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15 Mar 2018 22:40:16
Alright Ed01 hope all's well mate, some cracking stuff being rolled out at the mo! You still doing your legends profiles? Is Fernando Redondo on the list? Would love to hear your thought's on him. Keep up the great work.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate and yes. Still working on Cruyff, just so much to read on him it is taking some time to put together so I had a break to put some other articles out in the meantime.}

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16 Mar 2018 07:23:37
Redondo was one of the most elegant players and technically gifted midfielders I have ever watched. He looked like he was walking while others were running and breaking sweat on the pitch, making football effortless and easy. What a player!

16 Mar 2018 08:36:41
He'll always be remembered particularly for that remarkable assist for Raul at Old Trafford.

16 Mar 2018 08:50:56
Are you going to do one for Stoichkov ed?

{Ed001's Note - of course mate, he is a proper legend. Loved seeing him play.}

16 Mar 2018 10:54:17
I'll always remember Redondo for a number of reasons, one that he was so elegant he made the game look easy, two that season when he was injured in Serie A he handed his salary back as he said that he did not deserve it and three, that time he put Gary Neville on his arse after nutmegging him. A real joy to watch in midfield and one of my favourite ever non Liverpool players.

15 Mar 2018 23:56:02
Topman need to remove this T-shirt ASAP.
Very poor taste, deliberate or coincidental, it needs to be withdrawn.

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16 Mar 2018 03:28:42
what the f**k were they thinking? they either are desperate for publicity or they simply have not thought this through, its a disgrace they even got past the marketing department.

16 Mar 2018 06:18:12
Just seen it now, serious questions need to be raised with their marketing department, disgusting how that made it onto the shelves in the first place. truly shocked.

16 Mar 2018 09:02:42
No way was this an accident.

15 Mar 2018 21:34:58
I know, I know, I know., .,
. Not LFC related anymore but

Lucas scored!

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15 Mar 2018 21:42:06
Assisted by Luis Alberto, too, I think.

15 Mar 2018 22:41:00
And VVDs new CB partner also scored, excellent. Two scoring CBs for next season.

15 Mar 2018 23:19:19
followed by De Vrij, who just might be wearing a Liverpool shirt next season .

16 Mar 2018 05:34:35
I’ll always be happy when Lucas does well - what a legend. YNWA.

16 Mar 2018 07:24:18
Me too, SG. Top man, our Lucas.

16 Mar 2018 10:52:33
But it / Mr Lucas is Lpool related ⚽️⚽️⚽️✌.

15 Mar 2018 20:45:31
Eds n Reds. not sure the reaction i will get but for next season i would prefer we bring in a striker like Werner and move Firmino into midfield. i just think he would be perfect along side Keita with his pressing and creativity and would also add goals from midfield which is needed in my opinion. im not sure if we are looking at bringing in a CB but i think a quality CB, Jorginho and Werner strengthens along all lines. i mean how strong does a midfield of Jorginho, Firmino and Keita behind Mane, Werner and Salah seem. maybe im dreaming but it seems semi realistic to me. don't get me wrong i love what Firmino has done as striker but we need creativity and goals from midfield and im not sure Keita alone will be enough to take us to the level we are looking at getting to. adding more pace and goals to our front 3 would be freightening let alone adding more goals and creativity to midfield aswell. thoughts.?

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15 Mar 2018 20:52:15
Who knows, Klopp might just go down that route. I think we need another option in attack but I wouldn’t mess with the Mane, Bobby, Salah combination because they work so well together.
It ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

We do need another option though against bus parkers.

15 Mar 2018 21:16:12
I also agree we do need another option but I wouldn't move Firmino in a million years, he's at his best in this position, I don't want to see his form drop by moving him about.

15 Mar 2018 21:24:08
I like the idea id we are playing a 4-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1 or something like. but in our current system I feel like Firmino wuold take a good couple of seasons to settle into one of the 2 box to box midfield roles we play.

