06 Nov 2018 10:01:25
I can tell you all that Liverpool are In talks with Barcelona about a loan move in January for Dembele.

1.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 11:51:40
ED002 confirmed only a few days ago that Liverpool have no interest in Ousmane Dembele.

2.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 12:47:31
Always appreciate a rumour so thanks for sharing however haven't we been here before FT?

3.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 18:03:46
You mean when I told you Alisson would sign? When everyone, every media outlet etc said he wouldn’t, yes I think we have.

4.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 18:45:18
Fairpoint teeth I recal that.

5.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 18:45:33
Macca said it 1st though 😆.

6.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 19:09:19
I asked this last week and was told no interest by Ed002. Were would he play? Instead of who Salah? Not happening.

7.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 22:10:56
Thanks Firmino after all this is a rumours site but your last couple of rumours have been true. Fair play teeth keep up the good work.

8.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 21:46:55
I’d expect Salah not to be here next season, I’d expect mane to be playing on the right next season with dembele on the left.

9.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 22:50:13
No affiliation with Firminosteeth.

10.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 00:25:43
I got to say FT you certainly aren’t afraid of criticism. I appreciate the rumors, hope they go through for your sake :p.

11.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 01:55:08
On form the guy most likely to drop out of our front 3 is actually Firmino. He just hasn't looked himself all season unfortunately.

12.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 08:05:34
If this does happen, and I really hope it does as Dembele is a great prospect and one that Klopp appears to want to work with, I presume it would be a loan with an option to buy? If so, I can see a "Dembele + £50m" type deal for Salah in the summer.

Much as I want to believe he wants to stay, I just get a niggly feeling he is going to move. I just hope he can smash it and get us the EPL this season as a parting gift (if he does go) .

13.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 09:26:08
Don't say one of the front 3 will leave, you will get lynched by delusional tunnel visioners. Dembele would be a perfect addition to add depth and make the season and loss of a starter easier to take.

14.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 12:52:05
Firminosteeth where would you image Salah will end up? Wouldn't be surprised if we need a departure to help the book keeping. I'd take Dembele for Salah. Getting him in Jan would be great if it was a loan to buy move. Seems klopp needs to give players time to settle in.

Just speculation at this point though. Least it gives us something else to think about other that lacklustre LFC performance last night haha.

15.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 14:56:23
Loan then option to buy is most likely yes.

16.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 09:38:04
Not specifically to this rumour but in general I would have thought that a Jan loan leading to a summer purchase would suit everyone, for starters you get a player for 5 months so he can settle into life in a new city and club, gets a full pre season in and then hit the ground running in the next season for his new club, if a team are willing to let a player go in Jan then it is win win for whoever picks them up in Jan if it can be on loan and the player may be happier when the new season starts.

{Ed002's Note - Would Liverpool loan out Salah?}

17.) 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 10:22:34
Can we have Coutinho as well please?

18.) 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 21:34:09
Everyone talking about Salah leaving, I can see Mane leaving before him.

19.) 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 15:15:51
Why would we sell if dembele came? 4 forward for 3 positions just means 1 gets rested each match. do the maths, each would get the 4th game as a rest. thus not wearing them out.