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19 Sep 2018 10:14:16
Hi ed01, hope you're well and enjoyed last night! I look forward to reading your match review, all the best. YNWA.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, just trying to get a chance to sit down and rewatch it.}

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19 Sep 2018 10:18:08
Bit of an odd “celebration” by Salah when Bobby scored, he almost looked gutted.

He’s not sulking about this mobile phone thing is he? 🤨.

{Ed001's Note - he did celebrate initially, did you want him to run up and down the touchline screaming with joy and jumping into the crowd to hug anyone within reach? He is disappointed with his performances, his shoulder is still not 100% and he needs time to get back to his best.}

19 Sep 2018 10:38:56
He is way off the pace as I said after the Tottenham game, his performances are poor, he gives the ball away numerous times, his touch is poor and he cost us their second goal last night.
He is still world class but if it was my choice, I would drop him for a couple of games, throw The Shaq' in, and just let him work on his fitness, touch and getting that confidence back.
It is a testament to Klopp, the squad and sheer hard work that we are now 6/ 6 this season without actually playing that well. We are going to click very soon though and give someone a tasty spanking!

{Ed001's Note - seriously? He was not poor and has not been poor. He has not been at the level he was at the end of last season but he has been far from poor and the last thing he needs is to be dropped.}

19 Sep 2018 10:53:19
Ed 001 appreciate your view *rest deleted*

{Ed001's Note - no you have clearly shown by your previous snide comment that you don't appreciate anything but your own view, so I won't waste anyone else's time or my own with yours.}

19 Sep 2018 12:44:27
i don't think Salah is off form in anyway. if anything, his presence is pinning back the fullback and the covering midfielder. it is not as if fullbacks he is up against are bombing forward with ease because they have no concerns that he will exploit that space effectively. Or that he is consistently mis-passing or not reading the plays. It is quite delightful to see 3 to 4 players surround him when he gets the ball and yet he is able to find a good pass to keep the ball / keep the attack flowing, or even work some space for himself to thread a final pass or shoot.

Oh, and i won't write him off about scoring identical amount of goals as last season just yet. He really only started his streak in Nov/ Dec i think.

19 Sep 2018 12:35:26
I disagree with our view on Salah shughes. He is the main focus of the opposition, every time he touches the ball 2 or 3 players surround him. He'll be fine. Also, remember how many clear opportunities he missed early on in the year last season. He'll be fine.

Also Ed001, how cool would it be if Milner keeps up his form for the entire season and ends up as the league player of the year. I don't think it will happen, but that would be fantastic.

{Ed001's Note - it would be brilliant and well deserved if he did.}

19 Sep 2018 13:22:46
Just having Salah on the pitch worries opposition defenders, they are terrified when he runs at them. Even though it hasn't clicked yet this season he has been far from poor. Remember when Mane went through a lean spell after his injury last season. He'll be firing on all cylinders again very soon.

19 Sep 2018 13:30:29
I would prefer Salah to tick along as he is for now and peak towards the middle to the end of the season ie "business end". No player can go through an entire season playing outstanding football every game.
Just wondering what your opinion is on Robertson's performance last night? I thought he was decent going forward but when he found himself in the left full position he looked nervous. Gave possession away from a few clearances and with the way he was swinging his leg if there was a stray cat in front of him it would have been booted out of the stadium lol.
Great win by the lads though so well done YNWA.

19 Sep 2018 13:32:09
I don't think that Salah should be dropped on the basis of his performances, he's not been outstanding this year but he's still playing better than most of the league. But it does seem to me that our club never get anything good out of playing people who are not 100% (most recent example being Lovren about this time last year) . I very much hope that we aren't gambling Salah's long term fitness on his shoulder and that he we have the confidence to let him recuperate as much as needed because we have more than enough tools to beat anyone without him.

19 Sep 2018 13:32:19
Well, Milner is clearly the best player of the year thus far, for us. And if he turns out to be the best player of the league at the end of the season, then I'm sure very few would question or doubt it. He's more than deserving.

19 Sep 2018 14:11:12
I think we've too quickly elevated salah to messi status. Now he is having a very natural blip in outcome, he is being over criticized. In reality he has been getting much the same opportunities he was at this stage last year but hasn't been as clinical. And yet he has still put up 2 goals and an assist in 6 starts.