15 Mar 2018 21:36:44
Firmino's unpredictable movement up front is a big part of how we create space in attack. A lot of the time defenders are left with a choice between being pulled out of position by his movement, handing him off to someone else (which can go wrong if a ball comes forward at the wrong time or they just don't communicate properly) or outright leaving him drop into space unmarked, all of which helps stretch and upset opposition defenders.

Firmino has the technical ability to be a good attacking midfielder, but if he was coming from deeper positions instead of starting up top and wandering about, he'd be easier to predict and we'd probably need to reshape our attack a bit. Not a good idea, imo.

Obviously Firmino can't play every game and we do need another option, but said option wouldn't be first choice.

15 Mar 2018 21:52:07
I actually think it would be a much easier transition to that role then his move to striker. i mean he was naturally an attacking mid transformed to a striker anyway. obviously im on the outer with this idea but i really think having his qualities in midfield would make a world of difference alongside Keita. obviously goals are only an issue for us with teams that sit back against us. more pace up top and more creativity in midfield helps towards fixing that issue.

15 Mar 2018 22:55:39
My fear is not where Bobby plays but who. could take over if he suffers and injury. He is so critical to the team and I'm the most talented mportant player.

16 Mar 2018 01:35:20
No you play your best player at cf. He is a forward, our attack is class.

16 Mar 2018 05:37:09
Well put Something Red. I wouldn’t start him in midfield in a 4-3-3 but a switch to 4-2-3-1 with Werner at striker ahead of Mane, Firmino, Salah and Hendo/ Keita at base of midfield would be one hell of a team.

16 Mar 2018 07:05:59
We need a player like Son. Someone who plays attacking mid and can play striker if needed.

16 Mar 2018 07:25:48
Whoever you get, has to agree to be Bobbie's deputy and NO top class or up and coming striker like Werner will come here and do that so people prolly wanna lower their expectations on the level of striker we could get. Just saying.

16 Mar 2018 10:53:14
smurf - it all sounds good. just pointing out that we don't really play attacking mids. like, if we was to drop in the midfield he would need to do a job at both ends of the pitch, link play etc etc etc. we've specialised in turning attack-minded midfielders into more central midfiedlers (Hendo, Can, Gini, Lallana, Lucas, Ox etc) . but that would be total flipping of the script if we have a go at turning a forward into a Centre-mid! I'm sure he could do it! just think it would take a bit of time more than we would like.

he's beaut in the front 3, use him there. take advantage of his flexibility as a #10 to vary our formation / system from time to time.

Top 10 Attacking Midfielders

15 Mar 2018 19:36:42
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Top 10 Attacking Midfielders

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15 Mar 2018 20:16:31
Thanks very much for the article Ed001. Very informative. I'm in total agreement in regards to David Silva. He is (or perhaps was) the true Magician. He made that Spain midfield tick like clockwork. I'm surprised you've placed Fekir so high up on th list, but I must admit I saw him play only last year, when he was coming off injuries. So what do you think? Do we put in a bid for James Maddison? Or do we flex muscles, open up the wallet, and go for Dele Alli or Isco?

{Ed001's Note - I wouldn't touch Isco or Alli. Isco is not a team player and Alli is too busy diving to play. Maddison is someone half the Prem are tracking, West Ham tried to buy him in the summer.}

15 Mar 2018 20:28:11
I can't lie, the first name I looked for is Silva before reading the others because he's without a doubt the best attacking mid there is.

Iniesta for me I'd probably stick in 5th place. But he is coming to the end of his career now I just have massive respect for who he is and what he can do. At one point I wouldn't of known who to pick out of him and Silva but at this moment in time, it's got to be Silva.

It's a difficult one really because there's so many top attacking mids out there but I would have Hazard part of the top 10 and probably remove Gotze purely because of his injuries if he wasn't made of glass he could've been one of the top in that list.

15 Mar 2018 20:31:32
My dad thought I was winding him up when I said we should sign Maddison. He wasn't having any of it when I said England should take him to the world cup.

I Don't think I'd have him in my top 10, but he is definitely the second best English attacking midfielder after Alli as your list suggests.

