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16 Dec 2017 08:04:03
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter page.

16 Dec 2017 08:04:03
Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Other Posts page.

15 Dec 2017 18:59:57
We need to buy Jonathan Tah as a partner in the middle for Gomez instead of looking at vvd have we looked at him at all eds? I.

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{Ed001's Note - before he joined Leverkusen he was under consideration. I do not know about since.}

16 Dec 2017 00:44:22
Hi Ed01, don't you follow Dutch Eredivise? The best league for potential stars.

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{Ed001's Note - not really mate, it is terrible to watch. I watch the odd match when there is nothing else to do but the football is dire, along with the vast majority of players playing there.}

16 Dec 2017 04:23:26
I know but I just had a look at some of thier stats. Ajax only conceded 15 goals so far and the average age of thier back line is 20.5 😱.

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{Ed001's Note - but the level of the opposition is not good enough. It is not a true test of ability. We would barely concede playing in the Eredivisie. Kuyt managed to play on there many years after he was finished as a player in top echelon football.}

15 Dec 2017 09:08:16
Is it true Fenerbahce are interested in taking Grujic out on loan?

If so I think it'll be good for him, get him some real playing time and hopefully come back next season and crack on.

Believable6 2Unbelievable

15 Dec 2017 10:05:40
Agree he needs to go out on loan to get regular playing time. But feel this must be in premiership in my opinion.

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15 Dec 2017 11:07:40
He will easily replace Renato Sanchez at Swansea. Better to loan him out to a premier league club.

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15 Dec 2017 12:07:04
He should be loaned out to either a Premiership team or Championship team, Shame Klopp ain't played him as surely he deserves a chance with all this rotation and can't be no worse than some.

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14 Dec 2017 14:10:24
Apparently kovacic has made a verbal agreement to join Liverpool next season and Madrid have also agreed? True or false?

Believable4 8Unbelievable

{Ed002's Note - Twitter is this? On Tuesday another side spoke to Real Madrid about Kovacic whilst everyone was in Monte Carlo. I have no idea of the outcome.}

14 Dec 2017 14:27:32
Don't say things like this, who is going to calm Harry down now? ;)

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14 Dec 2017 14:36:14
Seen it on both twitter and Facebook, don’t really believe in it just wondered what you thought about it.

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{Ed002's Note - You should check on Twitter.}

14 Dec 2017 16:23:32
Hi ed. Im not on either Twitter or Facebok mate. Only use your pages for my info. Can you say which teamvhave interest?

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{Ed002's Note - Juventus spoke to representatives of Real Madrid whilst many of the major sides were together in Monte Carlo on Tuesday.}

14 Dec 2017 17:40:50
Cheers edd. Youve mentioned a few times a lot of the teams were in Monte Carlo this week mate. Can you advise if anyone from Liverpool was there and in descutions with anyone or asking about possible ins/ outs?

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{Ed002's Note - No, it doesn't involve Liverpool. Liverpool had a couple of people in Nyon on Monday but they are not invited to the Tuesday meeting. I don't know if they were in Geneva on Sunday evening but I suspect not.}

15 Dec 2017 01:34:13
Is this due to the clubs behavior outside of proper negotiations?

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{Ed002's Note - Not really. They are not in the Gang.}

15 Dec 2017 10:53:43
Never seen him play in central defence.

We playing a 1-8-1 next season?

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13 Dec 2017 10:51:12
Hi Eds, I keep reading here and everywhere that we are interested in Lemar but is that interest as a replacement for Coutinho or Salah?

Believable3 2Unbelievable

{Ed001's Note - Coutinho.}

13 Dec 2017 12:17:14
Ed001. Do YOU think anything significant will happen in January rearding these 2 players or more likely in the Summer?

