18 Jul 2018 06:37:51
I’d love it if we signed Alisson he looks a decent keeper with a bit of presence but the cynic in me is just wondering if it’s a bit of a smokescreen where we know Chelsea are interested and a bid is made and not accepted even tho it’s close to valuation Chelsea nip in and sign him then the club can say we tried to sign a keeper lads but they didn’t accept the bid so we’ve got to stick with what we have, I do hope I’m wrong tho.

1.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 07:01:34
Chelsea have a few problems to deal with compared to Liverpool.
1) they’re not in the champions league
2) they have a new manager
3) their owner is not in a happy place at the moment having had his visa delayed
4) Hazard looks like he wants out
5) Kante is being targeted

Ok they don’t have any pit ponies lining the streets and they have their beautiful equatorial climate compared to our grey clouds but as a football club they have some work to do.

2.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 07:23:26
Also Courtois.

3.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 08:08:37
And not to forget a departing Willian, probably.

4.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 08:49:41
I’m sure liverpool ain’t going to waste time bidding for players they don’t want just so they can turn round and say well we tried.

5.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 08:53:48
Yes but from what I hear he is quite fond of chips and fried curry so we've got this.

6.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 10:21:30
Ron you missed one out
6) they are not Liverpool.