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08 Dec 2018 17:57:59
Looking forward to your review of the game especially this time Ed, I only got to see the second half damnit! great result though, get in Liverpool, another clean sheet for our man Alisson too! Next up Utd, I was more concerned about Bournemouth tbh, I think we'll rip Utd apart next Sunday especially with me back on form. It can't come quick enough.

{Ed001's Note - maybe you should miss the first half more often then????}

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08 Dec 2018 18:07:58
Hahaha good point!

08 Dec 2018 18:19:39
Cracking performance today. Can’t wait for the Napoli and Utd game now. I would never underestimate Utd though and I would never underestimate Mourinho. If anyone knows how to nullify a game or an opposition it’s that man.

08 Dec 2018 18:41:34
True JK, you aren't wrong mate. I just can't see them getting anything at Anfield, I'd be very surprised if they did put it that way, they'll park the bus but we'll bulldoze the bloody thing down and batter them!

08 Dec 2018 18:50:53
Salah I hope so mate. It’s been too long since we gave utd a good hammering.

08 Dec 2018 19:01:44
In seasons past they’ve been good at parking the bus, this season they haven’t, even De Gea looks out of sorts. I really hope we can break the hoodoo against them this time, it would be christmas come early.

08 Dec 2018 19:08:09
I know JK mate, it's due isn't it, if I remember correctly the last time we slammed them was in 2009, I think it was 4-1! .

08 Dec 2018 19:22:21
No we did in 2014 as well Salah, the one where Gerrard got 3 penalties, 4-1 i think it finished?

08 Dec 2018 19:43:32
You also can't forget that Dirk Kuyt hat trick. Did anyone have any money on a Kuyt hat trick? No, I didn't think so, haha.

08 Dec 2018 20:10:53
Salah is that when Riera scored from pretty much a Reina throw or sthg?

08 Dec 2018 23:37:16
To be honest Irish Bill, I can't remember who was on the score sheet that day mate.

09 Dec 2018 07:31:51
Think that was the day Torres ran Vidic ragged Salah and even Dossena got on the scoresheet. Watched that game in an Irish bar in Manchester, the silence was deafening.

08 Dec 2018 17:28:23
Klopp taken us to the next level this season. Almost half way into the season and we are showing Champions status.

Yes might be getting ahead of myself but this run in an EPL season is unheard of when it comes to LFC.

We go again!

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08 Dec 2018 17:41:21
Spot on, Max. For me, with every game we win consecutively, is one more week we are allowed to believe that the PL title is there for us to grab if we dare to dream and have the courage and belief to grab our opportunity cos I still believe it will come this season.

08 Dec 2018 18:22:53
Our performances haven’t been great this season and we’ve rode our luck on a couple of occasions in the league but been found out in the CL. The best thing is it looks like we are starting to find those performances now and if we can go unbeaten not playing well in 2nd gear then sky’s the limit when we get into top gear. Hopefully it’s not too little too late in the CL though.

08 Dec 2018 16:32:50
Well thought the main referee today was pretty good. domt you think so too ed01?

{Ed001's Note - you mean when he failed to act after Cook studded Salah's calf you thought he was good? That should have been a booking after allowing play on. He made a few similar decisions and let a lot go and made dubious calls at times. I was not impressed myself. Though he was not as bad as Probert has been.}

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08 Dec 2018 16:45:13
Yikes, Liverbird31! What game were you watching? The ref was poor on both sides. The fact that He did not card or to some, send Cook off for nearly doing Salah's archilles (I think Ed01 meant Salah's arcilles, not calf) which could have ended our season right there, completely kills your case. He let a lot go, as Ed said which could have ended up in fouls called on both sides.

The fact that we are even saying that a poor ref was noit as bad as an awful ref, tells you the abysmal standard of officiating in the PL currently which is sadly, no longer a surprise.

08 Dec 2018 16:47:41
Sorry ya i was wrong.

{Ed0333's Note - you weren’t wrong mate, you just wasn’t right.

08 Dec 2018 16:40:16
Agreed there ed. that and one or two throw ins were wrong.

08 Dec 2018 16:08:48
Seriously, how sexy was Keita's double nutmeg! 😀.

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08 Dec 2018 16:46:28
Jurgenator, you should youtube Keita's games at RBL. Nutmegs is what he does. It's a talent obviously cos I have never seen a player succeed in doing them as often as Naby does.

{Ed0333's Note - Meg!!

08 Dec 2018 21:50:35
Beardsley was the king of the nutmegs. It was usually the keeper but he could do them at will.

08 Dec 2018 15:15:04
56 goals in 74 appearances for LFC by Mohammed Salah. That's a blistering pace. The man can play football. 🏆.

{Ed0333's Note - that is one friggin sexy stat 1969. Don’t overlook the fact he’s missed some absolute sitters along the way, just imagine his stats if he’d scored even half of those chances.

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08 Dec 2018 15:28:06
Exactly Ed0333. And only one of those was from a penalty.