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{Ed001's Note - I certainly don't expect anything to happen in Jan.}

13 Dec 2017 13:57:55
Hi Ed001, by the summer it is very possible we will need 2 centre backs, a goalie and 2 additional midfielders. Not much would have to go wrong for us to have to change the entire starting midfield. We know one is coming but

Henderson foot issue
Can leaving
PC leaving
Gini terrible season
milner I would expect to leave
lallana not getting any younger and the way he plays injury prone.

So if we need 5 players by the start of next season don't you think someone is not doing there job properly if we can't even find one? I mean you have decent football knowledge, wouldn't you be dissappointed in yourself if you couldn't find a suitable centre back within one year. The scouts have been looking for over a year and it looks like they have come up with fresh air.

There is the whole world to choose from and it is not like it should be difficult to find better than we have at present. Matip can't defend, Lovren makes many bad decisions, Klavan is a championship player. One decent centre back can't be too much to ask for.

Agree8 9Disagree

{Ed001's Note - agreed there is a very real problem with the scouting network or the oversight of it. There should have been more than one option found in the summer anyway.}

13 Dec 2017 14:54:26
Good post mark. Hard to argue with that.

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13 Dec 2017 15:00:08
Agreed Ed001, the scouting network at our club is absolutely shocking since I can remember. Some of the signings we've made in the past 20 years are just criminal.
Who knows a little bit of diligence in our scouts over the years and we would have a couple of titles.

Agree1 2Disagree

13 Dec 2017 15:14:15
Mark - remember, Keita replaces Can and I expect (hope) that Milner would be replaced, he if's no longer with us, by Grujic in the midfield and rendered surplus to requirements by Robertson and Milner at FB. So that's two off the list already.

Then we have Gini, who isn't having the best season but isn't having the worst either and has had some good games. Definitely too early to be writing him off completely.

Finally Hendo - he's our captain right now and looks to be for the rest of the season. I doubt he's going anywhere fast and I can easily see him and Lallana working in tandem to provide energy to the midfield - Hendo when we need to harry their midfielders further back and Lallana when we have more opportunity to pressurize their defensive players.

Really that list you made suggests that we will be looking for perhaps one extra midfielder and one replacement for Coutinho, that's it.

Agree4 2Disagree

13 Dec 2017 16:12:27
Mark I think you’re being harsh on the midfield.

Next season, even with Can and Coutinho leaving we could line up with Hendo, Keita and Lallana starting and Gini and Ox as subs. We could also look to use Grujic and Woodburn more often.

I agree we need at least one more top player to come in to be competing, but that’s still a very credible starting lineup, even as is.

Agree3 2Disagree

13 Dec 2017 16:31:08
Grobs and Hjikle,
in Marks first line, he said that we need two centre backs, both of you seem to have missed that,
cast your mind back just as little, goals conceded, were did they stem from,
think Everton, Newcastle, and more, if we only replace our Keeper and both our centre backs Matip and Lovren,
then we will go a long way to being a real top four team, not just making it on the last game of the season .

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13 Dec 2017 17:41:55
May be its just me, but I would not want to buy a new goalkeeper. I am not a fan of Mignolet and would not want him to continue being the No.1 choice, however, I think Karius has shown glimpses of taking over the mantle and if given the option, I would move Karius to be the No.1 choice and Mignolet/ Ward, battle it out for the second choice keeper. The only keeper that I would personally hope Liverpool 'buys' right now is someone like De Gea or Neuer and both of those are not happening. Also, from what I have seen, Mignolet always does well when his position is put under pressure, thus may be having him as a second choice might bring out the best in him in those few games where he can prove himself. Ofcourse these comments are being made without taking into consideration if either of Mignolet or Ward would be happy being second choice.

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13 Dec 2017 17:47:18
I think writing is on the wall in regards Can and Coutinho, I’d love Lemar as replacement but he woudint come cheap and we certainly woudint be only interested side, however most important as all wise red fans know it’s just so clear we got to sort this defence out. It’s easy for us too all day we should get A and B but only scouting team and course great welcomed guidance Ed’s keep us informed but I just want defencive reinforcements Jan (if possible) / Summer and a new top goalkeeper if Wars isn’t given chance which looks be case for whatever reasons.

