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23 Sep 2017 20:03:15
We won a game and dug in brilliantly and all I read and hear is that this player and that player should be dropped. Some of the people on here are an embarrassment. 99% of the anxiety that flows through this team is the fault of posters on social media. If you want your team Liverpool Fc to win trophys and play with confidence then get behind the them win, lose or draw. I think Shanks said something along those lines once.

CJ Farmer

1.) 23 Sep 2017 20:33:54
What an imbarrassing post this really is! How old are you? Must be young to be as naive as you are!
Amean don't get me wrong am not one to keep criticising players every 5 mins, but reguardless of the win some of those players desrve every bit of criticism they are getting so for you to blame it on the fans on social media for how poor they are is plain idiotic.

2.) 23 Sep 2017 20:49:03
I think I said some and not all. Some posters on here have excellent views and comments. To bring my age into it is just laughable. Enjoy your evening.

3.) 23 Sep 2017 21:01:43
We've not won the league in 27 years. Must be social media's fault πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚.

4.) 23 Sep 2017 20:28:54
Well said CJ

Great win today. Players gave their all.
Can’t ask for more than that .

5.) 23 Sep 2017 21:22:03
Must be jayden pal. And liver it was a good win but u cannit blame the poor results on the fans thru social media lad.

6.) 23 Sep 2017 21:32:01
Cj u said 99% is fans on social media.

7.) 23 Sep 2017 22:27:06
Spot on, boys. We fought hard and overcame a lot of adversity esp. a ref who was working over time, to give LC the win, He was bl**ding awful. Some of the worst officiating crap I have seen for a whole. Credit to Klopp as well for sticking with his boys and supporting them through out the week full of abuse that they received.

{Ed025's Note - the only credit due bingo is to the supporters who traveled and paid good money to watch that game mate..

8.) 23 Sep 2017 23:07:01
Read the post again Jenny. I said 99% of the teams anxiety. If you're going to have a debate at least take the time to read the post properly. How old are you.? Must be young. 😏.

9.) 24 Sep 2017 00:03:14
No I didn't. 😏.

10.) 23 Sep 2017 22:40:57
Sorry, Ed25. Credit to the supporters as well who sang their lungs out, as well.



21 Sep 2017 13:04:50
Do we know if Ryan Kent has had any minutes at Freiburg? Keen to keep track of his progression.

CJ Farmer

1.) 21 Sep 2017 13:16:26
45 minutes vs Leverkusen at the weekend mate, came on at half time when they were 3 nil down.
He looked good in patches but they were well beaten in the end 4 nil.

2.) 21 Sep 2017 13:26:18

3.) 21 Sep 2017 13:34:31
This is 23carragold's job but he's been on his hols 🀝.

4.) 21 Sep 2017 14:18:17
Oh sorry Ron.
No worries, I'll know that in future, apologies.



16 Sep 2017 10:10:55
All this talk of why didn't we sign a second best CB and they would be better than what we have . Yeh let's sign an okay centre back that we can slag off after a a few games because he ain't any good. That's what 90% of you guys do and us other 10% are bored of it. Boring, move on. It is what it is.

CJ Farmer

1.) 16 Sep 2017 10:30:33
No one has said sign the second best. They said sign the second choice if the first choice is unattainable. Similar to what we got in Salah and that hasn't turned out too bad. Good to see you have put yourself on a pedestal as one of 10% of fans who are better supporters than the other 90% though.

2.) 16 Sep 2017 11:26:53
Spot on, CJ. Jay, you and many others keep mentioning that we should have signed an alternative (which we tried to do with Koulibaly BUT it was not followed up) BUT none of you ever mention who that would have been, was he attainable, was LFC interested etc. People just mouth off stuff instead of trying to understand the thinking behind a decision even if you don't agree with it.

Take the LB position. Sessegnon was his first choice. It did not happen BUT Klopp knew that we needed a LB so we scouted Ghoulam and Robbo (who he already wanted last season allegedly) . Ghoalam was not the guy so he settled for Robbo who may just come out to be a good signing. What am I saying? Klopp knows what our issues are BUT he just won't buy for the sake cos if he does buy alternatives, they should be the ones he wants that fit the way we play, not just some warm body. If he does not see any alternatives out there that can do the job then, we will all have to trust him on that, good or bad.

Same with Salah as he signed him after Brandt and Keita Balde did not work out. How's Salah doing now at LFC? You may not agree with Klopp on this point and that is fine BUT you have to at ;least, try to understand his reasoning behind what he does.

