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Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

16 Sep 2018 20:20:28
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

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16 Sep 2018 20:44:44
Thanks for that Ed. Agree 100% with the Matip comments. As I posted earlier, I get the strategy in theory, I just don't agree with it.

{Ed001's Note - I hate the theory, it hands over the initiative to the opposition. We do not play well on the back foot, it is not suited to our players.}

16 Sep 2018 21:07:46
Nice one Ed, thanks.

{Ed001's Note - cheers T J.}

16 Sep 2018 21:15:13
Thanks Ed, pleasure as always!

{Ed001's Note - cheers.}

16 Sep 2018 21:19:25
Thanks for the review Ed. Milner MOTM for me definitely our player of the season so far. Firmino has been poor the first few games but was much much better on Saturday but a 9 for me is OTT. Still not at his best but a big improvement.

Mane and Salah seem to be getting too competitive in terms of who scores. I give Firmino massive credit for playing for the team.

VVD I think he is great but the for there goal he just stood like a statue with his arms behind his back. I think he could have closed down much faster and a minute later charged in and gave away a terrible free kick.

16 Sep 2018 21:29:35
Don't understand how klopp or one of his team haven't noticed the immediate pressure we're put under when Matip comes on.

16 Sep 2018 22:49:38
Not sure if many will agree, I don’t think it’s a Matip issue, it’s def a Klopp issue. Klavan, Lovren, just any time he makes changes to the back 4 in the last 10 mins (which he regularly does) I find myself watching the rest of the game through my fingers.

17 Sep 2018 00:04:23
Also hate the late defensive subs.
Re Gomez, this is not the first time he's misjudged a cross field ball. He seems to go in thinking he'll get there first, then realises he can't. Instead of halting his attempt and holding up the winger, he jumps in and gets skinned. He's clearly much more comfortable in a central area, particularly with the ball on the floor. That said, he has great potential and seems to be working well with VVD. Dejan who?

16 Sep 2018 21:59:02
I agree Ed. In my opinion, it is a defeatest strategy that can easily backfire as the team completely changes who they are and what makes them successful. If we lose, I'd rather it be at our own game.

{Ed001's Note - spot on.}

16 Sep 2018 22:05:17
Great review Ed. Couldn’t agree more on Firmino, thought he was absolutely exceptional yesterday. Hopefully his eye injury won’t mean he misses much training or game time because he’s going to be so crucial for us this season.

{Ed001's Note - good chance for him to have a rest though.}

16 Sep 2018 22:45:24
Not sure if Clyne was on the bench, but why not bring him on if needs be? At least the rest of the team don’t have to shuffle position with a like for like?!

Great review Ed001, nothing I would argue with there.

{Ed001's Note - probably because he is hopeless at heading away balls crossed in and the point is to add more aerial dominance to stop teams going long at the end when they are behind.}

16 Sep 2018 22:47:20
Nice 1 thanks Ed.

Was good to see Bobby back! Maybe not fully back to his best but great to see that smile on his face again and he had that buzz about him where you can see it starting to click again for him.

{Ed001's Note - he wasn't far off at all. His movement is coming back.}

16 Sep 2018 23:21:56
Sorry mark 08 but watch the game through again like Eds001 does, Firmino was everywhere and instrumental in most of our attacks.

If he's out on Tuesday we'll struggle.

{Ed001's Note - not just that but he was back in defence covering or in midfield harrying. Poor Dembele never got a moment to settle on the ball and he couldn't cope with Firmino's chasing, when normally his strength is to break through challenges and hold on to the ball.}

17 Sep 2018 00:06:19
Good read ed by the way. Just watched the game again and it wasn't spurs who played badly it was our teams pressure and closing down from start to finish which really impressed me. We made their players make mistake after mistake, they are not use to playing under the pressure we put them under. Salah I thought was immense yesterday he was constantly chasing after the ball when he didn't have it, on another day he scores 3. The whole team is playing well together but sometimes I get a bit confused about his subs. Sturridge offers nothing upfront why not shaq with his pace and power would be a nightmare for defenders. Matip is just as confused as where to play as he was from day one, I think he should have sold him and kept Klavan, but so far so good 5 games in and 5 wins what more could we ask for.

