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06 Oct 2015 22:54:20
I was just wondering If there was any talk of removing Ian Ayre from his post. I know a lot of people blame him for missing out on key players due to faffing about, they think that he should shoulder a lot of the blame that Rodgers is getting at the moment with regards to transfers.

Obviously with the changes happening at the moment, If Ayre was to go this would be time to do it.

Would someone like Zorc who Klopp works incredibly well with and actually credits Zorc with finding a lot of Dortmunds talent and negotiating with their clubs be considered?

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07 Oct 2015 00:44:09
Isn't Zorc sort of a director of football? Ayre is the CEO. Two completely different roles. One which Zorc would probably be completely unprepared for in terms of his numerous responsibilities outside of the footballing decisions.

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07 Oct 2015 02:07:50
Actually, I did hear that FSG are considerably unimpressed with Ayre at the moment. I don't think they've been impressed with his blind support for Rodgers.

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07 Oct 2015 04:45:56
What is the basis for believing Ayre "blindly" supported Rodgers?

I think the guy who should be worried about his job is Mike Edwards, given that stories are suggesting Klopp will bring his own analytics man from Dortmund.

I think it would be great to have Zorc-- as he spotted some real talent for BvV-- but do we have any evidence he'd ever leave Dortmund for Liverpool? His contract goes to 2019, and he's a lifetime BvB man.

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{Ed001's Note - Zorc has said he is happy there. Ayre was very much a Rodgers' backer in the summer.}

07 Oct 2015 07:53:02
I asked this question on Monday, Ed002 said no he is not being shown the exit door at this time.

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{Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware, unless something has changed, Ayre's position is not currently under threat. As for Zorc, he is not a replacement for him and he is happy at Dortmund and unlikely to move anywhere.}

06 Oct 2015 22:50:31
Won't be anchilloti. SSN just confirmed not coming back until next season.

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06 Oct 2015 23:30:58
anchilloti? Have to admit i got a silly little laugh off that.

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06 Oct 2015 17:38:56
Klopp to be unveiled as the new Liverpool manager tomorrow. . YNWA

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06 Oct 2015 18:11:35
SSN saying still away to go before they get klopp and it will be the end of the working week if he is to be announced .

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06 Oct 2015 19:44:18
Not true it will be announced tomorrow. No press conference just an announcement of a 3 yr deal

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07 Oct 2015 02:22:05
I heard that nothing will be announced today. Klopp will fly in on Thursday and a deal MAY be announced on Friday afternoon. don't have inside info though so could be wrong!

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{Ed007's Note - Well that's cleared that up.}

06 Oct 2015 17:35:07
Just been told press conference being arranged for tomorrow.

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06 Oct 2015 18:29:57
Surely this is too soon after 1st contact a day or 2 ago.

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07 Oct 2015 03:03:10
I bet contact was made months ago!!

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06 Oct 2015 10:49:17
These 2 comments concern me and are also why I fear a Coutinho sale soon. Ed002 is usually bang on the money!

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona has made it be known that they have an interest in Coutinho. If nothing happens to change that they will make an offer in 2016. However, do not be surprised to see circumstances change - and then we need to wait and see. To get money for June Liverpool can sell in January or sell the loan to buy players - and that is it.}

{Ed002's Note - I understand that Coutinho has said that he will leave Liverpool in the summer if they don't have Champions League football to three of his International colleagues. He is also aware of interest from Barcelona and one of the three is a Barcelona player.}

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06 Oct 2015 11:05:34
Why let it concern you? He is a great player who should be achieving great things. Nothing we can do if he wants to leave. All we can do is hope that whoever our new manager is can get LFC performing to full potential so that our best players don't want to leave. Even if he does end up leaving in January or in the summer, hopefully we will have a good enough manager in place to replace him effectively.

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06 Oct 2015 11:21:36
He is our game changer and a huge talent. More then losing a player like Countinho, I fear what is worse is that would send a clear message that we are a selling club.

I'm going to put full faith behind Klopp, if appointed, and would think top four is achievable. I'm sure having someone of Klopps stature, CL football which in its self shows progression and what future we may have. If that isn't enough for pip then we will get at leat 3 times what we paid for him. FSG have shown they'll reinvest, Klopp has shown he can buy well.

And on playground level of argument, we have Teixeria who can be as good with Klopps management and Coutinho will be bench warmer at best at Barca.