3.) 16 Sep 2017 11:40:55
CJ, ok you're the best LFC fan in the world, are you happy now. Hat nonsense.

4.) 16 Sep 2017 11:48:12
πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚ Bingo you clearly have not understood my post. You have just totally contradicted yourself and used one of my points of Salah not being first choice But him working out to actually argue against me and your original point πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚.

5.) 16 Sep 2017 11:52:35
Whose the second best Mcgoveb 😎😎😎.

6.) 16 Sep 2017 11:53:19
Few questions for you Bingo.
Are you happy with our defence?
Do you believe 14 goals conceded in 7 games is good enough to challenge for the league like you've stated we would previously?
Do you believe that VVD is the only centre half in the world better than Matip, Lovren and Klavan?
Do you think we were seriously in for Koulibaly when we offered something like 35 mill after Chelsea had a 50 mill bid already turned down.
Do you think spending over 150 mill on the attack and midfield and 17 mill on defence and keepers is reflecting well and sums up our current situation?

7.) 16 Sep 2017 12:20:34
Building a team takes time, evem Man City are finding this out.
The last window we concentracted on the mid field and up front. I think we all agree the transfer window has made us stroger in those departments.
Im sure the next few windows Klopp will concentrate on the defense, just have a little patience, Klopp has got us in the Champions league now give him time to sort out our defense. All of us know that the defense is now a problem and im sure the club are working tirelesly for the right defenders.

Rome wasnt built in a day

In Klopp I trust.

8.) 16 Sep 2017 12:40:40

His answer is one line " Klopp is not at fault " lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

9.) 16 Sep 2017 12:51:29

Wouldn't bug your optimism mate but our midfield is ridiculously average especially center mid. Kieta would be a welcomed edition next summer but we ll loose Coutinho and Can. The circle never stop.


10.) 16 Sep 2017 12:55:59
Evered I do trust in Klopp mate and some of the football he has us playing is world class. But defensively we look Sunday league at times. I understand Rome wasn't built in a day but we are massively up against it this season to even get top 4 with city, Utd, Chelsea, Spurs all making good starts and let's not forget Arsenal (yes we have wrote them off but supporters also wrote Barcelona off pre season as being a spent force when Coutinho wanted to go there) . What if we have no CL football to offer next summer then when it is time to improve the defence our target window will have decreased massively. I'm not calling for Klopps head as I think he is a top coach but he is not bullet proof and football is all about fans opinions. None of our opinions actually have any effect on a football club. Hopefully 3 points today and everything will be positive again. That's how fickle football is but it's why we love it.

11.) 16 Sep 2017 13:38:46
Jayden, your questions make no sense. How many times has it been said here that good CB's are very rare hence why teams find them so hard to get cos they are expensive and their clubs don't sell? Of course, there are better CB's (Alderweireld, for example) than VVD BUT that is not the point? The point is that can we get them and will they come? Look at City, they've bought 300m worth of CB's and they are all crap and they are still crap at the back. The fact that they wanted an average CB like Evans proves my point.

In the end, it is not what I agree with or not that is the point. The point is to understand the reasons behind the decision Klopp made and that is the point. If you wanna keep moaning about the obvious then have at it cos clearly, you want to. I will moan as well as you are no more frustrated than me. The diff. is that I and many others clearly, try to look at things from a manager's point of view even if we don't agree with it. You call it absorbing Klopp of blame. The rest of us call it in-depth and critical thinking.

Things are not always as cut and dry as they seem and BTW, my point with Salah and Robbo is very accurate and correct so don't know why you think I am contradicting myself. He wanted Brandt, then Keita balde then he settled for Salah. he wanted Sessegnon, then Ghoulam then settled for Robbo. He clearly tried to get an alternative for VVD in Koulibaly and it did not come off (for whatever reason) and since no one was there after that, he kept his powder dry. These are his alternatives as the Ed's kept us all informed BUT I guess you missed that. What part of that is contradicting myself?

Klopp is building a team and while you are doing that, you have to add and subtract some pieces to get the right mix and this takes time. It took City over 1bn to get the team they have now and they are still not the finished article yet so what hope does Klopp have esp. as we don't have City-like money, dropping near half a billion every season? Read the again and this time, pay attention.