{Ed001's Note - subs have been Klopp's Achilles heel since day one to be honest.}

17 Sep 2018 01:35:34
Thanks Ed01, I'd say I agree on most.

Some tackles by both Milner and Gomez really "wowed" me. Salah, his feet's movement especially when running with balls and dribbling, really look like Messi's. Watching the game via TV made me not able to see much of Firmino, so not so sure about him being MOTM. But really glad he got a goal that night.

17 Sep 2018 03:14:02
It's true that Liverpool have evolved. Rather than trying to disrupt other teams play and hit teams on the counter, we focus on implementing our own game. It will take a while to fully adjust. The good thing is we are still winning. I think over the season we are going to get better and better until we are firing on all cylinders I'll be really surprised if we come away empty handed this season.

I think Chelsea will fall away.

17 Sep 2018 04:02:25
good read ed. i am worried about firmino too. hopefully he's fit for PSG.

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed. The picture makes me want to vomit to be honest! How that was a foul by Bobby I will never know.}

17 Sep 2018 04:17:11
Spot on that Ed, cheers mate.

{Ed001's Note - thanks Mo.}

17 Sep 2018 04:27:36
Sturridge - 5
Matip - 4


{Ed001's Note - he got an extra mark for at least getting involved, Matip never got much of a chance to do more than disrupt the marking at a corner.}

17 Sep 2018 07:28:40
Why not have Fabinho on the bench and bring him on?
Put him in midfield, he’ll close the opposition down and intercept forward passes then if a ball does go into the box he can handle that too.
In summary I think a midfielder makes us more solid 🤝.

17 Sep 2018 09:53:40
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we changed our CB and the first deliver into the box went unchallenged!

I agree if Klopp wants a taller RB to defend the box then why not get Fabinho into RB instead?

17 Sep 2018 21:04:28
Nice one Ed cheers.
I do think robbo’s ball to Mane for the 2nd goal deserved a mention it was spot on. Great spin and run from Mane too but needed the right pace on the ball so he could just run on to it and burst into the box. Quality from both.
I agree on the Vertonghen foul on Bobby. Even without the eye gauge it was a foul by Vertonghen the ref’s had a shocker there.
All in all it was great to see how scared they were of us. We terrorised them from start to finish. So much so I think it’ll take them a while to come back from it.

{Ed001's Note - that's true, it probably did deserve mention thinking about it.}

16 Sep 2018 15:32:24
Where's the match review Ed's, particularly looking forward to your take on the firmino twins .

{Ed001's Note - not had a chance to write it up yet mate. Going to start it in a mo and will make sure to finish it tonight.}

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16 Sep 2018 18:46:09
Nice one ed
Can't wait

{Ed001's Note - hopefully should be done soon.}

16 Sep 2018 12:53:05
Hi Ed001, have a few things that I want to get your take on:
1. I think Gomez has impressed in this cb role, his speed is definitely an asset. But do you feel he would benefit from having more muscle/ built or that’s not really necessary in his game. If so, would that generally impact his speed?
2. I watched a few Chelsea games and they seem to have this quick 1-2s or triangles that we used to do (but not so much now) ; especially Kante in his new roving role. Why do you think we are not doing this as frequently? And what’s the best way to combat them when we meet them.

Thanks ed!

{Ed001's Note - 1. It could slow him, if it is the wrong type of muscle. I am not convinced it would particularly improve him being stronger rather than faster. It is positioning that he needs to work on and awareness.

2. We are simply not being given as much time and space as we were. Teams are closing down our attackers and swarming them when they can and it is only when we get a break they get any space. We just need our midfield to begin adding more goals to draw defenders away from the attackers.}

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16 Sep 2018 13:30:17
imo we've rarely been the type of team to break down the oppisition with technique and 1-2s. obviously it happens but I feel like we are far more of a direct team that capitalizes on space created by our pressure. for me, this is partly why we've had some struggles against team who park the bus. our ball movement can be laboured and we become one dimensional, when some creativity around changing angles and overloads would help us. I think we are developing this and seen more signs over the last season. but ya need more players like keita who have that style in their blood.