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13 Dec 2017 17:46:40
Yes Happy it was mainly about centre backs but the midfield with one or more injuries would be thread bare. We are supposed to be improving and the potential midfield mentioned above is at best a step sideways.

Hendo and Gini both are not getting any better and Lallana is getting injured for longer and longer periods.

Ed001 thanks for the reply. Someone or some people have had another 4 months to find a suitable centre back it looks like they have been looking in Scotland.

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{Ed001's Note - does make you wonder what on earth is going on.}

13 Dec 2017 22:14:49
Feel bad for Ward. Klopp should of let him go back to Huddersfield and get some premiership experience, giving the lad the very odd run out isn't doing him any favors.

Agree12 1Disagree

14 Dec 2017 00:11:39
We've signed some phenomenal players over the last 20 years, too many to mention.

The problem is we've never really signed great players for the postions we're weakest in. We seem to stockpile certain positions of strength and ignore our biggest problem. Can't just blame the scouts for that, manager has to carry the can too.

Agree2 1Disagree

{Ed001's Note - unless the reason it is happening is the scouting team are not identifying players for the problem positions.}

15 Dec 2017 17:16:05
We appear to have lost sight of a golden rule - that players that are bought for the senior squad should be better than the players they are replacing.

What we have been doing far to often for the last 2-3 decades is buying senior players who were dire at the time we bought them and remained so.

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13 Dec 2017 09:57:37
So today's reports say we are after Šime Vrsaljko.

Believable0 0Unbelievable

13 Dec 2017 10:36:30
Bless you.

Agree8 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 12:58:51
Can we all just agree now that if we chase him or get him, he's referred to as Sime? Otherwise the search function for latest info will become a nightmare!

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{Ed002's Note - Well to save you searching. It hasn't worked out in Madrid for Sime Vrsaljko and he has been made available by Atletico with several sides already declaring an interest with both his agent and his club. There have been discussions between his agent and his preferred choice of Napoli and tentative agreement has been reached, although they have yet to make a firm offer to Atletico who are not looking to negotiate. Other clubs who have let his agent and Atletico know that they are interested in discussing the player are Inter, Juventus and Liverpool - although he would not be first pick for Juventus.}

13 Dec 2017 15:14:47
Greatly appreciated Ed002, thank you.

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13 Dec 2017 19:44:27
Anyone else think that right back isn't that much of a problem position and that this might hinder the development of Gomez and Alexander-Arnold?

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13 Dec 2017 19:58:09
I guess it would be about balancing. Has been said a fair number of times that neither Gomez nor TAA is viewed as a long term RB so we will need someone there in next year or so.

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13 Dec 2017 08:37:43
Rumour says we are bringing back Suso for 40 million.

Believable0 16Unbelievable

13 Dec 2017 08:54:01
'Rumour' says it all. Can you really see him wanting to come back to Liverpool?

Agree5 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 09:56:39
Salah, you're just worried because he is a left footer who plays on the right wing.

Agree8 1Disagree

13 Dec 2017 18:18:07
Adding a source gives it more credibility, even if its just your mate from the pub!

A quick Google search yields an article from over a month ago (12 Nov) in the Daily Star, quoting no sources whatsoever. Looks like made up click bait, but the figure they moot is £35m being his release clause (? ) .

Ed001 esp, have you seen much of his exploits in Italy, and do you think, given his development of late, he could fit well into Klopp's current preferred way of playing?

Not to say I believe the rumour, Daily Star and all that, but putting aside the fact we sold him and then may buy him back, £35m if he is effective and could grow into the Couts role is relatively cheap in this market place (compared to c£80m for Lemar according to L'Equipe via the Daily Mail and BBC Gossip today) . If he is the right player for us right now, let's not make the same mistake as Chelsea with De Bruyne.

