12 Mar 2018 16:51:25
We lost to United and in 29 years of following the reds this is the first time I'm not really bothered.


Well - I watched a game where a team who has dominated English football for 21 out of the last 25 years finally acknowledge that Liverpool are once again a team to be feared.

They have given us massive respect during the game and the overreaction from their win really tells a story of relief.

They know full well that they are in for a fight with Liverpool going forward and we are back.

My only disappointment is our game mentality and the mentality of fans to criticise a 19 year old kid.

Arnold is 19. Is is going to make mistakes.
I bet he knows he made the mistake. Getting on his back helps no one.

As for our mentality, I think mourinho got it right when he said it's just another game. We went in with a point to prove and we were far to eager to win. Our eagerness was our undoing imo. Or lack of mturity/ experience.

We need to get over this loss just like any other. We need to raise our game.

We have had a kick up the arse which will get us focused.

A FOCUSED liverpool is what United do not want. Let's go and give it to them.

They won 3 points.

We could win the next decade.

I'm a truly happy red even after defeat.

1.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 17:18:07
Sorry but man u will unfortunately be in front of us for the foreseeable future. They are just too rich and will keep on spending.

{Ed025's Note - i dont agree walter i think liverpool are a better team and certainly better to watch, they might spend more money but have had their fair share of duffers in the past and accommodating big money players with massive ego,s brings its own problems mate..

2.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 17:41:18
This wins post of the season Ravi123. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

3.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 17:43:21
Fair points Mr 25 but the tables don't lie come the end of the season, man u will be ahead of us with the potential to have a cup too.
Don't get me wrong I am happy with our progress under klopp but I think he has took us to the highest level he can achieve. I just don't see him knocking Manu off their purch.
Jose might not win the league for the foreseable future but he will constantly be in top 4 and get some type of silverware. I just don't see klopp doing the same.

{Ed025's Note - i think you underestimate klopp and this team he is building walter, i still fancy liverpool for second myself and fully expect a challenge for the league next season mate...to my eternal horror.. :)

4.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 17:45:20
example sanchez. by the way im left wondering what's happening to the guy! heard that he created d record for most disposessed player in the league! what's his situation ed?

{Ed025's Note - still finding his feet i feel liverbird, very talented player but he has personality flaws...like if he was a a mars bar he would eat himself mate.. :)

5.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 18:06:03
Appreciate your views edd and hope you are right. I just think klopp is like the kid that thinks he will get As in his gsce but only gets c.
Likeable fella and that but not through efforts will come up short in his time here.
Can I just ask if you think klopp will be safe next season? I think he has to be up there with the bookies for getting sacked, especially if the results don't come quickly next season.

{Ed025's Note - i think he has achieved an A- up to now walter and expect him to be at liverpool for the forseeable future mate..

6.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 18:17:14
Ah Ed025 how's all mate? Disappointed with the result of course but there are worse thing's happening in the world. Any Ed I think your comment about big egos is really on the mark. If you don't keep them egos happy there will be a lot of stamping of the feet and spitting of the dummy and that is a big juggling act.

{Ed025's Note - im good thanks barry and hope alls well with you mate, i think there has been an overreaction to the result by reds fans, i thought liverpool were the better side and proved that they belong with the elite, not many teams go there and frighten the life out of them..

7.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 18:20:08
Fair play ed025. Well said for an Everton fan. Very admirable and on behalf of the reds thanks for trying to lift our chins.

{Ed025's Note - im only saying what i see SS, you have a lot to be thankful for mate and the only ones who can hold a candle to city..

8.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 18:40:10
Well said Ravi. Good post. Agree on all points.

TAA is young and he will learn from his mistakes so let’s not flog him in public as it’s counter productive in the long run.

9.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 18:56:38
That's why I like you Ed025. Honest, say what you see and don't get hung up (too much) if we disagree with you.

{Ed025's Note - i try to be fair WRKD but its not always easy relating to matters of the red variety when your a blue mate..

10.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 19:01:53
We didn't frighten DDG much ED, he had a cigar out.

Anyway Everton seen to be doing a bit better, especially at home.