12.) 16 Sep 2017 13:43:32

I Agree, however i would not swap Klopp for any other premiership manager, he suits Liverpools passion and fight. I was so dissapointed that we could not bring in the right centre back however that's done now. Watching our defense is just nail biting especially with louvren in there. However top centre backs are few and far, I cannot see anyone around the world who is top class and available. People brandish names about and most of them are not a great improvement on what we've got. We could spend 30 mil on someone who is a slight upgrade however in the long term they will turn into another Charlie Adam or Sahko. We need to be patient and spend big on the right man/ men.

As for the other comment saying our midfied are ridiculously average! have you watched us play! we have torn top teams apart, and if Couts does leave we will have 100 mil plus and Kieta in midfield, people say such nonsense on here sometimes.

We have Couts and lallana to add to the midfield and you call them average, Wow can't beleive THAT!

13.) 16 Sep 2017 13:45:52
One week we hail our midfield as world beaters and now they are not good enough. I think we have FIVE of the best cms in the league.

14.) 16 Sep 2017 13:57:48
Bingo I stopped reading your post as soon as you said the questions didn't make sense. Clearly that told me that you were unwilling to answer them as you had no answer. You constantly say people are spouting or mouthing off when their opinion differs to yours like you are some kind of super fan. Football (soccer in your case) is all about debate and it's clear to see you ain't got a debate in you.

15.) 16 Sep 2017 14:04:20
There we go Bingo Mignolet and Milner both starting today. Let's hear your positive thoughts on them pair as I know you're willing to criticise other fans negativity whilst giving the players your patience.

16.) 16 Sep 2017 14:29:23
Jay we have conceded 13 not 14 in seven games. 13 isn't great either but we have scored 16. That means we're positive for the season and that means we are doing okay.

17.) 16 Sep 2017 14:30:54

I am waiting to hear from bingo on both the players. Milner in the midfield bingo, In the midfield. You ripped both Mignolet and Milner here, Now they both start lol!

18.) 16 Sep 2017 14:32:26

I would suggest you to wait till my beloved Ed01 finish his article on midfield. It will surprise you 😎😎.

19.) 16 Sep 2017 14:34:16

You have seen a lot more game than me mate! I respect it. We have completely different views on midfield and midfielders mate. But that's ok, it's induvidual opinion mate!

20.) 16 Sep 2017 16:13:36
Man City's crap defence fairing similar to ours against Watford Bingo.



09 Sep 2017 14:28:22
I saw enough evidence in that first 30 minutes despite the goal conceded that we are a better team than City. Look forward to the return game.

CJ Farmer

1.) 09 Sep 2017 14:31:49
Agree, 11 v 11 and couldn't see nothing but a LFC win.

2.) 09 Sep 2017 14:39:02
are you joking? how are we a much better team? they were defending like school kids and we didn't take advantage. we should have done, that's what a 'better team' would have done - made them suffer.

We started defending like school kids, and they took us to the cleaners.

But, today was a bad day at the office, to take the positives out of it if any, at least it will be a slap back to reality and having to show fight, because so many people had us down as the best team in europe after that result again arsenal, and let's be honest if we didn't beat them the way they were playing that day we might aswell just give up.

Roll on tuesday back to winning ways.

3.) 09 Sep 2017 14:48:27
1984, citeh also defended poorly. There defence is as bad as ours at times. After Mane got sent off they didn't really need to do any defending.

4.) 09 Sep 2017 14:50:37
Nope! We weren't a better team! Yes we had our moments but weren't any better. We couldn't control midfield and we let them score. It was an uphill battle from there coz their FBs easily pushed mane and salah back we badly missed a playmaker today.

5.) 09 Sep 2017 14:55:06
I agree Phil, but what I am saying, is that if we took advantage of their poor defending the game would have been won by 30min mark, and it wasnt.

They defended badly, we defended badly, they took advantage, we didnt.

We are not a much better team than city at all, yes we have good games when we could blow anyone away, but we are not the only team who kicks arese when they can be bothered to properly turn up.

6.) 09 Sep 2017 18:08:14
We did take advantage of their poor defensing though, just a shame we couldn't get a goal, how many times was Salah in a position where he should have scored or his pass across should have been hit better for Mane?

We hit their left side knowing it was the main weakness. And surprisingly Pep has seen something we all didn’t see until today (as much) and that’s TAA's weakness under pressure it seems. I swear the ref rattled him when he cautioned him for time wasting on the throws. He seemed Sharkey after that and Citeh took full advantage ;_;



09 Sep 2017 14:16:59
Ed2 I'm sure you wouldn't of pulled out of that challenge. This page is about opinions and mine is different to yours. Get over it.