08 Dec 2018 16:09:52
Brilliant player only shame is his reaction when he scores these days. His face is like ed25 going into the off licence only to be told they are out of SC, well maybe not that bad. Joking aside reminds me of couts towards the end.

{Ed0333's Note - maybe not celebrating is a form of celebrating. Seriously people there’s more pressing issues to worry about like hoping Jose keeps winning football matches and long may it continue.

08 Dec 2018 16:26:38
Jose can win football matches but it better not be next weel ed333.

{Ed0333's Note - obvs Liverbird lol

08 Dec 2018 16:50:45
Acered, Salah may not be celebrating that much cos he has bigger targets for himself and LFC this season so him scoring a goal is just part of that process and nothing more. Or he is not celebrating cos he is enjoying watching the critics eat some serious crow after many called him a one-season wonder and all that. Just an opinion.

{Ed0333's Note - It really doesn’t bother me to be fair if he celebrates or not but if I had a choice I’d want him to do the Ramos celebration every time he scores. I love that. It’s hilarious and must wind Ramos up to the point of him combusting.

08 Dec 2018 17:43:21
I would totally love that, Ed0333 if Salah did that after every goal he scores.

{Ed0333's Note - just goes to show you don’t need to use twitter to destroy someone these days

08 Dec 2018 18:25:51
If you guys can find and watch the video of Salah going wild on the sidelines with Moreno and Shaqiri after Origi's goal at Everton, you would think differently about all this celebration mumbo jumbo.

08 Dec 2018 18:20:21
Fair reply from BRover and ed0333 both your comments make sense, like the idea of the Ramos celebration.

08 Dec 2018 21:15:04
I think you'll find that he has scored two penalties one against Huddersfield Town last season and the other against Red Star at Anfield this season.

08 Dec 2018 21:11:45
This is why he doesn’t celebrate he’s scored so many it’s mundane to him now ;)

08 Dec 2018 15:02:19
We’ve got past the magical 40 point mark should be safe from relegation now .
seriously 42 points from 16 games is seriously impressive.

{Ed0333's Note - damn the blue side of Manchester

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08 Dec 2018 16:51:58
Squizza, the earlier you get 42 points, the better. Can we now challenge for the PL now or is it too early to call?

08 Dec 2018 17:21:05
Let’s see where we are after Xmas if we are still in it at the business end of the season you never know hey.

08 Dec 2018 18:07:41
For a second I thought this was negative red Walter just relieved that we are not getting relegated lol.

08 Dec 2018 14:30:13
Can someone please explain the offside rule to me. Why are commentators saying Salah was offside for fist goal? When Firmino shot he wasn’t interfering with the play and then it comes back off Begovic so he can’t be offside?

{Ed001's Note - because he never got back onside between the shot being taken and it coming back to him.}

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08 Dec 2018 14:52:10
Nice from Salah to give him his MOTM award to Milner for making his 500th appearance. I know it means nothing to Salah to actually keep the award. But still nice to see it.

{Ed025's Note - it was probably given to him out of embarrassment that salah got it in the first place walkon..

08 Dec 2018 14:56:22
You win some you lose some. Remember Mane being robbed against Arsenal?

08 Dec 2018 15:02:20
True Ed, God awful performance from a god awful player :) If only he was at Everton so he could scrape the muck off Richarlisons boots.

08 Dec 2018 15:08:04
Everton fan's still bitter I see. Salah was MOTM or were you watching something else.

{Ed025's Note - i was watching barbie with my granddaughter mate, she wanted the football on but i said no.. :)

08 Dec 2018 15:02:20
True Ed, God awful performance from a god awful player :) If only he was at Everton so he could scrape the muck off Richarlisons boots.

08 Dec 2018 15:29:49
Killer responses from ED25 as usual!

08 Dec 2018 16:55:20
OP, Salah was offside at the time the shot was fired in by Bobbie and since the parry from the GK fell to Salah (still) in an offside position, the flag has to be raised. Pretty straight forward.

{Ed0333's Note - yep he was mate thanks for your explanation. Also the Burnley goal was offside on Wednesday so these things have a habit of evening themselves out over the course of the season.

08 Dec 2018 15:53:13
Probably for the better 25.
We all know how old fellas get when being thought new cutting edge ways of doing things. Now we don't want you getting even more cranky and bitter do we.

{Ed025's Note - i am not very cranky hendo.. :)

08 Dec 2018 16:11:46
Tell ya what ed mate, vlasic is on fire there isn't he, obviously the league he in isn't that strong but do u think he will get a chance next season for you guys.

{Ed025's Note - doing very well hailstones, but as you say mate i dont think its a very high standard..

08 Dec 2018 16:28:24
They are tryimg to sign sala no? we won't sell him to u! 😂😉.

08 Dec 2018 18:09:34
It was clearly offside but I get the point the OP is making - if the ref association agreed that spurs were online last season because Lovren got a touch and deflected the path of the ball, does that logic apply to goalies too, lol?

