29 Aug 2017 05:41:44
Question for the eds, do they think lemar will sign as we have had our latest bid rejected? Also I may be wrong here but I thought I read on hear that he came with quite a bit of bagage could the eds explain anymore on that? I can't see klopp being one to straighten someone out really if there was an issue.

1.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 05:52:51
I'd love to know why you think Klopp couldn't straighten somebody out.

2.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 09:03:52
He better not fly over on Ryanair so, they charge through the nose for baggage. Maybe Keita has room on his moving truck to that new house?

3.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 09:13:34
Not saying he couldn't probably worded it badly. What I meant was he seems more of no nonsense manager than to spend time trying to rehabilitate someone. I don't know the guy so I'm probably wrong.

4.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 09:33:18
Never heard of Lemar having any baggage.