16 Sep 2018 14:05:40
I think if we play a big striker, vvd should take him, and Gomez sweep like ed said, by improving his positioning. He isn’t weak or massive so even if if he gained strength he wouldn’t be unplayable in the air. He seems occasionally to dive in a little, but being quick he should just hold off if he can’t get it, and use his pace and strength to hold them up and be comfortable if he gets turned - playing right back for a season should help him in 1v1. I hope we stick with these two when Lovren returns, could be a top partnership for years!

16 Sep 2018 14:11:39
Joe Gomez won't need muscle if he's in the right place at the right time. Spot on ed.

We are at the turning point of become a top top team. This Is the season where the opp give there all to stop you, teams tighten everything up and you have to try and over come it. If you can find the ways to still win, create and be a force like this then teams facing you will be like it doesn't matter what we do we can't stop them.

Chelsea are just hyped over a new manager and teams aren't expecting what there doing. The sarri effect will wear off around November thag buzz and there nowhere near fit enough to press for a full season thag takes time, city, spurs and us all found that out. So I'm not worried. Think we will spank them back down to reality over these next two games. Try and play against us and you will be punished.

16 Sep 2018 14:25:24
Thanks a mil Ed. Yeah agree on the concentration bit but he’s definitely getting there I think. On the second issue I just wonder why other teams seem to give city, Chelsea etc room to just pass about and ours seem to get pressed like mad e. g Leicester. But anywy not complaint after our perfect start!

{Ed001's Note - because they move around a lot more. We have too many players like Gini (at least until he scored) who hide off the ball and dawdle on it.}

16 Sep 2018 14:56:51
“We just need our midfield to begin adding more goals to draw defenders away from the attackers. ”

Nailed it!

16 Sep 2018 14:58:51
I understand your love for LFC but why mock a very good coach who made it to absolute top with peanuts spend and played some exceptional football in Italy over the years.
If Liverpool ever had a sibling on the way we played last two years it was Napoli under Sarri.
If klopp decide to move out, Sarri was the one I wanted to replace him with!

16 Sep 2018 16:26:27
Haven't dude. Sari is top.

Those players have defended every season for the past 5 years. They haven't pressed for 50 odd games.

Poch and klopps first season both went off the boil around Feb, as the players couldn't keep up with the high demand.

The other teams haven't had enough chances to play against nor study this Chelsea team so there abit of a new team.

The players are extra hyped with the new manager and that always wears off as teams move forward.

16 Sep 2018 17:31:01
Gomez has certainly impressed. Personally I wouldn't swap him for lovren atm. He has room to improve and next to van diike gomez could really become one of the best around in the next few years.

I think Liverpool need a bit of time to settle after a lot of new faces and a strong season last year.

My main worry is the forwards. I hope the competition between them doesn't slip into an unhealthy rivalry. Mane should have slipped in salah yesterday. We all know it. Mane's form dipped last season when salah stole his limelight and he looks well pleased with himself this year (quite right too, he has been great this year) it's natural for me to think this way but it's probably way off the mark and tabloids are adding fuel to the fire.
I would say keita is as good a finisher as salah if not better. And salah must attract a lot of defenders. If keita had scored we wouldn't be having this conversation. Tbf he should have made the net bulge. Early days for him though, great player.

16 Sep 2018 18:16:27
Keita worries me abit. Hits it abit like sterling, doesn't really seem to strike it very well, swings at it.

Mane and Salah are 100% having some sort of thing.

Manes not passing to him and Salah not to mane.

Mane clean through, Salah and keita in space. Hits keita. Now why would you not put through your 40 goal season winger in? That's there bread and butter from last year.

Is mane unhappy at maybe the pay rise Salah got? Does he want to do better to earn more or spite Salah a tad by showing off how good he is?

Bobby and Salah have signed, has mane even been offered anything? Thag would be a bit annoying to be fair.