{Ed025's Note - we have just about done enough to stay up mark, i thought liverpool played well without threatening too much mate, the midfield looked a little bit lightweight for me and missed that touch of class that maybe couts would have given you in the past, bring in naby and another quality player in midfield and your good to go next season i believe..

11.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 19:07:07
Nice reply edd 25 obviously I hope you are correct. All I want is best for the club. I'd say we was on a b+ for the season due to the number of draws.
At the beginning of season I said 6th place finish so definitely beating my expectations.
Would anyone else argue with b+ this season?

12.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 19:23:03
Brilliant post, Ravi. Well thought out, realistic and positive, all in one go. Bravo sir!

Walter, I there is NO indication that Klopp has taken us as far as he can. How do you reckon that? Cos we lost a game to the mancs where tho we were not great, the ref added his own two cents punishing us (not for the first time) and did not award at least 2 clear penalties (pundits even said so)?

You are aware that were it not for City killing it this season, we would be in a title race right now with the points we have now, right? We are in the CL Q's and darkhorses to make the final and had the 2nd longest unbeaten streak this season bar City and have lost 2 out of our last 22 PL games this season, I mean, I can keep going. ALL these have been achieved in just under two seasons under Klopp.

As Ed25 (who I love to death) said, Klopp and LFC will be a real threat and we are just getting started and we are a better team than Utd cos they are filled with mercenaries while ours is being built methodically and with a clear vision and target. Utd know with the money they spend on players and ESP. on wages, Mou's window is shrinking to win the PL/ CL as he was not signed to get them Cara-boo-boo Cups and Charity Shields that LFC have in abundance already. I can guarantee you that our rivals scared that if we and Klopp actually figure things out, we will be a force right after we put 4 past City and bossed them for 84 mins.

13.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 20:36:12
B rover don't get me wrong we have played well this season I just think klopp is slightly out of his depth. I genuinely want him to do well but just feel there's a bit of brendan Rodgers about his achievements with lfc and looked what happened there. He took us as far as he could and was then replaced.

14.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 20:56:52
I thought United looked quite comfortable throughout the game Ed25. Old Trafford is a big pitch and we really should have utilised the flanks more, far too often we looked to pass the ball through the eye of a needle.

We just didn’t mix the play up enough or try to beat a man in the final 3rd. We played in front of them with lots of possession, this suited Mourinho’s tactics down to the ground.

In previous games we’ve opened teams up when we’ve got to the byline and drawn the Cb’s apart.

{Ed025's Note - its just a game where liverpool were not at their best drogie and that happens in football, not very often for liverpool forwards this season mate..

15.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 11:41:15
Excellent post Ravi123. Negativeredwalter - your comparing Klopp with Rodgers is laughable. Where did you get that from? One is full of himself whereas the other is unassuming (at least publicly) . One points at his players with faults, while the other deflects as much attention away from his players as he can. One was a one season wonder riding on the back of his star striker, while the other focuses on team and has won titles. The list can go on and on. Nowhere has Klopp achieved his full attention with LFC yet. The team is progressing every year and will continue to do so until we've won the title again. And then we'll win it again. And again.

16.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 12:40:03

{Ed002's Note - If you want to discuss Everton transfers take it to the Everton page.}

17.) 13 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018 19:56:16
Spot on, Ra1969. Walter, I love your posts BUT please for the love of LFC, do not mention BR in the same breathe as Klopp. BR can win a thousand trophies in the pub league called the Scottish PL, he would STILL not be fit to carry Klopp's glasses case.

BR was a failure at LFC and for the final 18 months of his reign, we were dire, went from 2nd to 6th, spent 300m in his tenure and did ot win a thing, did not even play a final whereas Klopp won things in Germany (a real European powerhouse league), took us to two Cup finals in 8 months using BR's players (you know, the very ones BR trashed at will to save his shameless skin) and has made us relevant again in the CL.

Also, do you think BR would have us competing in this PL with the big clubs Klopp is now competing with now with the dross we were playing under him? We would be worse than Arsenal right now and mind you, we were 11th when he got sacked. Now, look at us. Please, let's stop falling for the media crap about Klopp not improving us from where BR left us cos NONE of that is true.