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12 Dec 2017 18:41:59
Hey ed sorry if this is just throwing a random name at you but read on another site about premier league interest in a young defender from Charlton Ezri Konsa, would this be someone Liverpool have ever looked at or someone you consider to be good enough for the step Up? It is, after all where we found Gomez.


Believable0 0Unbelievable

{Ed001's Note - I don't know, the people I knew at Charlton have all left (and glad to do so due to the ownership), and it is difficult to keep track on which youngsters the club are interested in from the Liverpool end, as they keep track of hundreds.}

12 Dec 2017 21:38:34
Okay cheers for the response.

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{Ed001's Note - no worries, sorry I can't help.}

12 Dec 2017 17:10:37
Few snipperts from today -

Suso - LFC apparently looking to re-sign for 40 mil

Can - apparently signed a 4 million a year plus bonuses deal with Juve

Draxler linked again - 40 mil the tag

Sturridge to consider a move abroad - Valencia interested

Grabara - Signed a new 5 year contract

Coutinho has thanked Klopp for his improvement/ development.

Believable7 4Unbelievable

12 Dec 2017 17:40:26
Can signing anything before jan would be illegal.

Reliable source!

Agree13 7Disagree

12 Dec 2017 17:50:49
Its only media snippets Triangle I don't suggest its gospel.

Lets not be naïve either to think this couldn't/ doesn't happen. Legally yes it cannot and should not, doesn't mean for a second it doesn't.

I still as a personal opinion think its very likely early Jan this deal will be announced.

Agree8 1Disagree

12 Dec 2017 18:05:10
He may have AGREED terms with Juve but he certainly can not have SIGNED anything.

Agree6 1Disagree

12 Dec 2017 23:05:48
An illegal approach then?

Agree3 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 08:03:55
Nice to see Suso linked with such a big transfer. Was a huge fan of his and great to see it finally working out for him in Milan. Could never understand why Rogers never gave him a chance. He always had the look of a great little player whenever I saw him. Wonderful vision.

Agree5 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 16:22:01
I hope studge comes to Valencia. Beautiful place and i could watch him locally.

Agree1 0Disagree

12 Dec 2017 08:51:32
Rumors of Lemar popping up again. Torn on this potential deal. Will probably have to spend nearly all the Coutinho cash on Lemar and get a quality player to boost our first team but again we could go out and buy better defenders by selling Coutinho and giving Woodburn and Ojo more chances instead of splurging on Lemar. Hope Klopp gets this decision right.

Believable13 5Unbelievable

12 Dec 2017 09:44:46
Sorry but unless you want to challenge for the top four and push for the title I’m sorry but kids with potential won’t cut it. I’m all for giving them a chance but if we’re to compete with the teams above us in the league we also need to compete with them in the transfer market.

Agree16 10Disagree

12 Dec 2017 10:08:34
I really think Lemar is the ideal signing to replace Coutinho. Comfortable out on the left where Klopp likes to deploy Coutinho. If Salah is going to stay more central like the last few games then Mane can go back on the right where he looked more lethal last year than he has on the left this year! Genuinely believe this signing would help the team immeasurably.

Agree23 1Disagree

12 Dec 2017 11:45:20
Were are these rumours popping up again please IB? I no Ed002 said in the Sharkopod we have interest mate but a deal would be hard to get done.

Agree1 0Disagree

12 Dec 2017 12:29:30
Fenton, Lemar's form this season worries me. Maybe because he is not giving his 100% after Monaco sold half their team and showed lack of ambition or he has not been able to adjust with his new team mates. But the money being touted around to sign Lemar is just plain ridiculous. I can understand spending 50-60 million pounds but close to 90 million? He is not worth that much.