16 Sep 2018 18:15:37
I don’t know what you are trying to say with your second post. I have seen Sarri at Italy from past 3 years after inheriting a poor defensive minded Rafa tea at Napoli. Didn’t take much time for him to convert Mertens to a false number 9. Napoli was never a pressing ram under Rafa and Sarri took them to 3rd place finish in the first season.

Klopp and Poch has poor set of players in their first and second season compared to what Sarri has now! That is always going to make a difference. It’s when we bought Salah and Mane we started firing goals after goals.

You could argue Chelsea might fall off as the season progress but doubting one of the best coaches around is rubbish. That’s like doubting Bielsa at Leeds who has never played any press!

16 Sep 2018 20:13:59
Actually think Keita was the better option Kloppsboss, he was in a great position and really should have put it away. So was Salah, but think Keita was the better option.

16 Sep 2018 21:32:31
Harry talking to you must be how Salah feels talking to me 🤣

I've just said I wasn't criticizing sarri.

I didn't even say Chelseas players were weak, poor or any description aside from they haven't pressed before for an entire season. They have parked the bus under mourinho and then conte. This is there first season open, attacking and pressing and it will take it's toll.

Also when's the last time we played a Chelsea team that left there own half 🤣 they're always terrified against us.

All I'm saying is if they want to grow some and try and finally play against us, I believe we will give them an utter pounding.

Nice welcome for sari to the prem. Respect us or pay the price 😊.

Premier League Previews 16 September 2018

16 Sep 2018 10:11:28
{Ed's Note - Reid the Red has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Previews 16 September 2018

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16 Sep 2018 07:41:54
Question for you.
Would you agree that Salah is still way off the pace, he looked sluggish yesterday and gave the ball away a few times. He also looks slightly short of pace compared to last season, and I would have brought him off yesterday, around the 60min mark, and put Shaquiri on, who has looked pretty sharp when he has played (minimal)
He holds the ball up well, and also has a fair turn of pace that could worry teams late on?

{Ed001's Note - not really. He was quick enough to force their defenders to leave a ball that they would normally have got to themselves. His movement was excellent. Salah is not notching as many goals as he was, but they are keeping more and more players to cover and ensure he doesn't get a free run.}

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16 Sep 2018 08:36:10
I’d have to agree with Ed001 on this, indeed the threat of the front three as a unit has forced all the teams we’ve faced so far (less so West Ham and they duly suffered because of it) to change their entire approach to the way they’re setting up against us.
We could do with the midfield boys weighing in with a few goals this season I think.
But if this pattern continues, you could wonder whether we need a stand-alone DM, better someone who can get up and down and provide a goal threat perhaps?
Or get a flyer in, in the January window?
But that was the most subdued that I’ve seen Spurs, they were hugely conscious of our counter attack. And rightly so.

16 Sep 2018 08:41:29
Teams are going to be constantly trying to mark him and double mark him out of the game, it happened with Suarez after the 13/ 14 season. What it means though is that it’s going to create space for other players.

16 Sep 2018 09:44:29
One thing I’ve noticed about him this season is he seems a little reluctant for contact. Last season I was really impressed on how strong he was on the ball but this season he seems to shy away in that area. Is this a knock on effect from the Ramos challenge and shoulder injury.

16 Sep 2018 10:08:41
Salah is playing well for me. He just needs to get top goal scorer out of his head and pass the ball when someone else is in a better position.
That’s the main difference from last year he’s being too greedy. I think Klopp will get hold of him after that game and say exactly that.

16 Sep 2018 10:21:28
Just my view, but Klopp’s team relies on working as units rather than the individual.
Front three, midfield three and defence / keeper.
Alisson and Van Dijk, Milner and perhaps Mane have been the “leaders” if you like of each unit but, at different tines, others are stepping up / falling off too.
But the units are continuing to function.
This is where I think someone like Wijnaldum is valued in Klopp’s system, he can play different roles and the unit’s performance is maintained. He can attract individual criticism but his strength is to enable the collective.

16 Sep 2018 12:01:18
He hasn't hit form yet. I expect him to get his yard back in a few weeks and be the best player in the league again.