On a side note, Harry is not going to like this mate! No Insigne, and two English players 😲 he's probably just punched his mum and eaten his dog in protest.

{Ed001's Note - Insigne is a winger mate.}

15 Mar 2018 20:33:25
Nice read edd a little surprised you included Ali. But I am a fan of his so glad you included him. You were right in saying he hasn't had the best of seasons.
Let's hope we can get him for next season and he lives up to the potential.

{Ed001's Note - can't leave him out, he may not be at his best but he is still excellent.}

15 Mar 2018 20:56:09
I just know Harry loves Insigne and he can play there! I'd have had Hamsik in my top 10 by the way. I think I'd have gone with De Bruyne, Dybala, Silva, Hamsik, Alli, Coutinho, Iniesta, Ozil, Asensio, Isco.

{Ed001's Note - Hamsik has played deeper every time I have seen Napoli this season or he would have been a shoo-in. Dybala is a forward imo and Asensio usually plays wide left.}

15 Mar 2018 21:14:01
I know what you mean about Hamsik but he's played most of his career in a defined attacking midfield role so I can't not pick him.

Dybala I picked because you included Fekir and I think he is in between an attacking midfielder and a second striker, like Dybala is.

Asensio playing wide seems temporary to me. He is destined to be the best attacking mid in world football I think. Alli also plays wide left this season so I have kind of gone with my top 10 in the game rather than the top 10 this season. Otherwise Alli and Coutinho would have to be left wingers and I couldn't include them either.

{Ed001's Note - it is bloody difficult mate.}

15 Mar 2018 21:21:12
It is made harder because players play different positions from season to season. Even Ozil often played on the right of a front 3 for Arsenal from time to time! De Bruyne started this season in the holding role!

Then there is the conundrum of which is more crucial; creating goals or scoring goals. Hamsik and Alli blitz everyone in terms of scoring, but De Bruyne and Ozil blitz everyone for creativity. Then you have the guys like Silva and Iniesta who tend to be more creative in terms of key passes and link up play.

You Don't pick easy topics for yourself mate!

{Ed001's Note - easy is boring.}

15 Mar 2018 21:28:21
If it's possible Ed would love to see another article, similar to this one but for defenders. The reason I mention this is off the top of my head I'm struggling to think of 10 who top top quality, defenders these days just aren't incredible or not many are, I mean it's difficult to pick top 10 attacking mids because there's so many but defenders there isn't. I have no doubt you can pick a top 10 but me right now I'm finding it difficult to look past the following.


I just know for a fact I've missed out some top names but these spring to mind off the top of my head. See as I'm typing this I thought of Alderweireld, so that's 6, we're getting there lol.

{Ed001's Note - I will be going through doing top 10s of each position over time.}

15 Mar 2018 21:30:47
Brill, look forward to that!

{Ed001's Note - I did actually do a 'world's best' list of a few positions in the past, but there has been a long gap since the last one I did. I was ending up with 20-30 players to write about with that so decided to cut it back to 10 and just make it a top 10. Takes a while to pick them but really saves time on typing it up.}

15 Mar 2018 21:43:21
Good read Ed001, just a quick one. Coutinho has played the majority of his games in LW and he was included in the list, But you've left out insigne and assensio for that very reason? Surely can't be one rule for one player and another rule for another?
Don't mean to be difficult I just like consistency,

{Ed001's Note - Insigne prefers to play on the left as a winger, Asensio is a youngster who could be picked there but as he has played more games wide left or right than in the centre I could hardly pick him. Coutinho has always maintained he is a central player and always prefers playing more central. Even when playing nominally on the left he would spend 90% of the game central. You watch Insigne or Asensio and both are proper widemen when they play wide.}

15 Mar 2018 21:57:27
For me Alli hasn't been as good this season. But then spurs haven't been quite as good this season! Still I hope he can push on as he has top talent and hopefully help England do better in up coming tourneys!