CJ Farmer

{Ed002's Note - At my age I could not get my leg up that far up in the air. The point you are missing is it was a red card for a challenge where he had studs showing and kicked an opposition player in the face six feet off the ground. As a Liverpool supporter I understand you will struggle with the laws of the game.

I should also probably come clean and admit that this is, of course, a conspiracy against Liverpool that I started for me and all of my chums (my posse if you like) to benefit for gambling on Mane being sent off after 37 minutes.}

1.) 09 Sep 2017 14:30:27
Probably more than 6ft off the ground since they leaped for the ball too. I can’t even get my leg 2ft off the floor πŸ˜‚.

2.) 09 Sep 2017 14:33:01
How do you not see it as a red card? You can say it about EVERY single challenge, "he went for the ball" im sure every player goes for the ball, doesn't matter. If its mistimed and causes harm or is dangerous play its a red card.

3.) 09 Sep 2017 14:30:47
I can't even be bothered to get into this with you Ed. It's your opinion or nothing so who cares.

{Ed002's Note - Right, what's a kick in the head between chums.}

4.) 09 Sep 2017 14:38:29
Aye, cos I'm sure you'd be singing the same tune if a City player had kicked Migs in the face, CJ.

5.) 09 Sep 2017 14:42:33
If mane nicked the ball and the keeper brought him down those same pesky rules would have resulted in a red for the keeper and nobody would have a problem. But since mane is blind.

6.) 09 Sep 2017 18:13:34
Spot on with that IMBS. Im surprised nobody has brought that up yet. We would be celebrating to the skies if Mane won the ball, got taken out and the keeper got sent off.




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09 Aug 2017 20:35:38
Fingers crossed guys.

CJ Farmer



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08 Aug 2017 21:51:33
No chance.

CJ Farmer



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04 Aug 2017 13:25:32
Yes I agree that it is unacceptable to behave the way Klopp has. What I actually said though is that his head would of been turned before all this from what I stated in my previous comment. I'm not condoning his behaviour but purely stating that VVD would of been on his way out of the club anyway due to his performances and media bigging him up.

CJ Farmer



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04 Aug 2017 12:03:01
He would have wanted to go anyway Ed surely, with or without JK's interference? His performances throughout the season had caught the attention of the media and they've been talking him up of a big summer move. Surely that would have turned his head beforehand.

CJ Farmer

{Ed002's Note - So is it acceptable for Liverpool to deliberately unsettle him (and the other players that Klopp had as targets), fly him to a meeting with Klopp without any permission of his club with the express intention of tapping him up and then continuing with the illegal contact untill he is training alone and the club have a professional contracted to them refusing to play for the club? Or could they have simply contacted his agent to make a general enquiry and then approached Southampton to ask about his availability - as other clubs have done? That might have avoided another complaint being made to the Premier League about Liverpool illegally approaching players. It might have saved the owners from embarrassing themselves and the club by having to make a groveling and humiliating apology where they withdrew all interest in the player - and it might have resulted in a transfer being negotiated and done by now.}



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17 Jul 2017 22:50:29
Can you buy and sell fans? Just that I'd happily trade some people's negative comments for more positive ones.

CJ Farmer




CJ Farmer's banter replies


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29 Oct 2017 10:59:09
Wasn't Can played out of position for the majority of the game.

CJ Farmer



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26 Oct 2017 20:34:59
I'd rather have a composed defender than someone who brings panic to a defence like Lovren. Gomez pace will hopefully make up for Matip's lack of.

CJ Farmer



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22 Oct 2017 15:18:12
I feel for you Ed1. There are opinions and then there are people who have no clue.

CJ Farmer

{Ed001's Note - sometimes it is just not worth bothering.}



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21 Oct 2017 23:05:53
More sideways and backwards passing. can I just say that a huge part of keeping the ball is to not give the ball away. This funnily enough means that sometimes you pass sideways and sometimes you backwards. You'll also find that you can pass forward doing this as well. Hendo's first thought is and will always be to get the ball forward hence why he always looks up to find a player in a more advanced position. This however isn't always on. Hope this clears up the negativity by a few on our club captain. I hope he returns tomorrow but I also hope Can plays where he plays best as a DM which will allow Hendo to play where further advanced. Either way I'm happy to have him anywhere. Good luck tomorrow reds. This post was by know way. meant as sarcasm. πŸ‘€.

CJ Farmer



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26 Sep 2017 21:58:43
Hmmmm I wonder why they're low in confidence. πŸ€”.

CJ Farmer