16 Sep 2018 12:17:33
personally apart from goals scored, i thought salah has improved even more from last year.

i feel as though mane on the other hand has been pretty selfish of late bt i guess when our forwards are goalscorers its kinda how it works.

cant wait for CL game, hopefully firmino is cleared to play by then. was so worried about him when he was subbed due to the eye injury.

16 Sep 2018 12:31:37
He’s gone back to being the player who started last season he’s no longer got the confidence in his finishing. Once he gets a few that aren’t tap ins it’ll grow again and he will score more.

16 Sep 2018 13:32:13
wayching highlights from last season, and some of his goals were just perfect strikes. I think it is natural that his stats regress. I'd like to see Salah and Mane combining more around the box. we will have less space to counter this season so we need to develop this more consistently.

16 Sep 2018 13:37:16
Salah is being double marked but that is leaving more space for Mane and it’s showing as he is having an excellent season.
When teams start deciding to double mark Mane, Salah will be given tons of space again and will start scoring hat fulls again.
No easy way to defend against our front 3, not if you wish to get something from the game anyway, you just got to get lucky and hope our front 3 are having a bad day.

16 Sep 2018 13:56:52
Everytime Salah got the ball 3 defenders swarmed around him immediately. The other thing to remember is that although he has missed some opportunities early this season, keep in mind how many opportunities that he missed early on last season as well.

16 Sep 2018 14:14:43
I actually think manes going to be a lot more selfish this year. Don't think he will happy if no goes an gets 4p again.

Just watch how he plays the lack of our exciting front 3 is down to him playing a little for himself and then that's transferring to Salah go f you I'm having this shot. There both capable of big big season's so if they want to shoot instead of passing then fine but make sure it's the best option.

16 Sep 2018 16:58:32
Mo is doing what Mo has always be doing, helping the team win with quality in movement and quality.

Review Of The Day 16th September 2018

16 Sep 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 16th September 2018

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16 Sep 2018 08:01:45
Brill, cheers Ed, have a good one mate!

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate take care.}

16 Sep 2018 08:33:18
Thanks Ed1. got to love Balotelli's arrogance (except when he is representing one's club) . He isn't one to suffer from self doubt is he.

{Ed001's Note - agreed mate. When he plays for anyone else he is great but a nightmare when he was with us.}

16 Sep 2018 09:53:11
cheers Ed001, great read. Wasn't aware Manchester City was in profit these last four years. Scary to think about them spending more with their current squad.

{Ed001's Note - nor was I to be honest, I assumed they would be making a loss.}

16 Sep 2018 10:15:42
Thanks Ed!

Is the pic in reference to Balotelli? 😂

Have a good Sunday Ed’s and reds.

{Ed001's Note - that is the pic he put up on his Instagram mate.}

16 Sep 2018 11:09:03
Thanks Ed. Balotelli the Belly. Excellent stuff.

{Ed001's Note - gotta love him.}

16 Sep 2018 12:19:19
i was surprised about city in profit too, the cynic in me would think there must be some over inflated deals in there like the 400 mil sponsorship deal a few years back.

{Ed001's Note - you have to remember they have invested in more than just a football team. ADUG regenerated the whole area and that will be bringing in revenue as well, I would think.}

16 Sep 2018 13:59:11
Thanks Ed, have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - and you stone.}

16 Sep 2018 07:06:31
Morning all,

What a great three points that was, 5 out of 5 wins, 3 clean sheets, 2 goals conceded! We're laughing! Now PSG fancy a go? bring them on, I can't wait to see Neymars face at the end once we've ran rings around them.

What's exciting me more than anything at the moment is we aren't playing incredible football yet, nowhere near what we're capable of and we're still winning, imagine when we start? I'm sure we'll of turned it up a notch by the time the 15th Dec comes around ;) .

I've said it since before the season started that we are capable of beating anybody, nobody can match us! I'm not nervous about any team yet I think we'll find the majority of teams will be bricking it at the thought of playing us and so they should.

We will lose games it happens but we will also win the league, believe!