He needs to play through this period.

19 Sep 2018 15:29:56
Yeah sgynwa dropping Salah would be the worst and dumbest thing to do, thank dog you're not our manager, that would only make matters worse. I was actually thinking the opposite, that Salah should start vs Southampton and put Shaq in for Sadio. The best think for Mo is to play through his funk until he bangs in a couple of goals and Ingsless Saints at Anfield is the perfect chance to do just that.

19 Sep 2018 22:14:37
Thanks ed, so you don’t think it’s anything to do with this mobile phone thing then?

{Ed001's Note - no mate, I don't.}

19 Sep 2018 23:26:00
Salah needs to be dropped for shaqiri. Shoot me down but Mane is head and shoulders above Salah! He is so direct and his quick feet! Excellent! Should be in the top 3 signings under klopp!

20 Sep 2018 15:22:53
i believe Jurgen Meister totally misread my post!

20 Sep 2018 18:04:07
I thought he has still looked a danger in all are games upto now things just are not going for him and as ed said still not 100% think he might be feeling a bit of pressure to follow up from last season with nearly every pundit going on about him doing it for a second season. but I don't think any of are forwards are in full flow yet so god help everybody when they are.

19 Sep 2018 10:04:56
So happy about yesterday but even more so knowing we have a 19 year old playing right back and a 21 year old playing centre back and yet we go and play PSG and no one is really worried if they will do well just that overall the team play well.
Klopp I salute you mate
how on earth you have got our defence able to have those two young players playing in big big games like this with such confidence and class is truly great.

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19 Sep 2018 11:42:28
The others in the back 5 are hardly elderly either, Andy at at 24, Alisson at 25 and Virgil at 27. If we can keep this unit together I can only see great things for several years. It’s a good time to be a red!

19 Sep 2018 12:00:33
Brilliant comment Johncrow!

20 Sep 2018 18:01:04
There is still a return leg mate! Let’s not jump out from the gun yet.

19 Sep 2018 09:57:47
Great team win yesterday. Please hand Milner a lifetime contract and a lots of Ribena supplies. Also the managing role after Klopp. The guy is the boss.

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19 Sep 2018 08:31:08
Also, thought Klopp got all the subs right last night. and thank f*** no Matip in the last five minutes!

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19 Sep 2018 09:29:56
I've got to disagree there (not about Matip! ), I really thought Klopp could have bought another midfielder earlier as the game became more open and before Liverpool conceded the second.

I think Keita would have eaten up that space that was being left for the midfield to run into. Obviously an incredible result but I think with earlier subs it would have been far less dramatic!

19 Sep 2018 09:48:24
Was happy not to see Matip appear but he still took off Mane for Fabinho and changed the shape to see the game out. Needs to let us do what put us in a winning position and stop confusing the flow to make us more solid - it makes us weaker!

{Ed001's Note - he didn't change the shape. He just moved Gini into the wide right role and Fabinho into midfield.}

19 Sep 2018 09:52:39
Nonsense Angry. Mo made a mistake when we weren’t set and they got lucky with the ricochet. Keita couldn’t possibly have stopped that.

19 Sep 2018 10:17:37
I am not saying that mistake wouldn't have happened I just think with some fresh legs in midfield we could have added a third before PSG got their second.

But as I said before, a brilliant result and who I am to tel Klopp to fix what isn't broken!

19 Sep 2018 14:13:27
Ye I agree with angry, we were calling for a change in midfield about 10mins before their 2nd goal. Personnel or set-up, we just seem to get our midfield stuck in turnstile mode often.

19 Sep 2018 23:12:32
Fabinho looks like a Matip 😂😂.

20 Sep 2018 18:02:43
Spot on Angry. Keita would have provided that option for Salah! Kieta is still our best Center Midfielder.

19 Sep 2018 07:52:49
What a team we've got. Thanks jurgen for bringing European nights like that back. Haven't a clue what Gary Neville was on about.

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19 Sep 2018 08:20:07
It was interesting that even PSG didn’t exactly go toe-to-toe with us, they were still wary of getting caught too far forward.
They’ve got some class players, no doubt about that, and some of their play was lovely to behold but the better team won.
That’s the most pleasing thing for me, it wasn’t a fluke at all.