15 Mar 2018 23:33:53
If have to make a point for eriksen over alli?

16 Mar 2018 02:31:38
I very rarely use the like/ dislike function but why on earth would people dislike this article? damn right disrespectful when you consider the amount of time and effort put into writing them.

16 Mar 2018 03:20:25
I'd love to have Gotze at Liverpool, I think reuniting him with Klopp would help him harness the enormous potential he had.

16 Mar 2018 10:51:53
Silva stands out! I was tempted to buy his shirt but my inner soul never allowed it! There is nothing better than watching him play! He went through a worse time of his life this year, yet produced some of the best football for them! A proper PL legend! Humble, modest and what a player!

I don’t care about the rest 9. Alli above Coutinho is joke! Alli in his best day wouldn’t lace the boots of phil. People hate him I know, I do not care one bit. Phil is still my fav player.

The sad part is 2 out of the three are at City and we aren’t signing any one from that list!

15 Mar 2018 18:37:39
Great to see Lucas score for Lazio this evening. Good on him.

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15 Mar 2018 18:30:42
I don't get this give us Barcelona or Madrid talk, I'd rather get Sevilla or Roma all day. There's no easy games in the CL and why not play Barcelona in the semis rather than the quarters?!

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15 Mar 2018 18:40:53
I want to play one of the 'big sides' in the semi final personally. Otherwise it would be 5 very hard games to win the competition and that's a big ask for Klopp and the players. Although, that being said, I would love us to send out a message to the rest of the teams by battering was of the 'top' teams.

15 Mar 2018 18:57:23
Spot on, Firmane. Regardless of how we feel about Barcelona or Real, it's STILL Barcelona and REAL with CRZ and Messi along with Suarez on those teams that can hurt us at any minute. So I would not wanna get them if I could choose. I'd take Roma or Sevilla any day BUT if we get any of the big boys, it's going to be two great games and play them like they are your last and leave it all out there on the pitch with no regrets.

15 Mar 2018 19:11:15
It does not matter who we get. What matters is what we do to beat that team.

We have proven we can dismantle any team so on the day, bring Madrid, Barcelona or any other team. It is up to Klopp and the players to step up and show how much they want it. We cannot get onto the pitch and kick the ball around for them.

We are there to get behind the lads and they need to deliver. Bring it on!

15 Mar 2018 19:42:28
Whatever team we get, I hope we get the 2nd leg at Anfield.

15 Mar 2018 20:02:08
We've done it before, we'll do it again lads. remember riise and Bellamy at the nou camp? And benayoun at the bernebau? At the end of the day I'm just happy to see us in the last 8 teams of the competition.

15 Mar 2018 20:19:33
Roller, make that The Europe's Elite 8, sir. The boys have been sent packing. Now, only the men remain. Credit to Klopp and the boys for making us a member of this exclusive group.

15 Mar 2018 20:33:20
True Roller. You know what even if we don't progress any further we've done an excellent job getting to this stage. For the record I do think we will progress but it depends on how we perform on the day, not the team we'll be playing because on our day we can beat anybody, it all goes on their mentality and who wants it more imo. We have to turn up and be ready for god knows what any of them teams give to us, even Roma. To be honest I find it quite ignorant some people writing Roma off, they're at the same stage we are and have to be respected as do we.

We have a squad with players who barely have any experience if any in the CL so for us to be at this stage is quite admirable. At the beginning of the season I didn't hold much hope for us in the CL so I'm delighted no matter what happens from now on. Well, as long as we don't get steam rolled by another team that is.

15 Mar 2018 21:00:05
I want to play the best team in the final, and for me that's Barcelona. And I want to win, of course. But even if we lose it'll be a massive push for our renewed standing in the footballing world and our recruitment in future years.

Ed025 seems to think we can't make it that far. But we've surprised many with our quality this year, and the fat lady could be in for more surprises before she sings.

15 Mar 2018 18:00:41
Tomorrow is champions league draw. I feel we will play against Roma.
Draw will be
Liverpool vs Roma
Man City vs Juventus
Bayern Munich vs Barcelona
Real Madrid vs Sevilla.
What you guys think?

