06 Jul 2018 10:49:41
Morning guys some interesting news which has made headlines recently, I can confirm from inside Melwood ( a contact close to Micheal Edwards ) I have been told he ( Micheal ) is set to travel to Italy to speak to representatives and allegri about the possibility of signing dybala. fingers crossed.

1.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 11:41:35
Same reliable source that gave you the heads up on Fabinho . Uri Geller?

2.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 11:46:49
What about the imminent annoucement of Fekir? Tv crew ready and all that? I think you're a wind up merchant personally. 😉.

3.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 12:03:43
Not meaning to shoot the messenger but why would Edwards deal with Allegri?

Presumably, Giuseppe Marotta or Fabio Paratici would be responsible for negotiating transfers.

. I think you might just be right, Irish Rover.

4.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 12:48:05
The fekir deal nobody could of known that was going to happen, interview was done which was leaked, yes it made me look like a twat I’ll put my hands up to that, it was all set but couldn’t cross the finish line, I’m telling you guys what I get told. I’ll keep my mouth shut in future.

5.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 12:51:18
Thanks for the rumour Firmino89. Keep posting. It's a rumours site after all 👍.

6.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:03:47
Yeah think it will end up with us signing Wilshire on a free after pushing for dybala. Been positive bit the more I think about it, I think we're getting used to get interest from other clubs.

7.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:14:17
Oh let's hope it wilshire. And I appreciate your post firmino 89.

8.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:19:29
Keep giving us the info Firmino89. Ignore the negativity.

9.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:23:51
I’m skeptical firmino, especially with the meeting allegri. Perhaps a little bit of paraphrasing through word of mouth? That said, if you are genuine, keep posting mate. Nothing wrong with the rumors page a little love. Your post is appreciated!

10.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:35:33
Wasn't having a pop, Firmino. I appreciate your input. It's a rumour site after all.

I just thought it seemed strange that Edwards would be directly negotiating with Allegri.

Fingers crossed for this one though, it would be a real coup.

11.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:39:29
Keep posting pal!

12.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:00:03
Firmino89, many more than the ones that reapplied really appreciate what you've brought in both occasions. Thanks a lot.

13.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:00:33
Isn’t allegri a car?

14.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:06:52
Love that Firmino89. Keep giving us your info.

15.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:15:05
Never mess round with an allegri. My dad drove an allegri in the 70's. bright blue with leather seats. Nice car. Until me brother handbraked it in Speke airport car park and it snapped in two.

16.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:43:03
Yeah boys you are right. It is a rumour site I agree. What it isn't is a total BS site! I'm sure you can spot the difference. I mean Liverpool forking out circa €150 million for Dybala? Come on, be serious.

17.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 15:06:21
Im with irish rover. everyone seems to post a rumour 1 hour after the newspapers do. Its all waffle.

18.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 15:26:53
Whether reliable or not, bobby, Irish, whoever, ever thought that the sources of papers and posters can stem from the same place? Even the ed's aren't always right and firmino's giving folks something to get chins wagging. It is silly season after all.

19.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 16:50:27
Shall we put that in the same box as the Alisson bid that was forthcoming last week?
Irish is right, there's rumours and there's bull.

20.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 16:56:57
Firmino89ignore the negativity and keep posting what you get told bud, it’s highly appreciated by many of us.

The fekir deal you was 100% on, medical and interview. Not your fault it fell after the final hurdle. Nobody can expect that.

21.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 17:11:13
In fairness to Fabinho98 he wasn't wrong. We were close, medical was done and given the leaks the tv crew and press interviews done aswell. I wouldn't be giving him too much aggro taking that into account. Appreciate the post bud, hopefully hear more from you.

22.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 17:59:27
To be honest bit shifty that he didn't know about fekirs knee issue tbh. Meant to be delivering rumours but can get all the info. hmmm.

Keep them coming lad. Fyi I don't think we will pull dybala off but doesn't mean we haven't gone to discuss it.

23.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 18:58:08
Kloppboss, he told us about fekir BEFORE the medical and eventually told us after it was his knee which nobody believed until it was spouted about in papers.

24.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 20:00:10
Keep the stories coming Firmino wouldn't it be unreal if he came, but if he doesn't you can't beat a good bullsh*ep story.

25.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 20:27:55
Phil if that was aimed at me I was being sarky. That his tumour was right but his can't see into the future.

26.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 20:58:38
Oh my bad I apologize, hard to tell on the interwebs whether something is sarky or not lol.

27.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 21:09:22
I don't believe this rumour but I'm not in the know and this lad may well be, let's not cut our noses off to spite our face. Keep them coming firmino89 mate.

28.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 22:28:14
Appreciate the rumors Firmino.

29.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 22:43:29
Yeah sorry firmino, but I get the feeling you talk nonsense after the latest round of newspaper hype. Your Fekir claims previously seem to prove as much. Leave that stuff to the eds and macca.

30.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 01:11:02
WESTwood Macca said we were after griezmann. They’re just passing on information. They’re not necessarily saying it’s true or not, only what they’ve heard from their source. (In ed002s case I believe he’s some sort of super agent/ rodeo clown/ gentleman adventurer so his are usually more in detail, which keeps this site up and thriving IMO) Form your own opinion of it, but I for one appreciate the information given by posters like this, the eds, and macca. No need to be a jerk.

31.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 14:54:48
Firmino89 ru the fat kid from bolton 😂😂😂.

32.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 13:51:39
Sometimes I despair
Here is a guy with genuine contact and he even details who the contact knows at Melwood and still the trolls and keyboard warriors chuck cr@p at him.
What’s the point in this site if people send us what they know to give us early knowledge on transfers if all they get in return is the jealous doubting Thomas none sense replies.
If you don’t believe Firminio89 then fine but don’t be an ar5e about it. Fakir was top info, nearly happened and still might.
If people like Firminio89 don’t post then this site becomes all the poorer for the genuine fans who would like to know the players we might sign. 🙄.