18 Jan 2019 03:23:27
I expect West Ham to bid for Origi within the next 5 days.

1.) 18 Jan 2019
18 Jan 2019 11:42:09
I expect to win the lottery tomorrow but there you go.

2.) 18 Jan 2019
18 Jan 2019 13:18:19
The Euromillions is looking quite tasty tonight Salah. I won't win but one can always dream.

3.) 19 Jan 2019
18 Jan 2019 23:56:51
I hope Origi does. He’s been big for us a few times but general attitude is sluggish and no chemistry. I actually think Origi is being held back by our style of play and could progress his career with another team like West Ham. I would say thanks for the drive and on your way lad. All the best.

4.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 00:08:57
If this young kid can keep his head he has the potential to be huge. I wouldn't be surprised if LFC were after him but where they might get the money, who knows. Maybe we could all chip in? :)

5.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 08:12:47
Who are you on about polecat?

Origi is our player.

6.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 09:35:44
Absolute rubbish thatrumour, for two reasons, we would not bid that much for an unproven kid in portugal, and if we had of made that bid, they would of snapped our hands off. Some one not very smart has got to much time on there hands.

{Ed002's Note - They would not snap anyone's hand off at that price - they want much more as they have explained to the interested sides.}

7.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 09:40:08
Hey Ron I would say he was on the wrong tread after all he posted Friday night probable after a few beers and got double vision and posted on this tread instead of the one above. Isn't alcohol GREAT.

8.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 11:29:30
I have a rule not to post when I’m drinking, probably why I’m never on much these days.