15:47:12
Okay, Ed001. You've hidden your feelings really well, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say you don't think much of him as a footballer, LOL. 😂.

{Ed001's Note - I still can't believe we spunked more on him than Shaqiri and Gomez put together. Awful player and a bell off the pitch. That toilet seat incident just summed up his level imo.}

5.) 21 Jan 2019 15:59:04
Don't hold back ed let it all out just think this is a councilling course. But I agree with all of the above he was as good as a defender as I'm a ballet dancer.

6.) 21 Jan 2019 16:13:58
The only thing I will remember him for is scoring that wonder goal from a volley when he was at Portsmouth.

7.) 21 Jan 2019 16:21:55
Still firmly believe he was one of the key factors in why we didn’t win the title in 13/ 14. Every single attack came down that right hand side, it was as though we were playing with 10 men a lot of the time.

8.) 21 Jan 2019 16:24:28
I’ll just remember him for he injury’s more then anything else. Remind me again eds about the the toilet seat I can’t remember what happened?

{Ed002's Note - He forgot he had picked up a toilet seat and then failed to go to the check out.}

9.) 21 Jan 2019 17:16:02
Well, Ed001, it just goes back to what many of us (you included) say about the less than average IQ level of many footballers. 😫.

{Ed001's Note - sadly they neglect to educate their mind when it would help them as footballers to use their brains.}

10.) 21 Jan 2019 17:33:09
Nah, BigVirg. Many people did not forget how good GJ was cos it never happened. You can't forget what never happened. He was completely useless. He had all the attributes in the world to be a world beater BUT never applied it. He was that good potentially that a guy like the Kyle Walker is not fit enuff to carry his training back. Johnson was just lazy and never bothered to get better or lacked the desire to become the player he could have been.

11.) 21 Jan 2019 19:35:55
I remember Glen Johnson wanting to study for a law degree at 1 stage.

12.) 21 Jan 2019 20:35:32
I remember the hype about him, it’s a shame so many fans belive the hype rather than watching him play football, or attempt to, or not even attempt to.

13.) 21 Jan 2019 21:15:08
I personally thought he was half decent for a season or two initially but went rapidly downhill. The announcement of his retirement on talksport was strange (the fact nobody wanted him probably forced his hand) he said he had always planed to retire early which I thought was strange, if football was something you loved surely you would want to prolong it? Not plan to end it early.

14.) 21 Jan 2019 19:46:03
Ed002 didn’t he swap the price tag on the box?

{Ed002's Note - I think he had it around his neck.}



18 Jan 2019 11:46:15
So I think it’s safe to say with all the talk about players going in the summer and who we can get in as cover on the bench and not who we are signing now shows how good our squad is. The norm for an open transfer window would be to check this site ever possible min just incase of an update but I have to say how nice it is to be top of the league and other teams trying to sign players in this hard transfer window. Keep up the good work red men!



17 Jan 2019 15:05:24
Afternoon eds1
With us buying Fabinho has this got anything to do with Monaco not doing very well this year. I don’t follow French Football much and just interested to know what impact it’s had him leaving.

{Ed001's Note - yes, he was very much a key player for them. Though he was not the only loss to hit them, he was one of the biggest.}

1.) 17 Jan 2019 16:27:54
They also have an absolutely crazy injury list. The last time I looked at it, I could probably put together a decent XI from it that would do well in the French league. I hope they can sort it out, as I do like Thierry. Seems a decent guy.

2.) 17 Jan 2019 16:54:59
I read yesterday I think it’s was in eds morning news about them going Balotelli crazy if this happens! I had more respect for Thierry.



13 Jan 2019 08:58:53
Morning eds1
I been watching Henderson in he’s last couple of games. But he seems to over hit he’s crosses into the box or totally underhit them. In the dieing minutes at the city game couldn’t game a ball into the box. Maybe he’s was knackered. It just seem odd that at the crucial point when everyone’s up he couldn’t get the ball into the box. I thought Fabinho would have been better at that put. And then yesterday I didn’t see all of our game but parts I did see he’s crossing looked poor. Do you think he needs to improve in areas or just rest and come back fresh?

{Ed001's Note - is this a serious question? I don't give a toss about his crossing, it is not his job to cross the ball.}

1.) 13 Jan 2019 09:23:37
Fair enough.