Whether it's Countiho or someone else, fact is our squad is almost all Rodgers, he bought 30 players in over three years. In three yrs time under Carlo or Klopp only a handful will be here, they'll have brought in their choices. One thing that remains throughout is the club.

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06 Oct 2015 11:26:11
I understand and agree Super. It's more the case that I don't want to lose our best player! We need him!

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06 Oct 2015 11:56:26
The Dortmund fans had the exact same conversation as this every year Klopp was there. He's an expert at coping with losing good players. I wouldn't worry when we have firmino at Liverpool anyway.

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06 Oct 2015 11:59:31
Quite simply, I agree with Coutinho, he's ambitious and we SHOULD be playing CL football every season. Our failure to do so will always cost us ambitious players. So let's try to make sure we are finishing in the top four at the very least. We have certainly let our standards slip in recent seasons

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06 Oct 2015 12:06:17
He is at the moment Bennett, but I really hope under new management (I'm not saying his name, I refuse to believe it at the moment!) that some of our current players who have previously been mismanaged can become superstars for us. By that I mean Ibe, Can, Markovic and Moreno etc. I literally cannot wait to see what Firmino can do when played in his preferred position. Don't let it get you down, let's see what happens first :-)

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06 Oct 2015 12:14:16
I'd prefer we move away from this "relying on one player" mentality and develop a squad that plays for each other.
Coutinho is far from irreplaceable. Let's get the 'team mentality' back

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06 Oct 2015 12:29:26
That's fair enough Super! Firmino is one I definitely have high hopes for!! And like you say, others may get the chance to step up to the plate as show how good they are!

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06 Oct 2015 12:48:21
I suspect if we bring in someone who inspires him and the team and we get CL he'll stay so let's not fret just yet.

I really hope whoever comes in plays Firmino and Coutinho off one another, could be dynamite with Sturridge also upfront to feed off the havoc they'd create together.

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06 Oct 2015 13:50:58
Ron is absolutely right! Coutinho is a very decent player (I'm not sure our best but very very decent) but it is a team game and reliance on one or even a few would be a worry. The other point to make is that, in certain circumstances, he can be our worst player (take this weekend for example - far from a player fit for the hassle and bustle of a derby game it seemed). Don't get me wrong I am a massive admirer like I say but this is a team game, in fact a squad game, and a manager that treats is as such, commands respect, knows how to manage personalities, etc will be the best to achieve.

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06 Oct 2015 15:36:28
Get over yaself man

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06 Oct 2015 16:49:23
I agree completely with Ron Keague.
Also, whether it's Klopp, Ancelotti or someone else, a new manager will want players who have the right mentality. Anyone who doesn't want to be at the Club isn't worth wasting time on.

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06 Oct 2015 18:44:37
For one Coutinho isn't that good and two who wouldn't want to play for Barca in that stadium with those players. Hopefully we will get an overinflated price for him. Hopefully we have learnt from many previous mistakes in wasting these huge fees.

All the best.

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06 Oct 2015 19:51:15
As Ron says he is far from irreplaceable. Apart from the odd screamer every dozen or so games what does he do any differently than lallana

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07 Oct 2015 08:16:17
Coutinho blows hot and cold while Llalana consistently under-performs for me. If we get Klopp I'd expect to see them both closer to filling their potential. They both have some serious ability in their locker but need the confidence and freedom to express it.

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06 Oct 2015 09:19:13
Ed2 have Liverpool contacted Klopp yet? There is such a media frenzy about the bloke but last I heard you say we haven't contacted him and he left the country?


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{Ed002's Note - Yes they have - and they have been speaking to his agent and other representative.}

06 Oct 2015 00:23:50
Hello all

I'm hearing that Klopp will work with the committee, however would also like to bring in Michael Zorc as DoF to oversee that committee as soon as possible. I'm not confident in saying that this is reliable information, but it is just what I heard.

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05 Oct 2015 23:14:37
I would be immensely happy to see klopp in liverpool. i dreamt of it for so long and just felt that its never going to happen!! I pray it does now! But. i'm abit concerned!!

IF WE DO GET HIM. i'm worried with the current kind of players we have. how is going to use them and fit them the way he likes to play! We potentially have now three good forwards. and klopp is known to use only one! And the the other two none of them versatile enough to play on the wing or anywhere else!