19 Sep 2018 10:52:02
What I find really good is the fact we have some quality players on the bench who may not be game changers they are not something to look and wonder if a forward, mid or defender is injured we are not thinking oh s*** we are going to struggle here. Not knocking previous players, just that some were not good enough.

Review Of The Day 19th September 2018

19 Sep 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 19th September 2018

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19 Sep 2018 07:32:21
Morning Ed, and what a fantastic morning it is! Cheers mate, hope you have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - just think how good Bobby would be if he had two working eyes....}

19 Sep 2018 07:41:25
Thanks ed. De Francesco did well not to react to costa's dirty spit. I can't say I would have been so calm. Sham to hear about the lad with motor neurons especially after just getting married.

{Ed001's Note - it is a sad day for the lad, seemed like a nice lad when with us and he is held in high regard.}

19 Sep 2018 07:41:43
Great read Ed001 as always. Desperately sad news regarding Stephen Darby. A model pro, and he was such an important part of that Bradford side that went to the League Cup final, and captained them too. Thoughts are with his whole family and himself of course.

{Ed001's Note - the sad thing is it is just about quality of life for the lad now.}

19 Sep 2018 07:49:05
Yeah that’s the saddest part Ed. Such a shock. He’s married to Steph Houghton of Man City Women I believe, it’s going to be so difficult for her now too. I hope they get plenty of support around them.

{Ed001's Note - correct mate, he is. A club like City will no doubt look after her well.}

19 Sep 2018 07:53:09
I know Ed, my boy said if he wasn't a pirate and was on all game we'd of battered them! I couldn't disagree! What a difference Firmino makes to the team, we're privileged to have him. He's the most exciting player we've had for bloody years imo.

{Ed001's Note - even just the sight of him getting ready to come on lifted the crowd.}

19 Sep 2018 07:54:17
Thanks Ed. Tuesdays will now and forever be known as Bobby Tuesday. Please note Fridays are no longer Fekir Friday. Thanks.

{Ed001's Note - Firmino Friday?}

19 Sep 2018 08:13:02
Yes Ed lovin that. Everyday should be Firmino Friday!

19 Sep 2018 10:35:44
Thanks for that Ed. That spitting episode was horrible. He should have been sent off for the head butt though.

{Ed001's Note - he should have gone for the elbow before that.}

19 Sep 2018 10:35:53
Have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate you too.}

19 Sep 2018 22:56:54
Brilliant read ed, thanks a million mate.

19 Sep 2018 07:03:38
I'm always happy when Sturridge scores. He put in a shift today and could have scored a second. But who cares we won!

Millner MOM again. What a players. If we are to win something this season his form will be crucial.

Lets do it again on Saturday!

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19 Sep 2018 07:58:37
I'm also very happy for Sturridge, it was great to see him score.

We will do it again Saturday PR, only by a larger margin. Southampton will be shaking at the thought of facing us and so they should be because we're going to tear them apart mate! Our confidence will be sky high, watch us go on Saturday!

19 Sep 2018 08:56:26
Love your optimism Salah.

19 Sep 2018 09:00:19
How's the health captain optimism Salah 😊?

19 Sep 2018 09:58:23
Lol getting there thank you very much Jurgenator :) .

19 Sep 2018 06:53:45
I heard after the game Milner gave everyone a piggy back home and then went for a 10k Run.

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19 Sep 2018 07:58:42
You heard wrong.

He also carried the PSG players home, and then ran back (c1,200km) and was still in the ice bath before anyone else.

Its our own 'Milly Whizz'!

19 Sep 2018 08:33:49
It must be all of that Ribena!

19 Sep 2018 14:02:16
Milly Whizz, I love it!

18 Sep 2018 23:59:42
Ed001 I suppose this is only loosely linked to LFC nowadays but was just wondering how Danny Ward is going over at Leicester?

{Ed001's Note - he has only played in the League Cup so a slow start. But they were expecting to lose Schmeichel in the summer so this was not the plan for him.}

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19 Sep 2018 07:43:46
Poor guy just can't get a decent go can he?