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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16 Sep 2018 07:14:52
Yea we are now controlling the games not many teams will go and make spurs players look average, and we do hit top gear we are going to thrash someone very soon, nice to see you back salah ynwa.

16 Sep 2018 07:20:01
Agreed tim and thank you mate.

16 Sep 2018 07:24:28
15th December Salah? My bday. are the boys coming round with cake? Get in.

Oh we’re playing the old enemy. Yeah we’ll be firing by then. Can’t wait to give Jose a spanking!

16 Sep 2018 09:43:01
Outside of blind optimism, we need to change a bit. Pure optimism won’t take you much far. Saw city play yesterday.
Looks carbon copy of what they did last year. Not much of a fatigue sign or anything. In fact they don’t even miss KDB anymore!

1. Salah and Mane needs to sort themselves out which is my biggest issue now! Can’t have another Suarez and Sturridge Corrundum. Klopp belives in team game.

2. Kieta is still a misfit in the midfield. I know people are over excited about the player and rightly so. He is an incredible player but played completely out of what he produces. Atm he is not even close to Kante let alone Kante plus goals.

3. Tweak the midfield a bit and I am sure we will like excellent. I would like Kieta to see more of the ball and that only happens if he plays little deep as we play out from the back.

4. I would like to see shaqiri in the midfield. Which is another attacking element like City and would free up th front three and the pressure is taken off from them.

16 Sep 2018 10:34:57
Why does everything have to compare to city? They won it last year doing things their way, let us do it in ours. If you like them so much, go and support them.

16 Sep 2018 11:33:38
usual positive comments from Harry, 5 from 5 and still complains. we're 2 points in front in of city in case you dint notice - hows that for a comparison.

16 Sep 2018 11:48:28
Morning Mo. Here's a thought. What if the way the team is playing now is the new normal? Many have said we have a more balanced team (our defense is much improved) and we seem to be less of a risk taking team that swiftly throws 6-7 players into attack mode, the moment we have possession of the ball. Ed001 has hinted that Buvac's departure could be related to this tactical shift. More focus is being placed on keeping possession. And we seem perfectly content on "grinding" out wins; wins that ended up as draws or losses last year.

You need to start hitting the net, Mo. 2 goals in 5 matches is not bad, but you need to get back to that goal-a-game pace. The longer it takes you to catch last year's form, the more difficult it will be as the season continues. And I do agree that Keita is probably not being utilized to the best of his ablities. I'd rather see him in a central position and deeper than where he is playing now. A Henderson-Keita-Milner midfield on Tuesday would be interesting to see. Wiji is in good form but it's probably time for a rest.

16 Sep 2018 12:32:57
My point was about how we played. I know we are top of the league and we could play a lot better. Which is why I have laid a few points in favour of it.

16 Sep 2018 12:47:36
Only we aren't actually top of the league.
1 goal diff between us and Chelski.
It's right to keep things in perspective though.

16 Sep 2018 14:16:49
Harry is spot on.

Salah and mane are playing for themselves that's the problem. There not looking for that extra pass they where last year.

Keita for me is beyy3r higher up behind 2. Sorry Harry

But wij needs to go and Milner for Shaq.

Hendos, keita and Shaq. For me.

16 Sep 2018 14:57:07
I can’t believe ArAy has agreed with me over Kieta and his position😁😁. Everytime I see the team sheet I beg to see him in the middle and not wide left or right. He is such a gifted player! Remember that run from deep our own half to pick Salah earlier this season. His best feature is his drive with the ball and in between his dribbling ability. And that is limited when you are playing on the flanks.

16 Sep 2018 15:51:02
You make a great point there Ra and is something that has previously crossed my mind, if this is the new normal then it'll do me mate lol.

I do need to start scoring more, I was going to score yesterday but realised the lads had it under control so I thought I'd save the goals for PSG ;) .

16 Sep 2018 16:38:47
Not sure if I agree that resting Wini for one of seasons biggest games is a good idea. This isn’t the League Cup, or whatever it’s called this week, and we should be playing our best team to win every game. The temptation to fix something that isn’t broken should be resisted. I’m sure Klopp has it sorted.