08 Dec 2018 14:35:27
Now that's what you call putting presure on city, fantastic performance and result, another clean sheet 💪 come on chelseado us a favour.

{Ed0333's Note - it was a professional and clinical performance mate. It was well worth me getting up at 7.30am for and incurring the Mrs wrath every time I cheered the goals and woke her up.

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08 Dec 2018 15:01:57
Hi Ed033 do u mind me asking you where u are located, im hoping u will Ontario Canada. I would love to meet up with any eds or posters who live in Ontario.
Sorry if that inappropriate for me to ask that.

{Ed0333's Note - no mate it’s not inappropriate at all. I live in Miami. No where near Canada unforunately as I hear it’s a lovely country and definitely one on my bucket list. If you do ever meet one of the Ed’s make sure its not Ed’s 001 and if you are that unfortunate don’t take him out for a meal he’ll bankrupt you.

08 Dec 2018 15:16:17
Lol ed333 yea great performance, but no doubt some people will find something to moan bout lol,

{Ed0333's Note - I’m not the most positive guy when it comes to Liverpool. As I worry and fret every performance. Today’s match was a pleasure to behold at no point did I think we’d concede. It was an absolute mauling. Professional and clinical. It’s as if we were playing west ham the first game of the season. We played with swag, guile, heart and common sense. I loved it.

08 Dec 2018 15:32:36
Yea i think it was the best team performance this season, had my doubts we would get a result as bournmouth been playing really well this season, same afain next week.

08 Dec 2018 15:51:24
Couldn't agree more Ed, I said the same today.

{Ed0333's Note - is this the turning of the corner we’re all hoping for?

08 Dec 2018 17:57:03
Let’s hope it is the corner. 2 massive games coming up!

Tim- I’m from Liverpool but now based in Vancouver. Right country but not exactly near enough for a drink!

08 Dec 2018 14:23:18
Let's see what ya got City :)

{Ed025's Note - something special i hope.. :)

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08 Dec 2018 14:38:30
Oh come on ed025 surely a Chelsea win to get a proper title race!

{Ed025's Note - never WYred, i want the best team to win it, and the reds do love a runner up trophy mate.. :)

08 Dec 2018 14:40:24
Don't be silly Ed, we'll be top at the end of the day ;)

{Ed025's Note - if city get beat 24-0 im sure you will walkon..

08 Dec 2018 14:48:03
Wouldn't be a bad result 😂 But as I only care about us staying top, I'd take just the 23 :)

08 Dec 2018 14:46:00
Im hoping city 2- Chelsea 4 now ed.

{Ed025's Note - i cant see that livebird, chelsea are not all that mate hell even we got a draw against them..

08 Dec 2018 15:10:06
So Everton are a bad team like Chelsea. Glad you cleared that up.

{Ed025's Note - liverpool drew with them as well mate..

08 Dec 2018 16:30:10
But we beat you! 😂😂😂.

{Ed025's Note - we beat ourselves mate..

08 Dec 2018 16:32:26
They were on a roll weren't they? when we faced them. now they crumble against everyone. even poor teams can get a draw against them as asserted by ed25!😂.

08 Dec 2018 17:27:54
Ed25, your bitterness is clearly not showing, lol.

{Ed025's Note - im not bitter brover, a wind up merchant maybe but im full of praise for liverpool most of the time, you guys do need taking down a bit though or your heads will get bigger than birkenhead...and thats my task mate.. :)

08 Dec 2018 21:18:07
Why did they need to be beaten 24-0 for us to stay top? Surely 1-0 would suffice.

09 Dec 2018 22:29:38
Ed25, just plying, man. It's all good.

{Ed025's Note - of course it is brover, its just a bit of banter mate..

08 Dec 2018 11:44:42
Morning all, question for Ed01 if you're still about?

Klopp was asked to explain the absence of clyne and he said something along the lines of "It's a bit difficult to explain but he's just not available"

Is he injured again or is it poor attitude or simply because he's a terrible player? 😂.

{Ed001's Note - officially he is injured. Unofficially there is a lot of speculation about his lifestyle not being the best, shall we say.}

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08 Dec 2018 11:52:44
Thanks ed01 mate.

I wonder if he'd play 5-a-side with me and my mates we could do with a keeper.

{Ed001's Note - does the place have a bar?}

08 Dec 2018 12:32:46
I won't give in to his demands mate.

08 Dec 2018 14:34:56
Regarding clyne I heard he....

{Ed0333's Note - I’m clearly not gonna allow that post Hailstones. This ain’t the National Enquirer mate.

08 Dec 2018 15:36:28
Sorry ed 0333 my bad mate.

{Ed0333's Note - No worries, It’s all good fella. Enjoy your weekend.

08 Dec 2018 17:29:13
Brilliant response, Ed02.

{Ed025's Note - i think you may have posted on the wrong thread brover..


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