{Ed025's Note - i think liverpool will draw man city yaz, there is nothing more that the plebs at uefa would love more than for one english club to knock out the other mate..

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15 Mar 2018 18:20:28
Personally think there will be an all-Spanish tie

Sevilla v Real
Barca v City
Roma v Liverpool
Bayern v Juve.

15 Mar 2018 18:22:32
At least it guarenteed a an English team in the semis. How about Liverpool city, Roma juve, Barcelona Madrid and Sevilla Bayern?

15 Mar 2018 18:28:01
Does anybody know what time the draw is please?

{Ed025's Note - tomorrow at 12-00 CET mate..

15 Mar 2018 18:41:35
I think it will be

Liverpool V Juve.

Barcelona V City.

Real Madrid V Bayern.

Sevilla V Roma.

15 Mar 2018 18:58:02
Starting to feel we could get Roma as well, man.

15 Mar 2018 18:59:50
Brill cheers Ed25 mate.

{Ed025's Note - no probs mate..

15 Mar 2018 19:11:10
I think we will get either Roma (due to the Salah/ Allison connection) or Barcelona - due to the Suarez and Coutinho connection. Not really bothered who we get, but would rather we avoid City, due to the fact we already play them at least twice a year. Be nice to get someone else. Bayern might be interesting due to the spanking we gave them in pre season.

{Ed025's Note - that spanking was a friendly nick, i would think they are the ones to avoid myself mate..

15 Mar 2018 18:44:04
Anyone bar city for me please.

15 Mar 2018 19:41:29
Bayern V Real
Barca V City
Liverpool V Roma
Sevilla V Juve

Bayern V City
Liverpool V Sevilla

Liverpool V Bayern

Winners Liverpool FC for number 6!

Asking too much?

{Ed025's Note - yes irish..

15 Mar 2018 20:20:35
You're right, Ed25. I would not want Bayern right now. At least, not yet.

15 Mar 2018 20:27:12
I think we will end up playing one of them, that’s for sure. 🤔.

15 Mar 2018 21:02:54
I’m not the fussed who we are drawn with because at the end of the day the teams in the quarters are there because they deserve to be there. No easy games despite what it might look like on paper. I’m confident regardless who we okay just because of our sheer quality in attack. I would quality like to get Juve next round.

15 Mar 2018 21:59:43
Would be annoying getting city, but all the teams left are pretty solid, roma probably being one of the weaker teams compared to barca, but it's not the league its the CL, so all the teams will be up for it and any team will be tough.

15 Mar 2018 23:01:31
I personally want to draw Barcelona or Real. Think our game is perfectly suited to disrupting Barca's, and eliminating them would provide us with the proof positive that Coutinho's departure has not weakened the team.

15 Mar 2018 23:28:12
think the tie of the round would be Barcelona V Man City, if that came out of the hat .

16 Mar 2018 06:21:31
I agree with 025 I think uefa would love to stick 2 fingers up to the prem after our talking up 5 teams to the quarters etc, I can see us getting City too, hope not, anyone who doesn't want Sevilla or Roma is crackers lol! The team I do not want with our love of bus parkers is Juventus.

16 Mar 2018 06:31:08
Ideally I’d like Liverpool vs Roma, Juve vs Seville, Barcelona vs Bayern and Real vs Man city.

16 Mar 2018 14:26:06
spot on Ed25.

Liverpool Players Assessment

15 Mar 2018 17:12:58
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool Players Assessment

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15 Mar 2018 18:11:15
Send a copy of this to Klopp! Hehe :) great job as usual, thanks for the time and effort!

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, I just wish I could remember who suggested it! It has been sat on the to do list for months now, only one thing has been on there longer. I am trying to make an effort to clear it off ready for the World Cup.}

15 Mar 2018 18:24:16
That is an absolutely fantastic article Ed1, thank you mate, made a great read, it must've took you forever to write.