Agree6 0Disagree

12 Dec 2017 12:41:42
Indian in todays market mate that's the price you're going to have to pay unfortunately. I'm not saying I think he's worth that much but I think he's our best option out there if Coutinho leaves! Regarding his form, I trust Klopp to get the best out of any player so that doesn't worry me.

Agree6 1Disagree

12 Dec 2017 13:08:06
Like him, but definitely not done enough to suggest he is a 90m player. Yes in today's market 50-60m but think if 90m is asking price we need to move on. There is still mane's and salah out there for far better value.

Agree4 1Disagree

{Ed025's Note - they wont be asking you to contribute coco so dont worry about the price mate..

12 Dec 2017 13:51:13
Lemar shouldn't be the priority! Need defenders first.

Agree4 0Disagree

12 Dec 2017 13:45:05
Lol Ed025. Your reply to Coco just made me spit coffee on my laptop screen. You owe me one laptop screen cleaning solution.

Agree1 0Disagree

{Ed025's Note - i will put one in the post IB mate.. :)

12 Dec 2017 13:56:27
Ed025, Are you aware were or why this has surfaced from again mate today?

Agree1 0Disagree

{Ed025's Note - not really KR, liverpool will always be associated with good players mate and he is certainly one of them..

12 Dec 2017 14:55:07
I would rather we raid Leipzig again for Forsberg.

Agree0 5Disagree

12 Dec 2017 15:09:34
Thanks forthe reassurance Ed025 Haha I was getting worried it would near empty my account. (I wish)

Agree3 0Disagree

{Ed025's Note - you save your money coco im sure the club dont need it mate..

12 Dec 2017 15:48:46
Cheers ed. I just wish I knew what was fact and what is fabricated mate.

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed025's Note - im sure we will find out presently KR mate..

12 Dec 2017 17:31:51
Yes mate im sure we will. I was kinda hoping you might know mate lol🤔.

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed002's Note - I can tell you that whilst in Switzerland and Monte Carlo that another English club have been talking to Monaco about Lemar and another matter in the past couple of days.}

12 Dec 2017 18:47:32
Ok Ed002. Thanks. You did say there is plenty of interest in him and a deal would be a hard one to get done. Especially if other club ate already making advances. Not likely then by the sounds of it.

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed002's Note - There is interest in him from a number of clubs.}

13 Dec 2017 03:53:02
We won't be getting Lemar. Pretty confident about that.
Someone like Draxler looks a more realistic and like for like replacement for Coutinho (if he leaves in January) .

Agree0 1Disagree

13 Dec 2017 07:07:25
IB you started this rumour mate lol.

Agree3 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 20:01:49
The club has already declined to go to 90m level for Lemar last summer so don’t see why would change.

Agree1 0Disagree

11 Dec 2017 11:49:13
Question for any of the edds in your opinion do you think we will go back in for vvd in January?

Believable3 1Unbelievable

{Ed001's Note - no.}

11 Dec 2017 11:56:57
Ed would that be bec the damage we did in the summer?

Agree2 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - yes, thankfully it has worked out for the best by the looks of it.}

11 Dec 2017 12:11:44
Terrible defender imo. Has anyone seen in his performances this season? Don't know whether terrible is an apt word or should I just say he is plain c**p?

Agree7 15Disagree

11 Dec 2017 13:13:35
Ed what do you mean worked out for the best?

Agree1 1Disagree

{Ed001's Note - I mean VVD is not the answer and not the player we should be buying so it is good news the move is unlikely to happen. Isn't that obvious? Have you not watched him play? He is ridiculously overrated and not a good defender.}

11 Dec 2017 13:36:33
Thanks for the reply eds001 who do you think me mite go for edds I'm amazed klopp don't give Joe gomez a start at centre back looks our best defender to me?

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - Gomez is young and learning, you have seen how Lovren is being crucified by the fans, do you really think that is what Gomez needs right now?}

11 Dec 2017 13:25:12
If I’m honest not watched much of him this season what I saw last season he looked a good defender but I’ve never really thought he’s the leader we need.

