13 Mar 2018 21:36:07
Anybody fancy an orange lads 😂😂 Allez.

1.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 21:53:46
For anybody questioning why the liverpool fans genuinly don't think united are that good, that's all the evidence you need. That is what SHOULD have happened at the weekend, but thanks to luck we ended up the losing team. United are one of the biggest teams in world football, are the richest team in world football, and yet still play defensive football at home to teams with far inferior resources. We may have lost the game at the weekend through gritted teeth, but united are a joke. I have no doubt which side is closer to the league title. Take De Gea out of that united side and they are not that special.

2.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 22:06:32
AW - Very good post that mate and I couldn't agree more, can you imagine where they would be this season if they didn't have De Gea? they wouldn't be in the top 4 that's for sure, I hope he see's sense and moves elsewhere, he's too good for them and once he is gone god help them, he's not exactly easy to replace.

3.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 22:09:13
AW, I thought the same thing. I was watching the game and I said, "Wow, we actually lost to these guys". Men, whatever happened to the "master tactician" who played a blinder vs LFC and got a win while ignoring the help the refs gave him on the day. Now with no refs to help him out and going against a team and manager, who knew what was coming and planned accordingly, he is suddenly out of ideas. He lacked the tactical proactivity to change things up. He kept doing the same thing expecting the same results.

Dont get it twisted, Utd are a big club and should be respected as an institution HOWEVER, this team and this manager who relies on the other team making mistakes and his team capitalizing on it as a game plan and DDG playing a blinder (which he did not tonight), will never get my respect.

4.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 22:24:19
Was thinking lately that Mourinho seems to be a self-parody of himself since coming back to England.

Tactically, I don't think he was this defensive in his first spell at Chelsea. Sure they played off Drogba and didn't tear forward with reckless abandon, but he used attacking players like Duff, Robben, Lampard, Joe Cole at his peak, moved Gudjohnson, a striker, into midfield, and generally gave them a bit more licence to play than he seems to give his Man U players.

And he was able to have humourous banter with the media once in a while instead of just constant bitterness and bile that comes out now.

I wonder did being in the fishbowl at Madrid for three years (which is a long time for Madrid managers) embitter him.

5.) 14 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 22:52:00
Couldn’t agree more with all of that. One thing Mourinho can do is destroy the game as a spectacle once his team is winning. We gave him that luxury on Saturday and the ref made sure he maintained it.
We saw the full repertoire of spoiling tactics, the feigned head injuries, the diving, the niggly fouls, taking an age over every set piece and substitution.
The only thing we didn’t see was them in our half for the last 60 minutes of the game!
They deserved that tonight perhaps the blinkered Utd fans will see Mourinho for what he is and that he is ruining their reputation in Europe with his boring tactics.

6.) 14 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 23:54:35
I think the main thing is, United as a club, shouldn't be going to Into a game agaisnt thinking we need park the bus. Fair enough Barcelona Madrid Munich etc, and with Chelsea it was a little different, they were hamstrung with injuries towards the end.