2.) 13 Jan 2019 09:35:38
henderson is struggling to match the performances of gini milner and fabinho but is proving adequate back up so im happy for the fella
he played decent yesteday but for some reason still needs to do a 180 spin before he plays a pass.

3.) 13 Jan 2019 09:45:02
Hendo has not had a lot of game time though to find his form. I’m not concerned at all about him, he will be a key player in the run in 👍.

4.) 13 Jan 2019 10:08:50
One thing I noticed about Hendo yesterday was that when he got into an advanced position, he was in fact looking up and trying to find a forward pass, the momvement in front was too static though on numerous occasions. Especially in the first half.

5.) 13 Jan 2019 10:29:53
I'm not the biggest fan of jord but he was one of the better players yesterday, actually trying to get the ball forward for once.
He's the best one at protection of the back four, so when we have one fit CB he said vital.

6.) 13 Jan 2019 13:53:18
I on the contrary, AM a bug Hendo fan and have been for years. People seem to use all types of metrics (esp. majority of those that don't apply to him) to judge him that is now becoming laughable. "His crossing is off". Are we now using the David Beckham crossing metric now to judge him? Or is it the Gerrard, Souness, Alonso metrics? I have never thought nor cared what useless standards people use to judge him cos he is his own player with his strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike the normal "Why can't he play like x or y" stuff, I don't want him to play like x or y player. I want him to play like Hendo. To play the way Klopp wants him to play. That should be all that matters bUT clearly it never is. I don't want him to play forward passes into traps that the oppo. sets for him, just to prove a stupid point or prove me right or wrong. I want him to do the job the team wants him to do and yesterday, he was solid and did what he was supposed to do. That is fine by me all day long.

7.) 13 Jan 2019 14:29:00
Agree with RW. Personally think he is still the most solid player as the deepest midfielder. Gini has come on leaps and bounds but once in awhile he does hold on to the ball too long and gets closed down (good thing is he has the strength and skill to wriggle away most of the time) . Fab is great but at times he has been overwhelmed when pressured and played poor passes in dangerous areas. Hendo has a good first touch (something he is not recognized for), a good passer, is very aware of his surroundings and the ebb and flow of the game, hence, he is often able to move the ball along quickly, even if its a backward or sideway pass (and it really isn't as easy as it seems, just see some of the gaffs Milner, Fab, Gini has made when pressured) .

As for the OP's question, I actually find Hendo being one of the better crosser of the ball from deep. When our offensive setpieces are cleared away, I usually hope Hendo (or TAA) will be on the end of it and send it back into the box because his deep crosses actually has good pace and tends to drop into danger areas in general.



11 Jan 2019 21:00:59
Evening eds
Have Liverpool ever sent spys out to watch other clubs training session or have we caught any one try to watch us?

{Ed002's Note - I would doubt it.}

1.) 11 Jan 2019 23:32:13
There are massive curtains around the training ground for when they're doing anything sensitive.

2.) 12 Jan 2019 00:05:08
We once sent spies out to Blackpool before realising they weren’t in the premier league anymore. Found a decent centre half though.




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19 Jan 2019 22:05:33
Yeah what has gone wrong with this kid?



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18 Jan 2019 22:34:02
That’s a hell of a lot of money for a kid. can't see this happening!



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29 Dec 2018 08:42:42
We heard the same thing all last year. and we can’t stop it anyway no ones bigger than the club 🤷🏼‍♂️.



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04 Dec 2018 16:17:37
We are still winning people 🤷🏼‍♂️.



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27 Nov 2018 11:00:34
How meany club would want to be were we are in the league and how we exciting football. Says it all for me. Just sit back and enjoy!




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21 Jan 2019 16:24:28
I’ll just remember him for he injury’s more then anything else. Remind me again eds about the the toilet seat I can’t remember what happened?

{Ed002's Note - He forgot he had picked up a toilet seat and then failed to go to the check out.}



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21 Jan 2019 12:39:20
Sorry redwolf I just read your post after posting myself.



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21 Jan 2019 12:36:41
I honestly can’t figure out Sarri why he plays Kante it Just makes no sense.



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21 Jan 2019 12:30:43
I agree about Milly he’s not looked the same since he got injured hopefully he gets back to the good form he was at before we reach the end of the season!



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20 Jan 2019 17:08:37
Interesting thanks eds.