Agree1 0Disagree

11 Dec 2017 13:46:05
Ye good point edds to be fair let's hope we bring in a good defender or 2 as matip lovern look poor to me.

Agree1 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - we do need an upgrade but Gomez is learning fine at right back and growing as a player, no rush to move him central yet. For starters who will fill in at right back?}

11 Dec 2017 13:59:08
Imagine getting both De Vrij and Koulibaly in January. wet dreams!

Agree0 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - De Vrij is injury prone and slow, not sure he would be the answer in a much faster, more physical league which tends to increase the risk of injury.}

11 Dec 2017 14:21:51
Ed Who is the answer then since we are in need an upgrade in that position?

Agree4 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - why do I have to answer the same question a thousand times? I have said what I think over and over, if you weren't listening then, why should I believe you would bother now?}

11 Dec 2017 14:35:58
Then Koulibaly and Gemenez.

Agree3 0Disagree

11 Dec 2017 14:48:12
Salif Sane for Hannover 96 this season:
13 games played.
1 goal.
Pass accuracy 80%.
8.5 clearances per game.
2.2 tackles per game.
2.5 intercepions per game.
9.4 won duels per game.

Agree0 3Disagree

{Ed001's Note - and? That is just meaningless numbers. I mean how many of those clearances could he have dealt with differently? How many chances to make clearances did fail to make? How many of those tackles should he have stood up and not made? How many tackles did he have to make because he was out of position and could have been turned into passes going elsewhere if he had been positioned correctly? I could go on but there is little point, the numbers mean nothing.}

11 Dec 2017 14:59:18
Doubt there realistic signing especially in jan.

Agree1 1Disagree

11 Dec 2017 15:04:48
So Ed01, you don't rate Salif sane?

Agree0 1Disagree

{Ed002's Note - He didn't say that. What he is saying is that the random statistics for a random player Liverpool has zero interest in at this time are completely meaningless.}

11 Dec 2017 15:51:50
It's hard as a fan to scout other team's center backs. You'd have to watch them regularly, take into account what defenders around them are doing, if they're doing the organising or leaving it up to someone else, what system their team plays, if they're contributing to the opposition getting an easy build up against them, how other teams approach playing them etc. Stats, highlights or even watching two or three full matches just doesn't tell you enough.

I like the look of Lascelles, for example, but I don't know if he'd cope with having to play a high line and cover extra ground, and stay alert without an opposition forward in his face for long periods if he were here. That's the change in system that Lovren struggled with since joining from Southampton.

Agree11 0Disagree

11 Dec 2017 16:04:47
Soz ed 01 hate too go over old ground I come all site for info all the time but do miss some bits, who in your opinion is quality and we could move for at centre back, personally I think we need a striker, I like seeing us give games too solanke and ings but solanke is raw and ings is coming back from injury, sturridge looks like he set on somewhere else wat do u think.

Agree1 0Disagree

{Ed001's Note - I have not heard of anyone likely to be available in January that would be worth moving for to be honest. Sturridge was out injured at the weekend but I do expect him to leave in summer.}

11 Dec 2017 20:46:54
Ok thanx ed I didn't realize he was injured, surely we can get someone in who can do a job maybe an experienced head too fit in, I dread we don't do anything in January window.

Agree0 1Disagree

11 Dec 2017 20:50:03
Bloody hell that's worrying then ed.

Agree0 0Disagree

12 Dec 2017 21:37:27
KR17- you worry that Sturridge will leave? He has been awful for a long while and nothing suggests he’s going to turn it around.

Agree0 0Disagree

13 Dec 2017 20:04:17
I think it is harsh to say he has been awful. He hasn’t. He has been way below what he once was and unless he can stay fit and get regular match time he probably won’t be back to a high standard, may not anyway. I don’t think it is going to damage us to lose him but I think he hasn’t been rubbish either.

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