He regularly uses wingers in his formation or players who can do the job there. and at the moment we only have one recognized winger (ibe) !

He employs an attacking mid who always support the striker and we have two top att.mids (coutinho, firmino) .

He usually employs two mobile ball playing mid destroyers. do we even have one!! Lucas is an excellent destoyer but he's not mobile enough or have the range of passing!

What is he going to do with milner and henderson ! I can only see one making the first 11 honestly!

And the biggest issue. defense!! Hopefully it mean the end of the skrtel show. but who will be his replacement!

A lot of questions for klopp to handle and most importantly, will he be backed financally in January to make some reshuffling of the brendan debacle in transfers?

Still. i'm optimistic none the less!!

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06 Oct 2015 00:20:52
Although coaches have tried and tested methods / formations I would hope a top class manager can adapt to the current players available to them and build a system that suits the current set of players (not suggeting that they wouldn't change this when transfer windows / funds were available).

Lets see what we get first - i'm sure if Klopp had Suarez and Sturridge then he may have played two up front!

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06 Oct 2015 00:08:08
Do the likes of Markovic and Illori have a recall option in their loans?

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06 Oct 2015 10:37:54
if klopp is liverpool manger let's hope fsg give him the funds to rebuild in jan and if they do hire him let's hope they give him what he needs can only dream beause can't see fsg doing this

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{Ed002's Note - It really isn't as simple as that.}

06 Oct 2015 11:00:47
My god he isn't even here yet! Let him get through the door implement some of his methods see how far this lot can go?

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04 Oct 2015 23:17:36
He's not even been confirmed as manager but already Jurgen Klopp seems to have reinstalled the fear factor of playing at Anfield.
Supporters of other teams seem very concerned and let's not forget, we're not out of a title race.
If we reach Christmas still within 9/10 points of the lead, we'll have a brilliant manager taking us through the second half of the season with all big games to come at home.
We'll have the passion on the pitch and in the crowd that we've been missing.
And, let's not forget, no one else in this league looks very good!

Now, I don't want to tempt fate as nothing's official yet, but, quietly, I'm more than excited.

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04 Oct 2015 23:29:56
Stability and top 4 should be the aim,
Forget challenging for the title, that squad won't be capable of it let's be honest. Achieving top 4 would be huge.

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04 Oct 2015 23:39:58
I think we can't expect Klopp to come in and turn this into a title run year. He must be given time. This isn't his team. I won't expect anything big. I'll be excited, however, to see what he does next summer and in January windows.

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04 Oct 2015 23:42:18
Its a straight swap for another inexperienced manager in the prem. no more time for transition. you just said that no one looks good so why do we need klopp.

Ancelotti is far more proven and adores the club in respect to your comment i rather see this guy come in and see the players pick up when he walks in. Elite players will join and STAY.
Klopp is renowned for selling his high profile players.

We need top 4 this season that's all. Then allow Ancelotti to bring major stars in january and we will see were we end come may. Fear factor would be back. His managerial record speaks for its self. Its just a case is the club big enough for him. After all we are in europa ;)

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05 Oct 2015 04:57:52
Let's not already put that sort of weight on any new manager, title challange and the guy hasn't arrived yet.

Let's hope that whoever it is finds their feet, finds a good system which gets us going and gets our squad lifted and performing to their ability. If we get top four and are a lot less embarrassing in the cups, if we see players in their right positions and playing well, good attractive football by the end of the season then we should be in a good place.

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05 Oct 2015 05:21:19
89, explain to me in what way Klopp is inexperienced? Pello had won nothing before he came to City and he won the PL (or BR lost it) his first year. Klopp has won way more than Pello ever did before arriving here but he is more experienced at winning things in a top league and has proven his mettle on the continental stage. So again, your post makes no sense or is football the same all over Europe except in England?

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05 Oct 2015 07:17:35
That's not what I'm saying guys, would I take 4th? Probably yes! But we've already seen United, Arsenal, Chelsea and City drop points when you really wouldn't expect them to and the league is wide open, so if any team were to win say 6/7 on the bounce it could lead to something more than a champions league place

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05 Oct 2015 09:19:19
i disagree! If we get a top manager yes he will need time but our team is good enough to get top 4 and we are 6 points of leaders, so no mountain to climb. I think if we get a good man we can certainly make it

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05 Oct 2015 10:42:38
Pretty sure Pellegrini won leagues in South America before going to Spain.

