22 May 2018 16:22:35
So Dani Ceballos doesn't want to move to the premier league and has instructed RM not to accept offers from Liverpool. Want to go back to Betis!

1.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 16:45:32
Where did you get that information mate.

2.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 16:49:24
I'm quite okay with that.

3.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 16:57:16
Deep breaths JC, Klopp will have numerous targets, is proven at getting the right people on board and with our current squad got us to the CL final! Let's wait to end of the window and take stock then.

4.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 17:01:49
Ceballos has already indicated he is interested in moving to liverpool. This has been confirmed on this site.

5.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 17:23:39
Not the type of midfielder we need and definitely need more quality than him if we are to push to the next level.

6.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 17:51:54
SALAH was 4th in the list i don't care if he doesn't come im pretty sure we are going to get someone special!

7.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 18:10:52
I think you need to take every transfer rumour with a pinch of salt. Things change quickly this time of year, it wasn’t long ago that we all thought Navas was a target, now we are hearing it is Butland, only last weekend people were saying Fekir was 99% done, now it seems we haven’t even had discussions with Lyon yet. I only trust 2-3 sources for transfers, other than that I try to ignore the rest, if you believe them all it’s going to be a long summer.

8.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 18:17:20
Were you got that from JC? Eds has already said the player wants to come.

9.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 19:18:38
Read it today apparently quoted as saying he would rather stay in Spain and doesn’t want premier league move favours a move back to Betis. The owner/ president has followed it up suggesting they are also in for the player and says he’s confident of him signing.

Not saying this is gospel.

10.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 19:20:11
Found it was on the sky pages from some Spanish place

Daniel Ceballos has told Real Madrid president to rebuff any approaches for Liverpool for his services, Don Balon reports.

The midfielder does not want a move to the Premier League and would prefer a return to Real Betis.

11.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 19:36:03
I would rather have doucore or ndidi in midfield they know wat premiership is about an have more steel about them, we need a good defensive mid behind two box too box midfielders.

12.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 19:36:44
Thank goodness for that!

13.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 19:50:38
He’s obviously the Spanish equivalent of Siggurdson. Moves from a small club to a big club and can’t hack it, so ends up going back there. His next move after Betis will be to go to another small club, just slightly better than Betis.

14.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 21:54:41
Ah Don Balon. a rumours mill classic. Almost as good as the metro or Goal dot com. 😂.

15.) 22 May 2018
22 May 2018 23:06:56
Good news for us then. I believe that Ceballos as our new DLP would have been a big blunder by Klopp anyways.

16.) 23 May 2018
23 May 2018 08:16:55
Ceballos would be a great signing because his potential is huge. Hosever, if he isn't fully committed (assuming this is true) then we dodged a bullet.

Nothing worse than Johnny Foreigner coming to England and sulking because the weather isn't great and the food is greasy. He's not so good that their are no alternativess.

Go land Doucoure instead. He's been flirting with us in the media anyway 😂.

17.) 23 May 2018
23 May 2018 11:23:20
Ed sorry but do you no if there is sny substance to this? I thought player was keen. Shall I ignore it.

{Ed001's Note - no idea sorry. Last I heard he was keen on the move.}

18.) 23 May 2018
23 May 2018 11:41:40
Cheers mate. Youll do for me.

19.) 23 May 2018
23 May 2018 12:59:26
Ha, regards JC23 above. you lost me at ‘Don Balon reports’! They’re just click bait mate.

20.) 23 May 2018
23 May 2018 17:42:35
Marca and AS have both reported that he’d prefer to stay in Spain with Betis. At the end of the day some players travel well and some don’t. I’d rather he stayed in Spain than travel here and get homesick after a month and want to return. It isn’t like there aren’t other tangible options. There’s Neves, Rabiot as deep lying playmakers or Doucoure or Ndidi for the less subtle more blood and thunder approach. And all of those would be within our reasonable price range and happy to join us. With the benefit of not having to talk to Real Madrid too!