04 Aug 2018 21:20:28
Shaqiri looking like he's going to prove me wrong. He was awesome again when he came on.
Lots of tracking back too.
Could be an absolute steal.

1.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 22:49:49
It’s very odd that people doubted his talent. It was always his attitude that was the problem and that’s still to be tested. We’ll see how he handles being on the bench at times this season.

2.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 23:31:39
There's no doubt he's a very talented player, and it's funny because not one you particularly liked either (for no reason)
But soon as he's in the team he's becoming a very likable lad I love how direct and quick his play is. Go on Shaq!

3.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 02:13:28
Kman I don’t think anyone on here doubted his talent ( not that I recall) more about his style and his well publicised attitude issues. Hopefully he proves us all wrong on those levels.

4.) 05 Aug 2018
05 Aug 2018 14:47:26
I don’t think anybody doubted his ability Kman, it was as you said, his attitude and his laziness especially with tracking back lol.