{Ed001's Note - just a few days as I was planning it in my head for a week or so before I began. The difficult thing is trying to make sure you don't forget anything. Which is why I haven't proof read it or I would end up making changes and then more changes etc and never post it up!}

15 Mar 2018 18:30:38
Fully agree with your assessment, ed, just really don't understand how Milner's set-pieces are so woeful when he can clearly manage to cross the ball in open play?

{Ed001's Note - a lot of players find it difficult when the ball is still. It is a different skill as you are not adjusting for ball movement, it is just pure striking technique from a deadball.}

15 Mar 2018 18:39:42
It's a great piece Ed mate. I'd like to go over each part you wrote but would take me all night lol but I completely agree about Lovrens weakness, his mentality does indeed let him down I wish he could have a little more confidence on the pitch because to be fair I think there's a decent defender in him, it's a shame he's had such a rough time but I'd still put him ahead of Matip and Klaven. I think the only person we've currently got who I'd like to see in his place is Gomez but that's one for the future I guess.

Thanks again Ed.

{Ed001's Note - maybe you could do an article going over the article.... ;-)

15 Mar 2018 18:51:29
I would love to Ed but I can't write quite like you and MK can mate. I've tried before and my mind goes blank when I'm doing it lol. I'll stick to reading them, you guys are much more knowledgeable about the game then I am :) .

{Ed001's Note - shame mate, would be interesting to read your point of view.}

15 Mar 2018 18:58:20
Great assessment ed, thank you mate!
Does the club take players aside and give them this sort of feedback or do they generally let them learn for themselves?

{Ed001's Note - they usually get regular feedback, analysis after each game, to look over. I did have some sample ones from various teams to look at which I was meaning to upload as part of an article. Sadly when my laptop went on the fritz I lost loads of files including them or I would have put them up for you to look at.}

15 Mar 2018 19:11:13
I have a free weekend mate apart from watching the Liverpool game, I'll try and throw something together.

15 Mar 2018 19:16:29
Thanks ed, what I'd give to see inside your mind for a day. Absolute wealth of knowledge!

{Ed001's Note - you would be driven as insane as I am if you spent even a moment in there!}

15 Mar 2018 20:15:21
Really enjoyed that Ed. Amazingly despite the immense detail, I only really disagreed with one thing and that was Ings being weak in the air. I've always been impressed with him in the air for a guy under 6ft.

Best article you've ever done though in my opinion. Really appreciate the time that must've taken.

{Ed001's Note - I was trying not to look at it as 'for his height' but at what players lacked compared to the best in their positions. For his height he is good in the air but he is not good in the air against the centre backs he comes up against.

And thank you, really glad you enjoyed it. Probably the most difficult article to do as I did keep trying to make excuses for weaknesses or try and look for strengths that were strengths only because of things like the Ings heading. If that makes sense!}

15 Mar 2018 21:04:05
I know what you mean Ed. It is so much easier to assess other teams players when you Don't feel sorry for the players you are castrating! Though you pulled no punches with Mignolet 😂.

{Ed001's Note - I thought I was being nice because I like the bloke. Believe me I could have been a lot more scathing than that!}

15 Mar 2018 21:22:40
That was you being nice? 😲 I'd hate to be your enemy!

{Ed001's Note - I can't use the words I would use if I was not being nice....}

16 Mar 2018 11:32:42
no wonder that was on the to do list for while ed, incredibly detailed! really enjoyed reading it. was especially looking forward to the firmino weaknesses as i struggle to see any in his game. like you i can't really see any, maybe i would have added he needs to be braver in the challenge. sometimes he might back out of fear of getting hurt but can't get mad at him because the last thing we need is him getting injured!

{Ed001's Note - good point, it used to be something that really annoyed me.}

15 Mar 2018 13:57:32
Ed’s, ever thought about creating a horse racing page? With Cheltenham in action I had a browse through your talk sites and was surprised to not find one.

{Ed033's Note - You want our football rumours bets site then.

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16 Mar 2018 10:51:59
Cheers ed.


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