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05 Oct 2015 12:11:55
Lets not put too much pressure on the guy too early. We are a side who are not expected to finish top 4 this season, so finishing 5th or 6th this season, and working towards next season, is not a terrible thing. Klopp did a wonderful job with Dortmund, but he will need to adapt to the Premier League, and that will not just happen overnight.

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05 Oct 2015 14:48:12
We should give him the loudest "You'll Never Walk Alone" he has ever heard to say hello

Agree10 Disagree1

05 Oct 2015 15:08:53
Most important for me is that we have a clear style of play and confidence back in the team by end of season, and hopefully the fear factor against top sides in the league. If we have that but finish outside top 4 I'll take that as a base for next.

Bearing in mind a new manager will need to get used to the players, the premier league, and also drill a new approach into everyone, we shouldn't expect that to happen overnight and it will take time to develop settle into a winning habit. It's asking a lot for passion and ideas to overcome those obstacles in a short time frame, although Klopp certainly has enough passion!

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05 Oct 2015 16:12:27
I know a lot of people think that we are automatically out of the title race but with Klopp and the Kop or Ancelotti, I think we can surprise a lot of people, thr is always light at the end of the tunnel even if its just CANDLE LIGHT

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05 Oct 2015 16:48:25
Just remember that Klopp did fantastically at Dortmund with a great group of players. once players like Gotze and Lewandowski started to leave he really started to struggle. When he left Dortmund they were in a relegation battle. let's just hope he isn't another Villas Boas. There are 2 options a big risk in Klopp which could wield big rewards or a solid proven manager in Ancelotti. Ancelotti may be the boring choice but it may be the safest option.

It might be worth getting someone like Ancelotti in to steady the ship and build the foundations and then in a few years time when Klopp has proved himself in another role elsewhere lead him build upon the work already done.

I say this as an outsider. I am a Man Utd fan but I've always had a soft spot for Liverpool (don't tell anyone!!)

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05 Oct 2015 17:51:44
Is this last post a joke??

Agree8 Disagree3

05 Oct 2015 18:35:08
Absolutely no chance of winning the league this season 5th at best even with Klopp. The squad simply isn't good enough and I don't have confidence that Studge will be fit for the rest of the season. It's the stark reality of where we are at.

All the best.

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05 Oct 2015 19:54:21
Ancelotti got the T-Shirt. Been Here done it proud.
We need stability and big players to STAY.
Klopp left his team fighting relegation.
Ancelotti is a no brainer. Its proven that we have the money to spend. Who are these people saying we don't ???
Brendan was unfortunate not to attract the best. I was a firm believer of Brendan he made us DREAM.

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06 Oct 2015 01:33:15
He left them in 7th. One more win and he'd have got 5th.

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06 Oct 2015 00:18:04
Klopp did not leave his team fighting relegation. They finished in 7th place. He still broke Bayerns monopoly. Made it to a champions league final and built a side. Ancelotti has always walked into ready made sides. Klopp is the manager the others will fear. A huge coup if we get him.

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06 Oct 2015 16:53:31
LFC89 - You have only got money to spend because you keep selling good players.

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04 Oct 2015 23:08:10
With a new manager coming in - will that mean goodbye to MacAllister and O'Driscoll? Would like to see ex-players taking part in the background when they get their coaching badges.

Believable12 Unbelievable4

05 Oct 2015 05:22:03
More than likely. Every manager always works with his own staff. At least, most of them.

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05 Oct 2015 06:00:46
Klopp will bring Zeljco Buvac as his assistant manager again, he has worked with him since 2001 when he took over as manager of Mainz 05. I can't see both, if any, of O'Driscoll or McAllister staying.

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05 Oct 2015 10:35:16
Apparently Klopp wants to bring in Didi Hamann with him.

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06 Oct 2015 08:31:14
Didi Hamann was a great player but seems clueless tactically at analysing games and situations,he regularly embarrasses himself with his opinions on twitter,whether he does this to be like Barton and controversial I don't know,but he seriously makes himself look like a sunday league player with his views on attacking and defending.

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06 Oct 2015 16:55:40
Hamann talks utter nonsense on Talkspurt so that should make him a perfect fir for a role at Liverpool.

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