16 Sep 2018 17:41:00
Harry, get over it. Even you are allowed to get a thing or two right, once in a while. Like maybe twice per season 😝.

Mo, that Hazard dude is mounting a serious challenge to your crown. We need a hat trick from you soon 😉.

16 Sep 2018 17:46:31
ND, when you're mounting a title challenge and allowed probably only 2 to 3 losses the entire season, and want to win 3 other competitions as well, every single game is an important one. That's why you need to rotate and give players a break regardless of how important a game is, because each game has an impact. You can't start your best 11 every single game and it's impossible for the modern footballer to play modern football for 50-60 games per season.

16 Sep 2018 02:17:13
I have a question, maybe someone knows the answer. Why does Harry keep changing his username? It’s a bit confusing.

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16 Sep 2018 06:34:12
It's for the mystique.

16 Sep 2018 10:34:02
Register. Annoy. Repeat.

16 Sep 2018 11:06:31
Because he keeps getting banned?

16 Sep 2018 13:29:50
I love this community, it is like one big family, even down to the annoying siblings!

Just remember it takes all charachters to make the forum go round n round!

BTW; I wonder how many female posters or readers on this site?

15 Sep 2018 22:46:29
Great result.3 points brilliant
One query though thoughts Shaqari should have come on rather the sludge. He showed in our last game he can hold the ball up and his pace would have been more of a threat. Sorry but studges best days are behind him . thoughts anyone.

Agree9 Disagree1

15 Sep 2018 23:23:31
Thought exactly the same. Sturridge was just doing the cha cha slide and not actually attempting to close anyone down. There was also a couple of occasions near the end where he backed off near our area so not to hurt himself no doubt!

Yes he looked good in friendlys which are more like training sessions but could be an option if we are in a losing position and pop him up next to Bobby.

15 Sep 2018 23:35:32
Shaqiri could have come on and scored 3 own goals, Sturridge came on and we won. Right decision!

16 Sep 2018 06:36:05
Studge for firmino. Striker for a striker.

16 Sep 2018 19:13:48
Trouble is Studge doesn’t do a fraction of the hassling and tracking back that Firmino does. We can get away with that sometimes but certainly not from the start and in a game where we need every advantage we can get.

Spurs vs Liverpool 15 September 2018 - How I saw it

15 Sep 2018 22:25:27
{Ed's Note - Seano_ has posted a new article entitled, Spurs vs Liverpool 15 September 2018 - How I saw it

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15 Sep 2018 23:16:14
Great review mate. Look forward to reading more of them in the future.

15 Sep 2018 22:46:19
Seano decent read that. I think Spurs were a little more in it first half though than for 5 minutes. But overall we deserved the win. Teams seem to set up against us that neutralises our 3 in midfield and 2 goal keeping blunders helped today. Saying that if we had been more clinical we would have been home and dry without them.

16 Sep 2018 05:25:30
klopp on the sideline seemed to indicate that he wanted to bypass the midfield and spurs press. I think he was afraid of the quick counters. We clearly had the better of it and their pressing didn't really do much. Obviously losing firmino hurts as he could come a little deeper and create almost diamond in midfield and play in mane and salah. I hope shaqiri gets a run out as a false nine almost against psg.

16 Sep 2018 07:24:03
Niceone Seano, good read mate.

16 Sep 2018 07:36:49
Nice one Seano. What score for Bobby? Eye think it was an 8.

16 Sep 2018 09:04:54
Thanks for the positive comments, i appreciate it.

I'd of given Bobby an 8 as well Reaper. He played well, linked up well and never stopped working hard and got a goal for his troubles. He looked far more like himself and a lot fitter, he did very well.

16 Sep 2018 09:05:57
p. s. How's the recovery going Salah? Are you back to your old self yet or is there still some ways to go?

16 Sep 2018 09:57:39
Yeah still a bit to go Seano but overall I'm fine thank you very much mate, I almost forget what feeling normal was like lol but I'll get there :) .

Hope you are well Seano mate.

16 Sep 2018 14:09:06
Good review Seano, thank you for that.


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