18 Sep 2018 23:56:24
About time that the "Henderson hate brigade" packed it in, as tonight he has showed (just as he did against City and Roma last year) how important he is to the team. Never panicked under pressure, never shirked a challenge and was organising effectively in midfield. He will never be the flashiest player or a Luka Modric esque player but he is hugely effective in games like tonight, thus, he deserves to be shown a lot more respect than he is currently given. This section of the fanbase that thinks he is always wrong need to stop now - what more does Henderson need to do?

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19 Sep 2018 01:07:10
Harry will only support Henderson if he morphs himself into a combination of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic.

19 Sep 2018 01:52:01
He was outstanding, a real captains performance.

19 Sep 2018 02:07:58
Nothing. Thanks George!

19 Sep 2018 07:53:54
He was fantastic tonight. I remember seeing him make 3 challenges in three different areas of the pitch in under 30 seconds!

{Ed001's Note - spot on, but those who hate him must have all had their eyes shut during that as they are still saying he doesn't do anything.}

19 Sep 2018 08:50:01
That's because to some people, 98% of the pitch is irrelevant - if you're not a goalkeeper and don't score, you haven't contributed. Sad really.

19 Sep 2018 10:09:47
It's funny you say that Ed1 mate because since last night I've seen comments online saying how he had a great game yet he's not good enough for Liverpool and should be sold/ have his captaincy stripped from him.

This really winds me up to be honest and I find it really disrespectful towards him, he was arguably the best player on the pitch last night or in my opinion he was anyway but it's not just about last nights game, when the lad is fit he's bloody quality all of the time.

He always puts a shift in, his work rate is just top notch and it really does show! I love the lad, I think he's quality. I reckon by the end of the season people will be changing their opinions of him because I see him staying fit and absolutely smashing it!

In my opinion the people the people who talk about him like he's no good aren't watching him properly or enough.

{Ed001's Note - they will never see it mate, they don't want to see it because they have made their minds up already.}

19 Sep 2018 10:39:21
True Ed and that's what frustrates me, we can all be wrong about players but when they do well how about giving them the praise they deserve, its not hard is it.

I'll be the first to admit, when he first joined I wasn't happy about it one bit! But how glad am I that he did sign! I wish more people would get behind the lad but it seems people just love comparing him to Gerrard which is completely irrelevant.

Anyway, on my way out to see if we can book a break away! Whatever you are doing today Ed stay safe and enjoy your day mate :) .

{Ed001's Note - oooo where are you taking me?}

19 Sep 2018 11:59:36
“Where are you taking me? ”

Up the khyber?

19 Sep 2018 14:03:38
To heaven and back?

19 Sep 2018 18:33:30
lol Ed we were looking all afternoon and still booked bugger all! quite annoying tbh, we don't know where to pick! might just go to the lake district for a few days, never been there but apparently it's a nice place to visit.

{Ed001's Note - I have never been so can't say, but I have heard it is nice. Personally I would rather go on a footie stadium tour or something though!}

19 Sep 2018 18:18:26
Did someone call me 😁😁. Must be about Jordan Henderson 😌.

19 Sep 2018 18:52:18
You and me both Ed mate (the things you have to do eh lol), a couple of months ago there was a national coach trip to Liverpool, I think you stopped there for 2 nights but also got the Anfield tour as well, £99 per person which I thought was pretty good, I was too busy with work at the time to do it but really would've liked to of taken my boy there! it may of just been the 1 night but either way would've been a nice little trip that! I've never done the Anfield tour but apparently its brilliant!

{Ed001's Note - that isn't bad that. I have never done the proper tour, have had a couple of tours of the ground but never the official ones like. And not been since the redevelopment. God I miss Anfield.}

20 Sep 2018 18:04:41
Tell me about it Ed, it's been far too long since I was last there. I'd love to go watch a big game at some point, you know like a derby or a CL game but the problem these days is getting the tickets lol it's a right pain in the arse! maybe one day though if I plan it properly, now I have more time though I'd bloody love to go back even if it is just for the tour, that'll do me just fine! I just want to get back inside there again lol.

My Mrs just isn't interested in football at all so shes not in on coming but I just know if I took her to Anfield she'd love it, who wouldn't? I should blind fold her shouldn't I and say 'we're going somewhere amazing just trust me on this one! ' not a bad idea actually that is it hahaha!


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